Part 5: Thanatos Einai Proswrino Kratos

Thanatos Einai Prosorino Kratos
"Death Is A Temporary State"


As Ardoin pulled up into the parking lot of The Sea Shanty, a motel in Crystal Beach, Florida, Angelo felt a sense of anger overtake him. Sometime tonight, Angelo was gonna go to a familiar town less than four miles away to pick up a package Ardoin had waiting for him.

Back to the last place Angelo wanted to ever see again. Tarpon Springs.

In fact, he'd told Ardoin so the night before, when the man ever so offhandedly mentioned that Angelo would be doing this. In the year he'd been with him, Angelique and Sylvie, Angelo had learned damned fast that Ardoin never asked you to do something, he informed you that you were doing it. And you could argue or backtalk or protest all you wanted, he didn't care. In fact, it amused the bastard. The more you hated it, the more he got off on making you do it.

Knowing that, Angelo should have just accepted his orders and went on with them. But even though it was a useless waste of energy, he had to fight it, token protest or not. (I told you I was never going back there,) Angelo had growled.

(That you did,) Ardoin agreed.

Angelo glowered at the man he'd quickly come to hate in the past twelve months. (What part of "never" do you not understand, Ardoin?)

Ardoin had only given Angelo an indulgent smile. (What part of "it doesn't matter," do you not comprehend, boy? It doesn't matter. You're doing it.)

Fine and dandy. If Angelo was gonna have to go back there anyway, he might as well tie up the one loose end he left behind.

Dimitri. Angelo had left him alive when he made his exit from the sponge fishing town and that had been a mistake. Technically, Angelo should have slaughtered his whole family and anyone else who would notice that Angelo would never age but the only one who really SAW Angelo, who had any connection with Angelo was his cousin Dimitri.

And if Dimitri knew that Angelo was an incubus who'd fed on him regularly, then it wouldn't be such a huge stretch for him to believe that his younger cousin had become … not vrikolakas but damned close. Which meant eventually he'd have to kill Dimitri anyway.

No time like the present.

In his time as a Nightchild, Angelo had learned how to master his powers. Now getting to Tarpon Springs to pick up Ardoin's stupid package was just a matter of phasing out - willing his body to lose substance and turn to mist that could drift on the wind to anywhere. Then when he got to wherever he was headed, he just phased back in, materializing into his solid form. He'd played with that trick, learned that he could control how insubstantial he wanted to be. Angelo could go through walls and doors and even the smallest of cracks. He could get into any public area and any private area he had the invite to.

And how did he learn this? Not from Sylvie, she was an absent mother. She and Angelo hunted together once in a while but other than that, Sylvie barely had anything to do with her offspring. She cared as a mother would, making sure Angelo was safe but other than that, nothing.

He didn't learn it from Angelique, who'd become Angelo's "woman" since he went over to her after Ardoin had bound his soul. He did learn quite a bit from the wise witch but most of it was arcane knowledge about the applications of energy in using magic along with information about various herbs used for potions and spells. Nothing that was really relevant about being a Nightchild or even Sangsue, though Anqelique did tell Angelo that because his body was technically dead, he wouldn't need to jump as often, since it wouldn't absorb the sex energy he took in as fast. Instead of nightly, he could jump weekly or if he wanted to push things, monthly. But he didn't have that option with juicing. Angelo needed blood every night and depending on how much he drank at one time, it could be as much as several times a night.

Ardoin had been the one to tell him that the reason they didn't show in mirrors had to do with substance, not souls. A Nightchild's body had very little substance to it and because of it; the body didn't have a reflection. But blood added substance, which was why more than a few mouthfuls gave him a reflection. It also meant that he couldn't alter his form.

Again, fine and dandy. When he'd killed Dimitri and got the package, Angelo would just use the bond he and Ardoin shared and summon the Broodmaster to come get him. Hopefully that'd be the last time he'd ever have to be here.

He'd called Dimitri from the motel room, reaching his cousin just as he was ready to go out the door. Seems Dim-Dim had gotten a job working at some gay bar in Tampa, DJing and tending bar sometimes. He told Angelo he'd call in sick to work and he'd meet him at eight o'clock on the docks. It was now nine thirty and the idiot was nowhere to be found. Angelo hated waiting on anyone and he STILL had to get the fucking package.

