Why Buying a New Vehicle is Irrational

There are a variety of reasons to buy used vehicles. For most consumers it is about being smart, it is about being frugal. When you look deep into the reasons why new vehicles are priced so high and why people pay top dollar, you will find that a huge chunk of the money is for that perfect showroom finish. Like a bouquet of fresh roses, a perfect paint job causes consumers to fall in love. In the same manner, the perfect showroom paint job usually doesn’t last long.

The ephemeral attraction to new cars is a fleeting moment that is soon forgotten by many buyers. Unless you have a garage for your vehicle, drive it sparingly, and spend the money for high-end detailing, you are likely going to see ordinary wear and tear. Even if you keep your brand-new car in excellent condition, this will not necessarily spare you the devaluation calculated by books. Considering how quickly new cars are becoming obsolete, it makes sense to obtain the significant cost-savings associated with a pre owned fords for sale cincinnati oh whenever the quality is on par if you can find.

Why is there a Negative Stigma Associated with Used Cars?

When you buy late-model vehicles that have been maintained by factory-trained service technicians under warranty, you can relax and enjoy the ride. The dangers of buying a used vehicle primarily rear in autos that are well beyond their original warranty. If the drivers have not kept up the maintenance or have taken their autos to nonauthorized service centers who use aftermarket parts, there is a heightened risk of problems. The vehicles can pass a threshold of neglected maintenance that makes them difficult to repair.

It is more often the online auto auctions that buyers must beware. If you buy your vehicle sight unseen there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Digital imaging tends to magically hide even significant body damage. Although there may be some peace of mind in relying upon a seller’s stellar reputation, these statistics are developed in the initial course of the transaction. It is difficult to say how well the buyers faired in the long run.

When you buy a used vehicle that you can see was well-maintained by its service history, then you are going to have peace of mind. You are looking at the immediate benefits of lower monthly payments on the financing plan and reduced liability for comprehensive insurance coverage. A new vehicle can devalue by as much as 30% in the first year of driving. The massive depreciation of a vehicle is primarily at the front end. A savvy consumer dodges the bullet when he buys a trade-in from a wealthy customer who trades-up for the latest models.


Overall, there are many benefits to buying a used vehicle. A certified pre-owned car or truck can last you just as long with today’s onboard diagnostic technology and synthetic fluids. If you use the money you saved to ensure that your vehicle receives the best preventative maintenance, you can drive decades in that used vehicle purchase at significant cost-savings.

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