Black Widower 4.4: Revelations


(Let´s get one thing straight,) Sylvie said in French, cutting her eyes at me.  (This meeting is not for you.)

We were in the study, down the corridor from the Playground.  Through those sliding steel doors, playtime was over.  This was one of the nicer offices, complete with its own library, an Oriental rug lying on top of a hard polished pinewood floor, three lush chairs upholstered with with buttersoft dark leather and a matching sofa.  One of the chairs sat behind a large, executive style desk.  The other two triangulated the desk.

Of course, Sylvie was behind the desk.  The better to look down her nose at me.

I knew I was supposed to be respectful and all, but I was not gonna crawl like she wanted me to.  (Yeah,) I muttered, (It´s for Angelo. I know that, already.)

She stared at me, and it took every bit of guts I had not to shake in my boots when I knew she would have loved to see me with a stake through my heart.  And would have done anything if she could be the one hammering it.  (You don´t care if you make me angry, do you?)  Her tone was a mixture of annoyance and honest bewilderment.

At first I was gonna lie and save my ass, then realized, she could be reading my mind without me even knowing it, so what was the point?  (Except for the fact that it would make Angelo upset, you´re right.)

Sylvie stood up and leaned over, meeting my gaze. (You have the Baptiste name. And you have the bloodline. I´ll give you that. And it does offer you some advantages that Joe or Jane Stalker doesn´t have. But all you have is the bloodline, Jacques. Not the respect behind it.  By the time Angelo´s protection ends, either you´ll have gained that respect already or you´ll have to gain it then. Without that,) dark eyes glittered. (You have nothing.)

The words left my mouth before I had the chance to stop them. (Why do you care? The way I see it, you have the most to gain if I fall on my face.)

Sylvie smiled coldly. (Because I want you fully prepared. Then when I beat you, it will be a true victory.)

So this wasn´t for Angelo at all. This was for her. Well, since she was being so blunt and honest….

(You´ve hated me from the get go. Why? What did I ever do to you?)

(Jacques, do you have any idea how many bastards Angelo has?)

This song was getting old. (Yeah. So?)

(What makes you think you´ll end up any differently?)

Now it was my turn to give her a dirty look. (I never said I would, did I?)

To my annoyance, she laughed. (Ah, now I know what he sees in you.)

(Yeah?) I asked, real ugly.

She nodded. (You have no fear. I thought it was because you had a mistaken sense of entitlement, but that´s not it at all. Your anger is stronger than any fear you´d have. You´re ruled by your anger as much as Angelo is ruled by his hatred. And that makes both of you fearless. And stupid.)

(If you think Angelo is so stupid, then why were you covering his ass last night? Isn´t that what this whole meeting is about? Covering Angelo´s ass so I don´t make him look like an idiot?)

Sylvie sat back down and folded her hands on the desk. (Angelo's passions make him do things that he knows better than to do. Like Siring you when he was already told not to do it until your contract was bought out; instead of doing it because he wanted to bed you without killing you. Or nearly killing your Keeper out of revenge for how you´d been treated.

(And you´re no better. You knew what he was. You knew what you´d become. Yet, you jumped at the offer because you wanted him so badly that you disregarded the consequences.)

Her words were like knives; stabbing me in places I thought were hidden and making me hemorrhage as a result. Yeah, I knew she wasn´t fooled, knew she could read me even if she wasn´t in my head because I was that obvious, but I wasn´t gonna give her the satisfaction of showing it. And I wasn´t gonna think about how she knew all this, who had betrayed me and told her or whose mind she´d scanned to find this all out. All I said was, (It was worth it.)

(For both of you. And in that regard, you´re both stupid.)

I knew she didn´t talk to Angelo like this because it would be wasted on him. He´d flash her that smile of his and drawl with a honeyed purr something like "you're only jealous because you don't have anyone" but with me, she could score more points.

No, I realized. This wasn't about scoring points any more than this meeting was to do Angelo a favor. It was for her to get somewhere with Angelo that she couldn't get directly. She was trying to go through me. She really did care about him, but knew he'd tuned her out a long time ago.

I was newly raw. And responsive. Whether I wanted to be or not.

(Look,) I told her, (Angelo told me all about the Clan politics, which is why I haven't spoken to you in English since I've gotten here. So why don't you just drop the eloquent bullshit and tell me what you want to tell me about it.)

