"You've been following me all night. Why?"

It was him. Radu had been so busy looking for him, that the nosferat had caught him by surprise. It would not happen again. He gave the boy a dazzling smile. "Aren't you used to people following you, beauty?"

"Not if I can help it," he growled.

Observing the boy from a distance and having way too many scents to confuse him hadn't prepared Radu for the sudden heat boiling his blood. Or the almost overwhelming attraction pulling him towards the nosferat. As if he was with one of his own and not vache.

One of his own, yet not one of his own. Sangsue.

Radu had to suppress a smirk at the discovery. Sangsue had interbred for centuries so the chances were that this boy was a mongrel and not a trueblood at all. But still, that was a nice surprise. Now Radu realized why the Sangsue had been playing with his victims. It wasn't just sadism, although Radu had no doubt that was definitely a part of it. Sangsue were very sensitive to emotions, much more so than Odogi. While Odogi were physically strong, Sangsue were psychically powerful. And they had a great appreciation for the "seasoning" emotions did to the blood. To a point, so did Odogi, but Sangsue were just more talented at bringing the most intense feelings forth. Of course, the fact that they could amplify whatever they craved the most didn't hurt.

He'd have to make sure that the little bugger didn't sneak into his head.

The Sangsue frowned for a moment, oh yes, he was probably feeling that same pull, then his dark eyes seemed to examine Radu's face, looking for something. "Where are you from?"

That was the second time tonight that Radu was not prepared for a question. "Here, of course."

"I didn't ask you where you were born, honeychild. I asked about your  nationality."

Perhaps the boy was smarter than Radu thought. "Eastern Europe," he replied. True enough.

The Sangsue looked disappointed. "I see."

Radu really hadn't heard him speak very much up until this point, but now he could hear a trace of an accent in the boy's voice. Now he was curious. "How about you?"

"Greece, but I've been here since I was eight."

Greece, eh? Clan Argyra. Radu idly wondered if the Sangsue even knew of his own Clan.  "Really?" Radu smiled. "You still have a little bit of an accent. It makes your voice sound sexy."

The boy laughed. "Is that your way of saying you want to bed me?"

Very forward. Radu liked that. "No." He reached out and tilted the Sangsue's face upwards. "This is." Radu seized the other boy's lips with his own; kissing him roughly before his tongue snaked in between parted lips.

The boy responded with a greediness that excited Radu almost as much as the blood he tasted in his mouth. His hips ground into Radu's, and his hands slipped underneath his shirt.

Skilled hands that told Radu that this kid was no kid when it came to sex.

The boy broke the kiss. "You have a name, sweetling?"

"Radu." He didn't ask the boy his name. He didn't really care. He just wanted to bed the boy, then eat him.

"Well Radu, I'm not into audiences so why don't we go back to my place. Unless your place is closer."

That suited Radu, who also didn't want anyone watching. "It depends. Where is your place?"

"In the Old Quarter, at a club called the Nocturne."

Ah. That was a new place that opened up around the time the nosferats first made their appearance here. Radu had never made the connection but now he was irritated that he hadn't sooner. Then again, hunting there would have been too obvious. "You live at a dance club?"

"Not at the club itself, upstairs there is a place I'm crashing. No one goes up there so we won't be disturbed."

The Old Quarter was within walking distance, just on the outskirts of Sargot City. As soon as they walked into the club, Radu's suspicions were confirmed. Oh yes. This was where they were all staying. And something told him that a good many of them were the offspring of this boy.

Including the blue eyed blond who was glowering at them. Not only did he carry the boy's scent, but the underlying smell of his blood was the same. Radu smiled. They were of the same blood in more ways than one. (It figures you'd come back here with someone.)

His speech was strange. Very, very soft, almost like a whisper, but without any breathiness.

The Sangsue replied back in that same soft voice. (Is there a problem?) he drawled. Radu noticed that neither of the boys were moving their lips very much, but his super sensitive ears easily picked up their speech.

(Damnit Angelo, you know there is!)

So the boy's name was Angelo. And he was obviously sleeping with this relative. Radu had a suspicion, but he was not close enough to the blond boy to prove whether or not he was correct.

Angelo rolled his eyes. (It's your problem. Not mine. See that no one goes near my room.)

