Black Widower 1.1

I had always had the feeling that I was different. Real different. Some of those differences, like my looks were real obvious. I wasn't ugly or weird looking, nothing like that. Still, I'd never seen anyone who looked like me.

There were little things like my pale blond hair, not white, but much lighter than yellow blond, that looked even more pale against my olive skin. Slightly pointed features, including a slight point to my nose, earned me the moniker of "Weasel."

As far as I knew, that was my name, Weasel. Years ago, I probably had a different name, but drugs had burned out so many brain cells I couldn't remember anything before the age of ten, about five years ago. Since then, I've been one of the Pets of Flin Amberson, one of the biggest Keepers and drug dealers in Sargot City.

Flin called my looks, Mutant Exotic beauty, my eyes providing the Mutant part. Green irises, but clear, almost transparent like green glass. Large black pupils with none of the flecks or rings I've seen with everyone else, and the whites were pure milk white.

I've heard all kinds of names from all kinds of folks, Mutant being one of the nicer ones, nothing fazed me. Until one night a Believer of Truth gave me the evil eye and called me things like "witch" and "demon."

Maybe you need a bit of background. You see, Homo Superior, or Supes, are the ones in charge, of course they have the psionic power. Homo Sapiens, or Saps, are the slaves, the Pets, and the ones in the Workcamps. This happened on 4, July 1999, when a telepath named Thoren Sargot gatherered every Supe in what was called the United States and basically beat the shit out of the Sap government in a major coup, executing all adult Sap males, all Sap females under the age of 25 became slaves, Pets, or breeding vessels. Anyone who didn't fit into one of those two categories and had either psionic or other abilities were classified as Mutants, and were hunted down every day. To make identification easy, every Supe got a microchip inplanted in their forehead as soon as they reached puberty and they either passed the test as Supe, or failed and became a Non-Person. If you didn't have one, you were a ghost. Free Saps or Mutants were hunted down.

Now back to this guy. Believers of Truth are religious fanatics who believe that they are God's chosen and it's an abomination if any Non-Person has abilities that can in any way make them superior to a Supe.

Mostly Mutants. Mutes.

Appparently one Believer by the name of Luke Sinnot spotted me and decided that I was one creature he was going to exterminate. Oh, he was going to have his fun first, you better believe it, use my body for any sinful pleasures he so desired. Then he'd punish me for seducing him into fornication.

Of course at the time, I didn't know any of this. I didn't even know what a Believer of Truth was. When he chose me that night, I didn't even blink when he requested to Flin that I be drug free, not doped up and docile like most tricks prefer.

Every trick had their own idea of a good time. It was up to me to see that he got it and up to Flin to provide the means for me to do it.

He looked like any other trick, middle aged and flabby, with mud brown hair and flat dirt colored eyes. Meaner looking than most but nothing spectacular.

He looked like any other trick, middle aged and flabby, with mud brown hair and flat dirt colored eyes. Meaner looking than most but nothing spectacular. "Take your clothes off," he ordered.

Naturally I wasn't about to do it with my clothes on. I stripped and he started to feel me up, his grubby little hands pawing my chest, pinching my nipples hard enough to bring tears to my eyes, and finally groping my cock, but not in a way that was going to give me any pleasure, this was more like holding a piece of meat.

"You have a pretty face. Pity it's wasted on Mutant garbage."

I didn't say anything. What was I supposed to say? I just waited.

"Such a pretty boy might tempt a God fearing young Supe girl into fornicating with him, and possibly give birth to a Mutant bastard."

Considering the only girls I'd had sex with were Pets like I was, and were Saps or Mutants, and most of the sex I had was with Supe men, including Flin, with occasional boy Pets here and there, the possibility was highly unlikely, but I'd be damned if I told that to him.

"I can't allow that." He smiled grimly. "I think I'll have to fix it so you can never tempt anyone with your wicked beauty again."

Now I was starting to wonder. A second later, I wouldn't have to.

Whap! He smacked my face hard enough to bloody my nose, then took off his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped, whipped out his dick and crammed it against my lips. My nose hurt like a bitch, didn't care for his attitude or being hit, but I took it into my mouth and brought him off.

He came, I didn't dare spit it out, no way did I want to make this fucker mad, but it didn't matter because as soon as he pulled out, he punched me in the stomach before I could swallow it all and it ended up dribbling out of my mouth anyway.

It was about then that I saw his boots. Hard, steal cleats. Shit, I wished I was wasted.

