Fics From The Black Widower Universe

Here is fic central, where you can find all the fics. Fics that were on the old site but haven't been touched in years, either from lack of interest or other reasons will not be here  but will be on the revamp of this site. I hope to update a lot more often than I have in the past so enjoy the fics. If you want a fic updated that hasn't been updated in a while, or are not on this page, email me.   Fics in yellow  are completed.  Please note, my website at yaoihaven is no longer there so that is the reason for the broken links but I am fixing this.

Black Widower
Changing Fortunes*
Danse Macabre**
Blood Games
Odogi Cycle
One Shot Lemon Fics

*Changing Fortunes has been yanked off this site for possible publication. The complete fic is still up at for now.
**Danse Macabre
has been yanked off the net for possible publication.

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