About 20 years before Angelo met Weasel…

Angelo was bored. Dangerously bored. The type of ennui that made him want to create his own excitement. But what? It was already 
ten o' clock in Sargot City's red district and no one had really caught his interest yet. It wasn't like there weren't pretty bodies to be had everywhere; if anything there was a glut of them. But they were so easy. A kiss here, a stroke there, and they were his for the taking.

And take them he did. Angelo found one little charmer that was very easy on the eyes. In no time flat, he'd worked the sweet young thing into a lather; drinking just enough to titillate the Tiger but not enough to satisfy it. Over the years, Angelo had found that he got the most pleasure when he teased the Tiger like a lover; arousing it by feeding it, little by little, until he drove it so mad that he went almost crazy with need that he lost control and went feral. The bloodlust was so overpowering that he tore into them, leaving nothing but a drained and mangled carcass that he had to get rid of.

One way or another.

He didn't do it that often, mostly because being that careless was stupid. It was a pain in the ass to discard empties, and he didn't always have the stomach to get rid of it the other way. Or patience for the time it took his body to digest such a heavy meal and awaken from the nearly two day Sleep it put him into as a result.

Suddenly Angelo's ears picked up a sound that even he could barely hear: the almost silent landing of feet on pavement. He could feel that the air had definitely become charged. With what, he wasn't sure. He was already in a shitty mood and this was not making matters any better.

Then he smelled it. A scent that made his muscles instantly tense for the kill. Spicy musk with the essence of just-got-laid. Angelo preferred to play with his prey first, then close in, but he never forgot a scent. Especially this one.

Damn it to fucking hell!

Teeth sank into the back of his neck, and sinewy arms wrapped around his shoulders, pinning Angelo's arms at his sides and wrestling him to the ground before he could do a thing about it.

Oh no, this was NOT happening again. And it was not the type of excitement he had in mind.

Angelo knew struggling would be useless, so he lay still for now. He figured he'd be heard, so he didn't bother with taking the breath necessary for Normspeech. (Are you really so desperate that you have to attempt rape again, you Shifter asshole?)

The teeth left his neck. "Calling it rape doesn't mean you want it any less," the Shifter mocked. "Besides, you only get to do that trick of yours once, Sangsue."

That's what he thought. All Angelo needed was to touch him once and he'd more than done that. The Shifter who called himself "Radu" may have nearly raped Angelo, but he'd also given Angelo an opportunity to jump his body. That meant Angelo could do an even better "trick" from any distance.  And if he wanted to jump and drain him again, any sexual contact would do. Angelo just smirked and didn't say a word.

Angelo suddenly felt Radu's tongue rasp against the juncture between his jugular and right shoulder. It was first time he felt a tongue as raspy as his own against his skin. He had to admit, he liked the way it felt. Teeth nipped his ear. "Do you like this better, then?"

(Does it matter?)

Radu laughed. "I'll consider that a 'yes.'"

Angelo rolled his eyes. (So I want to fuck you. You didn't know that already?)

"Are you joking? I can smell it all over you."  Radu licked the corner of Angelo's lips. "I can taste it as well."

(You taste the blood I took earlier.)

"Mmmm. I want to taste more." Radu switched his position, so that he was lying on top of Angelo's chest. Then he put his hand to the back of Angelo's neck and swallowed his mouth with his own, claiming it. Radu's kiss was bruising, his mouth sucking and biting at Angelo's, and as the Shifter frenetically rubbed himself against him, Angelo found himself getting very aroused, despite his irritation.

He definitely wanted to take this further but not in public because he knew that this could easily turn into the almost bestial Sharing of pleasure that neither of them needed Norms to see. Angelo reluctantly slid his mouth away from Radu's. (Too many people here,) he warned.

Radu laughed softly. "Just tasting you. I'll take you later."

Angelo bristled. Leave it to that bastard to kill a mood. (Look you fucker,) His hands were free now so he reached up and grabbed Radu's crotch through the black leather pants. (You have exactly ten seconds to get off me and leave or-)

"Or what?" Radu interrupted. "You're hardly in a position to do anything but bite me and I know you won't do that."

