Part 1: Prodemeni Agapi

Prodemeni Agapi
"Betrayed Love"


The sixth of January. Tonight was the night of Epiphany Day. Earlier today, the same as every year, fifty boys between the ages of sixteen and eighteen swam to small fishing boats and dove into the frigid waters of the Spring Bayou. They hoped to capture a weighted wooden cross tossed into the Bayou by the Archbishop. The boy who retrieved it would be blessed by the Archbishop, ensuring a year's worth of good luck. After a small service at St. Nicholas Cathedral and a celebration at the nearby park, the real celebrating would begin at the home of the lucky boy. In fact, that would be right about now.

At fifteen, Angelo had a year to go before he could join the next fifty boys. Too bad it wasn't gonna happen.

Oh yes, he could see it now. With his luck, he'd end up with that cross, only the thought of it turned his stomach, instead of making him feel blessed.

He wondered if lightning could strike water.

Angelo knew Ari Papandreou, the boy who won this year, and he had no doubt there was a big party at his house. Just like the one that had been held at the Lambrakis household two years ago, when his cousin Dimitri had been the lucky one. Angelo still respected the sense of ritual which commemorated the baptism of Jesus Christ in the River Jordan and the Holy Spirit descending upon him in the form of a white dove. But Epiphany Day held a sense of deep irony for Angelo, because that was the same day he'd lost all faith in Christianity and God. On that night, in the quiet of Angelo's bedroom, a very drunk Dimitri released an unholy spirit that had lain dormant in Angelo's soul and had been active ever since.

A smile flickered across Angelo's lips as he remembered his last Epiphany Day…

The morning had begun with a Divine Liturgy, then a liturgy procession made its way to the Bayou. The schools were closed. Everyone in the community was there. Even if someone from their own family wasn't diving, it was a close-knit community, where everyone knew everyone, so if it wasn't their brother or son, chances were that it was the son or brother or even boyfriend of someone they knew.

Angelo had been excited that Dimitri was diving, and was there to cheer him on. Dimitri was almost three years older than Angelo and it seemed like he did everything first. He rode a bike first. Then he drove first. He was much more experienced than Angelo was in a lot of things, but he was always willing to share his knowledge.

Especially when it came to the bedroom. Dimitri taught Angelo that first lesson at the age of eleven.  By the time Dimitri left that night, Angelo knew how to kiss, and how to give pleasure with his mouth.  Of course, he never bothered to tell Dimitri that he'd already known how to do the latter since he was seven.

When his uncle "taught" him.

With all the preparation and practicing, Angelo hadn't seen Dimitri for a while and was excited that the family would be getting together tonight. He was always happy to see Dimitri, even though it didn't take him long to figure out that if they weren't messing around, Dimitri would have no use for him. He was just grateful that Dimitri did have a use for him.

It wasn't like Angelo didn't enjoy it. He did. Very much. It was just that Dimitri was becoming more and more demanding, wanting to go all the way. It wasn't fair. Angelo gave him everything else. Then again, he gave a lot of people everything else. His uncle. The sailors that came into town. The sponge divers who worked with his father and would never DARE reveal that it was Costas Lambrakis's son they were receiving favors from.

Perhaps that was why Dimitri wanted more and wouldn't settle for anything less. Angelo had been able to charm his way out of it but he had a feeling that it wasn't gonna work for much longer. It worked with everyone else.  As soon as Angelo even got a hint that they were trying to fuck him, he'd start doing other things and before long, they'd be too distracted to care. He wasn't conceited by any stretch of the imagination but Angelo knew, even at this young age, that he was good.

Just not good enough for Dimitri.

Angelo shook that thought from his head and watched Dimitri and the others swim to the small fishing boats in the middle of the Bayou.

The Archbishop blessed the waters, praying for calm seas and the safety of sailors. It was an unspoken pink elephant, but the blessings were sorely needed because the sponge industry was rapidly dying as the passion for sponge diving was giving way to other, less labourious ways of making a living. The children of the sponge divers were leaving Tarpon Springs. They were going to Tampa, or even Miami, anywhere but this tiny community, where there was no other living to be made.

