Black Widower 6.3: Forbidden Fruit Tastes The Sweetest

"This is DJ D, the voice of the Underground. If you can hear this broadcast then we're looking for you. And the word up and down the juicer grapevine is our tomcat will soon be free to cat around even more. But will the cat play when the rat is away?

Two nights passed and Angel Boy was still sleeping off the bender he went on. Dimitri said that wasn't unusual and Angelo wouldn't wake up until that heavy meal was completely used up. Whenever the fuck that was.

(Why does it take so long?) I asked Dimitri as I stretched out naked on his bed. Our clothes were scattered all over his floor. When we frantically shed our clothes a little earlier, we weren't careful about where they landed, we'd just wanted to touch and taste bare skin and once we were naked, we tumbled onto the bed and went at each other like starving animals. Now that we'd had that first, desperate fucking we could lie languidly on the bed. And talk.

Or rather, Dimitri talked, I listened.

(No stomach, remember?) Dimitri explained. (It takes a long time for our blood to break meat down and Angelo can handle a little more than any other juicer so he eats more. Besides,) he snorted. (the munga had so much junk in his blood that he may not even wake up tonight.)

I made a face in disgust. (So he juices junkies even though he ordered me not to?)

Dimitri laughed. (You kidding? We get more bang for the credit when we spike vache who don't use and the stuff we give them is a lot purer than what a junkie can get their hands on.)

I blinked. (What stuff do you use? How often do you both "spike" your kills?)

(Enough,) Dimitri replied with amusement at my revulsion. (And Angelo has Rapture, Phrenzy, Sugar Frost, you name it, it's in his stash of goodies.)

When Angel Boy had bitched me out about drugs and blood, he's seemed to be talking from experience. Now I know he was. I also knew that Dimitri was only telling me this to repulse me. Well it was working. But it was fascinating me too. Fascinating me in a dangerous way because I knew that as much as it was disgusting me now, if Angelo wanted to do that when he was with me, curiosity alone would make me take that ride with him. (So, just drinking junked up blood puts us into that long sleep?)

"Baby," he whispered, kissing the back of my neck, "when our sweet Angelaki decides to make his appearance, you know we will be at each other's throats again," he leaned over and flicked his tongue against my lips, "so why don't we enjoy tonight while we can?" He kissed my mouth and then I wasn't thinking about Angelo's hypocrisy or his taste for drugs. And when Dimitri's tongue slipped inside, I wasn't thinking about anything else period.

I reached out for Dimitri and pulled him closer until he crawled on top of me and our kiss grew deeper. Dimitri didn't just kiss my mouth, he savored it, giving my lips little kisses and licks, nipping at my mouth until I let out a growl and swallowed his mouth, as my tongue wrapped around his.

Dimitri ground his cock into mine, our kiss growing more passionate as the sweet friction of Dimitri's hard-on quickly drove me insane. Then Dimitri's mouth slid away from mine and a shiver of desire ran through me as his mouth moved lower, his fangs raking my nipples and the wet, icy lapping of Dimitri's tongue as he sucked and licked at my bloodied nipple.

This was only our second time going this far and already, Dimitri knew my body. He might be a dick everywhere else but he was a completely different boy in the bedroom. No wonder Angelo never stopped sleeping with him.

Dimitri kissed his way down to my chest before licking and biting at my belly, his tongue just brushing against my aching cock. His kisses were so light I could barely feel them but they were arousing the fuck out of me, making me writhe on the bed crazily. His lips grazed my inner thigh, tonguing the crease where my thigh and leg met, lighting little fires of pleasure everywhere his mouth and tongue touched me.

The pleasure mounted, until it felt too good and I couldn't take it anymore. "Dimitri," I panted, raising my hips so my cock met his lips. "Please."

He laughed softly. (I love it when you beg,) he murmured, then swallowed me whole.

Dimitri's sucked me down voraciously, raking his teeth against my shaft as he bobbed up and down. But only the flat of his teeth, not his fangs, giving me just enough stimulation to tantalize me but not enough to make me come. Every scrape of his teeth and caress of his tongue just brought me closer but not quite there until every muscle in my body was tensed like a coil, ready to spring and I was breathing so hard, my chest was about to explode. "Fuck," I gasped, "it's too much, can't take much more."

