Black Widower 6.2: Family Ties


"This is DJ D, the voice of the Underground. If you can hear this broadcast then we're looking for you. And the word up and down the juicer grapevine is that the honeymoon between our tomcat and a certain Green Eyed Swamp Rat is reaching its end. How long before that Rat seeks a new cat to play with. Or has he?"

The bad thing about going on benders was the waking up. The inside of his mouth felt like cotton and his head was splitting. And of course, there was the fact that it took almost two nights to sleep off such a heavy meal. But, fuck, it was worth it.

Lee. Pretty Lee with the dark brown hair and doe eyes. Stupid, fucked up Lee who spiked kills all the time because he was hooked on the junk they had in their blood. The Emerald Dust and other drugs scrambled Lee's brain so much that he not only got careless about his kills, he glutted himself on them.

Of course, such slaughter didn't go unnoticed and Ardoin showed Angelo how displeased he was at Lee's destructive behavior. Oh yeah, it took two kills to heal the damage that Ardoin did to Angelo, but then again, it wasn't the first time he beat the fuck out of Angelo and it wouldn't be the last time.

Lee had become a problem. And Angelo's job was to get rid of problems. Never mind the fact that Lee was one of his own. Lee had done it to himself. He had been warned and thought because he was a Bride of Angelo's, that it meant he could do what he wanted.

The fact that it was the same drug that his beloved Weasel had been hooked on before Angelo rescued him was something he preferred not to think about. The same for the knowledge that he had merely substituted one addiction for another. An addiction that Weasel constantly fought. Uselessly fought because he eventually gave in. And who made it more palatable, making Weasel feel less guilt by seducing him into it?

Angelo did. And he was beginning to grow tired of it.

But at that time, all that mattered was that he found Lee. After all, Ardoin just wanted him gone. He gave no conditions on how Lee would be killed and a drug riddled, warm and succulent juicer was too good a delicacy to waste. And Angelo knew just who to Share it with. Someone who had a taste for juicer flesh and blood, who Angelo owed a favor to. Someone who would help Angelo forget all about his offspring who Angelo watched helplessly as Lee destroyed himself. Someone who Angelo had been bedding for a long time before Weasel was even born.

By the time Angelo found his prey, Lee had already juiced several junkies and he'd found the perfect way to seduce his former lover.

(Lee,) Angelo had purred, (if you really wanna get high, you don't do junkies. Their tolerance is so high that you crash almost instantly.)

So Angelo found some pickup who was clean of drugs and probably never tried them. Then he shot it so full of the junk, he brought from his stash, that the pickup went unconscious. No tolerance meant a really fantastically orgasmic high and out of the goodness of his heart, Angelo gave it to Lee. Of course, the boy feasted, gorging himself til he puked but as soon as he was done, another boy moved from out of the shadows and pounced on Lee, dragging him into the woods where Angelo and his friend with benefits Shared him, first his blood, then whatever flesh Angelo could eat until he couldn't eat anymore without Shifting. His friend had no such troubles and devoured the rest of Lee until he was nothing but bones.

Lee had been gorging on junkies so long, his flesh was soaked with junk. Angelo was instantly fucked up and his friend wasn't far behind, the two of them dropping Lee's corpse and going at each other and yeah, the sex was fucking mindblowing, it always was with him. Pity that the two of them would kill each other within minutes or they'd have been together long ago.

When Angelo finally managed to stagger back into the Nocturne, he had every intention of stopping by the bar to pick Dimitri up and take him to bed. After all, Dimitri had a taste for drugs and blood as well. In fact, Dimitri was the reason Angelo had a stash of drugs in the first place. It was through their experience that Angelo learned just how much junk he could shoot into his kill before their heart gave out and which pickups would give him and Dimitri the best and longest lasting high.

As soon as he was within range of the Nocturne, he'd contacted Dimitri through the blood bond, asking if he was up for Makia, or "kisses." It was a drinking game of sorts, but instead of the shots of ouzo they tossed down when they were real teenagers, they drank with their kisses. They usually Shared a spiked kill but Angelo had the next best thing; his own junk laden blood. Tonight, they'd Share blood, with the most fucked up boy taking a drink from the other boy. Repeatedly. And the high was amplified with each of their "kisses," until they were beyond wasted and tore at each other like bitches in heat.

