Angelo's Cures For Boredom

As anyone who knows me can testify, Angelo gets bored very, very easy.

I have several cures that I've developed over the years.

Sex, of course is a great cure, but only if it's good sex. If it's shitty sex, then we get to the other cure for boredom -- mental and physical torture of a shitty bed partner.

Yeah, one of those kinds of kills. Let's just say if it gets to the point where I'm not concerned with being careful, there won't be much left of him by the time I'm done.

Gaming is a great cure as well, but only if the mark makes it worth it. I hate being bored.

I'm bored now. Weasel and I had this lovely little row last night and I'll be damned if I'm gonna crawl back to him with my tail between my legs. I don't crawl to anyone. Not even Ardoin, who hasn't managed to make me crawl yet.

I know just the cure for this boredom.

And I could swear that he's skulking around the Nocturne somewhere. All I have to do is let him "find" me.

And I will be more than entertained. Weasel won't like it when he finds out but fuck it. He won't give me this. I'm gonna go to someone who will.

He always sneaks up on me. Even when I know he's around, -- and I admit, he is such a good strategist that he knows how to use my own senses against me so I don't know most of the time -- he still manages to catch me by surprise.

All of the sudden, I smell burning cloves and warm steely arms overtake me from behind. One hand is around my mouth so I can't bite. The other is across my chest, pinning both my arms at their sides. That arm pulls me against his body and I can feel that he's already hard.

Radu. My... I don't know what to call him. He's my enemy. He's my lover. He's the Tiger incarnate.

He nuzzles my neck, his teeth not so gently pricking the nape. "Hello, Angelo," he says, his voice as smooth as honey.

I don't bother to struggle because there is no way in hell I can break free from him. Not that I want to anyway. Instead I lick his fingers, and let my tongue trace as much of his hand that it can reach. I can't do much else. At least physically. I won't jump his body and do him astrally, that'd be cheating. Fuck, I can't do anything from this position. Damn him!

Radu presses against me, his hard-on grinding into my ass, his teeth, oh shit, yeah, he's biting me now, drinking, his velveteen lips moving against my neck as he sucks, and now his position changes, where his hands are now sliding up my shirt, caressing me as he drinks because he knows there's no reason to immobilize me when he's doing that.

Now that his hand isn't over my mouth anymore I can talk.

Or gasp involuntarily as his nail slices into my right nipple. So good....

"Not here," I hiss, my tongue attempting to push back my fangs that are already coming down, fuck am I that hot and bothered?

Then, as usual, he pushes things and he's unbuttoning my jeans. And of course, this is in the middle of the first floor of the club. Yeah, it's in a crowd and people probably can't see but still, this is NOT happening here.

My hands are free now so I smack that wicked hand. Radu fucking knows better.

(My room, odogi,) I Nightspeak. (Now!)

I don't even need to see the Shifter, I know he's smirking. "Don't you want dinner, first?"

I grin, knowing he's already got someone in mind. We're not supposed to do our hunting here but that doesn't mean we won't. Especially when it's not human prey we're after....

Moments later, he and I are in the stockroom, where we've dragged this poor fucker who's juiced up and warm, tearing into him. I've Shifted form in the past, but I won't tonight because I'm more hungry for sex than for this juicer's flesh.

Doesn't mean I won't take his blood. Or that Radu won't.

For a moment, we drink at the same time, and his pleasure washes deliciously over me, amplifying mine. Then Radu takes what he really wants and feasts on the juicer's warmed up flesh until he's eaten his fill, I've eaten the little bit I can and he drops the remains and turns his atentions onto me.

Like I mind. Radu is practically devouring my mouth, and I'm seizing his, our tongues tangle, wrestling for control as we slide to the floor.

He tastes of the clove cigarettes he always smokes, barley hops, and the sweet taste of the blood he just took. Radu always tastes like that and it always gets me as hot as it's getting me now.

I shrug off my jacket ,pull my tank top over my head and relieve myself of my jeans, so I can feel his warm, wet, raspy tongue rapidly take control of of my body. There's nothing gentle about it, Radu is as much of an animal when Sharing pleasure as he is when he kills. But that's what I want.

And let me tell you, that sandpapery tongue does it for me when he goes down on me. Which is he right now. A torturous pleasure, just the right amount of stimulation, after twenty years he knows me so well.

His clothes are still on and if I wanted to I could get them off and drive him just as crazy as he's driving me but he found me, which means I submit to him. Which means he does me.

Radu's mouth practically swallows my cock whole, it feels so good but I know he won't let me come now because he nips the base just hard enough to startle me. "Don't come just yet," he whispers.

Of course not. I haven't fully submitted yet because I haven't said the magic words, and until I do, he won't let me come.

Not that he won't tease me mercilessly. Radu's mouth is everywhere, his nails slashing at me, and his tongue lapping at the rivulets of blood that drip down my body, until I finally "submit." (Radu, if you don't fuck me now, I'll slam you into me myself.)

Which isn't exactly submitting because I'm controlling it but Radu is excited enough for it not to matter and he quickly removes his clothes and throws me onto my belly, that's how he likes to take me.

After he runs his tongue along the crack of my ass and slips fingers inside me, fucking me with them, teasing me more, shit he's flickering his tongue in and out, he wants me to completely submit to pleasure. To him.

(Thee mou Radu! Please! I submit! Please just fuck me already.)

That was what he was waiting for, the bastard.

And he gives me what I ask for, ramming into me and fucking my brains out savagely, sending waves of pleasure through every nerve ending in my body and it's not long before our ecstasy bounces off the other one's, it's not quite like it would be for a Sangsue, Radu's empathy is limited, but it's enough to create that feedback that never fails to sweep me under until I can sense he's over the edge and he growls deep in his throat, sinking his teeth into my neck and I bite into his shoulder, each drinking as we come together.

Radu pulls out of me, gets dressed, and rises to his feet. "Don't let him tame you," he says.

Radu feels that Weasel is trying to domesticate me. "He never will," I reassure Radu as I get dressed.

And he won't.

"Until we meet again." He kisses my mouth, takes the remnants of the juicer and makes his exit.

And we will meet again. We've played this game for the past twenty years and I've yet to tire of it. In that time, yeah, we tried to make a go of it because we lusted after each other so much. Each time we tried, we nearly killed each other. It's the dominance we both want that makes the chemistry spark. But it's that same need for dominance that makes us battle for it every time.

Radu wants me to be his consort. Yeah right. I'm about to do that as much as he'd be willing to have me Sire him.

I know Weasel is jealous and sees Radu as a rival and I won't lie, Radu is.

But Radu is lust. Passion. But not love.

Radu is like taking drugs. A wild, dizzyingly pleasurable ride. But when it wears off, there is nothing but emptiness.

Speaking of which, Angelo is gonna...well, crawl now and hope to hell that his beloved forgives him.

Not that I won't use every trick I have to see to it. But as they say, all is fair in love and war, nai?

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