Black Widower 5.2: The Fall From Idealism


The boy lived somewhere on the outskirts of the Old Quarter, within walking distance but definitely not what I'd call "prime real estate." It was a walk-up; go up a bunch of stairs and you were there. It was sort of like a mini-apartment if you asked me, very little furniture except for the sofa bed in the living room, the bed in the bedroom and various dressers and shelving and the basic kitchen appliances. Oh yeah, they had a TV and stereo of course but I wouldn't call that furniture.

Guess the bedroom was his or the bed was his to use when his roommate wasn't using it because that's where we immediately went. Worked for me.

Angelo seized the boy, pinning him against the wall and swallowed his mouth, his eyes glinting with impatience, he wanted this done as quickly as possible.

Only the boy had other ideas. He broke the kiss and smiled nervously at Angelo. "I'm Trev."

"Angelo." He was so bored that he wasn't gonna even bother with a game. "You want to talk or do you want to fuck?"

Or bother with manners. But again, this wasn't for Trev's benefit or pain. It was for me. To show me how annoyed he was that I fucked with our kill. Angelo wasn't so irritated that he wouldn't Share this kill or Share pleasure afterwards, of course, but he was definitely punishing Trev to punish me.

"So that's your name," Trev murmured, "I always wondered what it was. And I wondered if I'd ever get you into bed."

Angelo smiled sweetly. "Did you?" he said in that dangerously soft voice.

"Yes! Ever since I first saw you dancing on the dance floor of the Nocturne." Even though I wanted to kick Trev for just revealing that he'd probably been stalking Angelo for a while, I felt bad for him because he probably felt he'd just flattered Angelo but he had no idea that he'd just lit Angelo's very short fuse.

Now Angelo was interested in playing with him. "I hope I live up to your expectations," he purred, his eyes undressing Trev.

A flush rose to Trev's cheeks. "I'm sure you will," he breathed. Then as if he suddenly remembered I was in the room with them, he turned his attention to me. "You don't mind, right?"

I wanted to laugh at his ignorance of what was really about to happen. Did I mind that he was about to bed my lover? What the fuck did he think? Of course I did. It didn't matter that Angelo was only doing it to sugar him up. And it didn't matter that I'd be tasting and indulging myself as much as Angelo would. None of that meant shit when I was watching the boy that made my knees weak undressing and pulling Trev down on to the bed. I knew I was supposed to play along but I wasn't in the mood to. Let Angelo have his hissy fit. I flashed a nasty smile that was more of a baring of teeth. "Are you going to give me a reason to?"

All that nervousness was gone now, Trev smelled blood. So to speak. "I'd say that's for Angelo to decide, wouldn't you… oh I never did catch your name," he drawled, smirking. The bitch.

"That's because I never gave it," I said cheerfully.

Apparently, ole Trev decided that he was done dealing with me directly. "Is the blond your lover or are you just with him for the night?" he asked Angelo.

"Do you care?" Angelo asked, his lips moving down to Trev's chest.

"No," Trev managed to gasp as Angelo sucked his nipples.

"Because if you cared," Angelo whispered against Trev's breastbone before raising his head and sitting back against the wall. "I'd just have to stop."

"If you don't care, I don't care," Trev said before Angelo's lips were on him again.

I glared at Angelo. (I thought we were Sharing him.)

Angelo's mouth was now wrapped around Trev's cock so he spoke through the bond.
- We are. If you play along, - he warned.

- Fuck that, Angelo! If you think I'm gonna let him get away with dicking me around, you've got another thing coming. -

- And you have another thing coming if you think you're gonna fuck this up, - Angelo growled. - You chose him. If you don't want to fuck him then don't. But don't fuck with him or you can sleep alone tonight. -

Angelo cut off contact before I could come up with a snappy retort so I Nightspoke instead. (How was I supposed to know he'd be such an asshole?)

Angelo didn't bother to reply. The cold amusement in his eyes said volumes.

Damn him!

And I wanted to slap the smug look off of Trev's face. No, I didn't want to slap him, I realized. I wanted to gouge holes in his face and rip his mouth away.

Angelo's hand was wrapped tightly around Trev's cock so he could pump while he sucked Trev off.

Only for him to stop just before Trev came, making the poor baby whimper. Angelo raised his head and grinned evilly. "Got to save it for later, sweet thing."

"Later?" Trev asked. "With or without your plaything?"

Plaything? "Look who's talking, you fucker, at least I know he's coming home with me."

For a moment, Trev was shaken up, that hadn't entered his plans. "You live together?"

"Yeah," I replied, meeting his gaze. "Get the picture?"

He didn't flinch. "The picture I get is that Angelo has no ring on his finger, you're just friends with benefits. That about right?"

"Hardly," I muttered.

Trev sneered at me but talked to Angelo. "Angelo, are you both joined at the hip or something?"

