Too Much Info About Janette


Name: Janette

Aka:    The Queen of Darkness

Place of Origin: Originally NY but now in Metro DC area

Birthsign: Virgo with the perfectionist streak and anality to prove it.

Loves: chocolate, cats, languages, music, sugar and caffeine, yaoi/slash.

Hates: fish, seafood, insects, math, mornings, being domestic and authority.

Anime I'm into now: Gravitation, Yu Yu Hakusho

Anime I can't stand: Fushugi Yuugi, mecha, cutesy to the point of making me want to fwow up

Music I'm into: Greek dance club music, Greek music period: Mikis Theodorakis, Despina Vandi and Kaiti Garbi especially, Smiths, Nirvana, anything with a good beat, 80s, Britpop

Music I can't stand: boybands, sappy love balads,

Guilty pleasure music: ABBA, bubblegum pop, anime themes, 70s

Fastest way to piss Janette off: Compare Weasel and Angelo to Anne Rice's Louis and Lestat.

Fastest way to Janette's heart: offer fan-art, fan fic, love her boys, offer her truffles.






Page updated 1/02/05