Bare-assed or not, I was getting the hell out of there. He read my thoughts and suddenly I wasn't going nowhere. The bastard mentally pinned me there.

What none of the Supes knew, not even Flin, was any time they went into my mind, I caught ghosts of their emotions. The stronger the emotion, the more of it I got. And now I was getting a mixture: hate, rage, lust. More than likely, hatred of me, and the rage that he actually lusted after me, a Mutant boy.

He gave me a long cold stare. "You know, I was fooled by you, may God forgive me."

Goody, maybe he'd leave me alone now. Wrong. "I was blinded by your pretty face. I didn't see your devils eyes. The green eyes of a witch!"

"If I was a witch, you think I'd be here with a Supe asshole like you?" I knew better than to mouth off to a trick, or to a Supe period, but he pissed me off. Calling me a witch triggered something in me. That same thing in me wanted him to be crazy mad, out of control. Fuck if I knew why, I just knew I wanted it.

And I got it.

He kicked me to the floor and ground his heel into my foot. Then he laughed in what sounded like relief. "No wonder I succumbed to temptation. You're a demon in the guise of a beautiful child, sent to seduce me into Satan's bed."

"You didn't take much seducing." I sneered. "It's not my fault you can't keep your pecker in your pants, and it sure as hell wasn't me shoving it in my mouth.

He lost it after that, punching and kicking me in the ribs, my stomach, my face, all over my body. He stopped the mental control because my pitiful struggling amused him, but before he withdrew from my head, I caught a flash of arousal. The prick was actually getting off on all this.

And I felt the pain, yeah, but after a while I felt nothing, the pain was like a numb buzzing thoughout my body and nothing mattered, not my broken bones, not the blood oozing all over my body, not his hot sweaty body forcing me onto my stomach as he violently entered me without even using spit, just fucking me over and over, screaming that this was all my fault, I made him do this.

And inside it was growing, had awakened with the blast of violent and sex charged emotion, though at the time I was aware of nothing but a cold, detatched calm and something like a coiled snake, deep inside me.

Then I snapped, it snapped and the second he came and rolled off of me, I attacked him, digging my nails into his skin, clawing his shoulder, his chest, his neck. He laughed at my attempts of revenge. Then I bit him and the laughter died in his throat.

I'd tasted flesh and blood before, but it had been whatever meat Flin could get for me on the black market. Beef was real expensive, chicken wasn't all that common, it was probably horse or pidgeon, or who knew what, but meat was meat and Flin figured out years ago that if I ate raw meat, I healed rapidly, almost overnight.

Since my looks made me sellable, and Flin regularly used me as a punching bag, in and out of bed, he made damn sure he got it for me after one of his "love taps." He never put two and two together and realize how sharp my teeth had to be to tear through that tough, raw meat.

But all that had been animals. I'd had my suspicions that it was actually chopped up prisoners from the Workcamps, but now I knew it wasn't because I could taste the difference.

Oh yeah, there was no fucking comparison.

The first drop of his blood got me real hot and bothered, more than drugs or sex. I bit deeper, my teeth sinking into the side of his neck, slicing easily through skin, muscle, and gristle.

He tried to shake me off but after a while he wasn't moving at all and must have mindcalled for help before he lost consciousness because the next thing I knew, a big muscled World Association of Supe Persons cop pulled me off of him and threw me at Flin, who had a hypo filled with Blackout, a drug that put you into a temporary coma. My mouth was full when he jabbed it against my arm and while I still could, I chewed and swallowed it all down. But before i fell under, I noticed a big, gaping hole in the side of his neck, all I could see was the bone. Everything else had been cleaned out.

Flin never mentioned anything about it, all he cared about was by the time I came out of my two hour coma, I was completely healed over, perfectly intact inside and out, like I'd never been beaten. He figured out but never outwardly admitted that human flesh made me heal faster. I couldn't blame him, I didn't want to admit it either. Regardless, he liked the results, even though he wouldn't go to that extent to create them.

Nothing much happened. The BOT didn't survive but Flin paid beaucoup bucks to the WASP police to "forget about the incident." I didn't get off scott-free off course, the only ting that stopped him from turning me over to the cops or killing me himself was that I was his most profitable Pet, and to off me would be cutting off his nose to spite his face.

And he wasn't even scared of me, the idiot. No, he raised my price, made my wild unpredictability a fringe benefit, a turn-on for some nutso people who liked the thrill of possibly risking their life for sex. Including him.

Hurry, hurry, step right up and see the Pet Weasel. A good fuck, but will he kill you first?

