Changing Fortunes

Long Assed Epilogue: Part Three


Angelo's money bought a nice, luxurious room with every amenity, including remote controlled blinds and black velvet curtains to securely block any sunlight from getting in through the windows, plush rose carpeting, pale pink walls and a nice roomy bed.
As soon as the door was closed, Angelo was all over Cam, smothering him in kisses; kissing his eyelids, cheeks and of course, Cam's mouth, which he hungrily plundered. By the time they made it to the bed, neither boy was dressed and Cam was melting into a puddle of lava as Angelo ravished his body.

Cam writhed with abandon as Angelo's hands and lips quickly set him on fire, desire flooding every nerve ending, there was nothing violent about this. This was pure pleasure. Lovemaking. Licking, kissing, caressing and of course, biting and tasting.

Moans escaped Angelo's lips as Cam nibbled his way down Angelo's belly, demanding growls from deep in Angelo's throat as Cam teased him, licking between his thighs, kissing and biting everywhere but where he could feel Angelo so desperately wanted, until Angelo finally hissed through completely unsheathed fangs, "Take me, lover. Drive me crazy."

And as Angelo promised, he let Cam take him. Something Angelo didn't do with many people. Angelo had told Cam that his lovely cousin had raped him when he was thirteen -- which explained why he was so evil to him. Angelo was also very hard to please sexually, getting most of his pleasure from what he did to others, not from what they did, which was why there were only a handful of people who Angelo would actually let touch him. And by showing Angelo that he could drive him insane with lust; Cam had earned his place in that handful.

Cam took Angelo in his mouth, his hand stroking Angelo's cock in rhythm to his sucking. By this time they'd tasted enough of each other's blood to create a temporary bond and that, combined with the empathy and the effect their blood had on one another caused Angelo's ecstasy to build upon Cam's until Angelo came hard and fast and demanded, "Cam! Gamiseme tora!" Then he seemed to remember that he wasn't talking in English because he translated, "Fuck me, now, Cam."

And even in this Cam teased him because he loved the effect it was having on Angelo, the little pleading noises he made as Cam's tongue fucked Angelo's mouth fiercely, Cam's caresses gradually growing less gentle and with more of his nails until he pulled Angelo on top of him and fucked him slow and sweet.

Cam rode on a crest of his and Angelo's passion, letting it sweep him under a current of rapture until they both came within moments of each other.

For a while they lay in silence, tangled in the sweat soaked silken sheets, simply embracing. Then Angelo kissed Cam's mouth softly and twisted around to lie on his back. (We need to talk, matya mou.)

Something about the way Angelo said that made Cam really uneasy. Like there was a bomb about to be dropped and the sex they'd just had was to comfort Cam. Or prepare him.

Cam sighed in exasperation. "Spill it then."

(Cam, do you know what a Challenge is?)

Cam blinked. "You sure know how to kill a mood and why are you bringing this up out of the blue, you dick?"

(Because you need to know and Balint will never tell you.)

"You mean like you'll never tell Weasel the truth about you and Ardoin?" Cam retorted, stung by Angelo's offhand words. "Where is Weasel, anyway?"

Angelo snorted. (Where do you think? With Balint.)

It figured. "What's a Challenge?" Cam asked, wanting to change that subject suddenly.

(Basically a fight for dominance. When Sangsue Challenge, it's mostly psychic, using your will to overpower the other. With Odogi, the Challengers try to overpower physically. And that's what happened.)

"You said something about Balint having to earn his place or something? Where? In Radu's bed?"

Angelo stroked Cam's cheek. (Cam, Balint wasn't just in Radu's pack. He was his consort. Or as much as he could be of one before Maturity.)

Cam wrinkled his nose. "Consort? You mean like mistress?"

(Kind of,) Angelo replied. (They weren't in love, I don't think Radu is capable of such a human emotion, but they did love each other. Radu looked after Balint and when Clan Szabo and Razvan were slaughtered, he felt as if he let Balint down. He failed him.)