The most trashed boy would have to do whatever the other boy said and since Angelo had less of a head for booze and drugs than Dimitri, it was the only time Angelo ever let his cousin fuck his brains out. And needless to say, when Angelo offered this time, Dimitri jumped at the chance.

But Angelo's darling cousin forgot one little tidbit of information. Dimitri never warned Angelo that not only was he not alone but that Weasel was at the bar.

Ah Weasel. At any other time Angelo would be all for sweeping his beloved off his feet and making love to him but not now. Not when Angelo was so blitzed that he could barely walk and covered with love bites. But what was Weasel doing there anyway? He and Dimitri hated each other's guts so why the fuck would Weasel even go anywhere near him?

Knowing of Dimitri's lust for Weasel from the first time he laid eyes on the boy, Angelo could only think of one reason. A reason he wasn't sure of yet but wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be true.

After exchanging some words with his beloved, Angelo made his way back to his room and Dimitri met him there as soon as his shift was done. His cousin was all over Angelo, the moment the door to Angelo's room was shut, biting and drinking and Angelo drank from him and by the end of the night, Angelo lost the game and Dimitri was pounding Angelo into the mattress.

Dimitri had slept in Angelo's arms but Angelo was not surprised to wake up alone. He'd slept too long. Way too fucking long. Now he'd have to see what slept through for the past two nights.

Angelo jumped into the shower, scrubbing off all traces of his friend and cousin's blood and cum from his skin til he scrubbed it raw. When Angelo showered after sex, whether it was lovemaking for sex's sake or the fuck and kill jobs he did for Ardoin, he always showered with scalding hot water, as if he could cleanse himself of all the residue of his trysts. When he stepped out of that shower his flesh was an angry red and for that moment, Angelo felt as if the water had purified him, had rid him of all the contaminants.

Now was no exception, Angelo looked almost sunburned but it would go away, it always did and he would be Ardoin's whore again, or lose himself in a pretty piece of ass before going to the one boy who meant the world to Angelo and it was for that reason that Angelo found himself vanishing more often. He could not afford to have anyone mean that much to him and would do whatever it took to blunt those feelings.

Angelo had loved only twice before Weasel. Not the like the love he had for Dimitri or even his best friend who he happened to have sex with most of the time. No, it had been real love. Real, aching, needing love and both times it bit Angelo in the ass. Angelo's first love ended up becoming his first kill, which enabled Angelo to finally get the revenge on the fucker for dumping Angelo so nastily.

And his second love, a love that was returned but didn't change a thing between them. Love that meant absolutely, positively nothing.

Both those loves had stabbed Angelo's heart, turning it to ice.

Until he saw a beautiful, elfin boy with blond hair and crystalline green eyes and Angelo had fallen and fallen hard.

But no, Angelo was not gonna go through all that again. Love hurt too fucking much.

Besides, thanks to his performance two nights ago, he was damned sure he fucked things up with Weasel anyway. Angelo was good at fucking things up. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Fuckup University.

Fuck it, he was feeling sorry for himself and he had to report to Ardoin in less than an hour. In fact, it was Ardoin's summoning that woke Angelo up to begin with and since he served Ardoin whenever Ardoin wanted him to, Angelo wasn't gonna argue about meeting with him and reporting his progress on removing the problem.


Angelo grabbed a red tank top from his closet and slipped it over his head, then slipped into his black jeans. Grabbing the leather jacket Angelo had stolen from his first kill, he ran his fingers through his curls to stop them from tangling, then phased out, rematerializing downstairs in Ardoin's office, where Ardoin was already sitting, behind a large desk.

(On time for a change, boy?) Ardoin remarked in a more than mocking voice.

And Angelo had to swallow his rage and take it. To a point. (I thought I'd try something different,) Angelo replied offhandedly even though he knew that if Ardoin got really pissed off he'd be up the fucking creek.

(Have a seat, cher,) Ardoin didn't quite order, but Angelo knew it was not a suggestion.

Angelo slid into the second seat facing Ardoin's desk knowing that by now, Ardoin was aware of everything Angelo had done and this "report" was purely for Ardoin's amusement. Fucking jerk. (Lee is no longer a problem,) Angelo told him, (he's been taken care of.)

(Indeed he has,) Ardoin said, his tone as smooth as silk. (I take it you and your… feral friend cleaned up after yourselves?)

