Part 3: Spasme'nes Eposxe'sis kai Ekthe'kisis

Spasme'nes Eposxe'sis kai Ekthe'kisis
"Broken Promises and Vengeance"


(I want to do it. Let me do it Ardoin,) Sylvie quietly demanded.

Angelique cut her eyes at the petite blonde. (What do you think you are, a Broodmaster?)

Sylvie refused to back down. Angelo liked that. (Ardoin said that anyone can do it.) Hands on hips, she tossed her hair. (Not just Broodmasters.)

(Merde, Ardoin, why did you have to tell her that?)

Ardoin dismissed her concerns and without warning, was next to Angelo, mussing his curls affectionately. (Butt out, sister. Let our Sylvie Sire the boy.) His fingers lazily trailed down Angelo's cheek, and touched his lips. (I'll still get what's mine.) He whispered in Angelo's ear, "Isn't that right, cheri?"

Angelo shivered with delight at the feel of lips and the slight hint of tongue teasing his throat. Did Ardoin want him after all? It sure felt like it. Ardoin's hands were caressing Angelo's chest and playing with his stiffening nipples. The intense desire Ardoin radiated washed deliciously over Angelo, removing any doubts he had about whether or not Ardoin liked boys in his bed.

If this was a preview, then hell yes, Ardoin could take what was his!

As if on cue, Ardoin abruptly stopped and moved away.

Angelo felt angry, rejected, and most of all, cheated. Ardoin was nothing but a fucking cocktease, and Angelo wanted to smack that mocking smile off his face, but he was just too tired.

Angelique glanced at him for a moment, before turning to Ardoin. (He's getting weaker. We need to feed him first, or he won't make it.)

At first Angelo thought she meant regular food and he was about to tell her not to bother. Then he heard the two of them scheming to drag in a chambermaid they could sense down the hall and despite his extreme hunger, Angelo wasn't having any of it.

"Thanks, but no thanks."

Ardoin raised an eyebrow. (Something wrong?)

"Damned right there's 'something wrong.' I'm not about to put on a show for you."

Ardoin laughed. (Don't tell me the slut has suddenly discovered modesty!) He was beside the bed again. (Look,) he said in that quietly authoritative voice that Angelo was already beginning to hate. (At this moment, you're so fragile that the only thing keeping you alive is your stubborn will. You'll need more than that to survive the process.)

"Yeah?" Angelo angrily shoved away the sudden apprehension prickling inside him. "Ask me if I care."

(Oh I know you don't, but I do. I went through all the trouble of finding you as soon as Sylvie came running to me about a boy with the Devil inside him. I've made too much of an investment in you, boy, so don't even start thinking that you have any choice in this because you don't.) He smiled thinly. (Now, you're going to cooperate or I'll pull your intestines up through your navel.) Ardoin rubbed his stomach and underscored the threat by slicing his nail across Angelo's bellybutton.

Angelo didn't even have to look to see that he was bleeding. He could feel the warm wetness and ignored it. "Do whatever the fuck you want."

Ardoin dipped his finger into the pooling blood and licked it. (Trust me, once Angelique brings in the wench, all of your hesitance will fly out that window. I give it two seconds before you're all over her.)

Angelo really wished that Ardoin would keep his fucking mouth shut. It was bad enough without that bastard rubbing it in his face. "What makes you think you're telling me something I don't already know?" he snapped.

(Nothing. Nothing at all.) Ardoin's smile taunted. Challenged. And what was Angelo gonna do about it?

Nothing. Nothing at all. He'd bide his time.

Angelo heard the door open, and then slam shut. The hard reality that there was no way to be dignified about this suddenly slapped Angelo in the face. He was too desperate for luxuries like dignity. It wasn't as if he had to see her anyway. He could feel her; a swollen fireball replete with a blazing energy that made Angelo's mouth water. In fact her presence blotted out everything else.

Even though it wasn't real.

Oh it seemed real, at least on the surface. She was definitely ripe with passion and ready to orgasm. But underneath it all was a yawning, black hole of nothing. No feeling. Not even a spark of emotion. Just a disturbing, empty, blank slate that had been primed to feel this artificial excitement that nauseated Angelo as much as it enticed him.

What had been done to her was an obscenity, an abomination. And it was the same trick he did; only it had been done better. That bugged the crap out of him. So did the fact that the work had been done for him, as if he were being spoon-fed. But that didn't make her any less tempting. And it didn't mean that Angelo wouldn't take this "gift." Hell yeah, he'd take it. But on his terms, not Ardoin's.

It would have been so much better for Angelo if they'd put the chambermaid on the bed next to him. But of course, making things easy for Angelo wasn't a priority for Ardoin. Making it degrading was. By now, Angelo was so frail, he could barely move. However, he was determined to regain his strength any way he could. If that meant he'd have to get down on the floor, lay on top of this woman and fuck her like a dog fucking his bitch, then so be it.

The first hurdle would be getting out of the bed. Sitting up wasn't an option. Just lifting his head was a problem. Angelo racked his brain, thinking of a solution. In the meantime, he could see that now, the naked chambermaid was writhing on the floor with that manufactured ecstasy. Shit, he was running out of time before she came and all that energy would be spent before he had the chance to tap any of it. Angelo had precious little strength; it would have to be used wisely, but how?