Angelo was losing patience. Good. "Look…Trev, is it? Weasel came with us because you were hot for him as well as me. If that's not the case…"

He got up to leave but of course, Trev fell for the bait. Even I'd known he would. "Wait. We can do a threesome, if you want."

I snorted. "You blew that. I wouldn't fuck you if you were the last boy on the planet Earth."

Angelo looked daggers at me then smiled at Trev. "I'm sure you could change his mood, lover."

That was the last thing Trev wanted to do but he didn't want to lose Angelo either. "But he doesn't want to," he protested hoping that'd be enough.

It was the last thing I wanted to do too but the thought that Trev would be forced to go to bed with me to make Angelo happy got me off more than anything Trev could possibly do. "Make me want to," I challenged.

"That's right, Trevvie," Angelo said silkily, "make him want you."

The deer in the headlights look of Trev's eyes actually turned me on. And Trev could tell because he gave Angelo this look of betrayal. "I can't."

"Sure you can," Angelo reassured.

"And if you can't," I taunted, slipping off my jeans and letting Trev see how hard I was getting, "Angelo can." I took off my t-shirt and just sat on the bed. Waiting.

"Mmm-hmmm," Angelo said, taking me into his arms, "Angelo definitely can." He kissed me hungrily, moaning when I bit his lips and sucked at them.

Trev was not about to get left out so he started focusing attention on me and he was pretty good. He definitely knew what to do with his hands and mouth, although the honeyed spiciness of Angelo's blood was getting me hotter.

And hungry.

I wasn't the only one. Angelo's own hunger was gnawing at him and it was feeding on mine, amplifying it deliciously. And when Angelo's mouth slipped to my neck and his teeth sank in, I was gone, breathing heavy enough for Trev to give me a dirty look.

Between Angelo sucking at my throat and Trev going down on me, there was no way I was gonna last any longer and the Tiger was rattling its cage so hard that I decided, fuck it, I'm just gonna let it out.

I pushed Angelo's mouth away from my neck and pulled Trev off me by the hair.

"What the fuck," Trev sputtered, then tried to struggle when I pinned him down on the bed.

I ignored him and ravished his chest, sucking his nipples so hard he cried out in pain. So hard that I drew blood. And I wanted that pain laced blood. I wanted it so bad that my teeth almost dug in deeper before I caught myself and just licked away the nectar beading against his breast.

Angelo gave me a strange look before sliding down between Trev's thighs; his tongue teasing Trev's hard-on. "You want me to finish this?" he whispered.

Trev's answer was to roll his hips, desperately aiming his cock towards Angelo's mouth, but Angelo laughed. "Oh no, honeychild, you have to say it."

Trev blinked. "What do you mean?"

"I mean I'm not gonna just let you shove your dick into my mouth. You have to ask me for it, Trevvie."

"But," Trev protested.

"But nothing, dear boy. Either you ask me for it, or Weasel and I will just leave you with blue balls and you can jerk yourself off." To make his point, Angelo's tongue briefly caressed the head of Trev's cock before stopping.

"Nnnnn," Trev said as Angelo licked between Trev's thighs, his tongue just brushing against Trev's cock.

"Not good enough," Angelo said softly.

"Do it," Trev finally cried.

"Do what?" Angelo asked innocently.

"You know what!"

Angelo smiled sadistically. "You want me to blow you."


"Then say, 'Suck me, Angelo.'"

Angelo's tongue teased Trev mercilessly before Trev panted, "Suck me Angelo!"


"Please suck me," Trev managed to breathe.

"Oh don't worry, sweet thing," Angelo grinned at him. Fully. "It's my pleasure. Only, it's not your pathetic little cock that's about to get sucked," he hissed through completely exposed fangs that sank into his thigh at the same time mine sank into Trev's breastbone.

Sugar-spice. My favorite confection. And Angelo had stirred it up just for me.

Angelo had Shared blood with me already so our blood bond was even stronger now, our pleasure multiplied tenfold as we juiced Trev, his fear and desire sweeping us under a tidalwave of orgiastic rapture.

All this was only making Trev more terrified; his adrenaline sang in our veins, but at the same time we Pleasured him, making him feel our ravenous mouths sucking and lapping over ever inch of his body and despite his fear, his lust flooded our senses. It was kind of like having a desert that was both tart and sweet. Trev's confusion and sense of helpless despair as he swung super high and down to the dregs made him taste even better and Angelo and I worked in tandem, keying him up to the point of overwhelming desire then smacking it down cold, tantalizing and tormenting him.

From that moment on, I knew nothing else would satisfy me ever again. Anything less than this rich confection would be like comparing a cupcake to a Deep Forest cake: simple and basic to multilayered and luscious. My descent into hell felt like heaven. How could I have even considered denying myself this ambrosia? And even that was nothing compared to the ecstasy I experienced as I felt Trev's struggle to live die along with his body.

