Genesis G80 Sedan Buying Guide

$42,050 – $59,500

2019 Genesis G80 sedan

The New 2019 Genesis G80 Sedan is Packed with Features at an Affordable Price

If you are looking for an upscale, yet not overly priced vehicle, the new 2019 genesis g80 luxury sedan is for the customer that desires luxury for their family. It comes equipped with a new eight inch touchscreen entertainment system that blows previous versions out of the water. It is less pricey than most luxury sedans. It costs between forty two thousand five hundred dollars to the luxury package that runs you fifty nine thousand and five hundred dollars. This gives you plenty of options in terms of being able to afford the vehicle and upgrade to a higher class model if you choose to. The 3.8 model comes with huge nineteen inch wheels and stylized trim. This model also comes packed with a sunroof, wireless charging for your electronic devices and a surround view camera.

Extra Space

The 2019 Genesis G80 sedan is known best for it’s extra roomy inside as well as being a nice smooth and quiet ride. Even at highway speeds, customers are thrilled with the lack of loud noises emitting from the engine. Even though it is quiet, it still is powerful and has great performance reviews from it’s users.

Standard Features

Customers love that the base model has a great abundance of standard features that are included in all models. They all have the eight inch touchscreen display, leather seating and upholstery. It also has seats that heat up upon hitting a simple one touch button. The lowest price package has eighteen inch wheels made of alloy. There is daytime running lights that are LED. The mirrors heat up and are auto dimming as well. Automatic windshield wipers and a rearview camera are also installed in the standard model. You can get into your vehicle with a keyless ignition system and dual zone climate control that is automatic.

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More Features

The G80 isn’t quite done impressing you yet. There are eight way seats that are power controlled with a steering wheel that is power adjusted. Navigation is included as well as memory settings for the driver instead of having to adjust the settings each time you use the car. You can integrate your cell phone whether it is Android or Apple operated. The stereo system has seven speakers for elite sound and comes with both a built in compact disc player and satellite radio. Two USB ports are also added for your convenience.

Safety Features

The G80 monitors for blind spots, as well as alerting you to pedestrians crossing your path. It has included emergency braking when a person comes too close to the car. To be able to see better, all models have washers that clean the headlights so you don’t have to worry about being able to see if you get splashed by another vehicle.

Additional Features of the Ultimate Package

This is the highest level G80 available and it adds even more upgrades than the already packed premium, standard and sports package models. The LED headlights are turn swiveling with LED fog lights also included. The trunk powers automatically and the leather upholstery is also upgraded. The touchscreen display also upgrades from eight inches up to nine point two inches. The steering wheel heats up and it comes with aluminum trim. There are seventeen Lexicon speakers for ultimate sound quality. For the climate control system, it has a carbon dioxide detector to keep the owners family safe from harm.

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Whether you choose a standard model or the Ultimate Package, you are riding in style. It has more standard features than comparable models of vehicles in the same price range and is a great deal for all that is included in all styles available.