"And you're telling me this, why?"

(Because you need to understand. If you noticed, you and Balint have been with us for over a half a year and Radu hasn't even approached Balint even in friendship. There's a reason for that, Cam. You see, as much as Radu felt he failed Balint, he felt Balint failed him because if Balint's Clan had remained pureblooded, none of this would have happened. Balint never would have gone to the School and his family would have been intact.)

"But that's not Balint's fault," Cam protested. "Not any more than it's Radu's fault that Balint's family was killed." As soon as the words left his lips he realized he was actually defending that bastard.

(It doesn't matter. With no Clan, Balint had nowhere to go. He couldn't go back to Clan Ionescu, they'd have killed him immediately for demonstrating weakness. When they encountered each other after all those years, Radu Challenged him so Balint could prove himself. It was life or Truedeath for Balint. If he failed, Radu would have raped then eaten him. Can you see why Balint really didn't want you to know about all that, Cam?)

Cam shivered. "Radu would do that to someone he loved?"

Angelo laughed at Cam's naiveté. (You gotta realize that it had to be earned all over again. And if Balint couldn't hold his own, Radu would kill him for it. That's how he thinks.)

"But Balint survived. And Radu raped him anyway," Cam said in a flat tone.

(Cam-mou. That wasn't rape. Once Balint showed his power, the Challenge became more of another way Balint had to prove himself.) Angelo's eyes gleamed. (Sexually. And Radu had to assert his dominance there by making Balint submit to desire.)

"So what happens now? They become lovers again?"

Angelo shook his head. (Not like you mean. Oh I know they'll Share kills and Pleasure but it means nothing more than the Pleasure Radu Shares with Weasel. Balint loves you. Not Radu. This was just …) Angelo seemed to be searching for the words, (closure. He needed to do this or Radu would never leave him alone.) Angelo took a deep breath he didn't need. (And Radu finally confirmed what Balint had suspected for a long time.)

Cam glared at him. "Can you stop with the mysteriousness and just tell me, Angelo?"

Angelo shrugged. (Radu knew Balint's mother. Very well. She was one of Radu's many, many cousins.)

The words sank into his heart like crushed glass. "B-but, you said, even Balint said that Odogi was pureblooded. They only did each other."

(Usually. But there are always exceptions and from what Radu told me, Iliana wasn't exactly so pureblooded herself.)
"So what you're saying is that Balint is really Odogi?" Not that it mattered. Fuck, why did it matter?

(No. I'm saying that Balint is half of each. Which makes him a fullblood Efjeli. He's not at all human, Cam. He never was.)

No wonder Balint was so defensive and hostile before. He'd just learned the truth about himself and all Cam had done was prove to Balint that he wouldn't and couldn't accept it. "Did Balint tell you, tonight?"

(No. Radu did. He felt since Balint was my kid, I had the right to know. But I didn't tell you because I knew how you'd take it, Cam.)

Exactly how he just took it. But….

"After what happened with that mugger, I can't exactly claim the moral high ground," Cam laughed. "And I finally understand what he gets out of it. The ecstasy. The buzz." He shivered with pleasure at just the memory of it. "That's what he always got out of it."

Angelo took Cam into his arms, and Cam could see that Angelo's movements were a little stiffer, his eyes beginning to glaze. (You're finally accepting,) he murmured sleepily, (Good. Now Balint just needs to accept that this is something you need to get used to and that it has nothing to do with your love for him and everything will be fine and Weasel's and my job is done….)

Cam wanted to ask Angelo what he meant but Angelo's eyes were already closed, Asleep until the next night's sunset. Cam could feel his own eyes start to close; his body clock was so nocturnal now that within moments, he fell into a deep sleep with the last thought being that he owed Angelo. A big one.

When Cam woke up the next night, the first thing he was instantly aware of was the scent of bergamot, right underneath his nose. Bergamot and blood. The same scent he'd been waking up to for the past seven months. Cam's eyes snapped open. "Balint?"

Balint snuggled closer. (Hi Cammie.)