Suddenly, he came up with the answer; although he wished he had a different one because it was gonna hurt. It was gonna hurt, bad. He took a deep breath, and then gathered just enough strength to roll over, on to his stomach. Then he rolled on to his back, then back again, until he managed to roll off the bed. Problem one solved. Pain was knifing through every nerve, and he was flat on his face but at least he was partly towards his goal.

Onto the second problem, how was he gonna get there? The woman hadn't been thrown very far, only about three feet from the door, but it seemed like a mile to Angelo's exhausted body. Ah well, there was no way he was gonna be able to walk so that only left one option. He'd have to crawl over to his prize.

Damn it to fucking hell, Angelo would make damned sure that Ardoin paid for this when he had the chance. For the time being, he was at Ardoin's mercy, so he ignored the pity in Angelique's eyes and the contempt in Ardoin's and began the trek.

Skata, the room was spinning and whatever he drank was about to come back up, fuck he wasn't gonna make it, he wasn't gonna make it!

He stopped for a moment to puke, then to catch his breath. Angelo realized that he had to make it or die. Period, the end. Steeling himself and paying no heed to how rubbery his arms were, he managed to scuttle along at a snail's pace, until he was finally next to her.

Then his arms and legs gave out.

No! He did not come this far, only to die just before the finish line. All Angelo had to do was slip inside her, then all the energy he lost would flow back into him. All he had to accomplish was the impossible.

Angelo was so close that he could smell the musky juices of her sex, the scent stimulating his penis into hardening. It never failed to amaze or amuse Angelo that the rest of him could be dead tired but his cock would always be ready to go. And like a dowsing rod, it pointed straight towards the source of nourishment.

Fuck it, he was gonna do this if it killed him.

It took every shred of energy he had left but somehow, Angelo managed to hoist his body on top of the chambermaid. Then he desperately plunged inside her and jumped her body.

She'd been keyed up so high that Angelo's pulse raced as he greedily began to consume everything she had to give him. He loved the ride and was so wired that his hands couldn't stop trembling. All of the debility instantly vanished as power, sweet and potent, shot back into his body at a dizzying rate. Angelo was so ravenous that he didn't care if he had to hide this body, he knew he was gonna kill her. Very, very soon.

Hands abruptly seized him by the shoulders and pulled Angelo out of her, forcing him back into his own body with a sickening slam. Then there was the familiar pricking at his neck, but instead of falling into unconsciousness, molten needles seared through his veins. Such excruciating agony that Angelo reflexively jumped back to the chambermaid's body before he was even aware of what had happened.

(Angelo!) He heard Angelique call out. (I can tell you've possessed another body. Get back into your own before it dies and you become nothing but a spirit that must jump from body to body.)

That was enough to scare Angelo into jumping back into his own body, pain or no pain. It was a good thing that someone was holding him because there was no way he'd be able to stand. Not only had he lost the energy he'd gained a few moments ago, he was even weaker this time.

All at once, Angelo's mouth was flooded with a cold, sweet liquid. He swallowed, and then instinctively sucked at the wrist pressed against his lips.

(That's it, mon cheri,) Ardoin crooned, (Keep drinking.)

Just hearing Ardoin tell him to do it was enough to make Angelo want to stop, but he couldn't. He was too… thirsty. When the flow abruptly stopped, Angelo sucked harder, and then snarled involuntarily when he realized it wasn't coming.

Angelo realized that he'd just been drinking Sylvie's blood, but found that it didn't really faze him. He'd already tasted it when he went down on women at their time of the moon. Angelo was familiar enough with it, but it didn't have the same sweetness as this did.

Sylvie pulled her wrist free. (No more for now. I need to juice up, and then you can have more.) She gently laid him on the floor.

Seconds later, her face was buried in the chambermaid's neck.

(You can't do it yourself yet,) Angelique told him. (Your blood needs to change into something that will digest it. Until it does, Sylvie will have to do it for you and you'll drink from her.)

Angelo stared at her. (You mean she's regurgitating it?) Now that was sickening. So was the cramping that was gripping his stomach and twisting into knots. And it seemed like every pore itched. Angelo had the irresistible desire to rip his skin off. But he noticed that he was speaking in that same soft voice that they all used. How?

Ardoin laughed. (You are a smart, boy. Technically you're right, that's exactly what she's doing. Think of it as what a mama bird would do for her baby bird. Only it seems that you are a rapidly Maturing baby bird and this will be the only meal she has to do this for.)

Before he knew it, Sylvie was beside him. Would he ever get used to how fast they all moved? She pressed her wrist back to Angelo's mouth and he felt an unexpected tingling in his gums. Her wrist was healed over already, and he didn't know what to do. Apparently, his body did because he was aware of teeth he never had before sinking into the skin and blood flowing back into his mouth. Angelo could taste the coldness of Sylvie's blood, and the warmth of what had to be the chambermaid. At this point, it didn't matter that Sylvie was "mama-birding" him. He was too starved to care. Angelo drank voraciously.

The cramping and itching immediately stopped.

Sylvie pulled her wrist away. (That's enough.)

(Speak for yourself,) Angelo grimaced.

She laughed. (I mean, enough from me. The next time you'll juice from a Breather.)

Angelo was gonna ask what a Breather was, then he realized what it meant. He wasn't a Breather. He wasn't breathing anymore. He put his hand up to his heart.

