Black Widower 6.6:The End of Purity

"This is DJ D, the voice of the Underground. If you can hear this broadcast then we're looking for you. Our tomcat has staked his claim on the green eyed swamp rat. But after cooling his heels, can the rat be claimed by the tomcat or will it be in vain?"

Angelo suddenly pushed his wrist against my lips and I shoved it away. (What the fuck are you doing?!)

(You need to bind me to you, do you not?)

(But we're already bonded!)

Angelo shook his head. (Not for what you want to do. Don't tell me you've forgotten how it all works, love, you've done it often enough.)

Only Angel Boy could be selfless and snarky at the same time. (I know how it works,) I grumbled. 

(Then you know it's a soul bond, not a blood bond.)

Hot razors of torturing pain suddenly hit me, making me double over as the wounds in my sides grew almost too impossible to ignore or focus on anything else. Then Angelo bit into his wrist and the sweet scent of his blood hit me like a slap in the face. Pure instinct took over, shutting down all rational thought and I grabbed Angelo's wrist and crammed it against my lips. The first drop of blood hit my tongue and I suddenly didn't care that it was Angelo. It didn't matter. The Tiger was in control. My fangs sank deeper and I wasn't just taking blood, I was feeding on Angelo and it felt fucking fantastic. 

Angelo had once told me that even though I'd come close and thought I'd reached that point, I had not gone feral yet. I asked him how he could even say that because it was my feralness that made me kill. His answer was a question: if I was beyond starving and my own survival depended on it, could I kill him? 

I stared at him as if he were insane and said, of course not. How could I kill the one I loved the most?

His dark eyes met mine and said that if it was him, not only could Angelo kill me, he'd enjoy it more than any kill he ever had. And the fact that I couldn't see myself doing the same was proof that I'd never been feral. 

At the time, I didn't understand how he could do that and saw him as an even bigger monster than I thought he was. Now, I got it. Now it was eat or die and I didn't give a fuck who it was. 

I would not die.

Angelo must have felt I wasn't gonna stop because I was faintly aware of his fangs sinking into my throat. I figured he was replenishing what I took but as I began to feel the familiar tug of the bond I realized that he was mingling our blood to bind himself to me. 

But it wasn't enough. My wounds were healing rapidly but that was taking all my reserves and I was feeding to kill.

Angelo managed to get his pants off somehow and I suddenly heard his voice in my head. - Gamiseme tora! -

Fuck me now! 

Of course. The best way to mix our essences, along with the blood was fucking. But this wasn't Sharing pleasure; there was no passion in it. Not even sex for sex's sake. This was purely to seal the soul bond. Nothing more. 

Angelo was saving me from Trulydying so there had to be love in all this somewhere. But I didn't feel it. How could I when he forgot all about me up until now? 

Why didn't he summon me like he promised? Was he just here, being the hero yet again? Riding to the rescue on his fucking white horse to distract me from the fact that he disappeared off the face of the earth for a month? 

Still all on his terms. Just like always. Everything was always on Angelo's terms and the one time it wasn't he didn't even fight for me! If he wanted me that bad he could have be the chivalrous knight his actions made him seem like. Instead he just followed Ardoin's orders and handed me over to my aunt like I was just a piece of property he was done playing with.

Was that why he was offering to have me fuck him instead of me bottoming like usual? Angelo's equivalent of bringing me roses when he wanted to sweeten me up after a fight?

Was he so confident that I'd forgive his betrayal with a bond and a fuck?

Oh I'd fuck him. Just watch me. 

Without even thinking, I grabbed him and threw him down on his belly on the bed. Then I raised my hips as high as I could and fell into him over and over until I was practically drilling him into the mattress.

Angelo and I had rough sex all the time but now I just wanted him to hurt like I was. I wanted to knock him down a hundred pegs, kill that arrogance and show him it wasn't gonna be the cake walk he thought it would be. And this was the one way to do it.

Pinning Angelo face down and helpless as I viciously fucked him raw.

I thrusted as deep as I could, as painfully as I could and when I could feel I'd torn him bloody instead of stopping I only fucked him harder.

I should have felt disgusted and horrified at what I was doing. Instead, I was getting off on every wave of his agony. This was something I knew was the worst possible thing I could do to him and that made it all the more arousing.

