Black Widower 5.1: The Beginning of Decadence

"Kaloz mou," Angelo whispered in my ear, his words fuzzily registering in my half-awake brain, "it's time to wake up." He nibbled my earlobe. (Hmmm,) he mused, probably noticing I wasn't quite alert. (I know what'll do it....) He ran his tongue along the shell. "Rise and shine, love," he said before sticking his tongue in my ear and blowing into it.

My eyes snapped open and I was instantly awake and aroused.

Awake enough to realize that it was the next night and Angelo had stuck around. The paralysis hadn't completely lifted yet, though. (Wanna hold that thought until I can actually do something about it?)

He chuckled. Gods, I could listen to that sexy laugh forever. (I'd rather just hold you.) Angelo enveloped me from behind and I lay in his arms.

Worked for me.

A few moments later I could finally move and rolled over so I was facing him. (You were up early,) I remarked.

(I wake up about a half hour or so earlier than the other juicers.) He had a strange smile on his lips. (That is, except for Ardoin.)


(But I purposely got his shit taken care of last night so tonight you're mine.) Angelo's hand slid under my jaw. (All mine.) He tilted my face upwards and kissed my mouth hard.

Ardoin's shit? Then I realized what Angelo meant. (That boy you were fucking last night. He wasn't a lover?)

Angelo rolled his eyes. (Ardoin gave the order. I carried it out.)

(What're you, his hit man?)

(I'm....) That weird smile again. (Assassin. Whore. Thief. Information broker. Drug dealer. Whatever Master Ardoin wants me to be.)

No wonder he looked so resentful. (Were you an assassin last night?)

(Ardoin wanted him gone.)

(Did he tell you to bang him too?)

Angelo snorted. (I wanted him sweet. There was no fucking way I was gonna end up with nothing.)

(So all that was-)

Angelo cut me off. (Business. There's business. There's dinner. He was both. And then,) he gently pushed me down onto the bed, (there's you.) He leaned over and kissed me and it didn't take long before all my concern was replaced by desire. I knew Angelo was distracting me again, but his caresses felt so good that I didn't care.

(You're gonna like tonight's lesson,) he murmured against my throat as he sucked hard enough to mark me as his. (It's about Pleasure.)

I grinned. (After last night, you think you have to teach me how?)

Again, that husky chuckle. (Not that kind of pleasure. This kind.) Angelo's fingers lazily moved up my arm. (You feel that?)

(Of course.)

(How does it feel?)

I thought a moment. (Nice,) I decided. (Soothing.)

(How about this?)

The pressure was the same, featherlight and barely there but the stimulation was stronger and more intense. (Mmmm, even nicer.)

(Now, close your eyes.)

I followed his instructions, wondering what was coming next.

I found out a moment later as the feeling suddenly increased, spreading throughout my body until I couldn't tell where he was stroking me. My nerve endings had become so inflamed that even the lightest of touches was sending me over the edge. "You want me to come, just keep doing that," I gasped, breathing hard.

(You like it, mmmmmm?)

(Fuck, yeah!)

(I just Pleasured you, glike mou.)

My eyes opened. (You what?)

(Pleasured you. Amplified the sensations of my fingers touching you. It helps to take attention away from the fact that you're probing your pickup for a place to tap and it makes them almost orgasmic when you're juicing them.)

Which made them taste sweeter.

I'd forgotten, he'd done that the first night. (Are you doing that to me whenever we're having sex?) I asked, furious at the idea that he could be manipulating me like that.

Angelo looked insulted. (I Pleasure my victims. Not my lovers.) He sniffed. (As if I have to resort to that!)

Oops, I stepped somewhere I shouldn't have. Time to make nice. (I'm sorry, Angel Boy, I should have known you wouldn't fuck around with me that way.) I kissed him softly on the mouth.

Angelo met my gaze. (Lover, do you trust me?)

(Would I have let you Change me if I didn't?)

(Then trust my intentions. Trust that all the pleasure I will Share with you will be the real thing. It means nothing otherwise.)

I put my arms around him and pulled his body to me. (I trust you.)

(Good.) Then he smiled. (Let's see if you can Pleasure me.)

I gulped. (I can't.)

(Sure you can. You need physical contact but you can do it. I'll guide you, okay?)

(Okay,) I mumbled, not at all convinced.