Nothing. Just stillness.

(So what does that make me, then?) How was he talking in that super soft voice?

(A Changed Sangsue,) Sylvie replied.

Ardoin chimed in; (A Nightchild.)

Sylvie turned to him. (What?)

(I've decided that's what you both are. Fits, no?)

Angelique smiled. (Child of the night. Very poetic, Ardoin.)

(I don't care about all that,) Angelo said impatiently. (You said that I'd juice from a Breather, whatever the fuck that means. That means I'm not a Breather. I don't breathe and my heart isn't beating so what the hell does that make me? Dead?)

Ardoin smiled evilly. (That makes you Unliving, boy.)

Angelo glared at him. (That makes no fucking sense.)

(Just think of it as a sort of limbo. Not alive. Not dead. Un-alive. Your body is still Changing. Dying. But not all of you will be dead, Angelo. Only your body. Your… spirit will be what keeps you from being completely dead. Your body will be animated by the life you drink.)

Angelo threw Ardoin a dirty look. (Oh? And how am I supposed to jump anyone?)

(You can leave your body if you still want to, but I wouldn't recommend you do it for very long because once your body dies, you're stuck jumping other bodies for the rest of your existence. Comprends- tu?)

Angelo didn't recognize the last two words but he sure understood the concept of being trapped forever. His options had just become extremely limited. Shit. He was really beginning to feel that he had just made a huge mistake.

Angelo got up and walked towards the door, freezing in his tracks when he remembered that not only was he naked, his stinking clothes were still in the bathroom. He wasn't going anywhere. Not yet, at least.

(Looking for something?) Ardoin grinned, throwing clothing at Angelo that he couldn't have been paid to wear. This anticipating-Angelo's-every-move crap was really wearing thin.

The orange shirt with fat blue stripes was gonna have to go, fuck, where did Ardoin find such ugly clothes? The blue jeans were not as tight fitting as he would have liked, but they'd have to do. Angelo stepped into the jeans and zipped them up.

He threw the shirt back at Ardoin. (Sorry, I'm not wearing this.)

Ardoin's hands pinned Angelo's shoulders and slammed the boy against the closed door. (Listen good,) he hissed. (Don't get the idea that you can charm me like you can the poor fools who are desperate to get into your pants. And don't think that I won't smash your skull in if you challenge me. You will obey me, Angelo. Make no mistake about that. You may have the illusion of independence, but the fact of the matter is that you're free to do what you want, only as long as it doesn't interfere in anything I want you to do. You will do as I say. You will obey me.)

Ardoin released Angelo in disgust and turned to Sylvie. (Go. Take him outside to hunt before I undo everything you just did by killing him.)

Sylvie took Angelo's hand. – Come on,-she said in his head. – Let him stew. -

They walked out the door and shut it behind them.

Angelo smiled. He still had no shirt on. He had won. The smile faded from his lips as he realized that Ardoin had given him that victory. For two years he'd answered to no one. That was no longer an option. Submission was.

- We're leaving tomorrow night, - Sylvie told him.

- Don't do that! – Angelo thought back.

- What? Mindspeak? We're blood-bonded, Angelo. If you want to talk privately to me, through the bond is the best way to do it. –

- He can't hear it? –

- Unless he's in your mind, the best he can do is sense that telepathy is being used. Both him and that bitch, Angelique. –

Mindspeaking was almost like thinking to himself, only it was Sylvie's voice he heard as well as his own. It reminded Angelo of the schizos he saw shuffling along the pier sometimes. Silly fucks who talked out loud to the voices in their head. Now he was the crazy idiot who was hearing voices. (Why don't you like Angelique?) he asked, hoping that if he spoke, Sylvie would get the hint.

She did. (She thinks Ardoin is her property just because she sleeps with him. I told her from the beginning that he had no interest in me, and that I have no interest in him, but she sees me as a threat because he listens to me. She's just a bone botte to him.)

(And that is?)

(A good lay. Ardoin once told me that Sangsue tend to bed their family.)

The words made Angelo's ears perk up. (Sangsue fuck their folks?)

(As you so eloquently put it, yes. If a Sangsue male impregnates a Norm female, the baby will kill her. If the mother is Sangsue, unless she juices during her pregnancy, she'll die in childbirth.)

He killed his mother? If Angelo had never been born, his mother would still be alive?

Angelo shook the thought from his head and focused on the first thing that had caught his attention. (So the only reason Sangsue are into incest is because of babies?)

Sylvie's lips curled into a smile. (Ardoin told me that no one felt as good to him as Angelique did.)

Just like no one felt the same way Dimitri did.

Did that mean...?

No. Angelo didn't even want to deal with it at this moment. Instead, he changed the subject. (What the hell are you three doing in Tarpon Springs? Most people don't come here unless they live here or are visiting someone. We do have tourists, but you don't seem the type.)

(Ardoin had some business dealings in Tallahassee, so he bought a cheap car instead of renting one at the airport. By the time we got near this exit, he realized that the car wasn't going to make it all the way to Tallahassee, so he got off the thruway and dropped the car off at the first mechanic he saw.) Sylvie shook her head. (Ardoin's logic is that we need throwaway cars so we don't worry about having to trash it if we can't get rid of evidence. He sees no point in spending more money if we're not going to keep the car anyway. The idiot.)

(If you hate them both, why are you still with them?)