Finally, Dimitri made his appearance. Or rather, Angelo felt Dimitri make his appearance. Somehow he could sense Dimitri and he realized that he always could. Even from when they started messing around, he'd always get this tingling sensation in his body whenever he was near Dimitri, even if they weren't in the same room.

Only now it was much stronger, magnetic and powerful. Impossible to ignore.

Angelo turned around and saw that Dimitri had grown even taller, damned close to six feet. His shoulders had grown a little broader and he had to have been working out because Angelo could see the fine muscles and developed body Dimitri had developed, even under the white muscle shirt. And the tight jeans only emphasized the muscular legs. Angelo took the breath necessary for his cousin to hear him. "You look delicious." And he did. Enough for Angelo's lust to rise and it was much more than just blood lust.

Dimitri laughed and let his fingers stroke Angelo's cheek affectionately. "You haven't changed a bit, pineza. The puberty fairy hasn't visited you, eh?" He leaned over and kissed Angelo's lips, then frowned. "You're freezing, baby. You okay?"

Damn, forgot about that. But he wasn't gonna let Dimitri's puberty comment go unchallenged. "Considering that I've come in your mouth, you should know the puberty fairy visited me a long time ago." Angelo made a face. "Just haven't gotten any taller, you happy?"

"I see your temper hasn't changed either," Dimitri said with amusement, then grinned. "Are you gonna tell me where you've been for the past year, Angelaki?"

Angelo smiled back. "No," was his only answer.

"I thought not," Dimitri muttered before leaning down and kissing Angelo more thoroughly, licking at his cousin's mouth before Angelo let in his tongue with a moan. Their tongues tangled and Angelo pulled Dimitri closer, grinding his hardening cock against Dimitri's. Then Dimitri suddenly pulled back with a strange smile on his face. "You're doing it too. Fancy that. And here I was thinking I was the only one."

Angelo blinked, completely confused. "What're you talking about Mimis?" he demanded, hiding his uneasiness about Dimitri's sureness with impatience.

Dimitri smirked. "Playing dumb, are you? I guess I'll just have to show you." Dimitri abruptly kissed Angelo roughly using teeth that clamped down hard on Angelo's mouth, before cursing and chomping down harder. Angelo couldn't help but groan with pleasure as Dimitri's bites on Angelo's lips grew progressively harder until Angelo gained the recognition of what Dimitri was talking about because of the sudden familiar taste. And the familiar pressure of a hungry mouth sucking at his lips.

Even the taste of his own made his gums tingle and his fangs began to descend. Without even thinking he shoved his cousin away with a snarl. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he hissed between those fangs he could barely push back.

"Still playing dumb?" Dimitri sneered.

"No," Angelo growled, only the anticipation of a satisfying kill later keeping the Tiger - the need for blood that had been Angelo's constant companion since Sylvie Sired him - under control for now. "If I was I'd have let you drink my blood."

"Drink?" Dimitri laughed as if that was the most hilarious thing. "You know we can't do much more than take sips every now and then." His eyes narrowed. "Unless you found a way to drink more."

Angelo rolled his eyes. "I thought you wanted to get laid, cousin mine," he said in a bored tone, wanting to get off of this subject.

Dimitri grinned. "Fuck, yeah." He chuckled a little. "If I'd known you were coming, I'd have cleaned my place up some."

Angelo threw his arms around his cousin and kissed his mouth softly, sensually. "Lover, as long as the bed is clean, I don't give a fuck."

Angelo didn't know when he started, maybe it was part of learning to speak English all the time where he felt the sentences alone lacked something. Angelo used endearments almost all the time, showing his like or dislike of someone. His accent was nearly gone now, becoming a hybrid of Greek with a Southern Florida drawl and Dimitri noticed it. Of course he did. "You sound sexier," he said huskily, "Like some good ol' boy."

"Well this good ol' boy wants to fuck in your bed right now," Angelo said. "We going or just gonna stay here all night, dearheart?"

Dimitri blinked, not used to Angelo's new habit but didn't say a word until they got to Dimitri's place. And Dimitri's room.

Angelo's nostrils flared the moment he stepped into Dimitri's house, assaulted by the scent of Dimitri and of course, it was stronger in Dimitri's room. Fuck, it reeked of Dimitri. Musk, sweat, last night's fuck, probably how it always smelled only now Angelo's sense of smell was more enhanced so unless he didn't inhale through his nose, he could smell it all. Including a newer scent. The slight but definite scent of blood. A scent that excited Angelo so much that he seized Dimitri and practically threw him on the bed, swallowing his mouth as if he could suck all of Dimitri down.