Angelo certainly had no intentions of staying here. He had no idea in hell what he was going to do instead, or even where he was going to go. But he knew that he wanted to get the hell out of Tarpon Springs, get as far away from this community, from his family, from everyone who saw him as nothing but a slutty poesti. Angelo would be the first person to admit that he was a slut. But sometimes, he wondered if he became one because he wanted to be, or because it was the only thing he was good at.

Finally, the boys reached the boats and after a pretty woman released a white dove into the air, the Archbishop cast the cross into the Bayou.

Angelo's father, stepmother, and his four siblings were waiting with him. What a surprise. Usually, Angelo's father made a point of putting as much distance between him and Angelo as possible. Standing along with them was Dimitri's father, Uncle Stavros. It took everything Angelo had inside him not to toss his cookies. Only for Dimitri would Angelo subject himself to the leers his uncle flashed him when he thought no one was looking.

Fuck it.  Everyone was looking. No one was fooled.

No one cared.

One by one, the boys dove into the Bayou and Angelo, whose hearing was keener than most people's, heard the murmuring travel throughout the crowd. Surely Christo Kastanas would win, they were saying. Christo was the darling of the community, a good boy who was destined for great things.

Angelo wondered what Dimitri would do if he lost.  Dimitri had a way of making things look easy, and was not used to losing. Angelo's father thought his nephew was male perfection, a man´s man. Hah, if he only knew that Dimitri wouldn't touch a girl with a ten-foot pole and Angelo had lost his virginity to an older, richer woman.  Blond and blue eyed, Dimitri was tall with wide shoulders.  With his slight build and slender frame, Angelo looked like an easy mark.  However, looks were deceptive. Angelo was quick and fearless, and even though he wasn't strong like Dimitri, he was a good fighter. Older boys and men who chose to tangle with him found that out the hard way.

But he couldn't fight Dimitri because Dimitri was also fast. And much stronger. Whenever they had a knock-down drag-out fight, Dimitri always won. And as much as Angelo loved him, Dimitri was the main reason he wanted to get out of Tarpon Springs. He was tired of constantly having a reminder of someone he could never measure up to.

Suddenly a gasp rang out in the crowd. Angelo looked over and saw his cousin emerge, his dripping hand clutching the cross.  Wonderful. Another thing that Angelo would have to live up to. But, it was his cousin, his family, so as much as he hated that Dimitri had succeeded yet again, Angelo's heart swelled with pride.

He ran over to Dimitri, and embraced him. "I knew you'd do it," he said.

Dimitri smiled. "So did I." Then he whispered in Angelo's ear. " Tonight, do I get my reward?"

Angelo grinned wickedly. "Depends on what it is." He licked and kissed the back of Dimitri's neck, almost hoping people would see him.

The embrace became more as Dimitri pressed into Angelo, letting him feel his excitement. "Make it worth it, sweet Angelo." Dimitri bit Angelo's ear before going back into the crowd to accept the praise and adoration of his family.

Angelo had a sinking feeling that if he didn't make it worth it, Dimitri would make him pay. Dearly.

The rest of the day had been the same as if anyone else had captured the cross. Services, and a small party at the park. But when night fell, and everyone went to Angelo's family's house to celebrate, Angelo and Dimitri snuck upstairs to Angelo's room to do some celebrating of their own.

Dimitri set two bottles down on top of Angelo's dresser. One had ouzo in it, but Angelo had no idea what was in the other bottle.

One look at Dimitri told Angelo that he'd already had enough. But Dimitri took a swig from the bottle and passed it to Angelo, who drank greedily as the two boys quickly removed their clothes.

"Look what I've got, cousin." Dimitri brought over the other bottle and Angelo read the label.

Olive oil.

If he had any doubts about what it was for, Dimitri soon removed them all.

"Thelo na se gambiso," Dimitri said breathlessly as he pushed Angelo down onto the bed, devouring his mouth.

