Every once in a while, I write stories that are *cough* on the taboo/kinky side. Those stories contain things that some people may find disturbing and that I need to "protect" minors from.  There are also some very spicy pictures that are pretty graphic and again, the need to "protect" minors.

As on the old site, to get the passwords, you need to Email Me with an age statement telling me how old you are. After you do, I will get you the password as soon as possible. In case you were wondering,  the password and user name are different than what's on the old site.

Obviously, if you're under 18, you know you shouldn't be here.

Here are the fics!



 Black Widower/Gravity of Love Crossovers

This is where my boys and the sexy badboys of Peccavi's Gravity of Love mix it up and get into all
kinds of delicious trouble.
Put Angelo with Ren and the Game is more violent. Put Angelo with Mannix
and the Game is more playful. Either way, lots of fun will be had.


Here are the pics!

Angelo going down on Weasel: Password Needed - Art by MDBL Naked Angelo and Weasel having Sex: Password Needed  - Art by Peccavi

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