I've meant to do this for the longest time and my inability to write good fic summaries or teasers (translation: I suck at them) has stopped me. Up until now.

Here are links to the writers whose stories rock my world. There are original fic writers and fanfic writers and a variety of genres to choose from. Check 'em out, my little charmers. There's got to be something you'll like.

Tavam's Fics:    Home of two of my favorite fic universes: The Node and The Ream (where the fic Mother takes place). Also home of various fics in fandoms like Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing and FF7. The Node is cyberpunk at its best, yaoi-style. Mother is futuristic vampiric horror. All kick ass, as does Tavam.

Private Parlor:    Otherwise known as MDBL's website of original yaoi/slash fic recs. They cover a variety of different fic genres and it's an excellent place to go if you're looking for good original yaoi/slash fics. MBDL is the lady who does a lot of fan art of the chracters in the Black Widower universe.

Anahita's Gravitation Fan Fics:    If you love Gravitation fanfic, this is a great place to peruse. Anahita was one of the first writers of Gravifics that I ever read and her Yuki Eiri made me fall even more in love with him.

Kiss Shining: Anomay's Fanfiction Archive:    Another great Gravitation fanfic archive. Anomay was another of the first writers that eased my initiation into that fandom. Her Ryuichi has many layers as does her Shucihi.

Umbrella Studios Homepage:    Home of some of the best writers and artists in Western yaoi doujinshi. Gorgeous and sexy, the comics will never fail to surprise and excite you and Pluto, Tammy Lee, Tarot, Sonya, Ashura, Foxysquid and the others will never ever disappoint you.

Chrysanthemum Vows:    Pluto's site for her fanfics and original fics. Pluto loves to get into her character's (whether her interpretation of someone else's or her own) heads and she is one of my favorite writers because of it. Dark. Violent. Controversial. Delicious.    Tammy Lee's domain where you can find her writings and her pretty, pretty art.

Yaoiluvr:    Ella's website and archive for Purgatory (also a RPG) and yaoi fics by many writers. You can find a variety of different fandoms and if it's on that site, you know it has to be good.

The Slash Archive:    GioGio's fic archive for original slash fics. With all the fanfic archives out there, kudos to GioGio for creating this archive for original slashy fics.  Thanks to GioGio for hosting my fics and giving them a new audience and if you write original yaoi/slash fic, see her page for submission rules.

Gravity of Love:   Ave Miseria's website. Take yaoi lemon, add some headgames and a spitfire named Gavin and you have a roller coaster ride that never disappoints. If you love Weasel, you'll love Gavin and Gravity of Love.

Updated December 27, 2004