(You're so sure?) He squeezed hard.

Radu winced but his voice was calm. "As much as I'd enjoy it, you wouldn't stop there and the second I felt you drain me, I'd bash your brains in. And you know it."

(It'd be worth it,) Angelo growled.

"You're bluffing," Radu said at first and then he shook his head. "You're not. You're one stubborn boy," he muttered and got off of Angelo.

Angelo got up from the ground and brushed himself off. Then he glared at Radu. (If you think you're gonna pull the crap you did last time, you've got another thing coming. If I feel like it, I'll offer myself but no one takes me. Get that?)

"Calm down." Radu stroked Angelo's cheek, his hand cupping it affectionately. "No offense meant." Then he smiled. "We're near the strip. What's your pleasure? Drinks are on me, even if it isn't your… first choice of drink."

(You got that right.) Angelo jerked his head away from Radu's grip.  (Booze does nothing for me anyway.)

"I know. Humor me."

Fucking hell, it wasn't like he had anything better to do. (Tell you what. You buy me what you want.)

Radu's yellow eyes danced with mischief. What was the Shifter planning? "Do you like lager?"

(Don't know. Never had it.)

"Oh it's good. A nice rich tasting beer. I highly recommend it, and since you're leaving the decision making to me, we'll get some."

They went into Chances, a pub that Angelo had never gone to because it looked like one of those places that he'd never be caught dead in.  He'd gone to a few of those when he was a real teenager. They'd been tavernas, and not pubs, but the idea was still the same. Watering holes where people went to drink their troubles away.

Since booze by itself wouldn't get him even buzzed, Angelo used bars for one reason and one reason alone: to find pretty pickups to bring home and fuck. And he never did any of his real drinking at the bar, although if he was in the mood, he'd take them into the men's room for a quickie and take a little then.

But never, ever in a booze joint like this.

Angelo was grateful that he didn't have to worry about breathing in the smoke that choked the front of the pub. Unfortunately, Radu didn't have that same luxury. It was making Angelo's nose burn so he could only imagine what it was doing to the Shifter, whose sense of smell was much keener.

He got his answer a few moments later. "Let's go to the back and sit down at one of the tables, shall we?"

Angelo shrugged. (If you like.)

They chose a table in the far corner. "You really hate me, don't you," Radu remarked as Angelo sat down.

(I'd call it a deep loathing, but yeah, that about describes it.)

"Yet, here you are."

Angelo was going to answer with a snapping retort but then the waitress came over. He noticed that she was wearing a tight t-shirt tied in the front to make her breasts rest even more snuggly against it, and a shorter than short micro-mini. Any shorter and her mouni would be showing. Not that he'd mind, terribly. Angelo was always willing to enjoy the view.

And apparently, so was Radu. "Lovely lady, we'll have one lager."

A flush rose to her cheeks. Angelo wondered how long it had been since she'd had any. Or had someone show an interest in her. She smiled at Angelo. "And you?"

Before he had the chance to answer, Radu said smoothly, "He's not ready to order yet."

What the fuck?

The waitress didn't seem too happy about it, but  based on the irritation crossing over her comely features, it was probably because she'd figured out that the charming young man wasn't going out drinking with a buddy. Buddies usually didn't order for their buddies. "Let me know when you're ready, sir," she said real snippy to Angelo, and stalked away.

Radu reached under the table and patted Angelo's knee. "Why am I not surprised that she considered you a threat?"

(I thought you were buying, dearheart.)

"I am. But first I want you to try it and tell me if you like it."

Angelo snorted. (What do you care?)

"Since I'm buying it, I don't want it to just sit there while you stare me down."

The waitress came back and set a mug of lager in front of Radu. "Here you go, one lager." She forced her teeth into a smile at Angelo. "When you're ready, let me know." She turned on her heel and left.

Radu picked up the mug and handed it to Angelo. "Drink."

Angelo took it from him and gingerly took a sip. He'd never really cared for the taste of beer, it was a bit too bitter for him. He liked the licorice taste of ouzo, the sweetness of restina wine, and hot raki with a little honey. Most Greek drinks were on the almost cloyingly sweet side, so it didn't surprise Angelo that he had very little tolerance for anything less.