My pace quickened as I rode waves of pleasure that soared higher the more savage I was until I came with a scream, my fangs sinking deep into the back of Angelo's neck.

The soul bond was sealed now and ecstasy and power abruptly flooded all my senses, sending me soaring sky high as I absorbed and consumed all the strength and life energy that Angelo was feeding me.

Feeding me without stopping.

That snapped me into sanity and it was like shaking off a heavy, choking fog that had taken over my thoughts and emotions.

Don't get me wrong, I was still pissed at Angelo and he owed me an explanation. But not enough to kill him.

Not enough to.... rape him. 

Now that I could think clearly, I realized that Angelo could have easily jumped and drained my body. 

But he didn't. He didn't fight me at all.

Angelo had juiced heavy so he could give me all the extra power and strength he'd gain but he not only fed it to me, he force fed it to me until the life that he stole from his victims was gone and all that was left was Angelo's life and his soul. I was absorbing Angelo's essence because Angelo was throwing himself on the Tiger.

To be devoured.

NO! I won't let him do this!

I snatched myself away and broke the connection that sparked the second I came. When I emptied myself into a vessel that just happened to be Angelo.

But he let me. Angelo let me physically and psychically rape him to the point where he was almost nearly Trulydead. I was  bombarded by horror, shame and disgust as memories of how I violated the person I loved flashing through my mind.  And the disgust was because as horrible as it was, the thoughts still excited me.

That was when I recognized I was still inside him. I pulled out and gently turned Angelo back on to his back.

His face was still beautiful, only it was drawn and tired. And his honeyed skin was now bluish grey and ice cold again.

The color of a corpse. Something I suddenly realized that Angelo was all too willing to be.

"Do you have a deathwish?" I hissed at him.

Angelo didn't answer. His lips just curled into a chilling smile. There was nothing evil about that smile. It wasn't his crazy sexy smile. Not even that sweet smile that signaled a tantrum.

No. It was an empty smile with the eyes whose smoldering fire had been snuffed out.

Angelo felt NOTHING.

A minute later he fell unconscious and suddenly, the only thing on my mind was fixing him up.

Fixing what I did to him. And only one thing would do it.

At the Saint George, you paid up front and there was a meter in the room, showing how much time you had left. If you stayed past the last minute on the meter, it sprayed the room with tear gas to drive you out. 

They weren't messing around. 

I needed more time than the two hours Vaso paid for so I quickly checked the meter to see how much time we had left.

Twenty hours? Holy fuck, Angelo must have paid enough for us to crash here until sunset tomorrow. Even though a part of me was irritated at his sureness I'd play along, the other part of me realized he'd done it to spend as much time with me as possible. 

I glanced at Angelo and saw he was falling deeper into unconsciousness. If I didn't do something soon, his body would survive but his soul wouldn't and he'd become a revenant. 

I could not let that happen. I would not let that happen. 

The door led straight outside and I figured I had to run into at least one creep who was either going to his car or trolling around for the next piece of ass he saw.

"Hey, you know where room 127 is? Got a date waiting for me there."

Oh fuck. Anything but that. Shaggy black hair, pretty face, cute body and big blue eyes to die for. So to speak. About fourteen with that mixture of sweetness and a bit of cocky attitude that made my cock hard and my gums ache. 

Just my type. And if he had a "date" then was probably some runaway a Keeper didn't snap up yet. Especially if he was still in the Old Quarter. "The arrows say the rooms've got odd numbers on the left side but I see from 101 to 125 then it jumps all the way to 133," he explained. 

If I ignored him, I could find something else. Someone else. I quickly brushed past him but the truth was that if I really meant to avoid him, I'd could have moved much faster. 

"Hey!" he called out, following me. "Come on! If you didn't know you could have just said so."

At that moment I made a quick decision. I stopped and turned to face him. "I know where it is." And I did. Quite well. The Saint George didn't care what happened as long as they got paid and that made it a great place to trick.

And a great place to bring pickups. 

He walked up to me and gave me a playful punch on my shoulder. "Why'd you give me a hard time?" he asked with a laugh. Then he grinned. "You angling for us to do a double date?"

A lot of "clients" liked the extra boy on boy action and would pay extra. I could see the credit notes dancing in his eyes. But I also could see that money wasn't his only motivation. "You wanna practice a little, first?" he asked me, his blue eyes a bit smoky with desire.