Dimitri's glacial blue eyes seemed to say he wasn't done and I suddenly felt his finger slide into my ass as he took me deep into his throat and that did it, tremors of desire rippled through my body and ecstasy overtook me as I came hard in Dimitri's mouth.

And came and came again and again for the next several hours. I also managed to turn Angelo's cousin into a puddle of pure sensation, his cries and growls turning me the fuck on even more.

It wasn't until Dimitri and I had gone our separate ways after the surprisingly mindblowing sex that I realized that we'd fucked clean. Without the kill. The only other boy I was able to do that with was Angelo. Cripe. It was bad enough that Dimitri was that good in bed, to be that attracted to him that I wanted him without the kill, without being juiced up was just a cruel joke.

And so was the fact that it had taken forever for me to leave Dimitri's room before we set off on our own. I couldn't stop kissing him and once I started we went at it again.

I was addicted to Dimitri. Addicted to the way he focused all his attention on me when he Shared pleasure and the way he made love to my body, coaxing sensation with just his touch. Who would have guessed that he was such a playful and sensual lover who did whatever it took to please me and who never failed to satisfy me.

And it was never EVER violent. Somehow, we both instinctively knew we didn't want that with each other.

Don't get me wrong, Dimitri was still and always would be a fucking asshole. But when it came to sex, we left the politics out of the bedroom.

The next night, I woke up to the sensation of what felt like cool leather pressing against my back. No, it was leather. I couldn't even open my eyes yet, never mind turning around to investigate. Then teeth nibbled my ear and a familiar tongue ran along the shell. "This is your wake up call," Angelo whispered in my ear before his tongue darted into my ear. Still couldn't move yet but I melted anyway.

He pressed against me from behind, he was in leather from head to toe, which meant his boots were on the bed but at this point, I didn't care. I hadn't seen him since the night he showed up wasted and even though I was still a little mad about this, the fact that I had not only Angel Boy in my bed to wake up to but an Angel Boy in leather made me get over my mad-on. And when he ground against me from behind and I felt his leather covered erection, that mad-on quickly turned into a hard-on. Sleeping in the nude definitely had its perks.

As soon as I could move, I rolled over to face Angelo. A leather vest that laced up on the side. Tight leather pants. And of course, those fuck me boots of his. I licked my lips, gods he looked beyond hot, beyond sexy. I couldn't help it, I pounced, pinning him down, suddenly wanting him really, really bad.

Angelo grinned. (I should give you wake up calls more often.) He pulled my head down and kissed my mouth, biting my lips and sucking them until my mouth opened to his exploring tongue. No cloves this time, either in his mouth or anywhere on his body or clothes, just Angelo's almost reassuringly familiar mixture of spicy musk, licorice and of course, blood. Always. Whether it was the few drops he took from my lips, his prey or even what he fed me now as he purposely cut his tongue on my fang, Angelo always tasted of blood and it never failed to excite me.

Like now.

I changed my positioning, straddling Angelo with my thighs flat against his sides. Then I thrusted forward and Angelo groaned with surprise and pleasure as my naked cock slid against Angelo's leather crotch. "Gama mou, agape!" he hissed against my mouth, "you keep going at this rate I'll just forget about the hotel room and Share pleasure with you here."

I drove my hips down hard, humping him for a moment before his words sunk in and I stopped, breaking the kiss. (Hotel room?) I tilted my head quizzically. (What hotel room?)

Angelo laughed. (I thought that'd get your attention, lover mine.)

(It did,) I agreed. (Now, what hotel room, Angel Boy?)

(We haven't seen much of each other in a while and I wanted to make it up to you,) Angelo explained. (So I booked us a room at a nice hotel. La Maison.)

Well what do you know? Angelo apologizing? Well, for Angelo, it was the closest thing to an apology that Angelo would give and I'd take what I could get. I smiled. Not only was it an apology, it was almost romantic. (La Maison, mmmm?)

He nodded. "Look in your closet, moro mou," he whispered.

Huh? My eyes flew to my closet. Then my mouth dropped open at what was hanging inside it. A purple satin shirt. Black pegged pants with snaps at the cuffs. And to finish off the ensemble, black calf length leather boots. By now I knew Angelo had impeccable taste when it came to clothes but this… this… "You've outdone yourself," I breathed.