This was actually tolerable. Radu was right, it did have a rich body and smooth taste. Angelo drank a little more then passed it back to him. (You drink the rest.)

Radu reached over and grasped Angelo's wrist. "Do you like it?"

(It's not bad,) was all Angelo was willing to say about it.

"That's better than nothing, I suppose." Radu picked up the mug and took a long drink before setting it back down. A strange smile played upon his lips. "At least you can stand it."

Angelo laughed. (I wouldn't call that a ringing endorsement.)

"Don't worry about it." Radu tossed his head back and drained the rest of the contents of the mug. Then he raised his hand and wiggled his fingers, signaling the waitress to come back to their table.  "I'll have another one," he told her.

The waitress's lips pressed into a tight line. "Have you decided on anything yet?" she asked Angelo.

Her obvious jealousy was rapidly becoming less amusing. Angelo took a quick breath, something he hadn't had to do since his earlier interlude with the sweetmeat, then gave her a sweet smile. "No, but you have."

Radu ignored him. "One for him as well."

The waitress's eyes sparked with annoyance, but the promise of a good tip held her tongue. She just nodded, grabbed the empty mug and went away.

She wasn't the only one who was annoyed. (You shouldn't have bothered; I'm not going to touch it.)

"I never said you would." A few drops of lager clung to Radu's mouth and he licked it off in a way that said wouldn't you like to be the one doing that? Angelo's tongue tingled at the thought of it. "They're both for me."

For once Angelo was speechless.

Radu wasn't kidding. When the waitress brought back the drinks and left, he knocked them both down quickly, then laughed at the bewildered expression on Angelo's face. "It takes a lot to get me drunk," he explained. "Three drinks is nothing. It takes about," he counted on his fingers, "Well, I haven't even started yet when I've had five, and I've only had three so far. You're not the only one who can metabolize them quickly."

It took a lot to get a lie past Angelo and he realized that the Shifter was lying. But why? (Are we done now?) he asked instead, not wanting Radu to figure out that Angelo was on to him.

"I think so."

As Angelo predicted, Radu left a nice tip. A very nice one. The beers couldn't have come to more than fifteen credits but he left a twenty credit note. "That should make her happy."

Angelo smirked. (I think she'd have been happier if she was in your bed tonight.)

"Instead of me being in yours?"

Angelo wasn't gonna bother to deny it. Then he'd be lying. It was just a matter of when. And how.

Radu slung an arm around Angelo's slender shoulders and led him outside. "I think before that we'll get some dinner."

Ah. So that would be how. Only one little problem.

(I think your idea and mine are two different things, Radu.)

"Maybe." Radu suddenly removed his arm and grew still, his nostrils flaring. "But I don't think so. Look over there," he whispered in Angelo's ear. "Down the block, and to the right."

Angelo looked and saw a Stalker who'd pinned his prey against the back wall of a building and was now juicing her. (Except for the fact that he'll probably leave the empty behind like an idiot, what's so special about him?)

Radu sniffed the air. "He's not your offspring, is he? He doesn't smell enough like you."

(Not mine. Probably one of my cousin's gets.)

Radu grinned. "I thought so. He has a little of your scent, but that's just the residual effect of your blood. Your cousin is your offspring, isn't he?"

Angelo nodded. (I don't keep track of his spawn. But since it's a male, and Dimitri and I are the only ones who Sire boys, I'd assume it's his.) His eyes narrowed. (Why?)

"I wouldn't want to take one of yours."

Angelo stared at him. (What the fuck are you talking about?)

"He's almost done. Almost ready." Radu licked Angelo's ear playfully.

(Ready for what?)

Radu abruptly turned Angelo's face to the side and took his mouth in a savage kiss. Almost instinctively, Angelo bit Radu's lips, sucking at them and tasting…the lager. Mixed with Radu's blood. The bitter was a nice compliment to the sweet. Very nice. Angelo's mouth slipped to Radu's throat, his tongue caressing, teasing before he let his teeth sink in.