Didn't faze me that he made the moves on me so fast. You see, when most of the sex you have is with kiddy fuckers who are usually much older, ugly and just use your mouth and ass as holes to cum into, you gotta grab any opportunity you get.

Fuck, when I was a Pet, I did the same when I had the chance. Since most of the time I was junked up on E-dust and most of the boys were owned by Keepers who had an iron fist like Flin, let's just say it wasn't super often and when I could I fucked my brains out.

Kind of like I was feeling. Tendrils of his lust were tempting me and I found myself cupping his face in my hands and kissing him, licking and nibbling on his lips and he pulled me closer. He's already hard and I'm running out of time. I pulled away and caressed his face. "I got a room. Let's go there before the date and... practice some more," I suggested.

And I knew I had him, knew he'd follow me, it was so easy I barely had to seduce him.

He was so trusting. So vulnerable. And that's what made it terrible and delicious at the same time. 

I took his hand and started walking in the other direction until we were in front of Room 129 and I've  swiped my key card to open the door. "Come on in," I told him, guilt sparking like a tiny flame in my mind for what I'm about to do.

The boy laughed as I quietly close and lock the door behind him. "I never even gave you my name."

Don't. I didn't want to know it. It didn't matter anyway. "Don't worry about it," I said softly, silently creeping behind him, my hand suddenly covering his mouth to smother the scream as he saw Angelo comatose and appearing dead on the bed.

He tried to bite me but it was over. The thought that if I hadn't been in such a hurry, I could have toyed with him and gotten off on it was violently shoved away because it didn't matter either.  The guilt blazes stronger but the truth was, compared to Angelo, this boy was nothing but a means to an end.

"I'm sorry," I whispered as I used my other hand to shallowly slice into his throat. I could've easily slit it but he needs to be alive and the small rivulet of blood flowing from the wound is good enough. No need to torture him any more than I have to.

I dragged the terrified kid over to Angelo. Whose eyes instantly snapped open. They were fluorescent red and wild. He smelled the blood and he saw nothing else, cared about nothing else.

Then I watched as Angelo's instincts took over and he literally pounced on the boy, wrestled him to the ground before Angelo's teeth and nails tore him apart, chewing and swallowing greedily as he devoured him.

Angelo was pure Tiger, savage and primal and I have to admit, I was aroused just watching him, excited at this loss of control. Enough that I drew closer without even realizing it.

I glanced at the kid I lured here to feed Angelo and realized that as desperately hungry as Angel Boy was, he'd need so much more than usual. His veins were soaking in the blood like a sponge and consuming every piece of flesh he ate. His appetite was a bottomless pit and by the time Angelo was done, he was calmly licking his fingers. "So good," he whispered, his breath quickening and growing sharper as he seized me and kissed me deeply. "Efcharisto," he breathed before pulling me down on the floor.

"De rien," I answered and  we were saying so much more than "thank you" and "it's nothing."

Angelo's cheeks weren't sunken in anymore, they were rosy and his coloring was pure honey again. The craziness in his dark eyes had been replaced with lust but instead of kissing me more, the frenzy to eat and fuck had been replaced by the desire to lie in each other's arms. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to be held by him. But I still needed to know why he hadn't contacted me up until now and I bluntly asked him.

(I summoned you every night, Weasel. Several times a night. You never answered.)

I wanted to say he was bullshitting me but the one thing about Angelo was that even if it was a half truth, he never lied. But how could he say he tried to contact me when all I had was deafening silence. (I never received anything to answer to,) I replied simply.

(You said the magic words, love. You never received a thing,) Angelo said softly. (After nights of frustration and punching walls, I went to your Auntie's house to try to get to the source. But as soon as I reached the stairs I knew that not only would you never get any summoning from me, you'd never even see me again unless you left that house.)

(Why?) I asked in a small voice, an icicle of dread chilling me to my core because I already know the answer but need him to confirm it.

(Angelique never had any intention of honoring the agreement. The moment I left, she warded the house against me.)

She had said contacting Angelo would be a waste of time. Of course it was. The ward was like a magical forcefield surrounding the house. There was no way he could even get to me and any summoning of Angelo I tried would be stopped dead in its tracks.


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