Cam looked at his surroundings. Yeah, he was still in the fancy Renaissance hotel room. With a naked Balint curled up against his body. "When'd you get here?"

As usual, Cam was not gonna get a straight answer out of the little con artist. (Angelo has very expensive tastes,) Balint remarked, gently pushing down on Cam's shoulder and flipping him on to his back. He leaned over Cam, his nostrils flaring. (You smell delicious,) Balint murmured before licking Cam's lips. (You taste even better.)
Balint began to kiss him but Cam had been with Balint too long to fall for this trick. Even if the desire Balint felt for Cam was as real as his desire to distract him. He reluctantly pushed the Gypsy away. "Let me ask the question a different way. How long have you been waiting around here, Balint?"

(Why so suspicious Cam-Cam?) Balint pouted.

Damn him! "Balint. You and Angelo played switch the boy. Why? How could you do it in such a short amount of time? Unless…" He glared at Balint. "Okay, which one of you did it?!"

Balint flinched. (He made you sleep until I got here, then I woke you up,) he replied, not bothering to dodge the question. (I was supposed to surprise you, baby.)

"Well you certainly did that."

Greyish-green puppy dog eyes. (You're not happy to see me?)

How could he resist that look? Manipulative as it was, it was sincere. Cam gathered Balint into an embrace and nuzzled his hair. "Of course I am, you dimwit." He brushed his lips against Balint's ear. "Now that we have that straight, why don't you tell me the rest, hmmm?"

(You're thinking too much again, Cammie,) Balint chided, sliding down Cam's body until he was straddling Cam's thighs. (Don't.) And before he could argue, Balint leaned over to press his lips to Cam's, straightening his knees and pressing the full length of his body against Cam's.

Cam recognized that Balint was distracting him the best way he knew how and while he wondered from what, he also recognized that it didn't matter. His Gypsy boy had come back to him and at the moment, that was all Cam really cared about. And when Balint's tongue licked at Cam's lips he let slip inside his mouth.

The kiss deepened and Cam lazily explored Balint's mouth, his tongue tracing the fangs that were quickly unsheathing as Balint grew more aroused and instead of ignoring them or avoiding them, he purposely ran his tongue along the sharp edges, cutting it.

Balint moaned and sucked Cam's tongue and the sound of his heavy breathing excited the hell out of Cam. Balint's hips ground into his and Cam's arched up to meet him. They kissed for a while, until his lips slid away from Cam's and Balint's hands and mouth staked their claim on Cam's lust fevered skin. For a moment Cam remembered what Angelo had said about Balint having to sexually prove himself and idly wondered if being Radu's consort had made Balint so skilled in bed, or even if Radu had taught him what he knew. Then Balint began to kiss and bite his way down Cam's body and he realized if that was the case, he owed Radu big too.

Thinking of Radu made Cam suddenly remember Balint's taunts about the Shifter being right about befriending prey and what he used to do to his prey after he fucked them. Balint had said it out of anger because he knew it would wound Cam as much as he'd been wounded. But it made Cam wonder. And even though he already knew the answer, he had to hear it from Balint himself.

"Balint," he began, knowing the blond wasn't gonna like this question one little bit but not caring. "I'm gonna ask you something and I want you to answer me honestly."

Balint stopped his ministrations and looked up at Cam. (Just because you want me to doesn't mean I will, Cameron,) he warned quietly. Which, ironically, was the most honest he'd ever been in answering a question.

"Fair enough," Cam decided. Then he went for broke. "Balint, you remember the night we met?"

Balint got off of Cam and lay on his back next to him. "Yes," he replied warily.

"You charmed me into bed."

Balint laughed. (From what I remember, you weren't fighting me.)

"You were irresistible, even then." Even then. Of course, Cam realized, there was no way he could resist that blood pull. And Balint must have been thinking the same thing because there was a strange look on his face.

(So were you,) was all he said.