I want to fuck you. Couldn't get any more blunt than that.

"Not yet," Angelo tried to push Dimitri off him, with no luck, of course.

"When then?" Dimitri demanded. "I'm beginning to think it will be never, sweet Angelo."

The panic that had been running through Angelo turned to anger. "Maybe it will be never!"

Dimitri's smile turned ugly and he threw Angelo down on the bed. "I think that it's gonna be now."

Angelo struggled but Dimitri easily overpowered him, and he knew that his luck had just run out.

"No Dimitri, don't do that. Anything but that!" Angelo begged and pleaded, but Dimitri climbed on top of him, shoving Angelo's face into the pillow as he greased his cock with the olive oil.

 Searing hot pain tore through Angelo's body as Dimitri forced his way inside him. The pillow muffled his screams but he doubted anyone would come running even if they could hear him.

 Dimitri fucked him relentlessly, thrusting deep inside him, ignoring Angelo's cries for him to stop.

 Then all of the sudden, Angelo felt something inside his soul break free, as if it had been waiting for the right moment. Dimitri began to pant.  He was about to come. Dimitri was beyond ecstatic, and for the first time Angelo felt another person's pleasure as if it was his own. And he felt something marvelous pulsing through Dimitri's body.

 He wanted it, and instinct told him just how to get it. His ass-muscles clamped down hard against Dimitri's cock and held it there, vice-like.

 "Don't get fancy," Dimitri bellowed at first, then as he realized that Angelo wasn't gonna let him go he tried to pull out. "Please, Angelo! Stop!"

 Angelo found himself looking through Dimitri's eyes and realized that he was now in Dimitri's body. But he wasn't scared. His soul was soaking up all that sex energy that was oscillating through Dimitri's body and Angelo was flying. Really high. He laughed silently to himself, a laugh he knew was reverberating through Dimitri's mind. Along with Dimitri's mental screams.

After experimenting with whatever drugs he could get his hands on, Angelo discovered pretty early on, that he liked speed. P.C. P. was nice. Cocaine was good as well, but nothing beat the feeling of being wired on speed. Nothing until this.

Angelo was only in Dimitri's body for a few moments before he returned to his own, feeling a drained Dimitri slide out of him. Not only was Angelo buzzed, strength was flowing into him that he never had before.

Dimitri's strength.

Like a snake shaking off its old skin, Angelo shook Dimitri off him, already knowing that Dimitri had no more sexual energy to give him. No more strength at all.

Ti krima, Dimitri wasn't feeling as good as Angelo. "I told you not to fuck me. And you never will again."

Dimitri's answer was a weak groan.

Angelo felt his lips curl into a sweet, yet evil smile. "Thanks though, You just made me feel real good." He pouted. "You can't anymore, not for a while. But when you can again, you will," he realized. "You always will whenever I want you to."

Angelo was as sure of this as he was of the paralyzing fear in Dimitri's eyes. As sure of the fact that he was no longer powerless and would be calling the shots from now on. He had no idea whether he'd been given this "gift" by God or Satan. All he knew was that he'd just gained the means to end his powerless forever. Which suited Angelo's needs just fine.

Angelo came crashing back down to earth when he realized that Dimitri´s father could come for him at any minute and Dimitri was naked.  On Angelo´s bed.

“Dimitri, he hissed, "Ela, Dimitri, get dressed."

His cousin stared at him as if he was crazy.  “Can´t move, he mumbled, more to himself, than  Angelo.

Angelo quickly came to the conclusion that it would be in his best interest to dress Dimitri himself.  After all, the last thing he wanted to do was have his perverted uncle figure out that Angelo was sleeping with his son.  Who knew what he´d end up doing to Angelo once he got him alone.

Then he remembered. He didn´t have to worry about that anymore.  If dear old Uncle Stavros started with him, he could do what he´d just done to Dimitri.  Of course he had no idea of how to actually do it, he´d been acting on instinct, but that was a problem easily fixed with practice.  Later.  Now, he had to be careful.  He would have to dress Dimitri himself.