Not that he planned on it, nope. Flin made damned sure I was fucked up on enough drugs to kill any craziness in me. But he had tricks sign a waver releasing him from any responsiblity or liability in case they wanted me clean, and I freaked out again.

One night when Flin wanted to play Russian-Roulette and had me drug-free so he could have me later, I saw this kid sitting on the stone wall that separated the Red Sin District, from the Green Money District. He was drinking some red stuff from a long necked bottle, could've been wine but it was a little too dark for that, in fact, I'd never seen booze that color. It stained his lips a little, made them cherry-colored, and emphasized how full and pouty they were.

He was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen. The most beautiful anything, period. Black curls were a curtain for an angel's face with honeyed flesh, an aquiline nose, that soft ripe mouth, and black eyes that smoldered like coals just about to ignite.

Pretty? Hell yeah. Soft or feminine? No, hard and feral.

Even his body, from what I could see of it was pure boy. The black leather jacket, real leather not pseudoleather, hid the arms, but the red tank top revealed a perfectly muscled chest with just a hint of his nipples peeking through. I followed the slip of his slender hips down to his sinewy legs the tight black jeans couldn't hide. And although I couldn't see because he was sitting down, I bet he had a perfectly shaped ass.

He grinned at me and took another sip swig, his crazy eyes moving over me the whole time. Hungry eyes, but I wasn't sure for what.

His lips wrapped around the bottle as he sucked down the contents, and my mouth began to water as I fantasized what else that juicy mouth could suck.

He licked the cherry off his lips, sightly vulgar, seductive and menacing. Then he put the bottle between his legs, holding it there. Suggestive as hell.

I decided to stop fantasizing. Since I'm not aggressive, I said something real brilliant like, "What is that red shit?"

"That shit is a good word for it." He laughed, a low, husky chuckle.

"Well, what is it?"

"Why?" He took the bottle from between his legs and extended it towards me. "You want some?" Again, that sexy laugh. "You won't much like it."

A dare. I never turned down a dare. "Yeah?" I took the bottle from him and took a quick sip. I could taste the wine, cheap shit wine, some herbs that instantly gave me a buzz, and something deliciously sweet. I couldn't identify it, but yet it was familiar.

I drank some more and handed it back to him. "You still haven't told me what this is?"

"You're no virgin," he snickered, "You tell me sport." He tilted his head back and drained the bottle. "As for me," he jumped off the wall and landed silently on his feet in one fluid motion, "I prefer other drinks." With a snarl, he threw the bottle against the wall, shattering it into thousands of tiny shards. Then he flashed me a smile that made me want to kiss him, and made me want to run far away.

The smile of a lover. The smile of a piranha.

"What do you call yourself?" he asked me. Not asking my name, but asking me what I called myself. Quaint. Come to think of it, he had a slightly odd way of speaking, and sometimes I could hear a slight accent which told me English wasn't his first language, and a trace of what would have been called a Southern drawl, when the South still existed.

"Weasel." I answered. "I'm the Weasel"

"Really?" He cupped my face in his hands. "You look nothing like one, you're much too pretty." he whispered. His black eyes glittered and fixed on mine and icy fingers traveled through my nervous system, thoughout every nerve ending in my body.

Then the contact ended abruptly. "Yes it's there." he muttered. "Dormant but aware, even though you're not."

His fingers carressed the nape of my neck, then trailed down between the bottom of my neck and the right shoulder blade. His fingers were featherlight, tracing along the nape of my neck, going up and down my arm, stopping briefly inside the elbow, then tracing along the fold, making little circles. It felt so soothing that I could almost ignore how freezing his fingers were.

But not quite.

He wasn't really feeling me up, but I could feel him much lower, his tongue licking along the crease of my thigh, his lips brushing ever so lightly inside my thigh, moving maddeningly slow towards my growing errection, licking along the shaft, then moving upwards. But his mouth wasn't really there. My clothes had never come off. This wasn't really happening, but my cock told me, hell yeah, it is.

"Mmmm," I sighed, "Are you a teeker or something?" Teeker meaning telekinetic.

"Or something." His hands fell to my shoulders, "I can make you feel even better my friend," and his lips, real lips, brushed against mine, then moved to my neck.

He froze. "I think we have an opportunity, love." he said, then let me go.

My heart lept at the simple endearment, but I still wanted to know what he was talking about and asked him.

"Someone's coming. Someone who will benefit both of us."

"How do you know? I don't see anyone."