Sylvie laughed mirthlessly. (Where else do I have to go? I look too young to be able to work so I can't make a living. I can only get so far all by myself. Besides,) she sighed, (After a while, I reached a point where I'd rather be with my own kind. I may not be able to stomach Angelique, and Ardoin has his own problems, but at least they're my own blood. I'd be horribly alone without them, and I can be horribly alone with them. But, thanks to you, I'm not alone anymore.)

Angelo could identify with that feeling. It was disconcerting to be the only hunter in a sea of the hunted. Now he would be with three other hunters. He wondered if he'd like it. He realized that it didn't matter at this point. He was stuck.

Angelo was suddenly overcome by the smell of blood. It wasn't that close, the wind was carrying it. But the scent was strong enough that they could have only been a few feet away.

Of course, Sylvie could smell it too. (As soon as they're close enough, I'm going to grab hold of them. Don't do anything until I give you the signal.)

Looking at Sylvie, Angelo wondered how she could grab hold of anyone. She was so petite. Then he remembered how she had seized him when they were in the motel room. So effortlessly, he knew she could have crushed his shoulders if she wanted to.

The scent became overpowering, and Angelo could hear footsteps echoing in the darkness. He recognized that the drumbeat pounding in his ears was the person's heart; however, there was another sound, something like the waves crashing against the beach. He had no idea what it was, but it was growing stronger.

Sylvie grew motionless, but Angelo could see the muscles in her legs and arms tense up. (It's a male, and he's almost here.)

How could she tell the difference? Even when Angelo sensed the presence of sexual energy, he had no way of determining the sex of the one involved unless he saw them.

Sylvie was about to make her move, when Angelo heard his name and he whirled around. Shit, that was all he needed now, for someone to identify him.

"It figures I'd find you here, Angelo."

Now that he was closer, Angelo would have known that voice anywhere. He'd had a short but torrid affair with the boy after all. He was surprised and irritated to find that he still had feelings for him.

(You know him?) Sylvie asked.

(You could say that.)

(If you talk to him, take a breath or he won't hear you.)

Angelo thought it was stupid but he took a breath anyway. "What's wrong, Ari," he mocked, "Lia finally kick you out of her bed?"

Ari Papandreou looked wounded. "Come now, you know Lia's family has money. Why shouldn't I have any of it?"

At the time, that had been the reason Ari gave for breaking things off with Angelo. The feelings of hurt and self-loathing still resonated and Angelo hated Ari for it. The gold digger was the last "relationship" that Angelo'd had before the Epiphany Day that changed him. He was one of the people who Angelo wanted to kill the most, but he was too popular, and would definitely be missed if he disappeared.

Tonight would be Angelo's last night in Tarpon Springs. By the time they found Ari's body, it wouldn't matter anymore. But he couldn't do anything as long as Sylvie was here. (I need to be alone with him for a while.)

Sylvie's eyes darted from Ari, to Angelo, then back again. (Is that the only thing you ever think about?)

Angelo wanted to laugh at the look of annoyance on her face but he wouldn't. (Honestly?)

(Don't answer that. Do what you need to, but be quick about it.) In a slight huff, she was gone and Angelo was alone with the boy he despised and loved.

Ari wrinkled his nose as if he smelled something bad. "You must be really desperate to go for jailbait."

"It didn't stop you," Angelo said maliciously.

"That's different. And it's history."

The words stung, but Angelo would be damned if he gave Ari the satisfaction of knowing it. "Yeah, we were both boys. That makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?"

"Arnaki, you know better."

Angelo hadn't heard that word in a long time. Ari's old pet name for him. Lamb. It used to warm his heart. Now it just set his teeth on edge. "What the fuck do you want, malakas?"

"Such language. You've grown bitter, Angelo."

"I've grown wiser. Wise enough to know that the only thing that really gives you a hard-on is cold hard cash."

Ari laughed. "Not quite. It would be so much easier if that were the case." His eyes undressed Angelo. "You're even more beautiful than I remembered."

"And you're even more obnoxious."

"Why be that way, glike mou? Are you going to stand here and tell me that you don't feel a thing for me?"

Oh, Angelo felt a lot of things for Ari, just none of them were anything he was gonna say out loud. Instead, Angelo decided that he'd get the revenge he had been longing for since he got the note from Ari that ended things for good.

You were sweet. A nice piece of ass. It's time to think of my future and I have no use for you, anymore.
Ya chara.


The asshole couldn't even tell him in person. Fucking coward. Angelo knew that he was better off without him, but over the years, it had warped beyond that. Ari had reduced Angelo to tears and doubts about himself. It made no difference that none of it had been in front of Ari, who had moved on to bigger and better things. It was enough that it got to Angelo. It gave Ari power over him that he didn't even care he had.

That was the sick thing that stabbed Angelo deep in his heart, even now. Ari hadn't cared enough about him to feel good that he hurt Angelo. Angelo could have understood that. But the fact was, Ari just didn't give a shit about Angelo. Period.

Well Angelo was gonna make him give a shit.

Angelo swallowed all of the rage building inside him and gave Ari an inviting smile. "Now, who's talking about knowing better?" He moved closer. "Can I help it if you get me hot and bothered?"

"It goes both ways, Angelo." Ari took Angelo's hand and put it on his hardening cock. "Just looking at you makes me want to take you." He gave Angelo a knowing grin. "I'm sure you haven't been a virgin in a long while."