Dimitri made a sound between a moan and a whimper as Angelo pinned him down, rolling his hips and grinding the blond into the bed. "Don't know what got into you, agapi, but it's sexy as fuck," Dimitri whispered, giving himself over to Angelo's hands that quickly undressed Dimitri before shedding his own clothes.

Dimitri's skin had a taste now, sweet and tangy, the blood beneath the skin, tantalized Angelo like a paramour, teasing him and tempting him as his mouth and tongue became reacquainted with his oldest lover.

Tasting the intoxication of blood in blood. Angelo mouthed Dimitri's flesh, lapping at the sweat, knowing that Dimitri was tasting the same in Angelo's skin and perspiration, then in his seed as Angelo proved without a doubt that the puberty fairy had visited him long ago. Dimitri's scent and taste made Angelo come almost within moments of Dimitri's sucking him off.

Dimitri's eyes widened in surprise but he gulped down every drop before saying almost dreamily, "You do drink more. You almost got me as buzzed as when I take it straight. I can fucking get drunk off you, Angelaki."

It was a drug to Dimitri, Angelo realized. Taking a hit off someone's vein instead of taking a hit in his own. It excited and repulsed Angelo at the same time. He snarled and threw Dimitri down on his belly, getting ready to take him fully and fuck his brains out when Dimitri suddenly said, "Don't."

Angelo blinked, not comprehending. "Don't?"

"Yeah." Dimitri rolled over so he was on his back before he shoved Angelo off him. "Gotta be back at the docks by midnight and it's eleven thirty now, Angelo."

Snapping out of the lust just like that? "Why the sudden need to blow and run, dearheart?"

Dimitri laughed. "What's wrong, afraid you've lost your touch, matya mou?" he mocked as he got dressed.

Angelo threw Dimitri a glare of death. "You got some piece of ass you're meeting at midnight, vlaka?"

Dimitri was so amused, Angelo wanted to slap his face. "Not just a piece of ass, malaka. A really, really, good fuck. Almost as good as you." Then he grinned. "You look fuckable when you're jealous, baby."

"Not jealous," Angelo grumbled, wondering when he lost control of this encounter. And why Dimitri was still alive. Angelo was beginning to feel like he'd never be able to kill him. He loved him too much. Angelo finished getting dressed, pulling on his jeans and zipping them up. "I came here for a reason, sweet thing," he said softly. "You go meet superfuck. I have to get a package at The Poseidon's front desk."

The infamous motel where Angelo was changed forever.

Dimitri slung an arm around Angelo's shoulders. "You're going."

Angelo stared at him as if he was crazy. "To your fuckencounter? No thanks, Dimitri."

Dimitri grinned lustily. "Why not? It'll be fun."

Angelo raised an eyebrow. "You mean a threesome?" No fucking way. He wanted to kill Dimitri sometime tonight and he didn't need a third party.

"You don't want to share?" Dimitri mocked then he smirked. "Come now, cousin. You mean to tell me you're not the least bit curious about my fuck for the night? I know you better than that."

And the truth was, Angelo was curious. That didn't mean he'd give his cousin the satisfaction of admitting it. Instead, he said in a bored tone, "I'm curious about what makes this guy so special that you're ditching me for him."

Dimitri's fingers played in Angelo's curls. "If I was doing that, would I be bugging you to come along, poulaki mou?" he soothed, those fingers cupping Angelo's cheek. The heat in those fingers beckoned to Angelo, promising an end to the ice in his veins and relieving the first twisting in his gut that signaled the first signs of hunger.

"You would if he wasn't as good as you say," Angelo demurred.

For just a moment, the good humour in Dimitri's expression vanished and Angelo wondered if his cousin would try to smack him around. It'd be his funeral if he did but then again, it hadn't stopped Dimitri before when he knew Angelo was stronger than he was.

Then the smile slid back into place, albeit, a weary one. "I don't know because I haven't fucked him, Angelaki."

"So he fucked you."

Dimitri shook his head. "We haven't even kissed yet."

"Let me get this straight," Angelo said before nearly choking on the laughter he was unsuccessfully trying to suppress. "You're turning me down to be with some great fuck that you never even touched?" He snorted. "You're not known for your patience or celibacy so the fucker must have money or you'd have raped him long ago."