Angelo smiled. (I take it you like it, my love?)

I smiled back. (Understatement. Major, major understatement.)

I quickly got dressed, but it wasn't until I buckled my boots that I regained enough good sense to wonder why we were dressed to kill to just go into a hotel room. (You got anything else planned for tonight, Angel Boy?)

(Oh, a dinner for two,) Angelo replied offhandedly.

I blinked. (You say that like you can just walk into some restaurant and order it, Angelo.)

(Well,) Angelo demurred, (not quite.)

Not quite. Yeah, right. (You didn't buy this "dinner" did you, Angelo?)

Angelo's answer was to slide his hand under my jaw and kiss my mouth softly. (Why don't you just wait and see, sweets.)

In other words, I wasn't gonna like it. Why did that boy always have to give me the medicine along with the spoonful of sugar?

But of course, he piqued my curiosity. He had a gift for doing that.

By now when we left the Nocturne together, whether it was to hunt or hang out if we hadn't juiced we just phased out then rematerialized outside, in back of the club, where no one would see us. No more dealing with the entrance or asshole bouncers.

(Where're we going?) I asked as we began to walk past the strip of clubs near the Nocturne.

"Nirvana," Angelo whispered dramatically.

Nirvana turned out to be a dance club right at the end of the strip, across from the beach. Yeah, made sense now, we were dressed up to attract whatever mark Angelo had in mind. He was running the show tonight and I was just following his lead. He must have known the bouncer because we got into the club easily.

"There you are," a boy's voice said as we walked into the club. "I was wondering if you'd make it, tonight, Angelo."

Angelo gave his name? Definite death warrant for this boy. But I suddenly understood what Angelo had meant by "dinner for two."

And Angelo was turning on the charm, in full gamer mode. "You look mouth watering, Nolan," he purred.

Oh yes he did. Tawny brown hair, hazel eyes and a nice, nice body, packaged in lace and lycra.

A shiver rose up to my neck as I realized how much I'd missed this. Me and Angelo. Gaming together, killing together then fucking together. It'd been so long. Too long. Fuck, I wanted this, I needed this. I hated this because I knew that even though I'd feel the guilt tomorrow, right now I didn't give a shit.
Nolan smiled at Angelo's easy flattery. Then he looked at me, noticing me for the first time. "Angelo didn't say anything about bringing a friend." Then he grinned wickedly. "But three can be as much fun as two was, right Angelo?"

Angelo grinned back. "Definitely, sweet thing."

"Oh?" I asked in a falsely cheerful tone. "When was that?"

Angelo shot me one of those looks I'd become very familiar with. A look warning me to play along. "Last night," he answered pleasantly.

When he set this up. (You had to try him out first?)

Amusement glinted in Angelo's dark eyes. (Are you actually jealous of our pickup, glike mou?)

(Not jealous,) I mumbled, knowing how unconvincing I sounded. And knowing how ridiculous I sounded.

(Sure you're not,) Angelo teased, clearly enjoying himself.

Damn him!

I notice that Nolan's eyes were not only looking me up and down. He seemed to be looking for something and for the life of me, I couldn't figure it out. I only knew that his scrutiny made me uneasy. "What the fuck are you looking at?" I demanded.

Angelo was no longer amused and gave a hard yank on the blood bond. - I suggest you get rid of whatever bug crawled up your ass, Weasel. Now. Or I'll take him back to the hotel and you can go find someone else to eat. - Angelo said telepathically before cutting off contact. Just slammed the door shut. Fuck, I hated when he did that.

Nolan flashed me a smile meant to placate me. "I'm just enjoying the view."

I'll bet he was.

Angelo cupped my cheek affectionately. "I agree, there is a lot to enjoy about Weasel."

My real name? (What the fucking hell are you doing, Angel Boy?)

(Don't worry about it,) was all Angelo said, instantly shutting me up.

"It's in your face," Nolan suddenly said to me. "Just like with Angelo."

No. Don't tell me he knows. Don't tell me Angelo told him. "Don't know what you mean," I reply.

"It's alright, love," Angelo reassured me, then smiled at Nolan, "I'm not gonna have you go into it blind."

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what did Angelo mean? Well since things seemed to be out in the open….