"We don't have to." His nostrils flared. "A male. Good." he said under his breath. "Don't tell me you can't smell him dunderhead, just take a deep breath and inhale."

Something about his sureness made me uncomfortable. That and the idea that he and I were alike somehow. The only thing I could see we had in common was that he was a Mutant too. And when he did those psychic parlor tricks I didn't catch anything from him at all. Not even a trace of emotion.

However, I was not about to tell him this. Instead, I asked him, "Just what scent am I supposed to pick up?"

"Oh, we're still playing Norm, eh? Fine. Meat, sport." His grin was all piranha now, and for a second I thought a caught a flash of something in that smile that made me real uneasy and even scared. But just as quickly, it vanished, so I knew my eyes were playing tricks on me.

And what did he mean by humans, Mutants may be freaks but they were human. "Are you implying you're not human?"

"No, I'm saying we're not." Then abruptly he switched the subject. "This will have to wait 'til later, honeychild, he's within hearing distance. Even you should be able to sniff him out by now."

He was right, I could smell the guy as well as see him. Heavy cologne that couldn't disguise the body odor, salty sweat, and another scent underneath it that, now that I was aware of it, did have kind of a meatlike smell.

I suddenly remembered what I did to the Believer of Truth. But how the hell did he know?

I didn't get the chance to ask him because now the guy was here, staring at my new friend, and I wanted to scream because I knew him.

Galen Lotharsen, or Galen the Freak. He was the kind of trick who had a wife, didn't want her to know he preferred pretty young boys, so even though he was cute as hell with blond hair electric blue eyes, nice abs, well hung, and was only in his twenties, he had to pay for it. He felt his money entitled him to do anything to the Pet he rented for the night, no matter how humiliating, painful, or nutsy it was.

Okay, now I knew that my boy was a Pet, or at least a whore. But apparently, he didn't know Galen.

Well I didn't want anything to do with him catch my friend's attention, but for reasons of his own, he decided this man was worth messing with.

Well the Freak liked him well enough. Shit, he was drooling all over him, ignoring me completely. "What did you say your name was, beauty?"

"Nick." He pointed to me. "And this is the Weasel."

"Yes, we've already met." Galen commented.

And only had me a few times. The Freak liked novelty and I was old news to him already. Nick was the one he really wanted. I couldn't blame him, so did I.

Well one thing the Freak wasn't was cheap. He wanted to please Nick so he took both of us to Vera's, a retro type bar-restaraunt that was willing to serve Non-Persons like me. One of the rare ones.

He asked Nick what he wanted. Nick ordered water but the Freak wanted him drunk so he ordered a Killer Diller for him. Nick shrugged and accepted it. I got a Killer Diller cause I wanted to be numb, but when the Freak ordered a double for himself, Nick turned on the charm.

"Oh you don't want that, lover."

"I don't?"

"Trust me." He took the Freak's hand and brought it to his lips. *You can do without it." he purred, licking the inside of his wrist, and running his tongue up his inner arm.

The Freak gasped orgasmicly and a bulge grew between his legs, which told me where he was actually feeling that tongue and mouth much lower.

But the Freak pulled his hand away all of the sudden. "Lovely, your tongue is icy."

"Cold tongue, cold heart. But I'm sure both of you can warm me up."

I was just observing, this was Nick's game not mine, he was calling the shots. But his words made me pay instant attention. Both of us? He wanted a twosome? Damn, he'd have to make it up to me later.

The Freak was surprised as well. "Both?"

Nick reached over and stroked the nape of my neck, like soothing a frightened cat. "Surely you can understand that I can't just leave my pretty blond." We were sitting right next to each other so when he hand moved under the table and under my shirt the Freak didn't even see. "We're a package deal, you see." The fingers moved up to my chest, "Besides, I would have thought you'd want him also." Snick, his nail sliced into my breastbone, a small slash so clean it barely hurt, without missing a beat. "After all, you did invite him for drinks."

"His Keeper keeps him on a tight leash, boy, I'm surprised he's even with you." said the Freak as Nick's finger dipped into the pool of blood, "Besides, I'm not about to pay for the both of you." The Freak was definitely not used to Pet talking back to him, but I could tell he was intrigued.

I could feel Nick's hand with the blood coated fingertip carefully withdrew from under my shirt and go back on his lap. "Oh I cost more than you can afford." His eyes suddenly fixed on the Freak's as he brought the finger to his lips and licked the blood, then popping it into his mouth, sucking off the rest in a way that was obscene, disgusting, and arousing as hell.

