Black Widower's Cast of Characters

The cast of characters from the Black Widower universe is pretty sizable, although it can be said that they're not considered as part of the cast unless I have them in more than one fic. For example, Radu started off in "Radu," (gee, what an orignal title!) but didn't join the cast until I wrote two more sidefics with him. By the time he made his appearance in "Changing Fortunes," there was already mention of him in several sidefics and even one smutlet with him. He'd become a full fledged cast member, but then again, Radu wasn't going to tolerate anything less than that.
The two main characters of Cam and Balint will probably be cast members but not until I finish Changing Fortunes because there is still a little more that'll be spoiled in that character profile.

As for the others, here is the cast of characters. Yes, including Radu.  More will be added as I get to it. ^_^;;

The Nightchildren




Fan Art By Darcy Bleu
Jacques "Weasel" Baptiste Drollet aka Jamie
Age: Changed into a Nightchild at age 15
Clan: Baptiste
Blood: Sangsue and Witch
Languages other than English: Cajun and other dialects of French
Power Signature: Weasel can project any empathic illusion he chooses
Signature place to tap: doesn't really have any. He'll take whatever is easier to access.
Addiction: sugar-spice. Weasel's first kill was charged with sex and terror.
                                          Abilities:  Empath, telepath, Nightchild abilities.  Since all Sangsue compensate, he's weaker  physically. Magic that is  mostly potential.
                                Most distinguishing feature: green eyes with clear, almost transparent irises

Slight with feline features and blond hair the color of moonlight, Weasel is the protagonist of Black Widower and  the "conscience" of the Nightchildren.  Weasel is half-Sangsue, half Witch although he doesn't even begin to learn how to control his magical abilities until he's been Changed a little over a year. Weasel's in conflict with himself because as a former drug addict, he went from one addiction to a much more pleasurable one.  Killing not only gives him a high like no drug ever did but it also gets him quite hot and bothered. He loves how it makes him feel and he especially loves the pleasure he Shares afterwards with his amant and Sire, Angelo. He wants to be good, but it's getting harder and harder for him. He often lets Angelo "corrupt" him by going along for the ride. Kind and passive on the outside with a core of steel, Weasel is not evil but his morality is convenient and he has a habit of not taking responsibility for his actions.

Not only is Weasel Sangsue, but he is Clan Baptiste, with the abilities and powers of a potential Broodmaster. He is the nephew of Ardoin and Angelique.

Fan art by Meimei
Angelo "The Black Widower" Lambrakis
Age: Was Changed at almost 16
Clan: Argyra
Blood: Sangsue and Incubus
Languages other than English: Greek.  He's also fluent in French but rarely ever uses it.
Power Signature: Angelo can astrally project himself  on to any body as long as he touches them.
Signature places to tap: right underneath the breastbone and the thigh.
Addiction: sugar. Angelo's first kill was during sex. Then again, considering what he is, that's part of the package.
                                Abilities: telepath,  empath,  Nightchild abilities. Since all Sangsue compensate, he is weaker physcially. Astral projection, drains sexual energy by momentarily "jumping" or possessing a body when he has sexual contact,  can possess a body for a short amount of time if his body is safe.
                                  Most distinguishing personality trait:  uses endearments to show his liking, loving or annoyance with someone.

Slender and on the petite side with a mop of  black curls and eyes of the same color,  Angelo is Weasel's Sire and amant. He is also  the Broodmaster Ardoin's right hand boy and handles the "business" side of things. Whatever they may be.  Volatile, passionate and feral, Angelo is a self-admitted slut who will have sex with any pretty  boy or girl he fancies, but will never give his heart. At least, until Weasel came along. Unrepentantly predatory, Angelo gets as much out of his game of seduce, bed, kill as he does from the kill itself and respects other "gamers." As long as Angelo is entertained, he's happy. When he gets bored, Angelo finds his own fun and that tends to be dark, nasty fun.  Hard on the outside with a core of fragile glass, Angelo can be malicious and cruel, but is only evil to those he feels have it coming to them.

Angelo is the cousin of Dimitri.

Fan art by Auro
Dimitri Lambrakis
Age:  was Changed at 17 1/2
Clan:  Argyra
Blood: Sangsue and human
Languages other than English: Greek
Power Signature:  Dimitri is very, very strong and fast.
Signature places to tap: Dimitri isn't fussy, he'll tap anywhere, the more painful, the better.
Addiction: spice. Dimitri's first kill was laced with terror.  He also has a taste for blood and drugs, which Angelo shares.
Abilities: Weaker psychically, Dimitri more than compensates physically with strength and speed. His sense of smell, sight and hearing is very powerful and all his abilities enable him to be a deadly hunter.
Most distinguishing personality trait: a sadistic bully.

Tall and blond with icy blue eyes, Dimitri is a coldly beautiful young man who was Sired by his cousin Angelo. Dimitri is resentful because he knows he was made as nothing more than Angelo's sex slave and he will never truly have his sultry cousin. Angelo has spent decades making Dimitri pay for the mistake he made when they were both truly teenagers, a mistake that set the Incubus free from Angelo's soul and  ended Dimitri's dominance forever.  He's the bartender for the main floor of the Nocturne and sometimes goes by the name of DJ D when he's the DJ.