Black Widower 6.9: Love Reveals

"This is DJ D, the voice of the Underground. If you can hear this broadcast then we're looking for you. Instead of satisfying him, each revelation by our cat only makes the rat more curious. But secrets are like quicksand. Each step only makes you sink deeper. 

What was Angelo hiding? I decided to pretend I didn't notice and instead I asked the other questions that had been bubbling in my head. (Why is Ardoin sharing family business with his employee anyway?)

(What the fuck is that supposed to mean?) Angelo demanded.

Did I just press a button? Looks like I did. 

(Oh nothing,) I drawled, (just that I wonder why Ardoin would talk about anything personal with someone beneath him.)

(And beneath you?) Angelo challenged.


Angelo shrugged. (It's true. Denying it only makes you patronizing.)

(Not... beneath me,) I replied.

(Below you?) Angelo suggested. 

I glared at him. (You're getting off on this!)

Angelo laughed. (What can I say? You're amusing, sweet Weasel.)

In a matter of seconds I'd lost the little bit of control I had in this game of "up the ante." I had to take it back and the only way to do that was to go for that sore spot Angelo had. (So, being beneath me doesn't phase you but being beneath Ardoin does?)

Angelo smiled sweetly but it didn't reach his eyes. (Ardoin is my boss, as you so helpfully pointed out,) he sing-songed. Score. 

(Then why does it bother you?) I asked innocently.

(Shut the fuck up!)

I smirked. (Not amused anymore, mmmm?)

"Skase, Weasel," Angelo hissed warningly. 

(You think if you tell me to shut up, it'll distract me? Dimitri's right, Angel Boy, you can dish it out but you can't take it, can you?)

By the flash of pain in Angelo's dark eyes, I figured I hit the biggest button he had. Yeah, it was cruel but it was nice to have something that made Angelo react for a change. Besides, he knew all about being cruel and it was about time he got as good as he gave.

(You must have gotten worse in bed if all he can do is talk about me,) Angelo replied.

Nice try. Had it taken being away from him for just a short time to see how easily Angelo could be bested? (Is that the best you can do?) I sighed. (You're getting predictable.)

Predictable enough that I figured he'd throw whatever shit he could at me and see what stuck. Instead, Angelo yawned and reached down to the floor for his jeans. (And I'm gone. I'm sure you can find your own way back to that wench.)

Huh? (That's it? You're not getting your way so you're just pick up your marbles and going home?)

Angelo smiled. (Home? Not quite dearheart.)

Of course not. And by leaving, he'd taken control again. Especially with that look that told me he was going to go get laid. Not hiding it anymore. Angelo's way of retaliating. (That's also predictable, Angelo.)

(Guess so.) Angelo pulled his tank top over his head. (So was your reaction, sweets.)

(My reaction? To what?)

Angelo put on his leather jacket. (Don't worry about it.)

Damn him! (Oh no you don't!) I grabbed his wrist. (What reaction?) I demanded.

Angelo didn't answer. 

(Don't fuck with me you bastard!)

(Why not,) Angelo replied softly, (you fucked with me.)

(And you hate that.) My lips curled into a half-smile. Angel Boy called it my "Mona Lisa" smile and he loathed it. (Angelo, the King of Mindfucks gets mindfucked himself and you can't handle it.)

Angelo laughed. He fucking laughed! (More like, I'm revealing things that your dear sweet auntie never told you and you can't deal with it.)

And the fucked up thing was that he was right. Angelo had just regained the upper hand and I fucking hated it. I had to take back control and the only way to do that was Angelo's way.

Change the subject and catch him off guard. (Why now, Angel Boy?)

Angelo's eyes narrowed. (What are you talking about, Weasel?)

Oh no, that wasn't gonna work this time! (Why all the great revelations now?) I lie back on the bed with my hands behind my head. Unruffled. (I doubt you learned about everything just recently. Why didn't you tell me sooner?)

(Wrong question!) Angelo shot back.

(Answer it,) I growled. (And don't even think of pulling that silent act of yours.)

(Wouldn't dream of it,) he muttered.

I tapped my foot impatiently. (I'm waiting, Angelo.)

(I couldn't,) he said so quietly that I barely heard him.

(You couldn't,) I repeated. (Couldn't what?)

(Tell you.) There it was again. That flicker in his eyes that meant he was being telling me the truth but only part of it. 

I'd have to drag it out by tooth and nail. I knew this game so well but I also knew that if Angelo didn't want to talk, he wouldn't.

Didn't mean I wouldn't try. (But you did now. What changed?)

Angelo's lips curled into an evil smile. (The agreement. She broke it.)

(But you said it didn't matter and I had to go back to her anyway,) I protested, confused. (Or is that another half truth?!)

(Nothing has changed,) Angelo replied with just a hint of impatience.

(Like fuck it hasn't! You just told me that she broke the agreement)

(You may be Ardoin's nephew,) Angelo explained quietly, the increased impatience bubbling just beneath the surface, (but he only cares that you become more of a witch than the technicality of your bloodline makes you. Nothing else.)