"When you take off your shirt am I gonna find bruises on your chest?" I bluntly asked Nolan.

Nolan laughed. "And then some. Your boyfriend really got into it last night."
"Really?" I replied with bared teeth disguised as a smile.

"Had to get Nolan used to things, lover," Angelo purred then gave Nolan a smirk. "You did catch on really quick, sweetling."

"It feels good," Nolan said with a dreamy smile and I realized that Angelo Pleasured Nolan in exchange for his blood. And now Nolan was figuring I'd do the same.

UGH! The thought of someone actually getting off on being juiced, on being FED on, was just beyond my comprehension.

Angelo was amused at my look of revulsion. Of course he was. (It's a tradeoff, lover,) Angelo said. (It's not like it's a foreign concept to you, sweetling.)

I stared at him. (It's not. What is a foreign concept is that you've never Shared a thrall with me before, Angel Boy.)

(And I'm not now, malaka. Nolan isn't a thrall so you can stop looking down your nose,) Angelo's amusement was quickly giving way to irritation.

(No, he's a fucking pleasurewhore,) I retorted. Pleasurewhores were like junkies except instead of being addicted to drugs, they were addicted to the ecstasy juicers gave them in exchange for their "donations."

Angelo rolled his eyes. (What is your problem, Weasel? I get him off, then I get to tap that sugar and get off myself. Fair.)

(Yeah, yeah, sure. It's just one big party.) I muttered. Angelo never lied per se but he did have a way of shading the truth by only giving the parts of it he wanted you to know. I wondered how much shading he did with Nolan. It was time to find out. I smiled sweetly at Nolan. "You want me to use you like that, Nolan? That what you're saying?"

Nolan laughed good-naturedly, obviously missing what I meant by "use." It figured. "If you want." He grinned. "If you can make me feel as good as he can."

Cripes, Nolan was either as thick as a fucking brick or he didn't want to understand.

A freebie. Someone I could drink from with no guilt because he was willing. "He's gonna taste you too," I told Nolan. "You sure you can handle the two of us?"

Angelo flashed me a look of annoyance. (Do you WANT to starve tonight, dearheart? If the set up offends you too much, don't take any.) Then he grinned evilly. (Or is it that lack of spice that makes it so unpalatable, babycakes?)

(Shut the fuck up!) I growled but only because I knew he was right. It just wasn't as… fun? ….delicious? … pleasurable? Fuck me, what the hell had I become? I needed that fear as much as I needed the pleasure and that made me as much of an addict as Nolan was.

Angelo, ever the gamer, could see the confusion in Nolan's eyes and didn't intend to let it turn to uneasiness. "Sweet thing," he purred to Nolan, "La Maison awaits."

Nolan nods and grinned. "Ready when you are, you guys."

I wish Nolan wasn't so easy going. I wish he was an asshole. That'd make it so much easier for me. But I'm not about to starve. That was who Angelo chose? Fine, that's who we'd use. Who we'd drive crazy with pleasure. Then eat our dinner for two.

I was sure Nolan had no idea he was the main course but, c'est la vie. "Let's go then," I said and the three of us left Nirvana and walked the eight blocks to La Maison.

La Maison was one of those hotels where the management was willing to indulge in their guests' idiosyncrasies for the right price. Since Angelo was more than willing to pay it, they were more than willing to overlook the fact that the three of us didn't look any older than our midteens and that Angelo and I had no chip implanted in our heads. Money was the great equalizer after all.

Nolan didn't seem surprised that Angelo had that kind of money on the credit card. Of course not, he knew what Angelo was. What we were. He probably figured having a lot of money went with the package. I wondered if he figured out that Angelo lifted the credit card and the rest of the wallet from his last kill.

Angelo's trophy.

That trophy bought us a nice room with all kinds of amenities. Nice roomy bed with silken sheets and luxurious bedding. Heart shaped Jacuzzi. Fridge stocked with wine and beer. The only amenity that Angelo was really interested in was the heavy metal blinds and thick dark curtains that could close with remote control.

To ensure the sun's rays would never reach us. Oh, and of course, the guarantee that we would not be disturbed.