In other words, was there any evidence left that could lead the WASP drones to Ardoin or the Underground. Ardoin was an expert at asking indirect questions. Just another example of the hoops he forced Angelo to jump through. And jump through them Angelo would. But he didn’t have to be polite about it. He rarely was. (Yeah,) he muttered, (we got rid all of Lee's empties.)

Ardoin snickered. (Oh I don't doubt that, mon ami. But I would have thought that your offspring would have been enough for the two of you.)

(Gamisou,) Angelo swore, rolling his eyes, (we didn't eat them all, Ardoin.) At least Angelo didn't. (And even if we did, what the fuck does it matter? You wanted Lee gone? He's gone. End of story.)

(Calm down, ma cher Angelo,) Ardoin said pleasantly, (you don't need to be so defensive. Besides, that's not what why you're here.)

Something about Ardoin's words brought shivers up Angelo's spine but he would be damned if he showed his apprehension. (Why am I here then, Ardoin?) he asked, knowing the chances of a straight answer were next to nil, but asking him anyway.

Ardoin's answer was another question. (How gifted is Jacques?)

Angelo didn't see that one coming. Not at all. (You mean, what powers can you exploit, Ardoin?)

Ardoin didn't take the bait. Pity. (Answer me, Lambrakis,) he demanded softly.

(You saw for yourself when you decided he wasn't a threat to you,) Angelo scoffed.

Ardoin's smile was cold and his voice was deceptively soft. (I saw potential. Nothing more. Now I'm asking what you've been able to develop into more than that and if I feel even the ghost of a suspicion that you're lying by omission, boy, I will rip my nephew's mind apart to see for myself.)

And he would with no hesitation whatsoever. That and eventually fucking his nephew's brains out was as far as Ardoin Baptiste's family ties went.

Well that was not quite true, there was always Angelique, Ardoin's twin sister. Another Baptiste, like Weasel was Baptiste but instead of just lusting for her, she and Ardoin were lovers.

Just the thought of that bitch made Angelo's stomach turn. Her beauty just wasn't worth the grief and her passion just wasn't worth the bullshit. And every time Ardoin called Weasel "Jacques," it just hammered home that Weasel would always be Baptiste above anything else.

Angelo was rapidly getting the idea that he was being set up for something and these out of left field questions were leading right to the set up. But as much as he wanted to tell Ardoin to go fuck himself, he'd do anything to stop the Broodmaster from mindraping Weasel.

And Ardoin knew it. (He's a powerful empath,) Angelo began, (and almost as powerful a telepath.)

(I know that,) Ardoin said calmly, too calmly. (You've trained him well, mon ange.)

Angelo was tired of Ardoin's toying. (Just fucking spit out what you really want, Ardoin!)

Ardoin's lips curled into a charming smile. (Have you heard from Angelique lately, dear boy?)

FUCK! Now Angelo knew what this was about and recognized that he'd been led into a trap. But he played dumb, stalling. (How is that cunt, Ardoin?)

Even before Ardoin rose from his chair, Angelo knew he'd gone too far. But he didn't take it back, he hated Ardoin's sister with a passion that would consume him if he let it. So when Ardoin's hands slid under Angelo's arms and Ardoin hurled Angelo against the wall, he wasn't surprised. "You will address her as Mistress if you cannot be civil enough to call her by name, you imbecile!" Ardoin hissed furiously. "And she has made me an offer I won't refuse."

Angelo was sore but not hurt severely, though if he wanted to, Ardoin could have easily damaged Angelo. Permanently. But he didn't give a fuck about that. Ardoin wasn't the only Baptiste to have the hots for Weasel. (I won't let her near him,) he growled.

(You have no choice, Angelo,) Ardoin replied. (Don't think otherwise.) His eyes gleamed with cold amusement. (You've been trying to untangle yourself from him anyway, cher. This will just accelerate the process. You can find yourself another boy to amuse yourself with. You always do.)

The words left Angelo's lips before he could stop himself. (Weasel is not just any boy!)

(Of course not,) Ardoin said smoothly, (he's my nephew. And he's got more power than all of your bonne bottes put together.)

(That wasn't what I fucking meant and you know it!)

Ardoin raised his eyebrows in mock puzzlement. (Then what did you mean?)