The other boy responded with a flurry of angry words that were probably in Greek, and stalked away.

Angelo gave Radu an apologetic smile. "Don't mind him, he's just jealous."

"I can see that."

"Some things don't need to be seen. They can be felt, nai?" Angelo took Radu's hand and put it on the bulge between his legs. "Like how much I want you right now."

Radu kneaded. "It's mutual."

"Then let's stop wasting time here and go to my room."

They made their way towards the back wall of the club and Angelo stepped down hard on the floor. The wall swung around and revealed a flight of stairs. "Cute trick."

"The owner of the club is, shall we say, a bit on the dramatic side?" Angelo shrugged. "It serves its purpose."

Which was probably to keep the occupants safe. Only they'd never be safe from Radu.

And neither would Angelo.

The owner of the club was definitely taking precautions; not only was there a secret flight of stairs, but a door at the top, leading to a corridor. Radu made mental notes because even though he wasn't going to hunt here often, it would be stupid to overlook such an opportunity for easy prey.

Angelo took keys out of his pocket and opened the door. As soon as the door was shut, Radu fell upon him. "So pretty," he murmured, as he rained butterfly kisses down Angelo's face and neck, easing his leather jacket off his shoulders.

Angelo grinned and cupped Radu's face in his hands. "So this was why you were following me, mmmmm?"

"Do you mind?"

"Not at all," Angelo replied and kissed Radu's mouth ferociously, ravishing it with his teeth and tongue.

Radu broke the kiss for a moment. "I want to feel your skin. Take off your shirt."

Angelo smirked and sloooooowly lifted up his tank top. Then he slipped it over his head, flinging it over his shoulder.

Radu caressed Angelo's chest and belly, letting his hands run down Angelo's back before leaning forward and suckling on his nipples.

Angelo moaned as Radu's mouth moved lower, but he nudged Radu's hand away when he tried to unbutton Angelo's jeans. Instead he brought Radu's hand to his lips; his tongue blazing a trail of liquid flame up the inside of Radu's arm.

Somehow, Radu was feeling that tongue all over his body, running along the crease of his thighs, up the shaft of his cock, so much so that he found himself thrusting towards that imaginary mouth. "I don't know what you're doing, but do it some more."

"Anything you say, lover."

Now that mouth was swallowing Radu's rapidly growing erection, surrounding him in phantom warmth. At this rate, he was going to come before he had the chance to take him and that was the last thing he wanted. "Stop," he gasped against Angelo's belly.

"Sure thing." And it was gone.

Again, Radu tried to unbutton Angelo's pants and again, his hand was pushed away. "Not yet."

Radu felt the first spark of annoyance. "Why?"

Angelo glared at him. "I don't owe you an explanation."

"Considering that you led me into thinking that we were going to do more than heavy petting, I'd say you damned well do."

Radu could see a mixture of emotions sweep across Angelo's face: irritation, sexual frustration, and of course, the burning hunger for more than sex in those hot black eyes. Finally Angelo said, "Fuck it. I'm not in the mood for this shit. I didn't say we weren't gonna fuck, sunshine. I said, 'not yet.' If you're that impatient, then get the hell out of here."

"Actually, it doesn't matter what you're in the mood for."  Radu forced a knee between Angelo's legs.  "I'm going to do it anyway. And we're not going to do anything." Radu tore the button off Angelo's jeans and moved his leg so he could force the zipper down.  "I'm just going to do it to you." He slid his arm around the boy's waist so he could wrench down the jeans.

Angelo tried to struggle but even a Sangsue was no match for Radu.

Radu'd had the feeling that Angelo wouldn't bother wearing underwear, and as he slid the jeans down to Angelo's ankles, he could see he was right. His hand caressed the boy's buttocks.

Angelo attempted to kick Radu, forgetting that his legs were trapped, so he tripped instead, falling into Radu's waiting arms. Then he threw Angelo down on the floor, forcing him onto his stomach.

"You crazy fucker," Angelo hissed. Radu would be willing to bet that the Sangsue's fangs were out by now, but that was why he was on his belly.

Angelo wriggled, which pissed Radu off enough that he smacked Angelo back down hard, feeling some satisfaction when he heard the cracking of bones. Then he took off his own pants and slammed into Angelo, ramming it past any resistance the boy had.