"Yessss… " Radu hissed as Angelo sucked and lapped at his neck. Angelo's hand moved down seeking and finding the heat between Radu's legs. The Shifter let out a throaty growl as Angelo kneaded in rhythm to his sucking. This wasn't juicing or even feeding. It was the beginning of the Sharing of themselves.

He withdrew from the Shifter, licking the drops that still trickled from Radu's throat. (You taste delicious,) Angelo murmured.

Radu licked Angelo's mouth clean. "So will he."

And that was when Angelo understood what Radu meant by, "ready." He'd purposely waited until the Stalker was juiced. Now he was ready. Filled with life for the taking. And warm.

"You take what you want. Then I will," Radu breathed. "I want some of his blood, then I'll let you have the rest. After that, he's mine."

(I want to taste his flesh,) Angelo decided. (As much as I can without Shifting to finish the rest. I've never tasted the flesh of a juicer.)

"It's meat," Radu's fangs glinted in the moonlight. "I like the taste of these altered vache. We'll Share him, then after I'm done with him, I want you." His hands slipped underneath Angelo's tank top, his fingers playing with Angelo's already hardened nipples. "I wanted you from the first time I saw you." He drew closer, a gasp escaping Angelo's lips as Radu tongue traced along Angelo's breastbone, his breath hot against Angelo's icy skin.

Angelo moaned low in his throat, his head swimming as Radu's teeth pierced through and reveled in the velvet softness of the Shifter's lips as he sucked. Now they'd really tasted each other. Shifters didn't need blood as Sangsue did, but they retained a taste for it, as Sangsue had retained a taste for flesh. He was drunk, he realized. Drunk on Radu's passion that he could feel building on his own, amplifying it, and drunk because Radu himself was drunk. And that was why Radu drank much more than the three drinks he claimed. He knew the only way for Angelo to become truly intoxicated was to be intoxicated himself.

Radu raised his head, his breathing labored. "We'll move together and take him down."  He kissed the wound that was already healing.

And that's what they did. As soon as the Stalker let the empty slip from his fingers, they descended upon him and lowered his body to the ground. No games here, this was the old way, the most primitive way, the most satisfying way. Nails like claws ripped through the Stalker's jacket and shirt, and his scream was swallowed. 

Taboo. Killing your own was one of the biggest sins. Yet Angelo had long ago developed a taste for this forbidden fruit. It was a way to gain power, to get rid of any potential threats, and most of all, since Angelo only killed Dimitri's bastards, it was a definite slap at his cousin.

Not that Dimitri cared about his spawn. Not in the least. They were sex slaves and when Angelo seduced them, took them into his bed and killed them, all Dimitri cared about was that Angelo had fucked with something that was his.

And that Angelo had done it for no other reason but to show that he could. Just like he fucked with Dimitri's head all the time.

But it was never as savage, as brutal, as exhilarating as this.

Radu's mouth was pressed to his throat, and Angelo's tongue lapped at the slashes on his chest. It was like a gang bang, only instead of fucking the Stalker, Angelo and Radu were devouring him. Sharing him.  The Stalker's sudden terror as he realized that he'd just become the prey only sweetened him, his adrenaline pumping through his bloodstream and singing in Angelo's veins.

The Stalker's body suddenly jerked against Angelo's lips, then was violently pulled away from his mouth. He glanced over at Radu who'd apparently had enough of the juice and was now tearing and swallowing chunks of the Stalker's flesh. Oh yeah, that was right. Unlike Angelo, Radu had a fully functioning stomach. He didn't have to Shift to consume this meat.

Angelo moved closer, his tongue moistening his lips, as he watched in fascination. Radu was in his own form but he might as well have been an animal. He'd already torn out the Stalker's throat and was now feasting fully, his face buried in the ruined flesh, eating with such gusto that it was almost as if he were making love to it.

Because the carcass was Radu's lover. His lips caressed bloody flesh, his breathing grew heavier, he was obviously aroused.  Radu radiated such passion; he was getting off on this as much as Angelo did whenever he juiced and just watching Radu excited him. Made him hungry. Almost entranced, he found his lips on juice warmed flesh and he licked and began to gnaw.