It would have been much easier if Dimitri hadn´t changed out of his bathing trunks before he got to Angelo´s house.  Shorts would have been a good equivalent, but the night had been a bit too cool for that. Angelo sighed.  The t-shirt would be easy, but the jeans would be a pain in the ass.

Angelo got dressed. Then he went back to the bed and began to dress his cousin.

He thought lifting Dimitri off the bed would be impossible, but now, it was as easy as picking up his pillow.  Angelo repositioned him, so he was sitting up against the headboard, though it looked like he would topple over at any moment. He decided to get the easy part done first.

Angelo pulled the t-shirt over Dimitri´s head, then lifted each arm and pulled it through. He must have jerked a little too hard because he suddenly heard something go *snap.* Mercy, he must have broken Dimitri´s arm.  He was going to have to be careful from now on.

Next came the jeans. The first part of it wasn´t difficult.  All Angelo had to do was slip the jeans on  over one leg, then the other. After that, it was more complicated.  Angelo had to somehow pull the jeans up with one hand while holding Dimtri´s body off the bed with the other. Dimitri was no help at all.  Fucking dead weight.  It took a lot of maneuvering but he managed to pull it off.

It wasn´t until after he saw them on the floor that Angelo realized he forgot to put on Dimitri´s underwear.  Screw it, Dimitri, would just have to be without his skivvies. At least the two of them looked decent now, and it was a good thing because Uncle Stavros came waltzing in a little while later.

He took one look at the semi-conscious Dimitri and chuckled.  “You handle your liquor better than my son, he remarked to Angelo, who´d quickly kicked the briefs under the bed as soon as he heard the door open.

As usual, in front of others, he was civil to his uncle.  “He drank more than I did. True enough.

Angelo looked at the older man struggling to help his stronger, younger son off the bed and had to stifle his laughter.  He decided that one of the first things he would do when he figured out how to use this new power, was to pay his uncle a visit.

Dimitri was barely able to walk.  His father had to put his arm across Dimitri´s shoulders and sort of push him along, until they were finally out of Angelo´s room. But before they left, Angelo saw that Dimitri had this weird look in his eyes.  Like a lion who´d suddenly turned into a deer.

At first, when he woke up the next morning, Angelo wondered if it had all been a dream. It was  too unbelievable to have been reality.  It had to have been a dream.

Even when he looked in the mirror, he was disappointed.  Angelo didn´t know quite what he was expecting, but he didn´t look any different.  He was still the same girl-pretty, slender kid he´d always been.  It figured.

Ah, well, he had school to get ready for, and today he had to actually put effort in it because jeans weren´t gonna cut it.  Angelo rolled his eyes. He hated Greek School, but he had to go there after regular school today.

He got into the shower, and as he rinsed off, noticed that some of the water looked rusty. Angelo looked closer, and realized the water swirling down the drain wasn´t brown with rust, it was reddish brown with dried up blood.  Where the hell did that come from?

It seemed to be coming from the back of the tub, behind Angelo´s body.  No, that was ridiculous. Tubs didn´t bleed.  People did.


Angelo reached back and felt where he could reach, first the back of his neck, then down his back, to his butt, then brought his hands where he could see them. Then he looked.  Just as he suspected, they were stained reddish brown. Now he knew where the blood had come from and if that was real, so was everything else.  His lips curled into a smirk.  Nice.

He finished rinsing, until the water ran clear.  Then he got out, dried off and finished getting ready for school.  Angelo was a good student, especially in Science, but he looked forward to the day when he´d never have to go again. However, he had the strange feeling that it was coming sooner than he expected.

As soon as he reached the school, he heard someone call out to him, “Hey, Lambrakis!

Angelo had no real enemies but he had no friends either.  What he had was a lot of classmates and even some teachers who wanted to sleep with him.  He had no doubt this was one of them.  He turned around.  Sure enough. It was Benny Kasoulos, a kid who´d been left back so many times, that he could´ve graduated high school by now.  “What do you want? Angelo asked in a way that made the kids that were beginning to crowd around them snicker.

