Status of The Nocturne and Black Widower Universe

Hi everyone!

I'm being optimistic and renewing my domain in the hopes that I do more with it. I know, I suck.


But I'm slowly learning how to use Macflux so hopefully, I can be more consistent with updates.


I may have to do it piecemeal but I do plan to redo this website. I still can't code worth a damn except for easy html but hopefully, Macflux will do it for me. It's kind of WYSIWYG so even if it's not fancy, at least it'll be done.


One thing is that I will probably revert to a Basic account in Live Journal. I've created a Dreamwidth account: sangsue and it'll be a blog where I brainstorm, post new fics, bounce ideas off people and have people possibly volunteer to read new fics before I post them. It will also be a place where I post fics that might have been censored at Live Journal


Most of all, I'm hoping that the interaction with my readers will make my muses more active and cooperative.


I've reached a point with my writing where I have to decide if I can take it more seriously than as a hobby. I submitted "Danse Macabre" for a vampire anthology at a small publisher. I like the idea of making some money, even just enough to pay for the webhosting renewal. Selling my work has always been a dream of mine. I'd given up on that dream to be honest. Then I heard about the book 50 Shades of Gray and I realized that self-publishing and small publishers may be the way to go for me. I have so much to learn about with contracts and the rights to my characters but it's an exciting new direction to go in.


This webhost offers a lot of things I haven't used yet, one of them being Wordpress and Jabber so hopefully I can figure them out and make use of them, as well as other things.


Anyway, if you've reached the end of this, congratulations and thank you for your patience. I love you all!



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