He'd been afraid that it would taste decayed, like dead flesh, but the infusion of warm blood made it taste the same as if he'd Shifted form and eaten any other Norm. Radu was right. Stalkers were vache, just altered. He wouldn't be able to eat very much, about the size of a fist. Pity.

Angelo's teeth tore greedily into the Stalker's belly and he resisted the urge to gorge himself. Instead, he savored the well-seasoned flesh that almost melted in his mouth, and dug in deeper. The fat gave the meat a sweet and salty flavor, and it was so succulent; he wanted more and he suddenly felt his muscles spasming then flexing. Oh yeah, his body was automatically beginning to Shift. Angelo was so tempted, it would be a true Sharing of a kill, and it had been a long time…

The sharp prick of teeth nipping at the small of Angelo's back broke the spell, forcing the Tiger back in its cage. "If I wanted that," Radu 's  lips vibrated against Angelo's skin, "I'd have done that with one of mine. I rather like this form. Keep it."

Food or sex? Two of Angelo's favorite things that almost always intertwined.

Bursts of extreme pleasure sweeping through Angelo's body from Radu's bites down his spine helped him make the decision. Radu gently pulled Angelo off the corpse and ground his hips against Angelo's ass and helped him confirm that decision, and not care about privacy anymore.

"The first thing is to get rid of this top. Red is definitely your color, but I think you've worn it long enough." Radu released Angelo, then his nails sliced across the Nightchild's back, ripping the back of the shirt into shreds. "You didn't need that shirt anyway, did you?"

Angelo's body may have been fevered with lust, but that didn't mean that he was gonna go for this shit Radu was pulling. Good fuck or no good fuck. (I don't know what you think you're doing but stop it. Now.)

"If you really want me to stop it, then make me."

He was overwhelmed with the urge to kick the bastard in the balls, but as enraged as he was, Angelo still wanted to fuck Radu.  Since that need was stronger, he 'd have to handle this in a more… constructive fashion.

Angelo usually handled challenges in two ways. Since the first way wouldn't work, he'd have to try the second way. He turned to face Radu, grinning wickedly. (I thought that was the whole point, honeychild. To make you.)

Angelo took off his ruins of a shirt, rubbing his chest with it. Then he brushed it down the Shifter's left cheek, trailing down to his chin, and letting it linger underneath his nose.  "You want me?" he whispered into Radu's ear before running his tongue along the inside.

Radu inhaled Angelo's scent on the shirt. "Mmmm, yes," he said huskily, reaching for Angelo, who pushed his hands away and sidestepped him, so he was standing close enough for their noses to touch.

Or their mouths.

(Are you sure?) Angelo's tongue ran across Radu's upper lip.

"Damned sure," Radu's tongue flicked out to touch the tip of Angelo's.

Angelo's mouth swooped down and he sucked Radu's tongue, feeling Radu's pulse racing under his lips. At the same time, Angelo rode his crotch, moving up and down. When Radu began to pant and roughly shoved him away to peel out of his own clothes, Angelo knew he'd won this round.

Or at least, he thought he had.

Radu's fingers skimmed across the waistband of Angelo's jeans. "If you don't take those off, I’m going to." They trailed down to Angelo's cock and began to stroke.

Angelo purred and leaned forward into Radu's touch. (Go ahead.)

The Shifter unbuttoned the jeans, then unzipped them all the way down, leaving Angelo erect and exposed.  "If you insist." Radu crouched down, nipping the shaft before wrapping his arms around Angelo's knees, pulling him down just far enough that his crotch was at eye level. "Then again, maybe you can just leave them on." He took Angelo into his mouth and the other boy's legs buckled, forcing him to fall into Radu's arms.

Radu's tongue was like wet sandpaper, almost lacerating Angelo's shaft as he sucked. Between that and his teeth, he was driving Angelo insane with desire. This was something he rarely let anyone do, but as far as he was concerned, Radu could keep on doing it.