Dimitri's face darkened, good, he was ready to blow and Angelo would have the real Dimitri. "You fucking vanish for almost a year and you expect me to sit around waiting for you? Besides," Dimitri's smile was ugly and nasty, "there ain't no ring on your finger so don't even think there's one on mine."

"I didn't expect SHIT from you, Dimitri," Angelo spat, "I had to be here anyway so I thought I'd look you up and we could have fun tonight but if you'd rather have fun with your fuckless fuck, then don't let me stop you."

Before he could storm away Dimitri''s hand shot out, planting itself on Angelo's slender shoulder. Not as fast as Angelo but very fast. Dimitri was moving much faster than he did before Angelo left. "No need to sulk," he whispered, his lips brushing against Angelo's ear. "I want you." He kissed down Angelo's cheek, down to his jaw before his hand slid underneath it and he kissed Angelo full on the mouth. "I want you with me, tonight." His tongue flicked against Angelo's lips. "Surely you can share me, can you not?"

"Okay, I'll go," Angelo decided grudgingly. Then his full lips curled into a wicked smile. "You're gonna drink from this guy after you fuck him, nai?"

Dimitri stared at him. "How'd you know?"

"How do you think?"

"Figures," Dimitri said with a laugh, then patted Angelo's jacket pocket. "You got it in there?"

Angelo blinked. "Got what, Mimis?"

Dimitri rolled his eyes. "Again, you're playing dumb." He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out… a switchblade. "Kinda crude but it does the trick." Dimitri flashed Angelo a conspiratorial grin. "Where's yours? I know you got it somewhere because the taste in your mouth was so strong."

Angelo couldn't help it, he was just so amused at Dimitri's attitude about the whole thing, how being a blood drinker didn't phase him in the least. He wondered just how much Dimitri would accept. "Don't need one."

Dimitri snorted. "Because you don't indulge yourself? Why can't you just admit it and stop being such a poesti about it?"

"Never said I didn't 'indulge,' " Angelo said softly. "I said I didn't need a fucking knife." He held his hand up in front of Dimitri's face, showing him just how long and sharp his nails were. "These work just fine."

"Theè mou!" Dimitri exclaimed. "How long did it take you to grow your nails that long?"

Angelo shrugged. "Long enough."
Dimitri kissed Angelo's lips. "I like. You can use them on our fuck for the night."

So Dimitri intended to share this guy. How ironic. It was almost like Sharing a kill, only Dimitri would end up as the kill. How deliciously ironic. "Deal."

They quickly made their way towards the docks and out of nowhere, Dimitri said, "You drink from your tricks, Angelaki?"

Angelo froze in his tracks. "My 'tricks?' You think I'm some kind of whore?"

Dimitri laughed. "How else have you managed to survive, baby? You do what you know and you are fucking good in bed, Angelo. You probably make money hand over fist."

Without even thinking about it, Angelo Shadowdanced, moving faster than thought and seized Dimitri by the shoulders, shaking him. "I'm no fucking whore, cousin. Get that through your thick head," he hissed, fangs nearly exposed before he shoved them back with his tongue.

Dimitri struggled, yeah he was stronger than he had been, but he couldn't break Angelo's near death grip. Still, he wasn't about to admit that Angelo easily outpowered him. "Let go of me, you fucker. NOW!"

Angelo smiled sweetly. "Anything for you, lover." Then he opened his hands, dropping Dimitri unceremoniously on the ground.

Dimitri was pissed but Angelo could feel his cousin squelch it. Dimitri seemed determined not to lose his temper and Angelo was getting suspicious. Something was going on. He didn't know what yet but he had a feeling it had to do with the guy they were meeting at the docks.

They reached the docks at 11:59. "He'll be here at midnight?" Angelo clarified.

"Yeah," Dimitri muttered.

12:00 turned into 12:10. Then 12:15. Then it was 12:30 and the fuck for the night hadn't shown up yet. Dimitri was putting on his usual arrogant confident attitude but Angelo could sense… disappointment underneath? No, it was anxiety. Dimitri was antsy about something and Angelo's suspicions were rapidly growing. And so was his hunger. "Okay, Dimitri, what the fuck is going on?"

Dimitri gave him a funny look. "What're you talking about? He's just a little late, that's all."