Ari had wanted to fuck Angelo from the very beginning, but quickly became satisfied by Angelo's other skills. Skills that he'd learned over the years with both his uncle and Dimitri.

"Does it matter?" Angelo asked.

"I wanted to be your first."

The words, "Well maybe you better have stuck around, then," nearly left Angelo's lips but he stopped them. Instead he squeezed Ari's bulge. "You can have me tonight."

Ari leaned over and kissed Angelo on the lips, then immediately drew back as if he'd been scalded. "You're freezing."

"You're not." Angelo's tongue slipped inside Ari's mouth. Now that he was aware of it, he could feel that his body seemed to be rapidly icing up. He felt like a fucking Popsicle, and he found himself snuggling into the warmth pouring off Ari.

Angelo wanted to take this further, but not here, where everyone could see them. He deepened the kiss, reached out with his mind to stir the ember of Ari's ardor into flames. Then he pulled away. "Let's take this somewhere private, nai?"

Ari smiled. "You remember where we used to go?"

Under the pier. A place where they could mess around and not have to worry about being discovered. That had been Ari's main concern. Angelo didn't give a shit, but Ari had his precious reputation to uphold.

Angelo's eyes must have been playing tricks on him because instead of blond, Ari's hair looked red. In fact, all of Ari had a reddish glow, as if Angelo were looking through red glasses. He rubbed his eyes, thinking that maybe they were irritated or bloodshot, but the red tint was still there.

They walked down the steps and went underneath the pier.

"Pretty Angelo," Ari whispered, his finger touching Angelo's lips. "I've missed you."

"Sure you have."

"I've missed this." His hand cupped Angelo's crotch.

Angelo laughed at the sweet talk Ari was attempting. "You miss cock. Mouni is all you've been getting for a long time, mmmm?"

"I've missed you."

"Have you?" It wasn't enough that he was going to fuck Angelo. Angelo had to want it, want him, need him, and Angelo wasn't in the mood for this shit. "Look Aristotle, you wanna talk or fuck?"

Ari winced a little, he hated his full name, but it didn't cool his passion any. Angelo experienced Ari's need as if it was his own; something he'd been able to do before, but for some reason, this time, Angelo was immersed in it. It was the emotion itself. And Angelo smelled something really sweet. Something that was even more alluring than the sexual energy bubbling underneath.

Angelo drew closer and realized that the honey-like aroma was coming from Ari. It seemed to be clinging to his skin. A new cologne? Angelo pulled Ari into his arms, letting his mouth roam. His tongue caressed Ari's jaw, then moved down, licking at his neck, where Angelo could smell that tantalizing smell wasn't a new cologne after all. And it was making his gums itch.

No! This wasn't the way it was supposed to be!

But his gums were stretching and the same teeth that bit into Sylvie's wrist were now descending. Reflexively, Angelo shoved them with his tongue, and found that they retracted. Good.

He jerked his head back, away from the mouth-watering scent. Instead, Angelo focused on Ari's lust, on how he was gonna lead the fucker into practically handing himself to him. Yeah, that was much more familiar territory.

Angelo broke away from the embrace, slipping Ari's leather jacket off his shoulders before his deft fingers unbuttoned Ari's pants and unzipped the fly.

Ari laughed. "You're really excited, aren't you?" He pushed Angelo's hand away and quickly stripped.

Angelo was glad all he had on was his jeans. He slipped them off, letting his eyes travel up and down Ari's naked body. For a second, his vision blurred, and Ari seemed to have been replaced by a vibrant, pulsing phantom. Then just as abruptly, Angelo's eyes went back into focus and though the glow had faded, the reddish hue remained.

Ari smiled. "You like what you see, eh?"

Angelo realized he'd been staring at Ari like a fucking idiot for the past few minutes. Regaining his composure, he seized Ari's face and kissed him hard. So hard that Ari's lips bled. Without even thinking about it, Angelo began to suck at Ari's mouth.

It tasted as sweet as it smelled. Angelo wanted more of it, but it would take forever this way. He broke the kiss and pushed Ari down, lowering their bodies to the sand.

Ari's eyes widened. "When did you get so strong? You've been working out, I can feel it."

"Feel this," Angelo growled, and ground his hips into Ari's, smirking at the other boy's gasps.

Ari caught his breath. "You always were a tease, I see that hasn't changed."

"Do you really care?" Angelo whispered in his ear, nibbling the lobe.

Ari writhed under Angelo's body. "Thee mou, I forgot how talented you were, Angelo."

Angelo worked his way down, sucking at Ari's nipples, and biting them. Not hard enough to make him bleed, but it would definitely get his attention.

"What's gotten into you?" Ari asked. "You were never this forceful."

Angelo laughed. "You want me to stop?" His mouth moved down to Ari's belly, where he gave his cock head a teasing lick.

Ari's answer was to arch his hips, and bring his cock right up to Angelo's mouth.

Yeah, this was more like it. Angelo had Ari just where he wanted him. Offering himself. The vromokola, was practically overflowing with sex energy. Perfect.

Angelo focused on Ari and jumped his body.

And his own body collapsed on top of Ari's.

What the fuck?