(Pretend I'm your pickup. Instead of your finger, use your tongue on my arm, it's more sensitive.) Angelo grinned devilishly. (And it feels better.)

I lifted his arm to my lips and began to run my tongue up towards the crook, like he'd taught me.

(I want you to focus on how you're making me feel. Think of the feeling as a fire and your tongue is the flame licking at my arm.)

I could feel Angelo's delight, through the bond and outside of it. I let my mind grab on to it, holding the flame.

(That's right,) Angelo told me. (Now use your will to increase the fire to a blaze. Fan those flames.)

I stroked Angelo's pleasure into desire, picturing the flames sweeping through his body.

Angelo sighed happily. (Oh yeah, just like that.)

I wanted him to feel even better. I turned up the heat, increasing it until the lust inside Angelo became an inferno. Now he was the one breathing heavy.

"You do this to your pickup, they'll sweeten in no time flat," Angelo hissed through his fangs. "Now extinguish that flame. Snuff it."

I willed the fires down to smoldering coals, cooling them.

I smiled. I just learned how to Pleasure. Then my smile faded when I remembered what it was for.

(I won't do it,) I decided.

Angelo stared at me. (Why?)

(Because I'm not killing anyone.)

(Oh?) Angelo flashed that crazy grin of his. (You don't like it?)

I did. I liked it so much that just thinking about it was exciting me. And Angelo knew it. (That's not the point.)

(But you do.) Angelo's hand found my excitement and began to work its magic.


(You don't want me to.)

And I didn't.

Damn him.

(You play dirty,) I grumbled as we hunted the streets of Sargot City's Old Quarter later that night.

Angelo smirked. (I knew I could convince you to see things my way.)

Oh yeah. By the time Angelo was done with me, I'd have agreed to anything. My conscience was quickly overruled by Angelo's hands and mouth. He was fucking insatiable.

And so was I.

This was my first real hunt. I didn't have to work for the others, they'd almost been handed to me. As much as the idea of hunting disturbed me, it intrigued me as well.

(You see anyone you like, palikari?) Angelo asked.

As a matter of fact, I did. A very pretty boy who was just walking around aimlessly; as if he had no idea where he was going. His beauty burned inside me like a giant sun, making my blood boil. It was no use lying because Angelo would know immediately.

(Yeah,) I admitted, (the brunette with the denim jacket.)

(Do you want to Share him?)

I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to kill him. I didn't want to kill him. I didn't want to go near him. I wanted Angelo. That thought cancelled out everything else. (Yes.)

(Then watch and learn.)

Angelo walked up to the pretty boy. Our mark. "Are you lost?" he asked him.

The boy's eyes quickly raked over Angelo, then gave me a once over. Then he smiled. "Are you picking me up?"

Angelo smiled back. "Do you want us too?"

"Do you want to?"

"Picking you up is the least we want to do, sweetling," Angelo whispered, running his finger along the boy's bottom lip.

The boy giggled. "Shy isn't he?" he remarked to Angelo as his eyes flitted over me again.

"Not in bed."

The boy's eyes moved up and down my body. "Maybe I'll get the chance to see for myself," he murmured as his gaze settled on my crotch for a moment.

Shit, he was practically giving himself to us.

"If you like," Angelo purred kissing his neck.

"Mmmm," the boy murmured as Angelo's hands found their way under the denim jacket and his shirt. "I like."

For the first time I wasn't jealous because I knew he had no interest in the boy except maybe as a quick fuck. But I was mortified because I knew what Angelo's real interest was and I could see what he was really doing.

And because it was arousing me.

The heated, conspiratorial glances Angelo threw me as he caressed the boy didn't help either.

He was using the boy to get me hot.

And it was working.

No! I was not gonna let Angelo titillate me this way. (Stop it,) I Nightspoke.

(Something wrong?) Angelo asked innocently.

(Damned right something is wrong,) I growled. (If you want to bed him, then do it. But don't do it just because it makes him taste good!)

Angelo smirked. (You chose him, lover. And I know you want to bed him yourself.)

(Yeah. I want to fuck him, not....)

Angelo cut me off before I could finish the sentence. (But moro mou,) he saw the puzzled look on my face and translated, (Baby, it's all the same thing. Remember. Sex and blood. One is not complete without the other.)

