Name: Jacques "Weasel" Drollet

Age: He was Changed at age 15.

Sire: Angelo, who is also his lover.

Other languages: French, especially Cajun

Clan: Baptiste

Blood: Sangsue and Witch

Abilities: Empath and Telepath, some magic as he learns it.

 Signature Ability: Weasel can create an empathic illusion.

Signature Place to Tap: Weasel prefers the neck but any place will do.

Addiction: Weasel is addicted to sugar-spice because his first kill mixed sex with fear.

Most Distinguishing Feature: Weasel's green eyes are clear like glass.




Slight with feline features and blond hair the color of moonlight, Weasel is the protagonist of Black Widower and the "conscience" of the Nightchildren. Weasel is half-Sangsue, half Witch although he doesn't even begin to learn how to control his magical abilities until he's been Changed a little over a year. Weasel's in conflict with himself because as a former drug addict, he went from one addiction to a much more pleasurable one. Killing not only gives him a high like no drug ever did but it also gets him quite hot and bothered. He loves how it makes him feel and he especially loves the pleasure he Shares afterwards with his amant and Sire, Angelo. He wants to be good, but it's getting harder and harder for him. He often lets Angelo "corrupt" him by going along for the ride. He's not evil but his morality is convenient and he has a habit of not taking responsibility for his actions.

Not only is Weasel Sangsue, but he is Clan Baptiste, with the abilities and powers of a potential Broodmaster. He is the nephew of Ardoin and Angelique.