He jumped back to his body, panicking. For a second, his limbs were numb, non-existent, he was completely paralyzed. Angelo tried to wiggle his fingers. There, feeling was coming back. Angelo cursed to himself. Ardoin wasn't kidding. Angelo's spirit was the only thing that kept his body from being the corpse it really was. Maybe with practice he could still possess a body for a short time. A very short time. And his own body would have to be somewhere safe, where it wouldn't matter when it crumbled.

In the meantime, he was gonna have to go down on Ari to jump him but it'd be worth it.

His mouth began to envelop Ari, but as if it had a mind of its own, it moved lower, to Ari's thigh, where Angelo could feel the other boy's pulse vibrate against his lips.

Fuck it, why did it matter how he did it? The urge had been growing since he ran into Ari, now it was too overpowering, he felt he couldn't stop himself even if he wanted to. The pressure on his gums was unbearable. And his teeth weren't going back this time. Like a baby with a teething ring, Angelo bit down into Ari's flesh. Almost instantly, Angelo's mouth was drenched with the sweet hot fluid and he swallowed, forgetting everything else but the warmth spreading throughout his body.

Ah, so this was how he could warm up.

It reminded him of the first time he drank Metaxa. It filled him with a nice warm feeling that resonated down to his bones. To his surprise, Ari's blood wasn't as thick as he thought it would be. It went down nice and smooth, but it only flowed for a little while, before stopping. Angelo was irritated about that, but he figured that it was some kind of natural reaction, to prevent Ari from bleeding to death.

It just meant Angelo was gonna have to work harder. He sucked hard, drawing the blood into this mouth, then letting it go down his throat. Ari moaned, but surprisingly, it wasn't in agony, but in pleasure. Ari actually liked what Angelo was doing.

Angelo wondered if Ari would like it so much when he figured out that Angelo was killing him.

He found out a moment later, when Ari futilely tried to push Angelo off him, his fists beating at Angelo's head, but Angelo just dug his teeth in deeper and Ari's body slackened.

Now Angelo could hear that the sound of the waves was actually the sound of Ari's blood rushing through his veins. And it seemed to be getting fainter, along with Ari's heartbeat. Ari was deflating, his body getting lighter.

Angelo decided that this wasn't quite the same as jumping someone to kill them, but it definitely had its perks. Being this physical was quite satisfying. Everything from the way Ari tasted, to the lovely way Ari's body was rapidly becoming cold and still, made it more personal. More intimate.

Ari's chest was rising and falling with difficulty. He was dying, but Angelo felt more alive than he ever could have imagined. And horny. Super horny. He was filled with life, and heat, and his cock was so hard it hurt. He couldn't do anything about it at the moment, but, yeah, he could definitely get used to this.

Now to finish him off....

(Angelo! No more.)

Ah, Sylvie must be back.

He lifted his head and faced her, noticing the already familiar scent on her lips. (Why?) Angelo asked, more than slightly annoyed.

(Unless you want to get sick to your stomach, don't drink once you hear they're almost dry. At that point, all you're sucking is air, and it will make you ill.)

Maybe it was because she wasn't trying to control him, or make up arbitrary rules like he felt Ardoin did, but Angelo listened to her and wiped off his mouth with the back of his hand. Thoughts of a milk mustache that he used to wipe off when he was a kid flashed through his mind and he laughed. He was gonna pick up the jeans and wipe his hand on them, but licked it off instead. Why waste it, and besides, it would stain.

Oh this was too much. He'd just about killed his ex-boyfriend in warm blood, and he was thinking of something as mundane as stains on his jeans.

Something occurred to him. The last time he'd seen Sylvie, she was on the pier with him and Ari. How'd she know to come here? (What are you doing here, Sylvie?)

Sylvie shrugged. (You think you can handle things on your own? Suit yourself.)

Angelo may not have liked admitting it, but he had no fucking idea of how these new rules worked. He couldn't handle things on his own. Not yet, anyway. Besides, his fight wasn't with Sylvie, who'd been decent to him tonight. Angelo softened. (I didn't mean it that way. I just wanted to know how you knew where I was.)

(The blood bond. Through it I can communicate with you, and sense your presence. When you weren't where I left you I followed the bond and that led me here.) She shook her head. (I was afraid this was going to happen. Now you have a body to get rid of.)

It took all the self-control Angelo could muster not to roll his eyes. (It won't be the first time I clean up after myself, and now I know it won't be the last.)

Sylvie's lips tightened. (You don't understand. When you got rid of your evidence before, you didn't have a time limit. Now, you do.)


(So?) Sylvie mimicked. (So, you have only three hours before the sunrise. In that time you will need to get dressed, carry this empty to wherever you plan to dispose of it and get back to the motel. And unless you feel like dropping to the floor the second you walk inside, you need to be somewhere safe when your body finally dies.)

(I thought it was already dead.) The little fiasco when he tried to jump Ari was proof of that.
Sylvie sighed. (This is how it works. It's dying now. When the sun rises, it will be completely lifeless. Juicing is the only thing that makes it "alive." From sunrise to sunset, when you Sleep, it dies again.)

(What happens if I don't wake up?) Angelo asked, trying to keep the nervousness out of his voice.

(Then you're Trulydead. Permanently. It doesn't randomly occur, if that's what's worrying you.)

(I'm not worried,) Angelo lied.