Benny didn´t care for that.  “You know what I want. He grabbed his own crotch and the boys made catcalls.

Angelo knew an opportunity when he saw one.  “You want that, fine.  But not here.

Benny, like most boys outweighed him and had several inches on Angelo.  “Oh yeah? He walked up to Angelo and gave him a threatening look.  “You scared?

Angelo calmly met his gaze.  “No.  But I don´t like audiences. He glared at the throng of people.  “Or vultures.

“Where then?

“Follow me. Angelo shooed the crowd away.  “Show´s over.  Don´t you have school to go to?

They booed him as he led Benny behind the school to a clearing of trees.  Thankfully, the mob didn´t follow him.

Angelo gave him a charming smile.  “I figured you wanted privacy, nai?

Benny shrugged.Don´t make no difference to me. Then he smirked.  “Stop stalling. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his already hard cock.  “Start sucking.

Angelo had known Benny was hot and bothered even before he saw the evidence.  He´d sensed it.  Something deep inside him suddenly felt this . . . eagerness. Not because he felt any attraction to the idiot.  Benny, with his mud brown hair and eyes like dried out clay would have made Angelo want to puke at any other time.  But what Angelo was attracted to was the potential he could sense.  It was almost like being outside a bakery window and having his mouth water at the smell of baking cookies. Angelo´s mouth was watering now.  Benny was his cookie and he intended to eat it.

Angelo had given so many blow jobs that it didn´t take long for him to learn how to get people off as quickly as possible.  Under normal circumstances that´s what he´d be doing with Benny.

Not this time. The more aroused Angelo got Benny, the better this cookie would taste.

Angelo sank to his knees and took the boy into his mouth.  With the first touch of his tongue, he suddenly knew just what would give Benny the most pleasure. As if the information had been instantly transmitted to his subconscious. If Angelo had to say it out loud, he couldn´t.  But he knew exactly what to do, knew where every erogenous zone was.  He knew it deep in his gut.  And this knowledge would get him what he wanted.

What he needed.

Angelo teased Benny mercilessly, nibbling the cockhead, his tongue caressing the glans. At the same time, he thought about how much better it would be if his hand was pumping in rhythm with his mouth.  Then the weirdest thing happened. His hand was at his side, but he could feel it pumping Benny´s cock as if it was really happening.  And Benny was responding as if it was really happening.

Angelo realized he didn´t have to touch Benny at all if he didn´t want to.  He didn´t have to touch anyone to get them off.  All he had to do was think about doing it, imagine it, and suddenly, there his mental self was. The same as when he entered Dimitri´s body the night before.

Angelo decided to test this theory.  He savoured Benny´s increasing lust, but it wasn´t enough to make him come yet. For the first time Angelo actively, consciously, reached out with his mind, feeling that lust and fanned that small fire into an inferno.

Suddenly, Benny vibrated with energy.  Mmm-hmm, this cookie was done.  Angelo could almost taste it a sweet vapor curling at the tip of Benny´s cock.  Angelo sucked harder, at the same time, his soul entered Benny´s body.  This time, he drew that sex energy out, using Benny´s penis as a straw. Angelo soaked up every drop, greedily taking everything Benny had, until he felt the boy´s heart start to give out.

He quickly jumped out of Benny´s body, and released him, watching the poor thing crumble to the ground.  Angelo knew he wasn´t dead.  Not yet.  But because all of his energy had become sex energy, Angelo drained him so violently that Benny had just suffered a heart attack.

Angelo got to his feet and kicked Benny´s unconscious lump of a body.  No reaction. Now he was dead.  He supposed he should be feeling some remorse and a small part of his conscience prickled at him.  But Angelo ignored it.  As far as he was concerned, he´d just given Benny Kasoulos what had been coming to him.

