Why You Might Need to Add A Big Rig to Your Fleet

Does your transport fleet only consist of vans and cars? If you find that you have several vehicles, but they are all traveling to the same general region, then you might be interested in a vehicle with larger hauling capacity. Investing in a big rig can significantly reduce your overhead. At least one large truck with a trailer can hold most of your product and possible increase your production capacity by getting all your loads out in a day or two versus the span of a week. A big rig can be a beneficial purchase to add to your fleet of trucks. Use it when you need to haul large quantities of items or just something large. The benefits of owning a big rig are the parts are common for certain brands, they are durable, and they can be financed.

Common Parts

Freightliner brand trucks have the most common parts out there in the world of big rigs. Most service companies service them because the parts are easy to find. Most of the time the parts are readily available. So, if your truck goes down, you will be up and running again in no time. You need a vehicle that has a quick way of being fixed if something ever goes wrong with it. The popularity of the freightliner means that no matter where you are, there should be a truck shop that can solve your problem. If I was in the market for a truck to add to my fleet, I would look up freightliner trucks for sale.


Big rigs are built to last. They are a very reliable way to transport products. Whether you’re shipping paper or food, need it warm or cold, a big rig and trailer are an effective shipping method. They will last for years. You don’t have to worry about distance driving and miles because they are built for that. Over time and constant hauling, your cars and vans will need service, and you will find yourself dumping money into them left and right, but with a big truck, it will be a while before something goes wrong, and in that time, you can save up the money for an anticipated single repair.

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Whether you look for used or new, there is financing available for the big rig. It may be intimidating when you look at the cost, but you could sell off a few of your vans and make the purchase. Another option is to sell off a few vehicles and start a finance plan. See what’s included in your purchase, but the goal is to reduce overhead by bringing in a larger vehicle that can haul long and short distances. There’s a good chance that a couple of your van drivers holds the appropriate license to operate a big rig, so you won’t have to fully reduce staff.


Consider purchasing a big rig. Let your hauling be efficient and use those man hours to increase production instead. The big rig can help your company grow by allocating your money to other areas of the business. You won’t have to worry about the truck because it is easy to fix, lasts a long time, and can be financed vehicle if you’d like.