Radu's hand shoved Angelo down to the ground, drowning out his screams. It was a shame that things had to get to this point but it was the Sangsue's own fault for teasing him without having any intention of following through.

The combination of Angelo's pain and fear, mixed with the delicious friction from his cock moving in and out so fast was bringing Radu to the edge very quickly. His breath came in short bursts and his teeth sank into the back of Angelo's neck as he got ready to climax.

All of the sudden he heard evil laughter reverberating through his mind. Angelo's laughter. But Radu realized that the Sangsue wasn't just in his head.  He could actually feel Angelo's presence in his whole body.

- Thank you so much for handing yourself to me. - Angelo said in his head. - Serves you right, malakas! -
Suddenly, all of the lust Radu had been feeling was violently ripped from him, drained from his body; leaving him with nothing but an empty tiredness. Radu's cock wilted, sliding out of Angelo's ass, and his teeth left Angelo's neck.

Then he heard Angelo's voice. -Now, let's see what you really are.-

Almost instantly, Radu had the vile sensation of Angelo forcing himself through Radu's mind to the very core of his soul. With psychic claws, Angelo tore through Radu's memories. Radu realized that Angelo could have easily slipped inside his mind without him knowing but was purposely making him aware of what he was doing.

Just to show what he could do.

- Ah, so that's what you are. Hmmm, I wonder what Odogi blood tastes like...  - Angelo taunted before breaking contact.

Snarling, Radu gathered what was left of his strength and went for Angelo's throat but the Sangsue moved faster, throwing Radu off his back, then rolling away. Radu had never wanted to kill someone so badly, the bloodlust like angry bees buzzing through his body. But Angelo had left him so weak that he could barely move.

"What the hell did you do to me?" Radu croaked.

Angelo rolled over onto his back and pulled up his jeans. "Evened the score." Then he laughed. (You can hear me. Can't you?)

Radu was done with pretending. "What kind of Sangsue trick was that?"

(Not a Sangsue trick. Just mine.) Angelo stood up, teetering a little before falling back down. (You fucked me up so bad, what I took from you barely healed me.) He glared at Radu. (You felt so nice, almost like some long lost cousin or something. Why'd you have to go and ruin everything?)

"I ruined everything?" Now it was Radu's turn to laugh. "As if killing me wasn't in your plans!"

(I couldn't have jumped your body if you hadn't forced yourself on me, so don't even start.)

They cancelled each other out. Very interesting. Radu hated to lose, but he was smart enough to know that Angelo would be a worthy ally. Better that, than as an enemy. Besides, despite everything, Radu still fancied Angelo. Of course, that didn't mean that Radu wouldn't kill Angelo if he felt like it. But it did mean that he wanted to have Angelo beforehand. At least more than once.

And by the way Angelo was looking at him, Radu knew it wasn't all on his end. Something about the half-lidded eyes and the lazy smile made Radu sorry that neither of them were in any condition to do anything about the desire the both of them were obviously feeling.

Angelo got up and nudged Radu with his foot. (I need to juice up more. And you need to leave.)

"You need to what?"

Angelo's eyes gleamed. (Feed. Normally, jumping you would be enough but you did a number on me so I'm still hungry. Unless you plan on feeding me again, it would be in your best interest to leave. )

Radu slowly rose to his feet. "I don't think you're completely understanding the situation, Sangsue. I can kill you just as easily."

(I understand it fine. I just don't care.)

"One thing, Angelo."

Angelo didn't seem surprised that Radu knew his name. (Yeah?)

"Next time, don't start something you don't intend to finish. Especially when you still want to."

Angelo shrugged. (There's a lot I want to do. Fucking you just happens to be one of them. Why'd you think I left you alive?) He opened the door. (Ya chara, Radu.)

"We seem to be at a stalemate, but it isn't over." He kissed Angelo's mouth forcefully. "Not at all." Radu flashed Angelo a feral grin before walking out of the room and down the hall.

Now Radu knew where Angelo slept. He knew Angelo's hunting habits. It would only be a matter of time before he encountered the beautiful Sangsue again. And when he did, Radu would be ready for him.

And waiting.... 

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