Besides he was intoxicated with sex energy.  He´d taken much more than he´d taken from Dimitri the night before.  Angelo felt like he was filled with helium, as if he could float away into the atmosphere.  And while his body couldn´t, his mind could.  His soul could.  There were no boundaries anymore. He´d just discovered that he could kill someone by jumping their body and draining them during sex.  How easy was that?

Again, reality killed Angelo´s feelings of euphoria.  He looked down at Benny´s cooling body and realized that he couldn´t just leave a dead body lying in plain sight, especially one as well known as Benny´s. Angelo would have to hide this body.  Ah well, at least he knew Benny wouldn´t be heavy. No one was anymore.  Whether that would still be the case before he jumped someone and gained that energy, was something he´d have to find out.

In the meantime, he had a body to get rid of.

Angelo grabbed the stiffening Benny by his hands, feeling a wave of nausea wash over him at the thought of actually touching a corpse.  He hoped this revulsion would go away because he knew this would not be the first body he´d be hiding.

Fighting the rising bile in the back of his throat, Angelo dragged Benny deep into the woods. Then he abruptly dropped him and began to retch.  Nothing came up. Angelo remembered that he hadn´t eaten anything since early last night, and the ouzo he drank was had been digested by now.  Yet Angelo wasn´t hungry. He was before, but he wasn´t now.

As he let the nausea subside, Angelo thought about what he could do to disguise this kill. When the cops found it, they´d probably look for a motive.  He decided that robbery would do for starters.

Angelo flipped Benny´s body over and reached into the boy´s front pocket, pulling out a wallet. At first he thought he´d just take it, then scratched the idea.  Instead, he rifled through it, taking out the cash but leaving behind the credit cards.  Benny had probably stolen them himself, since they didn´t have his name on them.

Motive accomplished.

Angelo quickly did the math and decided it would be better if he did go to school today. After all, he was the last one seen with Benny.  If he didn´t show up for school, it would look suspicious.  While Angelo felt omnipotent, he wasn´t stupid.  And it wasn´t like they´d think he was a killer. For a change, his slight frame and slutty reputation would serve him well.

So he´d stay in school a little longer.  It would provide an airtight alibi. Angelo suspected he´d need all the ones he could get.  He´d been keeping a mental tally sheet of all the people who´d pissed him off and hurt him over the years. And payback was a bitch.

The following weeks were Angelo´s time of experimentation, discovering what his limits were. And there were plenty.  He had a hard time getting into people just by looking at them, but if he brushed against  them, he slipped in easily.   Also, his range was restricted unless he had sex with them.  Once that happened, distance was no longer an issue. He thought about them, and his spirit self was instantly there. Angelo could even visit them in their dreams.  And since his soul was in their bodies, he could soak up all the sex energy they had to offer without even needing to have physical sex with them.  But if he didn´t have sex with them, he could only jump as far as plain sight of the person.

And there were other drawbacks.  He found out the hard way that if he had sex without jumping them, he got sick.  Physically and psychically.  Sex became nothing more but a way to eat.

Sex with Dimitri was different now, too.  Whenever Dimitri came over with his father, his father would go downstairs and drink Metaxa with Angelo´s father, and Dimitri would go into Angelo´s room, begging to get fucked.  What got Angelo so amused was that Dimitri seemed to crave it.  He was such a top, but he´d quickly learned to submit.  It was so easy. All Angelo had to do was threaten never to have sex with Dimitri again, and his pathetic cousin capitulated.  Dimitri did anything Angelo wanted.


Angelo was curious about what had changed.  Was it that Dimitri was afraid of him, because he knew that Angelo could easily kill him?  He actually asked Dimitri one night, and Dimitri replied, with more than a little shame, that sex with Angelo had become so addictive that the thought of being without it was terrifying.  Even though it made him weak each time, he needed sex with Angelo.  It was embarrassing to see the once aggressive Dimitri become so submissive in such a short period of time.  Especially when he knew that now, Dimitri resented him.  Never mind the fact that it was Dimitri who´d raped Angelo in the first place.