To my surprise, as soon as the door was closed and Angelo was lying on his back on the bed, Nolan grabbed my shoulders and kissed me in a way that almost made my knees buckle. Hot, liquid and sensual, like candy melting on my tongue, it had been such a long time since a Breather, hell, since a Norm had aroused me this much. So when Nolan steered me backwards so he could easily push me onto the bed, even though I could have effortlessly stopped him, I let him.

Angelo changed position, flopping down on his stomach, propping his hand under his chin with his elbow on the bed, just watching us. And waiting.

Nolan sat down beside me and slowly unbuttoned my purple satin shirt, raining kisses over every inch of skin that got exposed until my shirt was completely unbuttoned. His tongue was like warm, wet velvet as it greedily lapped at my nipples before his mouth enveloped them and I let out an involuntary groan as he sucked my nipple hard against his teeth. Each time he bit, the snap of pain jolted me straight to my cock and before I knew it, Angelo was unfastening my pants, sliding them off my legs and then I was feeling his deliciously icy tongue licking up the shaft of my cock at the same time as Nolan's hot mouth was attacking my chest.

Angelo's teasing of my cock was getting overwhelming, licking between my thighs, sucking on just the head, he was driving me fucking insane. "I thought we were Pleasuring, Nolan," I whispered to Angelo as softly as I could, panting a little too hard for Nightspeech.

Angelo wasn't. (We will,) he reassured me, the slight vibration of his lips against the base of my cock bringing shivers of desire up and down my body. (Later. Right now, we both want to enjoy you.) He smiled a little.

I snorted. (You mean you wanted to sweeten me first,) I corrected, finally able to Nightspeak.

(You mind it terribly?) Angelo drawled, then swallowed my cock whole before I could answer.

Nolan must have had enough of my chest because he seized my lips again, his tongue licking at them until my mouth opened and his tongue snaked inside, fuck, he could kiss. His tongue wasn't just fucking my mouth, it massaged my own tongue, making me gasp as his tongue slid over my teeth. Then his tongue teased my upper gums and I realized he was purposely stimulating me enough to unsheathe my fangs. "You like?" he whispered in between deep hungry kisses.

"Oh yeah," I managed to gasp, bucking and thrusting hard into Angelo's mouth as he took me deep into his throat.

After that, thinking no longer seemed that important and giving into the ecstasy from being ravished by both boys was too tempting to pass up.

Pure sensation flooded my brain as the three of us became a tangle of naked bodies, all mouths, hands and tongues. So much so that I wasn't aware of when my teeth sank into Nolan's neck until he moaned orgasmically as my mouth was flooded with his sugar laden blood. I heard Angelo's soft sucking and looked down to see Angelo drinking from Nolan's thigh.

Nolan was crying out in rapture, almost coming from the extreme pleasure from Angelo and my drinking.

So good. So savory. One swallow wouldn't satisfy me or warm the ice in my veins and Nolan suddenly yelped as my teeth went deeper without hesitation. I wasn't tasting an offering anymore, I was feeding.

And I wasn't the only one.

At first, Nolan was still riding the pleasure haze, then he seemed to realize what was happening because he started to struggle.

Big mistake. It only made me, made Angelo, made us want Nolan more. Fear spiked his blood and the sugar-spice sang in my veins. We were killing him and I didn't really care, didn't feel the usual guilt. What the fuck did he expect? When you swim with sharks, you're gonna get bitten. And if anyone was a shark, it was Angelo.

And me.

Within moments, Nolan's unconscious body was lying on the floor and Angelo and I were tearing at each other. When we Shared pleasure now, it was rarely him doing me or me doing him, it was always moving together. Our hands slid over juice fevered flesh, our bodies slithering against each other as our teeth and nails marked and reclaimed each other's skin. Until Angelo claimed me in another way, plunging deep inside me and taking me so hard and fast that I thought the bed was gonna break. Every thrust seemed to be saying "MINE" and by the time orgasm slammed into me as hard as Angelo's cock, I was more than glad to be his.

And when I returned the favor, pulling his hips down and impaling him, I drove into him so deep that each time I pulled back, I pulled him along with it, until he gave that catlike hiss that meant he was coming. The first sweet sting of his fangs into my neck was enough to push me over that edge and my teeth bit deep into his shoulder as I came violently.