(Sure, you're not,) Sylvie teased. (Look Angelo, the only way you won't wake up is if you're murdered in your Sleep, and something tells me that you'd be prepared way before that could happen.)

Angelo had a feeling that there would be no way to be prepared if Ardoin decided to murder him, in his Sleep or otherwise.

Meanwhile, he had so much to do, and only so much time to do it in. The first thing was to get dressed.

As he put on his jeans, he eyed Ari's leather jacket. Stealing clothes from his prey was nothing new for Angelo, but he usually chose boys closer to his size. Ari had several inches and at least ten pounds on Angelo. The jacket had just fit Ari, the sleeves snug on the muscular arms, but it would still be too big for Angelo.

Screw it; he wanted the fucking jacket, anyway. Angelo picked it up off the sand, shook it out and slipped it over his slender shoulders. Yeah, it was big and he probably looked stupid with a jacket and no shirt, but Angelo liked the way the leather caressed his bare flesh. Buttery soft leather that must have cost a fortune.

It had been a long time since Angelo had to worry about getting rid of bodies. He tried to think of the places he used in the past, but finally decided that he'd just chuck Ari into the waters of the Spring Bayou. He'd leave the clothes here, though, to throw any cops off the trail.

Angelo rifled through Ari's pants pockets, took his wallet and shoved it in his own front pocket for later perusal. There was nothing else of any value, but Angelo's expert eye had already spotted the Rolex watch and diamond studded gold ring band. He'd have to pawn them when he got to Tallahassee.

With the first change, Angelo had become much stronger than he was before. That was nothing compared to how he was now. Instead of dragging Ari's carcass across the beach, Angelo could easily carry it over his shoulder, and then throw the body into the Bayou.

As he watched Ari's body slowly submerge, Angelo realized that the same waters that had blessed Ari had now damned him.

The realization that this would be his last night here suddenly hit him between the eyes. As much as Angelo hated it here, this community was all he'd had for the eight years he'd been in this country. He hadn't seen any member of his family other than Dimitri in two years, yet, he felt like everyone here was part of his family. They all spoke the same language, held the same traditions, and had the same beliefs.

And where was he going? With a group of people he just met yesterday, to a place he'd never been to. From what Sylvie was saying, they were just going to Tallahassee to take care of business; but how long would they be staying, and would they be leaving Florida after that? The thought of going somewhere colder and never seeing another palm tree bothered Angelo more than he would have admitted.

(Where are you from?) he asked Sylvie, hoping to glean some information about where they'd be headed after Tallahassee and whether or not it would be somewhere Angelo would want to go.

(Quebec. Canada.)

Canada? Angelo hoped really hard that their base of operations wasn't there. Up that far north, it had to be colder than a refrigerator, and he was already having issues about staying warm. Thanks, but no thanks.

It must have showed on his face because Sylvie laughed. (You can always choose to not go with us, you know. But you better get used to moving because it becomes very dangerous for you, when people realize you don't age.)

Sylvie had mentioned something about looking too young, but Angelo had never connected it to not getting any older. He was curious about how old she really was.

But he'd never get any older. He'd always be a teenager. Never old enough to legally drive. Too young to drink. Too young for everything. No wonder Sylvie stayed with them. (You mean I'm stuck this way?)

(What do you think?) Sylvie replied with more than a little impatience. (You had an idea of what we were, it's all part of the package.)

This time Angelo did roll his eyes. (Is there any good part to this arrangement?)

Sylvie shrugged. (That's up to you, isn't it?)

She wouldn't make any false promises. Angelo could respect that. Sylvie would always be honest with him, which was more than he ever had from anybody. He looked at the Rolex watch he stole from Ari. It was now four o'clock in the morning. Angelo had no idea what time it had been when Sylvie informed him they only had three hours, but at least they weren't far from the motel. In fact, they weren't far from Dimitri's place....

(I have one loose end to tie up,) he told Sylvie. (My cousin.)

There was a strange look in Sylvie's eyes. (Are you planning on killing them?)

Angelo laughed. (Why do you ask? Should I?)

(If you don't, Ardoin will.)

Angelo glared at her. (The fuck he will! If anyone is gonna kill him it'll be me, just not now. Not yet.)

(Then I wouldn't let Ardoin know he exists. Monsieur Baptiste doesn't like messy situations. He removes them.)

They walked in silence to Dimitri's place. It was really late, but his cousin always left a key under the doormat so Angelo could get in when he wanted to. This time was no exception. Angelo found the key, turned it in the lock and opened the door.

(Don't just walk in, Angelo, get your cousin to invite you inside,) Sylvie told him. If Angelo didn't know better, he'd say it sounded like a warning.

(What the fuck for?)

Sylvie shook her head. (You'll find out.)

(Whatever.) Angelo took a step inside. And instantly regretted it. Gut wrenching pain overtook him, waves of nausea that nearly made him keel over, and a jackhammer was cracking his skull open....

Angelo had no idea what the hell was happening but he wasn't gonna stick around and find out. He hightailed it outside.

Sylvie gave him an I-told-you-so look but said nothing.

(Let me guess,) Angelo said facetiously, (The invite stops the pain.)

She nodded.


(Angelique said it's a shield of protection that everyone has naturally. Once they invite you, they want you there, and the shield of protection is no longer needed.)

Angelo was dubious. (You mean, all they have to do is say 'Come in,' and that's the magic phrase?)