The show was for me only, with Nick's eyes on his, the Freak didn't see anything else. "To show you what I nice guy I am, I'll throw in the Weasel for free. And I'll only charge you half."

The Freak laughed nastily. "Yeah sure, you just want him for yourself, and figure I'll include him in the package. Give me a reason why I should buy."

Nick abruptly rose from his chair. "It's obvious this fool is wasting our time, my love." He grabbed me by the arm, pulling me out of my seat, but the Freak held the other arm, falling right into Nick's game. He pushed me down gently. "Nick, my boy, you drive a hard bargain."

Nick smiled coldly. "Why not, I always win."

We reached the Freak's penthouse gut instead of following us in, Nick waited outside the door.

"Is there a problem?" the Freak didn't look pleased.

"Invite me in." Nick demanded quietly.

"What do you mean invite you in, what do you think you're here for?"

"It's real simple. Either you invite me in or I don't enter." The voice was calm but the eyes gave him away. He wanted this invite. He wanted it bad.

The Freak threw him the crumb and humored him. He walked towards the bedroom and Nick whispered to me, "Make yourself scarce for a spell."

I stared at him. "What the hell for? You think I haven't seen it before?"

"Just do it. For your own good." The eyes were warning me.

I was pissed off but let the two of them go into the room and tried not to curse when the door slammed. What the fuck was I supposed to do while they were fucking, jerk off?

Screw that! I waited for a few minutes. Then I gingerly opened the door, hoping they were so involved that they wouldn't notice.

Nick was fully clothed but he was ravishing the naked Freak's body, physically and probably psychically. He licked and nibbled at the Freak's ear, his mouth trailing to his chest, his tongue tracing each nipple before sucking on them, his lips just brushing against flesh as they moved maddeningly slow to the Freak's hard-on, and gave it a teasing lick before moving to his thighs.

He ran his tongue along the crease of leg and thigh, then licked upwards, lapping at his balls, taking them into his mouth for just a moment as his tongue roamed up the shaft, his tongue flicking the glans.

Completely ignoring the Freak's cock, Nick's mouth was on his nipples again.

I could hear the Freak's heavy breathing, and saw him spurt come all over his chest. Then, abruptly, the deep breathing turned into a yelp of pain. "You're biting too hard."

Nick disregarded him, and the Freak wasn't complaining anymore, his breath was coming in short pants. Then I heard nothing else but Nick's soft, barely audible sucking, and the Freak's body seemed to shrink all of the sudden, folding within itself like a pale deflated balloon.

Suddenly Nick was at my side. Glaring at me. I didn't even see him move. "You were watching the whole time," he hissed, "After I told you not to. Well, are you happy now?"

His lips were crimson and now I knew what that wine had been mixed with. As scared as I was, the smell alone got me hot and before I knew it I was turning towards him, leaning forward and licking all traces from his mouth.

Nick softened and carressed my cheek, his fingers almost as warm as mine, his flesh a warm tea now, with a flush to his cheeks and the whites of his eyes a little pinkish as if he'd been drinking.

Which of course he was.

"I knew you were no virgin." Nick said softly, tilting my face up, brushing his lips ever so lightly against mine.

His arms went around my waist, pulling me closer and I felt his hardness against mine as he ground his hips into me. "My Truename is Angelo." he whispered before he licked my lips and his tongue snaked into my eager mouth. His tongue probed, tracing each tooth, stimulating hot zones I didn't know I had and a jolt of electricity shot down from my mouth straight to my cock, and I licked and sucked off the rest of the sweet blood from his tongue and teeth, where I felt what I'd only caught a glimpse of. He pressed against it with his tongue, showing me that they were retractable like a switchblade. And just as sharp.

Only they weren't going back now, Angelo broke the kiss and I probably should have been terrified because he was nibbling gently at my ears, then nuzzling my neck. For a second his hand stroked my hard-on, and he muttered, "I'm tempted but I can't take that risk."

All I understood was that we weren't going to have sex, and I protested. "Why not?"

He simply said, "No." Then his tongue was licking, then just probing, feeling, then finally finding. "Not as you are now." was the last words he said before I felt a small pinch, that really didn't hurt, then a gentle but firm pressure, his tongue lapping, then his mouth sucking, drawing, as I suddenly fell into a syrupy lassitude, both aroused and woozy at the same time.

I fell limp in his arms and he withdrew, laying me gently on the bed next to the Freak's body. That wasn't dead. Then Angelo bent down, fastened his gaze on mine and everything went black.

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