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Note: All but Changing Fortunes, the Lemony One Shots and The Odogi Story Arc are works in progress, unless noted.

Black Widower The main story. In a postapocolyptic world, where people with psionic abilities rule, Weasel, a drug addicted hustler meets Angelo and becomes a true Child of the Night.

Pretty As A Picture Six months after Weasel's Change to a Nightchild, Angelo finds two depraved, sadists to game that even Weasel should have no compunction about killing.

Changing Fortunes Now complete! An assasin has been sent with his partner to off Angelo - who they think is just a minion of a crime lord. They don't know who they're dealing with, do they? (cue evil laughter). This is an experimental fic in the point of view of Cam, the assasin. Lots of lemon and angst. Part If you want to see the snippets, they're posted in the Black Widower journal. The chapters were designed by the delightful Min Lovely.

New! Changing Fortunes: Long Assed Epilogue: In the seven months that Cam and Balint have been staying at the Nocturne, Cam's body has been going through rapid changes. How can he handle what Balint has become when Cam can't even accept himself?

The Odogi Story Arc Stories featuring Radu, a boy who can definitely give Angelo a run for his money. What is odogi? You'll find out, bwahahaha! And in case you want to know, the fics in the story arc also have our boys Weasel and Angelo and one of them is definitely on the kinky side of lemon.

Blood Games Now complete! Angelo hears about a new club that specializes in sophisticated methods of torture in an onstage show and out of curiousity he goes there, only to meet his match in a Supe girl who is much more than she seems....

Danse Macabre About six months before Angelo met Weasel, Ardoin gives him the order to eliminate a Keeper who has been recruiting Pets from the Nocturne. But he soon finds out that as usual, Ardoin's “little” job is more dangerous than it appears to be and Angelo may just have a dance with Truedeath.

Epiphania Now complete! Angelo's origins from before he became a Nightchild and then meets Ardoin, Sylvie and Angelique.

Shards An A/U fic putting Angelo in the real world with Katze, a character from Pluto and MBDL's Duet and Distortion. Katze meets another game player. But who is playing who?

Lemony One Shots Fics on this page are known as smutlets: they take place later in the timeline and are on the smutty side, either graphic or implied. Some of the kinkier fics are now password protected. If you want to see them, email me with an age statement.

Side Fics These are the fics that are in the Black Widower universe but are either one shots or unfinished stories so they don't have their own page yet.

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