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Different Maintenance Cost on Different Car Brands One of the most expensive thing which a

Different Maintenance Cost on Different Car Brands

One of the most expensive thing which a lot of people own after their house would be owning a car. There are a lot of people who usually spends for about 5% of their income to buying a car. There’s also the 5% where they spend for the insurance and the maintenance costs.

But, not all vehicles costs the same in order to keep this running. Various cars likewise have different risks and chance of leaving the owner suddenly immobilized.

In this article, we are going to learn on the major brands that when it comes to maintenance cost more on the first 10 years of their life. The article also grouped all the years on most models by brand to determine the median cost for each brand. To help in estimating the annual maintenance cost, the amount which is spent for every two oil changes then were made.

Info on Different Car Brands that Cost Most for the Maintenance inside 10 Years

Rank 1 – BMW – $17,800

Rank 2 – Mercedes Benz – $12,900

Car Rank #3 – Cadillac -$12,500

Car Rank 4 – Volvo – $12, 500

Car Rank #5 – Audi – $12, 400

Car Rank #6 – Saturn – $12, 400

Rank 7 – Mercury – $12,000

Rank 8 – Pontiac – $11,800

Rank 9 – Chrysler – $10,600

Rank 10 – Dodge – $10, 600

Car Rank 11 – Acura – $9,800

Rank 12 – Infiniti – $9,300

Car Rank #13 – Ford – $9,100

Rank 14 – Kia – $8,800

Rank 15 – Land Rover – $8,800

Car Rank 16 – Chevrolet – $8,800

Rank 17 – Buick – $8,600

Car Rank 18 – Jeep – $8,300

Car Rank 19 – Subaru – $8,200

Rank 20 – Hyundai – $8,200

Luxury brand cars and luxury imports tends to be the most expensive. But, there are some brands which are found to be less expensive over 10 years on its maintenance.

But, there are actually some manufacturers that are considered to be most economical. You also will discover more inexpensive brands that are subsidiaries. You could also find some that are 10% below on its median cost.

Even though luxury cars are considered as the ones with inexpensive maintenance, some budget cars ranks relatively high. There also are entry-level brands that have higher maintenance cost than the median. To simply put it, the ones with sticker prices don’t really represent the car’s maintenance cost.

It’s truly helpful to know the maintenance cost of various car brands, but it’s in fact a lot more important to know about the fact that the car costs changes over time. But with proper maintenance of your car, there’s a chance that the cost could decrease. The purpose of this article is to only provide you with some basic insight and has no intention of telling which brand is best to buy. The decision process is all up to you and the cost on its maintenance is based on how you take good care of your car.