Angelo's eyes met Dimitri's. "One more chance, Mimis. Tell me what is really going on or-"

"Or what?" Dimitri finished with more than a little menace. "You gonna beat me up, Angelo? You gonna jump my body? You know fucking well that if we went at each other like men, with our fists, I'd wipe the ground with your pretty little body. You fight me like a whore, with your whore's power, then yeah, you win but you will always be a whore, Angelo. Always."

Angelo was furious beyond words but his voice was cheerful. "Well, darling cousin, I think I'll just have to find out for myself." Then he reached out with his mind and slipped into Dimitri's head. One of the first things he'd learned how to do as a Nightchild and again, he had Ardoin to thank for it.
Instead of a deep scan, which Angelo was definitely capable of, he did a surface scan, looking for something specific. And the great thing was, Dimitri couldn't even feel him.

Visions of pictures abruptly flashed before Angelo's eyes.

Dimitri's memories.

Dimitri was talking to a man who was flirting up a storm with his cousin but Angelo couldn't see the man clearly. Such was life. Both were gesturing to each other but Angelo wanted to hear the conversation so he probed a little deeper….

"He's coming in a little bit," Dimitri said. "Easily worth a grand."

Angelo froze deathly still. Who was Dimitri talking about?

"I daresay that he better be damned good. My client demands the best. But if you have him here by midnight and I see he's as good as you claim, then you'll get your grand."

The other man was a flesh broker of some kind and Dimitri was offering some boy for sale. Since when was Dimitri a pimp?

"In other words, you want to try him before you buy?" Dimitri said with a laugh. "That will cost you extra, pal."

"A grand is all I will pay for your dark eyed beauty," the man replied. "But perhaps, we can work out an agreement for something other than money," he purred in such a seductive way that Angelo had no doubt about what that agreement would entail.

And neither did Dimitri. "Perhaps, we'll both enjoy him first. This way you get to try him and I get the best fuck I ever had for one last time."

Angelo shivered, getting a sinking feeling. But Dimitri would never do that, never ever do that to Angelo. Like staring at a car accident, Angelo couldn't stop himself from probing for more.

"If he's the best, why give him up, my boy?"

Dimitri laughed. "Four years, not counting when he took off for a year, is all well and good but a thousand bucks is a thousand bucks. I'm sure I can buy better fucks for that money."

Shaking with rage, Angelo broke contact wth Dimitri's mind with disgust. There was no doubt about it, the boy Dimitri was gonna sell this guy was Angelo. That was what all the talk of tricks and Angelo being a whore was about. Dimitri was trying to see just what Angelo's experience was, probably to get a better price from the flesh broker. No wonder Dimitri wanted Angelo to come with him to this little get together. He was setting Angelo up.

Son of a fucking bitch!

Angelo had enough. His cousin was as good as dead.
Of course, Dimitri had no idea that Angelo had just rifled through his memories and thoughts but he probably noticed that Angelo's focus was elsewhere because he remarked, "You okay, baby? You've been staring into space for the last five minutes."

Angelo smiled sweetly but he knew it didn't reach his eyes. "Your baby, am I, sweet Dimitri?" he whispered.

Dimitri's eyes widened. "Fuck, what's with your eyes?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Angelo demurred.

"Your eyes," Dimitri repeated. "They're fucking glowing, Angelo. Like little red fires."

Angelo laughed evilly, approaching Dimitri slowly, playing with him. "What's wrong, cousin dear, will that lower my price?" he hissed, lisping through fully descended fangs he didn't bother to push back.

"What're you talking about?" Dimitri demanded, little prickles of fear piercing through his mask of impatience.

"Why the thousand you're gonna get for selling me to some pimp," Angelo replied pleasantly before springing, taking Dimitri from behind. One arm was looped around Dimitri's waist, pinning his arm at his side. The other hand grasped a fistful of Dimitri's blond locks and forced his head back, exposing his throat. "Well guess what you fucker, you ain't getting shit but I get an easy meal." Angelo leaned over and let his tongue caress Dimitri's neck, threatening and enticing.

Dimitri struggled but Angelo's head swooped down, his fangs sinking in deep enough to throw Dimitri's body into shock, instantly paralyzing him. "See, told you I didn't need a fucking knife."

Even if Dimitri couldn't move, he could still talk and he spat, "Vrikolakas!" A sense of deja-vu hit Angelo as he realized that it was the same word Angelo himself had screamed when Ardoin had revealed himself for the first time a year ago.