Now came the hard part. "Balint, if you hadn't had the hots for me, whether it was because I was Sangsue or because you liked my looks or you just wanted me-"

"Don't!" Balint hissed, cutting him off midsentence. "Don't ask me that question, Cameron!"

Cam glared at him. "Well if you already know the question then just answer it!"

(Does it really matter, Cammie?)

"If it doesn't matter, then answer it."

There was nothing quiet about the storm brewing in Balint's eyes. (Yes, I would have killed you!) he snarled. (Are you happy now?)

"Yes," Cam whispered, touching his finger to Balint's lips, "because it's the first time you've ever told me the whole truth."

Balint stared at Cam as if he was crazy. (I just admitted to you that you could have easily been my kill and you're not disgusted? You don't hate me?)

Cam grinned at the look of utter shock on Balint's face. It was priceless to have the boy who had an answer for everything not have a clue. "It's not like you didn't tell me anything I didn't know already, stupid."

(You knew already? Then why were you demanding an answer, Cameron?)

Cam must have really shaken Balint up because he recognized the calm, detached tone that meant Balint was irritated about humoring him. More like Balint was irritated that he didn't have the upper hand. "Because I wanted to see if you'd tell me the truth for a change." He put an arm around Balint and pulled him close. "Now that you see I can handle the truth, you gonna tell me what went down between you and Radu last night?"

Another thing Balint didn't want to answer. (All of it?)

"Yeah. All of it."

Balint's eyes narrowed. (Are you testing me again? Angelo already told me he let you know.)

"Angelo let me know what a Challenge is, but not what actually happened."

(What good will knowing do you, Cam? It was unfinished business between Radu and me. Something I had to settle once and for all. It has nothing to do with you.)

Cam wanted to shake Balint. "It has everything to do with me because it's about you. You risked your life last night without even telling me. I'll admit that up until last night I couldn't deal with what you are. What we are," he corrected. "But you're not even giving me a chance."

(A chance to reject me again?) Balint asked acidly.

"A chance to learn about you. Maybe even to learn what I'm gonna face because I'm sure Angelo told you about why I'm suddenly getting this understanding."

(Actually, he didn't.)

Interesting. Now Cam had to do the telling. "I uh… Shared more than pleasure with Angelo last night."

Balint smiled. (I know.)

"But you said Angelo didn't tell you."

(He didn't have to Cam.)

And Cam realized, Balint knew the same way Cam would have. Scent.

Balint relaxed and snuggled into the crook of Cam's arm. (Not much to tell. Radu issued his Challenge. I met it. End of story.)

"Not quite. No offense but I don't see you kicking Radu's ass. Why didn't he kill you?"

(Because I gave him a good enough fight to prove what he wanted to see.)

"Did you prove anything else?" Cam asked without rancor.

(If you're asking if he fucked me, you already smelled that he did,) Balint said, getting annoyed again.

"You didn't answer the right question. I asked if you proved yourself in that arena, not whether you did it or not. I want to know if Radu got the answers he was looking for."

(He wanted to know if the five years I'd spent away from our blood had made me soft. Weak. He found out they didn't. And it's not about proving whether or not I can get him off. It's about dominance and submission. That's what the Challenge is about, period.)

At least he wasn't being defensive about it. That was a start. Then all of the sudden he remembered what else Angelo had told him about Balint. And the fact that Balint had mentioned that his father was mostly human. If Balint wasn't human at all, that had to have meant that either Balint was lied to or Balint had lied to him. "About your father, Balint. Did you know?"

(That he wasn't the one who knocked my mother up? I couldn't have cared less, Cam. Panca Razvan was the only father I ever knew and who actually donated the sperm only mattered as far as knowing that he was a fullblood Sangsue. He was killed anyway, that much I did know. Tangled with the wrong Shifter and was gutted, then devoured.) Balint laughed mirthlessly. (I used to wonder who my real daddy was, though. For the longest time I thought it was actually Radu, even though he denied it from the very beginning. Up until my Maturity went bad, I still thought he was. Now I know he was telling the truth but that we're related anyway.) Balint abruptly untangled himself and Shadowdanced away from the bed.

