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Uses and Importance of Marijuana World widely known for its abuse and addiction especially among

Uses and Importance of Marijuana

World widely known for its abuse and addiction especially among the youth, the plant is also known to produce some components that are quite beneficial in the health sector. As much as there are those entirely into the growth of marijuana for abuse and recreational purposes, there are still those who grow the same plant to extract marijuana for medical use. Read on to get the adverse benefits of marijuana to human health.

As we all know, chronic pain is also a cause of disability and inability when it takes place on joints and limbs. In these states and places where chronic pain is a cause of immobility, marijuana is used to manage the pain making it easy for victims to move around and carry out their daily duties. By acting on the pain receptors on the head, marijuana greatly eases and relieves chronic pain.

In another study, marijuana has been observed to help in relieving depression and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. Marijuana induces a feel-good state that is what is usually lacking during stress and depression and hence manages the disorder.

In epilepsy, marijuana through its product cannabidiol has been witnessed to effectively ease seizure among children with the Dravet syndrome which is a rare form of epilepsy. With patients undergoing cancer treatment and HIV/AIDS management, it is common to experience nausea and loss of appetite and that is why marijuana is used increase appetite and also reduce nausea. Having marijuana restore the appetite and eliminate nausea in patients suffering from HIV/AIDS and cancer give them a better chance of management and treatment respectively.

Medically, marijuana is known to greatly aid in the relaxation of muscles. Muscle spasms that take place involuntarily and bring about tremors in the Parkinson’s disease and intense muscle contractions in other medical conditions such as endometriosis are managed by the inhalation of medical marijuana. Besides from those conditions, there are also conditions such as fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis that are also medically managed by the use of marijuana and there are many people who can attest to this. The drug is introduced into the body for muscle relaxation via inhalation and a single dose is enough to manage the condition for an elongated length of time depending with the intensity f the condition and the prescription.

To some marijuana is known to boost adrenaline levels increasing muscle activity and general productivity. Having the brain activity boosted and neurological responses being effective, one is now more active and effective in carrying out duties and also increase in recovery to those with medical conditions that require the boosting of brain activity.
Having this points in mind is a proof of the many medical benefits of marijuana.

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