Black Widower 6.5: Love Burns

"This is DJ D, the voice of the Underground. If you can hear this broadcast then we're looking for you. Seems like an old flame has been reignited. The tomcat and rat are playing with fire. But will it get their eyebrows singed?"

I know that my aunt meant to insult me when she said I was just like Ardoin. Her words were meant to scare me, make me snap to my senses and be the obedient student she’d made me into. 

They didn’t. "No," I corrected with a smirk, "I'm just like me."Angelique's eyes narrowed and she looked at me in disgust. "Fine, you go. But mark me, Jacques," she hissed between bared fangs, "if you as much as look at that Hellenic whore, I will see to it that you never, ever step foot out of this house." 

 I laughed. "Yeah? How?" 

"You think I cannot?" She began to move her fingers and I could see the sparks of energy flying through them until they fused into one long purplish strand. Then she thrust her pulsating hands at me and that energy strand snaked around my body, wrapping so tautly I couldn't move. 

Okay, she could. "I get the point," I snapped. "Can you let go of me now?" 

"See to it that you don't get lost along the way." Angelique snapped her fingers and the strand of energy flowed back into her body. 

"Not planning on it," I mumbled before phasing the fuck out. 

Angelique's place was about a half kilometer away from the beach and pier. Right by that pier was the secret tunnel from the Old Quarter to the Baptiste tomb at Golden Slumbers and the entrance was where I phased back in. Not that I wanted to use that tunnel to get into Sargot City, if I wanted to go into Sargot City, instead of phasing in, I could have stayed as mist and let the wind carry me there. I just used that tunnel because I knew no one would see me rematerialize. Somehow, the fact it took energy made rematerializing all the more satisfying. Energy I intended to refresh. And not by psychically tapping into juicers doing it for me.  

No, I was done with that. Done with the hypocrisy of feeding on juicers who fed on the blood of Norms. No matter how you looked at it, human lives were taken so I might as well take it for myself, yeah?

"Hey, you lost?" a boy's voice suddenly asked me. 

Where the fuck did he come from? "Yeah, a little." 

I turned and saw a bottle blond, blue eyed boy who looked about a year, two years older than me tops. Pretty boy. Pretty enough to make my long ignored hunger rise. "Where're you trying to go?" he asked. 

"Nowhere special," I replied, for lack of anything better to say. I could blame it on being caught off-guard but the truth was that even though it had only been a month or so, I was rusty when it came to gaming. Hunting. Having a fucking conversation and talking to someone besides my aunt.   

"Want company?" he offered, then drew closer to me before I had the chance to answer one way or the other.

At first I was gonna say no, since I wasn't planning to kill him and he'd only get in the way. But as he moved nearer, I could instantly sense he was a Stalker who was probably stupid enough to be hunting ME. So I instantly changed my mind about feeding on juicers; only it would be his blood drenching my throat and just the thought of it made my dick hard.

Especially since he had to be new, I'd never seen him at the Nocturne and he was just the type for someone I didn't want to think about. Someone I sure as fuck knew wasn't thinking about me and if I had any doubt about whose bastard this was, it was pretty much gone once he introduced himself. "Call me, Vaso."

Oh yeah. "VAH~so' was already copying Angelo's style of talking but I just played dumb. "Jamie."

"Good to meet you, Jamie," Vaso said. "You just hanging out for the night?"

"Pretty much."

"You like hanging out with boys?" Vaso asked with a sly smile.

I grinned wickedly. "I like doing a lot of things with boys." My fingers brushed against his cheek. "Do you?" 

Vaso was so fucking stupid he didn't even notice my skin was as icy as his. Instead his tongue flicked out over my fingers and pushed my fingertips into his mouth, sucking them.

The breath I drew in wasn't part of the game, he pushed more of my fingers into his mouth and his tongue and lips worked such magic, I began to wonder what kind of magic they'd work on the rest of my body. After all, if Angel Boy made him a Bride, he had to be more than good in bed.

Vaso's eyes glinted with many lusts; it was only a matter of time before he made his move. "You like doing this with boys?" he asked me softly before leaning in and kissing me. 