As usual, it was after the lust had cleared from my brain that I was able to think enough to realize that Angelo had manipulated me yet again into doing something I didn't want to do. (Angel Boy,) I murmured against his shoulder as I lazily lapped at blood still flowing, (does it get you off to make me do what you want?)

Angelo withdrew and sat up, straddling me. (Glike mou, it gets me off when you do what YOU want.)He leaned down and kissed me on the mouth. (It gets me off to watch you.) He kissed down my neck. (It gets me hot and bothered when you play with your prey, fuck with their heads and yeah, especially,) Angelo slid down my body so his legs were straight across my sides, (when you kill. That is what gets me off, lover mine.)Just talking about it was making Angelo hard again and I'd be lying if I didn't say that it got me just as excited.

Angelo wasn't telling me anything I hadn't already seen and it got ME off to get him so aroused by using the pickup to titillate him. Just like he did with me. But I'd expect that from him. Not from me. (Angelo, why do you make me do things that I'll only hate myself for the next night?)

Angelo just grinned. (Wrong question, beloved.)

Damn him! (What's the right question then?)

(Why do you let me?)

And he was absolutely right. If I didn't want him to play with me as easily as he played with his own prey, I'd never have let him.

I let him. I let him.

Fuck me.

Angelo suddenly got off of me and off the bed, slipping back into his leather pants and boots and scooping Nolan's corpse off the floor. (We have the room for the night, lover. Just lie back and relax, I'll take care of the empty.) He threw Nolan over his shoulder, opened the door, and left.

We had the room for the night? In-teresting. Almost romantic.

Then why did I have the nagging feeling that I was being set up for something. Maybe it was how good natured Angelo was being. How patient. Couldn't put my finger on it but I couldn't shake the suspicion and something told me I'd find out one way or the other when Angelo got back. All I could do is wait.

Angelo came back almost an hour later. He sat on the edge of the bed, kicked off his boots and lay down next to me, still in his leather pants. Uh-oh, I was right, or he'd have taken them back off. Then he turned onto his side to face me. "Moro mou," he whispered, "I've never wanted anyone the way I want you."

It wasn't "I love you," but it was the closest thing I was gonna get. (I want you too,) I replied, looping my arm around his neck and pulling him forward for a kiss.

Angelo briefly returned the kiss, then pulled back. There was something in his eyes that bothered me. Caring, yes. Maybe even love. But there was also regret. As if he was already sorry that he hurt me.

I let my hand slide under his jaw and held it vicelike. (What is going on, Angel Boy? Tell me!)

Angelo shook his head. (I wanted our last night to be special, kaloz mou.)

Hold on one fucking moment. (Last night? You're leaving me, you asshole?)

(No,) Angelo said sadly. (You will be leaving me.)

"Damn you, Angelo," I hissed. "When the fuck did I ever say I was leaving you?"

(Not you, my love. Angelique will be training you by the sunrise after this one.) Angelo snorted, not bothering to hide his disgust. (Ardoin wants a witch. Angelique will be ensuring he gets one.)

Fuckin' A! (And when did I decide I'd do this?!)

(You don't understand, Weasel,) Angelo said, his tone flat, as if he'd been trying to convince himself. (You don't get to decide. Ardoin owns you. Ardoin decides. If you disobey him, he'll make you regret it.) Angelo suddenly got angry. (You know his power! You have that power. Up until now Ardoin has let you live and let live, because you had no importance to him. But now he's damned interested and if you are in the Underground you serve Ardoin!)

Like an anvil falling on me, I realized that I was a slave. I'd been one from the moment Ardoin fed me his blood and bound me to him. I hugged myself, feeling my world crumble. (When?) I asked softly.

(I told you. You have to be at Angelique's place before the next sunrise,) Angelo snapped. (Don't make this harder than it already is, Weasel.)

(And that's why you told me now, when we're almost ready to Sleep?)

To my surprise, Angelo lay on his back but mussed my hair affectionately. (I told you when you wouldn't be aware enough for it to eat at you.)

And that was a very Angelo thing to do. Fuck me. Why did he have to be so kind to me, even now?

And the answer hit me right before I lost consciousness.

Angelo was being as kind as he could be to make up for the fact that this was something he could not protect me from. And to make up for the fact that he was just as powerless as I was.

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