(It works. And it's a permanent thing. Once they invite you in, you can come and go as you please, they can't revoke the invitation by just saying it, they have to go through some magical ritual.)

(So I have to get this invite to get into anywhere?)

(Protection shields are not up in public places. Only places where people live. So you won't need an invite to get back into the motel, but if you wanted to go into someone else's room you would. And you don't need one if one of our kind lives there.)

Angelo hated that he would have to ask anything of Dimitri, but it was better than the agony he just experienced. He put the key back under the doormat. Then he closed the door and knocked. Hard.

- What the fuck? –

Dimitri's voice? Dimitri was in his head? Since when could Dimitri do that?

- What dumbass is banging on my door? -

Angelo realized that Dimitri wasn't in his head, he was in Dimitri's. And he was hearing Dimitri's thoughts. Interesting.

Dimitri stomped to the door, and opened it. "Angelo? Why didn't you just use the key if you wanted to sleep here?"

But his thoughts were a jumble: – Why is Angelo here now? It's four thirty in the fucking morning! He looks gorgeous, damn it, why does he have to look so good, and he's not wearing a shirt, and I don't want it, not now, why can't he just stay the fuck away, and of course I'm hard already, he always makes me hard, and it will feel soooooooo good when we fuck…-

Besieged by the confusion of Dimitri's thoughts, Angelo wished he could just shut whatever mental door he had opened.

Silence. He wasn't hearing Dimitri's thoughts anymore. Good.

Angelo had to take control of this situation. He took a breath. "Do you want me here or not?"
Dimitri's blue eyes gleamed with lust. "Come the fuck in already!" Then he frowned. "Who's the bitch?" he asked in Greek.

That's how much he thought of girls. It was a nicer word than what he usually used. Ignoring the fact that Sylvie wouldn't understand him, Angelo replied in Greek, "Don't worry about her." Angelo stepped back inside and embraced his cousin, comforted by the fact that the invitation worked.

"I came to say goodbye. After tomorrow, I'm out of here."

Dimitri looked relieved and devastated at the same time. "Where are you going?"

Instead of answering him, Angelo pulled Dimitri to him and kissed his lips, his tongue snaking inside his mouth.

His cousin broke the kiss for a second. "You taste so good," he moaned, before his mouth plundered Angelo's.

For a moment Angelo froze, remembering when he drank the mixture Angelique made, and how sweet it tasted. Dimitri liked the taste of his mouth.

Sangsue tend to bed their family.

Could Dimitri be…?

Fuck it, he was. Angelo felt it now; an almost magnetic pull that drew him to Dimitri.

Ah well, at least he knew why Dimitri satisfied him more than anyone else. He was gonna miss the kariolis.

Out of the blue, Sylvie admonished him. (You're wasting time. Let's go.)

Angelo buried his face in Dimitri's hair, his chest, everywhere, just taking in Dimitri's scent. A mixture of soap, sweat and musk, the same as it always was. Only it seemed stronger now, assaulting Angelo with the smell of the same sugary undercurrent that gave him the overwhelming urge to tear Dimitri's throat out and glut himself.

As much as he hated his cousin, he loved him and didn't want to kill him. At least, not tonight.

He lifted his lips from Dimitri's and pulled away. "Ya sou, Dimitri."

Angelo walked out of the house. (Are you happy now?)

To his shock, Sylvie looked sad. (It's better this way, Angelo. Let's go.)

They made their way back to the motel. As soon as Sylvie opened the door, Angelo smirked because Ardoin and Angelique had apparently decided to take advantage of the fact that they were alone. His eyes traced the sweaty bodies as they writhed on the bed. Ardoin was on top of course, and Angelo appraised him. Even from the back, he could see Ardoin had a damned good body. His groin tingled at the thought of gaining more carnal knowledge of that body. He knew it was fucked up, but he still wanted Ardoin in his bed.

Angelique's eyes abruptly snapped open and she shoved Ardoin off of her. Then she stared angrily at Angelo. (How long have you been here?)

Angelo gave her a wicked smile. (Long enough.) Now he could see Angelique's body. Hmmm. His eyes traveled down to the swell of her hips, down between her legs, where he could see the wetness glistening like drops of silver, then up to her full breasts, oh, he could see why Ardoin slept with her.

Fuck, he was getting sleepy. His limbs seemed to weigh a ton; it took a lot of effort to get to the bed. He managed to make it there, but barely. Angelo fell backwards onto the side of the bed. He tried to scoot up to where the pillows were but he couldn't. He couldn't move at all.

He felt Ardoin scoop him up. (This is the last part of the Change. You made it back just in time.) Ardoin's tongue ran across Angelo's lips before he gently placed him on the bed, and then put him under the covers. (Sleep well, my beauty.)

Wait, Ardoin couldn't stand Angelo, why was he getting all lovey-dovey on him? And why was Angelo suddenly flooded with Ardoin's desire?

Angelo's eyes shut by themselves. He tried to speak but no sound came out. In fact he couldn't even move his lips.

(Go to sleep, ma cheri,) Ardoin said before sliding under the covers next to Angelo. (When you wake up, you'll be able to move again.)

Ardoin wrapped his arms around Angelo and he curled against him, spoonstyle. The last thought Angelo had before slipping into oblivion was that he'd kick Ardoin in the balls if he tried to fuck him.

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