What to Know About Buying a Car from an Auction

It seems like we can buy a car just about anywhere. This could be online, at the shopping mall or even in your own neighborhood. Dealerships are not the only ones that have cars on a lot, even rental car companies are selling cars. One place you can certainly buy a car is at a car auction. These have been around for years and many people jump at the chance to snatch up a new automobile at a low price. Here are some things to know about getting a car from an auction.


First of all, car auctions are open to only licensed car dealers. That said, it is possible to look on the internet and find a nearby public auction. What you want to do is find out what car are being sold at the auction before you go. Sometimes they will post a long list for all to see. When find the car you are looking for, take the time to do the research on it. Find out more about the car’s make, style and value. You can even look up the VINs online and get a full report.


Probably the best benefit, obviously, is the cars that you can choose from. They are cheaper than they would be at any dealership or specific private sale in your local area. The cost is the ultimate benefit because of what you can get for a smaller amount of money out of your pocket. You will find some auctions that are good experiences for the consumer. Keep in mind, auctions do not take returns and the condition is not guaranteed. Find out the rules ahead of time to you don’t run in to problems later.

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Sellers of these cars at auctions are not required by federal law to reveal damage, flaws, past recalls on any used cars. You will also learn that all of the cars you see are being sold as in. This does not change once you buy the car and you find out something is wrong with it. Most people do attend these types of auctions to buy low cost cars with the idea of fixing them up themselves. Auctions are also not for shoppers who don’t know what they want. Your main purpose should be to find the best bargain you can get. These auctions also will require you to pay in cash. Most times you will see a mentioning of this in the newspaper ad. There are used freightliner trucks phoenix az residents can trust.

Car auctions can be fun to attend. They are a open to the public and give buyers another alternative instead of running to a dealership. All cars at these auctions are not brand new and will come with some kind of a problem. If you are smart, you should read the list of cars that will be available to you in the prior ad of the auction coming to your area. This gives you a good insight on what to expect and you can narrow down your choices.