Angelo laughed. "Yeah? Then what does that make you, blood drinker? Not that it matters anymore. This is getting boring so I'm just gonna drink YOUR blood." He let his fangs sink in deeper and greedily swallowed the sweet hot blood that flooded his mouth.

Dimitri's blood tasted of the blood he'd taken earlier and the fear spicing it up made it a delicious confection that got Angelo instantly buzzed and his cock rock hard. Angelo's body rapidly grew nice and warm and as he drew the life out of his cousin's body, Dimitri grew lighter.

As Dimitri's essence filled Angelo, so did all of Dimitri's memories. Angelo rummaged through every one Dimitri ever had, from birth to now and found out something he'd always wondered about.

Stavros had been doing Dimitri too. Up until a little before Angelo killed his uncle. For some reason, now that he knew for sure, it didn't mean as much as he thought it would.

Before long, he heard the familiar slowing of his victim's heart; only it was Dimitri's heartbeat, Dimitri's blood. Dimitri's coming death. Dimitri who would be getting off easy by dying. Dimitri who was falling unconscious. Dimitri who would die and leave Angelo truly alone.

Fuck that!

Angelo stopped drinking and shook Dimitri awake. (Dimitri-mou, you can't die on me, I'm not gonna let you!) he said in Nightspeech, not knowing or caring whether Dimitri could hear him. He bit into his own wrist and shoved it against Dimitri's mouth. (You already have the taste for it, just take it. Drink until you can't anymore.)

At first Dimitri's tongue licked hesitantly, then his fingers seized Angelo's wrist and he sucked greedily, pulling at Angelo's veins until he started choking. He kissed Dimitri's hair, all hatred replaced by concern for his cousin. For the cousin he never stopped loving. (Easy, don't feed too fast. You're doing just fine.)

When the pulling stopped feeling good and started to hurt, Angelo pulled his wrist free and Dimitri licked his own lips almost dreamily, his icy blue eyes already beginning to glitter feverishly.

(Merci beaucoup, cher,) he suddenly heard Ardoin's voice purr, (it looks like my package wasn't at the Poseidon after all.)

Dimitri stared at Ardoin. (You know him?) No breath anymore meant instant Nightspeech.

(Oh my fucking gods,) Angelo muttered. (You were gonna sell me to Ardoin?) He started laughing at the absurdity.

Dimitri's eyes narrowed. (How do you know him, Angelo?) Then he grunted in pain and doubled over.

(Here, cher,) Ardoin said before handing over a teenaged boy. (Remember, you have to feed first so your cousin can feed from you.)

Angelo's face was already buried in the boy's neck, quickly sucking him dry. Then Angelo bit into his wrist again and offered it to the eager Dimitri, who slurped away as Angelo glared at Ardoin. (Dimitri was the package?) he demanded.


(Why couldn't YOU just Sire him?) Angelo growled.

(Because it wouldn't have been as amusing, my dark beauty.)

It was beginning to hurt again so Angelo pulled his wrist free, eliciting a bestial growl from Dimitri. (Want more.)

(Later,) Ardoin told him. Then he turned to Angelo. (I'll make you a trade, ma cheri.) He pointed at Dimitri. (You can have your cousin.)

Angelo knew Ardoin well enough to wonder what the other shoe would be when it dropped. (And what do you get?)

(You stop sleeping with Angelique. Immediately.)

Was that it? Angelo knew that Ardoin hated that Angelo and Angelique were fucking but hadn't realized it bothered him this much. Besides, Angelo had been tired of Angelique for a while so it was a win-win sitch for him. He held out his hand for Ardoin to shake. (Deal.)

Ardoin grasped Angelo's head hard enough to break it. (Dimitri is the last Sleeper you make into one of us without my permission. Do you understand?)

Angelo nodded, then something occurred to him. (How'd you know my cousin was a Sleeper?)

(Oh, I sensed you both when my car broke down here last year. You were stronger but he was damned close to Maturity.)

(And you waited a year when you knew he'd start Maturing,) Angelo realized. Then he smiled at the dazed Dimitri. (Guess he set us both up, cousin mine.)

The look in Dimitri's eyes was the same as when Angelo jumped and drained him for the first time. Deer in the headlights, not knowing what was happening, only knowing that the ball was no longer in his court and would never be again.

And Dimitri made such a great sex slave.

Definitely win-win.


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