Radu stopped sucking and instead traced his tongue down the length of Angelo's cock.

"Stop teasing," Angelo hissed through his fangs.

"Then I think you'll take your jeans off so I can do more, won't you?"

(Can't do that until you let go of me, lover.)

Radu smirked and dropped Angelo to the ground.

Angelo was slightly irritated that Radu was being such a wiseass, but arousal won over irritation. He stood up, eased down his jeans, stepping out of them. Then he pounced on Radu, knocking him backwards.  Now bare skin touched bare skin. (Was this what you had in mind?)

"Not quite." Radu sat up and pushed Angelo onto his back, then lay on top of him. "This was." He moved his hips, his cock caressing Angelo's. "Gods you're beautiful," he breathed. "I want every part of you."

Then to Angelo's surprise, Radu moved down, way down to Angelo's feet. "Starting here." Radu took off one of Angelo's shoes and began to suck on Angelo's pinky toe.

Angelo realized that he'd found someone who really knew how to Share pleasure. Even something like this felt incredibly sensual; Radu's warm mouth and tongue sending a shock of erotic electricity that resonated deliciously though his body.  Most of the time he got off more from how he made his lovers feel, than from anything they actually did. The fact that Radu was able to bring Angelo to dizzying heights of passion like very few had, excited and terrified him.

Radu sucked every toe and then ran his tongue along the sole of Angelo's foot, before kissing the arch. "Do you they give you pleasure?" he asked as his mouth worked its way up Angelo's leg.

It was a good thing that Angelo didn't have to worry about breath because he'd be breathless by now. (Vache? Some are great to look at and are fun to play with but most are nothing special.)

"Vache are good for one thing." Radu paused, then laughed softly. "Alright, two things. But I didn't mean them, Angelo. I'm talking about all the offspring you create, Vache or otherwise. I'd think you'd get bored with them. They don't make you feel as good as I can, do they?" As if to prove it, he lifted Angelo's leg, tilting him back and shudders of delight overtook the Nightchild's body as Radu's tongue laved the crack of his ass.

Angelo was rapidly becoming overwhelmed by pure sensation; yet knowing the reason that Radu was rimming him snapped some sense back into him. (I'll admit, you've gotten me very hot and bothered, but you're not fucking me.)

Radu put him back down. "You have a one track mind."

(Do I? YOU were the one who was talking about "taking" me.)

"And I will."

(That's it,) Angelo snarled. (I'm out of here.)

But Radu seized his ankle and Angelo wasn't going anywhere. "No. You're not."

Angelo sighed with exasperation. (Fine. Do what you want.)

"You don't understand, it's not what I do, it's what you'll do."

(Really?) Angelo asked facetiously.

Radu changed position and straddled Angelo's stomach, his thighs tight against Angelo's sides. "Really."

(Then why won't you let me go?)

"Because I don't want to.  And you don't really want me to." Radu leaned down to roughly press his lips to Angelo's, his tongue snaking inside and Angelo realized Radu was telling the truth. He didn’t want him to. It was nice that Radu knew what Angelo wanted because Angelo had no idea anymore.

Angelo broke the kiss for a moment. (Alright then, what do you want?)

Radu smiled. "Submission, Angelo. Submit to me."

The word brought bile to Angelo's throat. (No fucking way.)

"Why not?"

Perhaps it was the curiosity that Radu showed with his question that made Angelo actually answer it, instead of telling him to go fuck himself. (I won't let you break me.)

Radu met his gaze. "I don't want to. Breaking you would be rather counterproductive."

Now Angelo was confused. (But you just told me to submit.)

"Yes I did. And yes, I want that and I will get that. But not by breaking you."

(Oh? How then?)

Radu scooted backwards and then lay down, sprawled on top of Angelo's shins. "Like this." His teeth grazed the inside of Angelo's thighs, the bites growing harder as his lips got closer to the prize.

Angelo's nails sank into Radu's upper back, his legs shaking as the Shifter's mouth quickly took possession of his cock. Sucking so hard that Angelo could feel his skin peeling, Radu's tongue was both a balm and an abrasive, sending Angelo's nerve endings into a tizzy. Beyond pleasure. Beyond torture. Almost more stimulation than he could take.