Cam was about to ask Balint what was wrong. Then he saw the raw need in Balint's eyes and knew exactly why the Nightchild had moved so fast. He got off the bed, found Balint's jeans and shirt and tossed them at him. "Come on, get dressed. We're going."


"But nothing, you idiot. You came here without taking care of things first, didn't you?"

Balint nodded as he slipped into his jeans. (I had to get here fast and I couldn't do that on a full stomach.)

Which meant he phased out and let the wind carry him here and he couldn't do that with the substance he'd gain if he juiced up. Cam hadn't been around him, Angelo and Weasel for all that time without learning at least that much. He grabbed his own clothes off the floor and got dressed in record time before he and Balint left the hotel room and went to hunt.

They weren't in the street for long before Balint seized a young man and dragged him into the nearest alley. Within minutes, the unconscious form collapsed in a heap on the ground and Balint's hand moved to wipe off his mouth but Cam grabbed his wrist. "Don't," was all Cam said before leaning in and licking the blood from Balint's lips.

As if he suddenly remembered, Balint asked, (Are you okay?)

"With you? Hell yeah. With that," Cam gestured towards the dying body, "the craving is there, but not to the point where I'm going crazy." He sighed. "But eventually, it will, right?"

(Actually Cammie, that's why I came to you instead of waiting for you at the Nocturne. Weasel and Angelo are packing our stuff into the van.) Uneasiness crossed over Balint's features. (Angelo says it's not safe for you at the Nocturne anymore. Not in the state you're in now.)

The second you Mature, either you're Changed or you're dead.

"Balint," he asked much calmer than he felt, "when did I start Maturing and why didn't you tell me?"
(If you remember, you didn't even want to deal with what I was, forget about yourself. Now you want to know all about it?)

Cam blinked in surprise. "I thought that was what you wanted me to do, Balint. Wasn't our whole fight last night about me not accepting all of you?)

(You make one kill and suddenly hit this great epiphany that it's fine to be Sangsue?)

"I don't get it Balint!" Cam snapped, pissed off at Balint's less than thrilled reaction. "You're bitching because I finally got hit with a clue stick last night?"

Balint sighed. (You feel this way now, Cameron. While you still have a choice about it. What happens when you don't? When your stomach stops functioning and you're not just drinking, you're feeding the need that you'll never be able to completely satisfy? What then?)

"I don't know," Cam admitted.

(Cam, you ripped my heart out last night. I won't let you do it again,) Balint said quietly.

Balint didn't trust him, Cam realized. Granted, up until now, he had no reason to, but he wasn't even going to give Cam the benefit of the doubt and it infuriated him. "Why'd you come back here, then?" he demanded.

"Because I love you," Balint whispered. "I'm just scared, Cammie." Reddish tears began to slide down his face. "I don't want you to suddenly wake up when your control deteriorates and hate me for making you do this!"

Cam kissed Balint's mouth softly. "I can't guarantee I won't hate what happens to me. And I won't say that I'll ever be as matter of fact about juicing as you, Angelo and Weasel are. But," he kissed Balint again, "I won't ever blame you for it. Or hate you for it. I promise."

Balint wrapped his arms around Cam's body and pulled him close. (Angelo paid for the hotel room until tomorrow night, baby. Let's go back and get some use of it,) he murmured before capturing Cam's lips with his own.

His tongue snaked into Cam's mouth and they kissed deeply for a while before Cam broke the kiss. "I thought you wanted to go back to the hotel," he gasped as Balint's hard-on rubbed teasingly against his.

Balint playfully nipped at Cam's neck. (I thought I'd convince you first.)

Cam's hands slid to Balint's ass and he cupped it, pressing Balint's hardness against his. "You've convinced me. Let's go."

They went back to the hotel but as they got closer to their room, Cam and Balint's muscles instinctively tensed up, ready to spring. Two Sangsue. If Cam sensed them, he knew Balint definitely did.

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