I moaned as he deepened the kiss, especially because his mouth tasted so good. His hands slid beneath my shirt and caressed me and I couldn't help but lean into his touch. He pressed against me and I could feel his hard on grinding against my leg. It took everything in me to not bite his lips until they bled and suck at them.

Vaso broke the kiss, breathing as hard as I was. "You wanna go somewhere we can have more fun?"

"Like your place?" I asked innocently.

Vaso wasn't expecting that and I could almost see the gears turning in his head as he tried to come up with an alternative since the last thing he wanted was to take me back to "his place." Mostly because as a Stalker, he doesn't get a room upstairs and the chances were he crashed wherever he can find space. "No can do," he finally said. "Not exactly the best place for houseguests if you catch my drift."

I don't know if I decided to fuck with his head or if I just fell into it automatically but I kept on playing dumb. "Gotcha. You don't want your boyfriend catching you cheating."

I had to suppress a smirk when I saw the oh so familiar mixture of amusement and resentment briefly flicker in his eyes that meant that Angel Boy was already fucking around on him. "No," was all he said. It was all he needed to say.

"Whatever," I replied with just enough skeptical doubt to make Vaso uneasy. Fuck, no wonder Angelo got tired of him so quick; his flavor of the month couldn't game a five year old.

Those gears were working in Vaso's pointy little head again but this time I spared him from having to think too hard. "We could always go to a fotel," I suggest. In other words: a fuck hotel.

Thirty minutes later we're buck assed naked; going at it in some rent by the hour room at The Saint George and I'm feeling that magic mouth working at my dick. Vaso might have been as dumb as toast but he was better than wicked-good at sucking cock and add that with a juicer's suction and I was gone, bucking on the bed as he swallowed me down.

The pleasure rose so fast it overtook my body until I was coming down Vaso's throat but before Vaso could attack me I pulled him up by his shoulder and yanked his head back….

"Nice try," Vaso suddenly hissed, his elbow flying into my stomach, forcing me to let go. "No cigar, Weasel."

What the fuck? I never gave him that name!

I lunged for him but he moved faster and pushed me down on the bed, pinning me on my back. (Only a month and you're already out of practice,) Vaso mockingly. (So much for your fancy bloodline.)

Fuck, did Angelo tell this fucktoy everything about me? My muscles tensed and I sprang to push him off me but that only gave Vaso better leverage and his nails dug into my sides, dragging me back down onto the bed. (Now, now,) he chided, (no more of your tricks.)

I snarled and tried pulling away but Vaso's nails went deeper so if I pulled any more, he'd split me open. He had me, at least for now, and he knew it.  "Look who's talking about tricks," I gasped through the knifing pain. 

Vaso smirked. (No tricks. Just …some fun. ) Vaso abruptly straddled me while keeping me in that deadly grip. "And it's about to get a lot more fun," he hissed between fully unsheathed fangs. 

He leaned forward and flicked his tongue over my lips and I realized that he was a real threat. Vaso had gamed me and I'd fallen right into his trap.  He had me just where he wanted me and there was shit I could do about it.  Had my exile with Angelique made me into something so pathetic I could be beaten by a fucking Stalker who'd learned more in four weeks with Angelo than I learned in nearly a year?

(Alright,) a familiar voice suddenly growled, (funtime is over, Vaso.) Vaso's nails were pulled out of my body as Angelo lifted him by the back of his neck then threw him against the wall. (What did I tell you, little Vaso?)

When the fuck did Angel Boy get here and why would he even bother rescuing me yet again when he didn't give a fuck about me anymore?

Vaso glared at him, not saying a word.

(You going deaf, malaka?) Angelo asked softly in that menacing tone of his that even scared the fuck out of Dimitri. (Or are you just a fucking idiot?)

(He just fell into my lap, Angelo. How could I resist?) Vaso's eyes glinted with defiance. (Besides, I figured if he was gonna kill me, I'd kill him first.)

Angelo made a sound between a sigh and a snarl and Shadowdanced to Vaso's broken body. (I warned you about this shit.) He kicked Vaso's side to emphasize the point. "Go!" he hissed.

Vaso was shaky but he managed to stand up and get dressed. (Gamisou,) he spat at Angelo before facing me. (Let's see how tough you are when Angelo isn't fighting your battles, kariolis,) he sneered before phasing out.