Fuck, there was no way out of this if he didn't want to lose his beloved to Angelique, which was what Ardoin was not exactly threatening. (Gama mou,) Angelo muttered. (Alright, you win, Ardoin. Weasel, is more than just a fuck to me, you happy now?)

Nope. (How much more?)

(A lot more,) was all Angelo was willing to admit, then he managed to stand up with just a little bit of wobbling. (You're just gonna hand him over to her?) he challenged, then whispered, "Please. Please don't give him to Angelique, Ardoin. Don't let her ruin him."

Ardoin's hand slid under Angelo's jaw and he tilted Angelo's face upwards to face him. (Like she tried to ruin you, mon petit.)

Bile instantly rose to Angelo's throat. (She tried but I did not LET her,) he snarled, teeth bared. (Weasel is still young, still vulnerable to the misleading and malicious dogma that … ) he swallowed before he said something he knew he wouldn't regret, (that woman preaches about how we're devil spawn and the kill is evil. Weasel already believes killing is evil, I don't need her filling his head with more of that shit!)

(I need her to train Jacques how to use magic. You are lacking in that capacity and unfortunately, so am I,) Ardoin admitted grudgingly. (Jacques is a witch. Angelique offered to teach him so he could become one in more than bloodline and I'm sure that's not all she will be teaching him. But you underestimate my nephew. He's not as naïve as you seem to believe he is.)

(Whatever,) Angelo mumbled angrily, pulling away from Ardoin and ever aware it was only because Ardoin let Angelo pull away.

Only for the Broodmaster to cup Angelo's cheek. (Gar ici, bebe,) he said softly. (I have no intention of keeping him there. Let my sister do her worst. Just like I will let you do yours.)

Angelo blinked. (What did you just say?)

(I said I will let you do yours, cher. That is the agreement I made with Angelique. If Jacques summons you, he's yours for the night. The next night, he returns to my sister.)

A wicked grin spread across Angelo's face. (He's mine for the night? All mine?)

Shivers of a different kind spread through Angelo's body as Ardoin's hand slipped down to the nape of Angelo's neck. (Angelo, he is yours period. Consider it as a loan to Angelique. The moment she even attempts to make it permanent, the agreement ends.) Ardoin's fingers idly caressed the back of Angelo's neck but Angelo knew Ardoin could snap his neck in a second. (I could never take away what is yours. And no one will take away what is mine.) Now Ardoin's eyes glittered in a way that Angelo was very familiar with. (And speaking of what's mine. As long as you're here…)

(I hope I'm not interrupting,) Angelo suddenly heard a voice that he instantly recognized even though it had been decades since he'd seen her last.

Angelique Baptiste. Of course, she looked the same as she did then, she had the same Baptiste features as Ardoin and Weasel, feline and slightly sharp, with Ardoin's midnight black hair and clear eyes but like Weasel, they were green. Witch green. Ardoin's grey eyes marked him as having almost no witch power whatsoever and Ardoin resented that fact. A fucking lot.

She smiled coldly at Angelo then looked right through him. (Ardoin,) she purred, not even bothering to speak in English, as if Angelo wasn't there. Apparently the skila forgot Angelo understood Cajun French just fine. (I see you've told the possede about our plans for Jacques?)

Ardoin hated being interrupted in the middle of things and glared at his sister. (What can I do for you, cher?) he asked in Cajun with icy politeness.

(Oh, I just wanted to know how long it will be before I have Jacques,) Angelique replied with a smirk.

Oh yes, "having" Jacques was one of the main reasons Angelique was so eager. And even though Weasel didn't go for girls, instinct would drive him right into her bed. Damn it to fucking hell!

(How long, Angelo?) he asked in English. His fingers mussed Angelo's curls and Angelo suppressed a smirk at the fury in Angelique's eyes.

Now it was time to really piss the witchy-bitch off. Angelo switched back to Cajun and said to Ardoin, (Give me two sunrises,) showing her how little she meant to Ardoin right now.

Angelique looked daggers at the two of them. (Very well, brother, two sunrises and not one minute later,) she ordered before storming out the door in a huff.

(Well that was one way to get rid of her,) Ardoin laughed. Then he grinned slyly. (You know the office isn't really the place for this,) he purred before phasing out.

Ardoin was right. The office wasn't the best place but Angelo knew a better one. He also knew that was exactly where Ardoin was now and with a smirk, phased out himself.




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