We abandoned Trev and immediately pounced on each other; oh yes, this was the best part, feasting on each other's bodies as hungrily as we devoured Trev, every bite and caress hard enough to seriously injure or even kill a Norm, but sending us into feral nirvana. Animal lust. Savage. Brutal. By the time the frenzy cooled into lazy and languid lovemaking, I knew Amorette had been telling the truth. Angelo did love me. And I loved him more than I ever loved anything in my unlife. I would do anything for him. Hunt with him. Game with him. Kill for him. Anything just to feel his lips swallow mine with barely restrained passion.

Anything less than that would be like dying all over again.

I lay in Angelo's embrace, his fingers idly stroking my hair and I wondered what had just happened. I'd started off this hunt as an unwilling participant. I'd chosen Trev because I had the hots for him and because I had to choose someone or risk pissing Angelo off. By the time my teeth had drawn first blood, I wanted to kill him so bad that my mouth watered at the mere thought of it.

And how did this happen? My jealousy overrode my conscience. My bloodlust was stronger than my ethics. Because I was furious at being disrespected and dismissed by a bitch who saw an opportunity and ran with it. An opening that Angelo encouraged by seducing him, only to discourage him by pushing every button that fed Trev's insecurity.

We'd both played right into his hands.

What really burned was knowing that Angelo was only able to manipulate me that way because I let him. And I let him because I wanted an excuse to do what I really wanted to do: to luxuriate in the pleasure of the kill and the sex that was the after effect.

And my dark angel knew it. That was why he'd created a situation that would enable me to do just that.

Angelo had won. Again.

I was angry but I didn't know who I was angrier at. Angelo or myself.

(You think you're slick, don't you?) I muttered to my lover.

Angelo's answer was to kiss me in a way that brought delicious shivers down my spine and inflamed every nerve ending in my body. Then he broke the kiss, those black eyes vulnerable. Those eyes that had captured my heart on the night I decided I wanted to be with him forever. (Do you mind terribly, glike mou?)

And even though I hated how he manipulated me, I loved what he did to the pickup. I didn't want him to know that just yet, however. (You said "kaloz mou" is "my beloved." What's "glike mou?" and why do you only seem to use that when you know I'm pissed off at you?)

Angelo flashed me that grin of his. "Glike mou," he whispered, laying me down on the bed, "my sweet. Sweetie." He planted kisses down my neck. "Agapi mou," nibbling and kissing my shoulders, "my love. Matya mou," Angelo's tongue blazed a trail down my chest, "my dear." His tongue caressed my nipple before he took it into his mouth and I knew his talking was done for now.

It was hard to stay mad at someone who was doing his damndest to sweeten me. Angelo wasn't just making love to me, he was loving me. Every kiss. Every caress. Even his bites sent me to the heights of passion and overwhelming pleasure. And gave me the feeling of being wanted.


Angelo broke the kiss. (As much as I'm enjoying this, we have an empty to get rid of.)

I stared at him. (A what?)

Angelo got off the bed and started going through the drawers of the dresser; probably looking for money or anything else valuable, the thief. (You've been spoiled with your other kills because they've either been in the Nocturne or somewhere we could just leave it. But this is in our empty's apartment. If his roommate comes back tomorrow and finds his corpse, what do you think will happen?)

Now I understood. Trev was the "empty." I wasn't sure I liked that term, even if it was for a jerkoff like Trev. (That's an obnoxious word to use.)

(What, empty?) Angelo slammed the drawer in frustration. I guess there was nothing worth stealing. (Weasel, why do you feel the aggravating need to make things all pretty and benign when it comes to killing?)

(Why do you feel the aggravating need to make things all nasty and cruel?) I retorted.

Angelo turned around just to roll his eyes disgustedly at me before he grabbed his clothes and got dressed.

I put on my clothes in silence, realizing that even if it was a disgusting way to put it, Trev was an empty. His body was a pretty bottle filled with a sweet drink Angelo and I gulped down. Now, the bottle was empty. It did fit, I admitted to myself but I wouldn't admit it to Angelo. Instead I said with just a hint of petulance, (So where are we gonna dump this empty? A trashcan?)

Angelo laughed, but it was good humoured. (Not quite lover. You don't exactly leave it in plain view. Or near his place of residence, that's just asking to get caught.)

In other words, we were gonna have to go a ways to dispose of Trev.

A mile later, Angelo figured we were far enough away to toss Trev's remnants into a dumpster in the back of one of the fast food places. He couldn't do it fast enough for me, the smells of stale French fries, burned meat and old garbage was enough to make me almost puke up everything I drank. (How can you stand it?) I asked him as we began to walk back towards the Nocturne. (Your sense of smell is at least as strong as mine.)

(Stronger,) Angelo confirmed, (but I know not to breathe through my nose.)

One of those obvious concepts that made me want to slap myself for my stupidity. Of course, I don't have to breathe, through my nose or otherwise. I sighed. (When will the forces of habit stop?)

He patted my shoulder. (When you replace them with new ones,) he assured me.

I sure hoped so.

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