Part 6.1: Baptism by fire

Part 6.2: Family Ties

Part 6.3: Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest

Part 6.4: Ties that bind

Part 6.5: Love Burns

Part 6.6: The end of purity

Part 6.7: Love Betrays

Part 6.8: The beginning of doubt

Part 6.9: Love Reveals

I'm now aware that I previously left out bw 1.3 and bw 1.3A. Without them, things did make sense but with those two parts, it makes more sense! Eventually I'll be re-editing all of these pages but for the time being you'll see the flow works better, hopefully.

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Part 1.1

Part 1.2

Part 1.3

Part 1.3A

Part 2

Part 3: Life's a bitch, then you die

Part 4.1: Origins

Part 4.2: The first night

Part 4.3: The end of illusion

Part 4.4: Revelations

Part 5.1: The beginning of decandence

Part 5.2: The fall from idealism

Part 5.3: Facing truths

Part 5.4: The prodigal son returns

Part 5.5: Night of reckoning

Part 5.6: The quiet before the storm