Black Widower 6.7: Love Betrays

"This is DJ D, the voice of the Underground. If you can hear this broadcast then we're looking for you. Seems like the tomcat and green eyed swamp rat have taken each other's measure for the first time. But be careful rat or you may find something dark and evil in your own measure that will either strengthen or shatter you.

For the first time I got why Angelo hated my aunt so much. Actually, I'd already been nursing my own dislike for her since I became her student, but what Angelo just said totally crystalized it to a hate-on.

By teaching me how to drain the juicers I bound to me, Angelique was also teaching me what a Broodmaster did and I quickly began to think like one. And thinking as a Broodmaster, I could easily see what a threat Angelo was.

Not because of power, he could be smacked down and killed by any Broodmaster. Even me. No, it was because of a reason I didn't recognize until tonight. Angelo was fearless when it came to pursuing something he wanted. No one could stop him. Nothing could stop him. Not even if it would be fatal. Angelo's secret weapon, although I doubt he thought of it that way.

How could you threaten or fight someone who didn't care if they lived or died?

The answer suddenly came to me. By threatening what he did care about.

Or who.

I snuggled more comfortably in Angelo's arms and kissed him softly but with passion.

Angelo blinked. (What was that for?) Then he smiled. (Not like I minded it.)

For so many things. (For being the stubborn bastard that you are,) I said simply. Then I rolled over on to my back, pulling him on top of me. This part was gonna be harder. (I'm sorry.)

(Again, what for?)

I meant to apologize for what I did for him but instead I ended up blurting, (Why didn't you fight back?)

No answer. Either he was sparing me or sparing himself the argument it would cause. The warning look in those dark eyes told me it was both but if I didn't find out it would drive me fucknuts. (Tell me why, Angel Boy.)

"To cheat you," he hissed with amusement.

Now it was my turn to be confused. (What the fuck are you talking about?)

Angelo smiled coldly. (You don't get it now,) he got off of me and calmly laid on his back, (but you will.)

Fine. I could see what he was doing; trying to regain the dominance he had before by teaching me a lesson. 

But it was a lesson I could take or leave. That power over me was gone. I'd already asserted my dominance over Angelo in a way I could  not take back. 

Even if I wanted to. That was why Angel Boy was shutting down on me. 

No, not shutting down. More like shutting me out. And ... there... it was. So fast that I wasn't sure I saw it before now. A steely red glint in Angelo's black eyes.

A flicker of hatred.

My lover hated my guts and I couldn't blame him. How could I?

I suddenly felt his fingers running through my hair. (I don't hate your guts,) Angelo said, his soft lips vibrating against my ear.

No. It was more like "I don't hate your guts." Implying he hated someone else's.

Then I realized he'd picked the thought from my head and I never even felt it. A subtle show of power but also a warning that even if I did have more power, don't underestimate him. "Congrats," he whispered, "you took me down nice and quick. You won't get to do it twice."

Angelo hadn't only snatched his dick and balls back. He just shoved them up my ass.

That was why he didn't get why I apologized. He may not have liked my show of dominance but he respected it. Angelo wasn't acting like his lover turned on him. 

Angelo was responding to a show of force from a Broodmaster. That was where the hate was coming from.  

(I see that magic wasn't the only thing that wench taught you,) Angelo remarked. (Surprises me though, considering how the moment you create your own Brood, your uncle will Challenge you,) he said offhand. (I'd think that learning anything about that part of yourself would be the last thing he'd want.) Oh yeah, he hated that I was a Broodmaster and he wasn't. 

No, I realized, he had no jealousy that he could hide from me. He just didn't like being anyone's slave.  Angelo was afraid he'd eventually become my slave. The way he was -

Angelo suddenly slammed his mind shut, cutting that thought off cold.  I glared at him. (You can read me but I can't read you?)

His eyes narrowed. (I did it to prove a point. You're doing it to be nosy.)

(What point?) I snapped. (That you can just waltz into my mind any fucking time you feel like it and I'd never know it?)

It was meant to bait him into losing his temper but strangely, Angelo was calm.  (You showed me yours. I showed you mine. We're even.)

A simplistic way of looking at it. A very Angelo way to look at it. Worked for me. (So are we in a truce?)

Angelo laughed. (I didn't know we were in a fight. But we only have so much time left,) He leaned over and started nibbling my neck. (Let's take advantage of it).

I moaned and tilted my head back so Angelo could have more access. (So we'll enjoy ourselves until dawn. Nothing new about that Angel Boy.) I slid down a little and began to bite his chest, my tongue teasing where he wanted me to bite.

(More like an hour before sunrise,) Angelo corrected. (That'll give us enough time for you to make it back to your aunt's. As long as I do that, she has nothing to bitch about.)

I'd been kissing and biting my way down to Angelo's cock and my mouth froze just before it reached its destination. (What the fuck? I'm not going anywhere near there again.)