(So in other words, Angelique can do whatever the fuck she wants and Ardoin won't do shit about it?!)

Angelo laughed. (You're only worth whatever use Ardoin can get out of you. You've just been spared up til now because you were of no use to him. Then he decided that you'd learned enough from me and needed to learn about things I could never teach you.) He snorted. (What do you think will Ardoin do with all the new hocus pocus you get under your belt? It'll become your signature, dear boy.)


(Every Child has a signature. Something that's their special ability. Like Sylvie. Her thing is empathic projection,) Angelo explained.

I shook my head. (I can do that easily. That's nothing special about it.) I'd given Angel Boy a sample of that "special ability" when we ran into another predator and I projected the sense of being helpless while at the same time, letting my true nature bleed through. It's like a huge red flag, saying, only pretending to be weak and they run the fuck away.

He laughed. (You wear emotions and give the poor creatures a peek beneath what you want them to see. Sylvie uses emotions like guided missiles and drenches the receiver in what she wants them to FEEL.)

Angelo was right. There was a big difference. And I'd never be truly safe until I could defend myself against any psychic damage Sylvie could inflict. But being wary was not the same as being scared and I knew that was what Angelo was shooting for. 

To convince me that I still needed his protection. And him. (So what's your signature, mmm? Slut?) I mocked. After the words left my lips I realized I'd used the same word for him that my aunt did and it made me more than uneasy.

I was beginning to wonder which thoughts were mine and which Angelique had talked me into. Because I honestly wasn't sure anymore.

Angelo just smirked. (Why so bitchy, lover?)

(Bitchy? Isn't that basically what you and your female equivalent Amorette do? Fuck someone to death?)

I was not only pushing that button about him being Ardoin's whore, I was stabbing him in the belly with it. But Angelo would not go for the bait. (Astral projection,) he replied without any emotion at all. I jump their bodies. She jumps their minds until they can't think of anything but her. )

(So Uncle wants me as his pet witch and that overrode whatever fucked up shit Auntie does?)

Angelo nodded.

(Why does Angelique despise you so much?) I asked him out of the blue, catching Angelo totally off his game.

Angelo laughed but it wasn't with any amusement or joy. (Where do I begin?)

I blinked. (You mean you're actually going to answer my question?)

He rolled his eyes. (If you didn't think I would, why fucking ask me?)

Angelo was trying to distract me again. I had to show him that wouldn’t work but do it in such a way that he wouldn’t be defensive.  (Angel Boy, no games. Just tell me.)

I was expecting him to tell me by telling me nothing. I didn’t expect him to smirk and say, (Angelique wasn’t always a grass-eater, you know. She used to be a lot more fun.)

(What does that have to do with anything?) 

(You asked why your dear sweet Auntie hates me did you not?)

I nodded, wondering where this was going.

(When she became a grass-eater she changed.)

(I figured that,) I grumbled. Was he going to continue feeding me words that meant nothing?

(No,) he replied, (you haven’t.)

(Then fucking spell it out for me!)

As usual, Angelo answered the "wrong question" by giving me the "right" one. (Am I a grass-eater or a juicer kaloz mou?)

I laughed at that. (You? Be serious.)

Angelo was dead serious.  (Which is it?)

I couldn't believe we were having this conversation. (Well you sure as fuck are no grass-eater, Angelo!)

Angelo was silent, like he was waiting. 

He shouldn't have bothered. (You mean to say that the reason Angelique hates you enough to ward her house to stop all your access to me is because you drink human blood? She'd have to hate all of y-)

And I couldn't finish that thought because my aunt did hate all of Ardoin’s brood. Called them her brother''s "Little Monster Spawn." But she only wanted one specific one of that spawn away from me. However, I knew if I bluntly asked why him, Angelo would find another way to dance around it. So I let it go. For now. 

Angelo’s pouty mouth suddenly curled into that crazy/sexy smile that made the ice inside my heart instantly melt.Angel Boy was planning something and his dark eyes held a warning to not ask what it was. (You still need to shower so I’d start on that now if I were you.)

My eyes narrowed. (You saying I stink?)

(Of me. You know what’ll happen if she smells me on you, nai?) Angelo gave me a quick peck on the lips then was gone. Along with what remained of the kid. 

But Angelo was right and that was probably the reason Angelo had paid more to have the room longer. So I could wash away all traces of Angelo.

But I had a better idea.

I went outside again and seduced the first healthy pedo I could find. Then I brought him back to the room and basically let him fuck me raw. When he came that wasn’t enough for him, though. So he shoved his fist up my cum slick ass hole and fucked me with that.

I tolerated it because it fit my purposes but when he got hard again and was about to shove that inside me again, I snapped and wrenched myself free, ripping him to shreds with my teeth and nails until it was just my teeth chewing and my mouth swallowing. Within moments he was nothing but a mess of meat that  I rolled up in his clothes. Then I threw that little care package over my shoulder, left the room and tossed it into the dumpster.

Now when Angelique smelled me, she’d get the scent of the kill. Not Angelo.


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