Angelo knew that things couldn´t remain this way for long.  His father and siblings were beginning to notice the switching of Angelo´s and Dimitri´s roles. They were observing that he stopped going to church.  And that he wasn´t eating as much as he used to.  Why bother eating?  It wasn´t as if he was getting anything out of it.  Yes, all these things were starting to make his family members wonder.  It was time to leave. But first, he had one person to take care of.

He´d learned to control his power.  Now it was time to use it.  And the great thing was, he wouldn´t even have to touch the bastard.

One night Angelo lay in bed, shut his eyes and imagined Uncle Stavros in bed.  Then he reached out with his mind and projected himself there, into his uncle´s dream.

Angelo made sure his dream self was as seductive as possible.  “Hi Uncle. He licked his lips provocatively.  “Do you want me? he whispered, “What are your fantasies of me?  Are they like this? He unbuttoned his uncle´s pants and drew out his hardening penis.

“Nephew! Uncle Stavros´s cheeks flushed.  “You never wanted to before!

Angelo smiled invitingly. “This is your dream.  Your fantasy. The smile turned nasty. “Or do you prefer it when you force me.

Uncle Stavros bleated with nervous laughter.  “I never forced you, Angelo.  You wanted to show me how much you loved me.  I would never force you.

“If you say so, Angelo dismissed him.  “But it doesn´t matter.  Right now, I want to make my uncle happy. Then he stuck in the knife.  “As happy as I make Dimitri.

He laughed at the mortified look on his uncle´s face.  “Yeah, I´ve been messing around with your son for a loooooong time.

“B-but that´s a sin!

“And what you made me do to you wasn´t?

“That was different.

“Was it? Angelo grinned wickedly.  “I wonder. Then he bent his head and took his uncle into his mouth.

The man was so pitiful that it barely took Angelo any effort to get him to the boiling stage.

His mouth was full of course, so Angelo took advantage of the fact that he was in Uncle Stavros´s mind and communicated by thought. - Ya chara, Uncle.  Enjoy your last orgasm.  I sure will.-

Angelo viciously ripped the energy from Uncle Stavros´s body, then jumped back to his own, knowing that the man would be dead by morning.  He´d thought it would be his most satisfying kill, but perversely, it gave him a sense of emptiness. The person he hated the most was now dead and nothing had changed. All of Angelo´s loathing had nowhere to go.

Angelo refused to go to the funeral.  It seemed hypocritical to mourn the death of someone he killed. The next day, he left his family before his father could kick him out and he began to hunt the piers and docks in search of marks.

His uncle was his last kill.  After that he learned how to just take what he needed from different people instead of depending on one person.  Angelo did this out of necessity because hiding bodies had become old pretty quickly.

 He didn´t cut off ties with all of his family. Surprisingly enough, even though Angelo admitted he´d killed his father, it didn´t seem to matter. Dimitri came to see him frequently, anyway. There had been no wife or any other child so Dimitri inherited the house. Sometimes Angelo stayed with him. Sometimes he went home with someone.  It didn´t matter anymore.

Now, after two years, he knew the truth about his “gift. Sure, he had power but what use was that power if he had no one he could respect?  No one he could trust. Dimitri was the closest thing Angelo had to a lover, but even that was a joke.  Dimitri was his slave.  Everyone he had sex with became either his slave or his victim.

Angelo dearly wished that there was someone else like him.  Someone he could hunt with. Someone he could just be with.  He had no regrets, but sometimes he really missed having physical contact just for the sheer carnal pleasure of it.  Sex had become a chore, more like flavouring a stew than passion. Besides, he had reached the point where he got off on his sex partner´s desire more than anything they did to him.  And it wasn´t even the pleasure itself, it was the anticipation of what was to come.  The only thing that kept Angelo going, was the high he got when he jumped and drained someone.  It was the only enjoyment he had anymore.

Speaking of which . . . Angelo was hungry, now. Surely someone would get bored with the party and come down to the docks.  And when they did, Angelo would be ready for them.  Charming.  Seductive.

And deadly.

Black Widower©Janette, 1997 - 2005

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