Angelo abruptly grabbed my head with two hands until our eyes met. "Listen carefully," he hissed. "Nothing has changed. You're still her student."

I pulled free. (But she cheated! She breeched the agreement.)

Angelo shrugged. (And?)

Son of a fucking bitch! (You mean she just gets away with it?)

To my shock, Angelo grins. (That depends on you, Jacques Drollet Baptiste.)

He never called me that. Angelo wouldn't even use Jamie except for a game. My eyes narrowed. (What aren't you telling me, Angelo Lambrakis?) I retorted, using the family name he hated just as much as I hated mine.

Instead of jumping for the bait, Angelo just smiled at me. (So,) he said (Baptistes are Broodmasters. You ever wonder why?)

Oh no, it wasn't gonna work this time. (Don't change the subject.)

Angelo laughed, his dark eyes glinting with amusement. (Who's changing the subject? It all ties in together, malaka.)

All ties in together? (How?) I challenge, knowing he's setting me up but there's something in his tone that reveals he's not fucking around this time.

Angelo rolled onto his back again. (Once upon a time, there was a man named Jean-Claude,) he began.

A fucking fairy tale?! (We've got maybe five hours together and you're telling me a bedtime story?)

Angelo ignored my outburst and continued with the story. (Now Jean-Claude was not only Sangsue, his bloodline was the most powerful. His Clan ruled over the other Clans that were concentrated in that village.)

That wasn't hard to figure out. (Yeah, yeah, I get that he's Clan Baptiste and he's some great, great,  grand-père or something. Can you get to the point of why you're even telling me all this?)

(Patience,) Angelo demanded, then went on. (Jean-Claude's papa had a bad gambling habit. Baptiste had power yes, but power did not mean money.  It didn't take long until Jean-Claude's daddy, Gaston, had debts that he'd never be able to pay.) Angelo smirked. (At least, not with money.)

Ice formed in my belly and was beginning to crawl all the way up my spine. "How, then?" I whispered. I had several ideas and none of them would stop my body from shivering.

(As I said, there were other Clans in the village.  Clan Doucet wanted Baptiste blood in their own bloodline so Clovis Doucet made Gaston Baptiste an offer. He'd pay all of Gaston's debt, plus a dowry if Jean-Claude would knock up his daughter, Clotille, who was sweet on Jean-Claude anyway.)

I swallowed, bile burning my throat. (So Gaston whored out his son, is that what you're saying? I still don't get the connection, Angelo.)

(It's coming,) he reassured me. (Well it's all well and good, only there's a wee bit of a problem. Clovis also had a son, Emile. Pretty boy who Jean-Claude had already been bedding. They tried to be discreet but Clotille caught them one day and you know what they say about hell hath no fury than a woman scorned? Well Clotille was even more dangerous because she had her own secret.) Angelo paused a moment then whispered, "She practiced voudon."

Closer. The truth was getting closer and with every word I grew colder.

(Well one night, she catches Jean-Claude and Emile in fragrante delicto,) Angelo raises an eyebrow suggestively, (and Clotille is furious. She's been studying for years and years which has made her quite powerful. So she can just glare at her sweet brother and stop his heart, instantly killing him. But Jean-Claude, oh she has something special planned for him.

(Since he'll never give Clotille the baby she wants – even though having the baby could kill her – she curses Jean-Claude. Not only will he never rest, he will always outlive the ones he loves. He and any Baptiste from that point on would be unable to be killed by anything but the sun. Since Jean-Claude was 19, he and his descendants would never age a day beyond that.)

"I'm Baptiste," I gasped, Angelo's words slowly sinking in. "I'm cursed."

(Well that's the funny thing,) Angelo replied, (not all Baptsistes are. Just those with witch blood and Sangsue blood. Clotille's extra present to Jean-Claude.)

Those with witch blood and Sangsue blood. Me. Memories, long buried, of when I was tied to the stake for the test I failed when I was ten years old. The fire didn't kill me. If I'd been left out in the sun I'd have burned to ash. It was all adding up and whatever fear that had spreading like a wildfire through all my nerves had been abruptly replaced with a cold detachment.

Angelo went on with the story. (To say Jean-Claude was a slut was an understatement. He slept with pretty thing with a dick or a pussy.)

I glanced at Angelo. (Wonder who that reminds me of.)

He ignored me. (Not only did Clotille's curse made Jean-Claude even more of a slut, he became like Johnny Appleseed, planting it in every woman he slept with. Only two of those women had offspring that survived once they were born, even though the mothers died having them. The first was a witch known as Yvette. She had twins that killed her and she never even knew why. One boy. One girl.)

I knew immediately that they were Ardoin and Angelique.

(The second woman happened to be a pureblood Sangsue from Clan Drollet, by the name of Marie. She died giving birth to a girl.)

If she was from Clan Drollet, then the girl had to be Josephine.

My mother.


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