I shuddered because Angelo was right, which was why he'd set this whole thing up, having me choose our "date." Our mark. Our prey. Knowing that once I got hot and bothered, that lust would turn into nothing but a lust for the boy's blood. Fucking him would be the same as killing him.

And after I Shared the kill with Angelo, we'd Share the most intense, passionate pleasure.

How could I resist?

And did I want to?

I wasn't so sure anymore.

I didn't have long to decide. "You have a place we can go, dearheart?" Angelo asked him.

The boy smiled. "There's always my place."

"You live alone?" Angelo asked. In other words, he wanted to know if the boy would be missed. Now that I knew the game, Angel Boy was so fucking transparent.

"My roommate does his thing, I do mine."

Not good enough. Angelo stopped his ministrations, pushing the boy away. "I'm not into audiences," he said softly. The irritation in those black eyes was telling me that if the boy didn't come up with an alternate plan, Angelo wasn't gonna bother to sweeten him and was gonna kill him right here.

Right now.

Of course the boy's thoughts were going in a different direction. If he didn't think of something fast, he wasn't gonna get any from Angelo or me. "He's gone for the night," the boy told Angelo. "He's crashing at his lover's." He grinned wickedly. "We have the place all to ourselves."

That was why he was trolling for sex. Fuck, I was reading him.

I was reading him without even reading his mind.

And I realized he would be real easy prey.

"Isn't that convenient," Angelo said with barely veiled condescension I knew the boy wouldn't even notice.

It was meant for me. Meant to show me how much contempt he felt for the boy. That he was nothing but a pickup to Angelo.

And I was his playmate. His lover. The one he'd Share the spoils with.

The boy suddenly turned his attention on me, flashing me what he probably thought was a charming smile. "You're awful quiet. Don't you talk?"

I cupped his face in my hands." Talking is overrated," I whispered before kissing him.

What the fuck was I doing? This wasn't me!

But I was kissing him so hard that it made his lips bleed and sucking at his mouth as my hand moved between his legs and stroked. He hardened under my fingers and I could feel it pulsing. Drops of his blood crackled against my tongue, so sweet, so tempting….

I broke the kiss. (Stop fucking with him Angelo. You're not gonna tempt me into killing him.)

(I'm not doing a thing, Weasel-mou. You're doing it all by yourself.) Angelo flared with excitement. Arousal. (And you're making me want to just take him now.)

I was doing it. I was Pleasuring him without even thinking about it. And it was getting Angelo off. Not the fact that I was quickly turning this boy into boiling syrup. It was that I was doing it. I was playing Angelo's game.

I was titillating him.

This was fucked up. Angelo was fucked up.

Angelo was the sexiest bastard I'd ever met and having him want me meant more than this boy's life.

I realized I really didn't care about his life. It was nothing. He was nothing.

He was a catalyst. And he was sustenance.

I was giving into the kill by giving into Angelo.

I could afford to do neither. I had to buy some time to steel myself enough to resist the temptation I was about to succumb to. I removed my hand from the boy's rock hard crotch. "I thought we were going back to your place," I reminded him.

The boy stared at me, his eyes still slightly glassy from the spell my Pleasuring had put him under. "If you still want to," he said.

I smiled sweetly at him. "Oh we want to."

Angelo glared at me. (Don't fuck this up!)

(I don’t know what you're talking about,) I drawled in my best Angelo imitation.

(Like fucking hell you don't,) he muttered.

(I don't see what the big deal is,) I protested innocently. (We're just going back to his place to do what we were planning to do here.)

(And what, praytell, was that?) Angelo asked, his voice dangerously soft.

(We can't jump his bones at his place?)

To my surprise, Angelo flashed me an evil smile. (It's not gonna work, Weasel.)

(What isn't?)

(Your little plan to save that bon bon. He's dead. Either we Share him or I'll just kill him.)

In other words, give in to Angelo or he'd tear the boy's throat out. Either way, I couldn't win. If Angelo killed him, at least I wouldn't be doing it.

But if the boy was gonna die anyway, cheating myself out of the kill wouldn't accomplish a thing except for my starvation.

And Angelo being pissed off at me.

The way I saw it, I had much more to gain by Sharing the boy with Angelo, not to mention what I'd get afterwards.

Self-serving? Hell yeah. Did I feel guilty? Damned straight. Was I still gonna do it?


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