A wildfire was sweeping through his body and his frozen blood was boiling over.  Angelo gripped Radu's shoulders, bracing himself as he shuddered in orgiastic ecstasy….

Only to scream as Radu's teeth pricked the base of his cock, a sharp stab of pain jolting him. "Not yet," Radu whispered.

Angelo growled. (You're driving me fucking crazy, you know that?)

"Good."  Then he proceeded to push Angelo to the limits by making love to him as another of his kind would.  It turned out that even though Radu wasn't Sangsue, apparently pleasure was Shared pretty much the same way. Everything was so oral, lots of sucking and biting, and licking, and while Radu didn't have the empathy a Sangsue would, Angelo's lust was still amplified from the other boy's, which reverberated through him. And when Radu began to drink from him, he completely lost it.

"Take me, already," Angelo hissed.

Radu ignored him and sucked on his right nipple while playing with the left.

(Fuck it, you win. You win!)

Radu's bites down his side made Angelo finally cry out. (Oh I get it, you want me to submit, right? Fine, I submit.)
Radu lifted his head and kissed Angelo's lips softly. "I have no doubt that you can make me submit to you, and I look forward to it. But I found you first."

Angelo raised an eyebrow. (You mean you'll let me fuck you?)

"If I submit to you, I won't be letting you. I'll be begging you to."

Like Angelo had just begged Radu.

And as Radu got up and Angelo rolled over on his stomach, he realized that submission itself wasn't fucking. Submission was giving in. It was a different type of submission than when Sangsue forced their will upon someone and forced them into either offering their throats or binding themselves to the victor. And it was different than the submission of a Shifter who'd been overpowered by another and was mounted in a show of dominance. It was surrender. Surrender to pleasure. It was a sexual pissing contest, only the winner was the one who could drive the other to super intense arousal.

Radu was surprisingly gentle. First he lubricated Angelo's ass by running his tongue along the inside, causing waves of rapture to ripple through every muscle in his body. Then he slid a few fingers inside, getting Angelo ready.

Angelo bit his lips in frustration. (Just fuck me already!)

Radu laughed softly. "So impatient." But he entered Angelo and fucked him savagely, going faster and faster, and the friction made Angelo buck wildly under him.

Angelo had been close to the edge since Radu started Pleasuring him and now he was over that edge; his body was one huge erogenous zone. He wasn't gonna last long.

Moments later the fuse was finally lit and Angelo exploded violently, Radu's teeth sinking into his shoulder as he climaxed.

Angelo felt as if he'd just been put through the wringer, but was definitely sated. (I know you got drunk on purpose.)

Radu licked the blood from his bite. "I do whatever it takes to get what I want, Angelo. And I wanted you."

(And you're saying that you made me submit to you just because you found me first?)

"I hunted you. I get the spoils. If you find me first, then you will."

Angelo smiled, the thought of driving Radu mad with lust making his cock harden again. (And you're where?)

"Clan Ionescu has their camp on the outskirts of Sargot City. But don't pursue me there unless you feel like being challenged by every male Shifter there. And their way of challenging is a lot less pleasant."

(So how do I find you then?)

Radu slipped out of Angelo and put on his pants. "If you want to badly enough, you will. And when you do," he grinned wickedly, "I'll enjoy whatever you Share."

Angelo got up and got dressed. (You'll say anything to get into my pants, won't you?)

Radu met his gaze. "Yes," was all he said before kissing Angelo fiercely.

A boy after his own heart.

Radu broke the kiss. "Think of me." His hand brushed down Angelo's chest, to his stomach. "And think of tonight." He briefly fondled Angelo's crotch, giving it an affectionate squeeze before turning away to cradle the Stalker's corpse in his arms. "You take care of the other one." Then he walked away, leaving Angelo to wonder how the Shifter had gone from enemy to lover.

Then he realized that Radu was both. Radu was the Tiger. Hungry, passionate and all consuming. The perfect predator.  Someone who'd make him submit.

One way or the other.

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