Angelo fighting my battles. He always fought my battles. I wanted to believe I could handle things myself, that I didn't need Sir Angelo to come to the rescue, but tonight shot that  out of the water.

I knew I should've been more grateful but I was way too pissed at how he abandoned me up until now that "thank you" was the furthest thing from my mind. (He must've kept you really busy,) I said cheerfuly. (How long did you wait, Angelo? Two nights? One night? Or was he already waiting in yout bed the night you dropped me off at Angelique's?)

Angelo blinked as if he didn't know what I was talking about. (Who?)

(That's it, play dumb you fucking bastard!)

Angelo shook his head. (Who's playing? What the fuck are you on about Weasel?)

After all that he was still fucking around with my head! (Vaso,) I snapped. (Your new fuck of the month!)

I expected Angelo to mindfuck me more. What I didn't expect was for him to start laughing. (New?) He started to choke. (Are you kidding me, sweets?)

(I'm dead serious,) I said, getting even more pissed. 

Angelo gasped as he tried to stop laughing. "I guess you are." He walked over to me and patted my shoulder, catching his breath. (Lover, what made you think Vaso was new?)

I rolled my eyes. (No? Then why is this the first time I ever saw him?)

(Because I told him to stay the fuck away from you.)

I stared at him. (So Vaso isn't new.)

(Fuck no.) Angelo looked down at my slowly healing sides, which were still bleeding because I didn't have the energy to stop it. (Gamoto!) he swore, shaking his head. Then he kissed me on the lips. (Wait here, beloved,) he told me before leaving the room and slamming the door behind him.

Beloved? I was still his beloved? But if that was the case why didn't he come for me when I called him? 

He came now, said that voice inside me that had been missing since Angelique had become my teacher. He saved you. If he'd forgotten about you he wouldn't have bothered. 

I knew if I'd told all this to Angelique, she'd find a way to make it Angelo's fault. She'd say he set me up to make himself look good. Or that he got tired of Vaso and used me as an excuse to get rid of him.

Just as quickly, I realized how stupid that thought was. If anything, once Angelo got tired of someone, he just stopped sleeping with them, he didn't need any excuse for that.  As for making himself look good, Angelo didn't need to do that either and wouldn't care if he didn't give a fuck about me. 

A few moments later, Angelo staggered in, juiced to the gills and high as a fucking kite. Before I could say a word, his hand covered my mouth. "Shhh," he whispered. "Don't say a word. Just listen. You think you could do that, kaloz mou?"

It wasn't like I could I could do anything else. 

"You've gotten real good at stripping my kids," Angelo continued, "so I figure you should be able to do this in your sleep."

So he knew what I did. Was that what this little tête-à-tête was about? Another fucking game where Angelo uses my guilt against me?

Guilt I didn't feel so the game was on him. But all I said was, "Fucking straight."

A familiar gleam of impatience flickered in Angelo's dark eyes. Good, his temper was  starting to show. Now I'd see what that asshole's motives really were.

Angelo sighed with exasperation, then lay down next to me, closing his eyes. (Then do it.)

At first I had no idea what he meant. Then it hit me and suddenly I knew why he fed so heavy. (You've got to be kidding Angel Boy. I'm not doing that to you!)

(Why the fuck not?) Angelo demanded. (I kept Vaso away from you for a reason. You might have power but he has years and years of experience. No power can compensate for that.)

Angelo had said Vaso wasn't new, but years and years? (How many years?)

(He was my second kid, made only a little after Dimitri when we made our trek up the Florida coast, you do the math.)

Fuck. I remembered how I thought he was imitating Angelo and I realized, it's that same slight accent, complete with the same curse words. And considering that Vaso looked closer to Dimitri's age than Angelo's, that would make him older than Angelo or at least the same age. (So he's just avoided me up until tonight?)

(Fuck that!) Angelo growled. (At the rate you're going, it won't matter anyway until you get the energy to heal yourself.)

Did he realize what he was offering? (Angel Boy,) I said softly, my fingers brushing against his warm cheek, (I've never tried to control how much I take. I might end up killing you.)

Angelo leaned into my touch and met my gaze. (So be it.)

He knew exactly what he was doing. And what he was doing was giving his life for mine.

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