"Make no mistake about one thing, Jacques Baptiste Drollet," Sylvie hissed through bared teeth. "You may not fear me but you should. I may not be able to touch you until Angelo's protection ends, but I can make your existence an unliving hell. Angelo had better teach you how to protect yourself because I'll be the first one at your throat the second I'm able to."

Despite myself, I smiled, remembering Dimitri. (I doubt it.)

(I know that you have the potential to be very powerful. But your potential doesn't defend you against my experience. I'll be the one who can hurt you the worst. Don't ever forget that.)

She was wrong about that. Angelo had that won hands down. (How long does his protection last anyway? You never told me and he certainly never explained.)

(One year, or until you're strong enough to be able to defend yourself against an attack. That doesn't mean you'll be able to, only that you'll have the knowledge of how to use your power.)

One year. That's how long I had with him. I knew Sylvie meant that one year was as long as I'd be "untouchable," but my gut was telling me that it would also be the end of any obligation that Angelo had to me. I sighed. (What's it like, school? I get trained to be the perfect little killer?)

Sylvie ignored my sarcasm. (Think of it more of like a mixture of formal training, indoctrination, and trial by fire. But as for being the "perfect little killer" Jacques, you already are. You just don't know it yet. And neither does he.)

(Is that supposed to be some kind of compliment?)

(No. It's just a fact. You see it as an insult, which means that you haven't learned anything yet.)

(But you're gonna teach me, right?)

Sylvie pressed her lips into a tight line. (I will educate you about what it means to be Sangsue. What Sangsue are. Our history. And the rules of the Underground. Do with it what you like.)

I really wanted to tell her where she could shove her attitude and the lecture but I also knew that Angelo wasn't gonna bother with any of what she could teach me, so I bit my tongue and listened for the next several hours.

By the time she was done, I knew everything I could possibly want to know about "what it means to be Sangsue," including our origins, the different Clans and the fact that Sangsue was really a subrace of what our race originally was.

At one time, we were the Efjeli; the people of the night. Then some major differences in philosophy split us into the two factions that evolved into what we are now: Sangsue and Odogi. Sangsue were the blood drinkers who bred with Man, and Odogi were the flesh eaters who only inbred. As a result, all Odogi were purebloods.

When I told Sylvie that this was all news to me and Angelo hadn't told me anything she smirked and said she wasn't surprised. But she wouldn't say anything else about it.

Lovely. Another secret.

Other stuff she mentioned went in one ear and out the other, and I knew there was no way I was gonna absorb all of it. Besides, I was getting distracted by other things.

Like the fact that I was getting hungry.  Fuck it. (Is there anymore I need to know?) I asked, trying real hard to keep my tone neutral because I didn't want her to know that I was so hungry I couldn't concentrate on anything she was saying.

But she knew anyway. (Go Jacques. We're done. Go before you trigger me into a frenzy because you didn't take care of this beforehand.)

That pissed me off. (How the hell was I supposed to juice up if I had to be here?)

(You had to pass the bar of the Playground to get here,) was all she said and I realized that I'd just fucked up a test I hadn't even known about.

The bar. I could have gotten juice at the bar and I hadn't thought of it. Now all I was doing was proving that the Tiger controlled me instead of me controlling it. I'd proven to her I had no discipline.

I'd shown weakness.

I blew it, but at this point I didn't care. Angelo wasn't gonna be happy about it, and maybe he'd think less of me; which was something I did care about. But right now it didn't matter because if I didn't get something in me soon, I was gonna go insane.

I left without saying anything else to her. What else could I say? I could've apologized but the truth was the only thing I was really sorry about was the fact I'd just created more of an enemy than I had before. An enemy who could pulverize the shit out of me as soon as she had the chance. And be a constant thorn in my side up until then.

I hoped that I'd be able to defend myself when she did strike.

The first thing I noticed when I made my way back into the Playground was that Angelo was back in the Nocturne. He wasn't in the Playground. I had no idea where he was, but he was definitely somewhere in the Nocturne.

I realized that Sylvie had probably contacted him through their bond and let him know when our little tête á tête was done. This meant that there was a good chance he was here to fetch me. Fucking wonderful. As much as I wanted to see him, I didn't want to face him right at this moment.

Screw it. It was now or never.

At least I didn't have to bother with secret entrances anymore, all I had to do was phase out and float up to the ceiling. Then it was just a matter of passing through to the floors of the main floor of the Nocturne.

Taking my cue from Amorette, I found a nice discreet place to rematerialize, but before I had the chance I suddenly saw Angelo and another boy headed towards the back wall of the club. They were gonna go to Angelo's room. And his bed.

Son of a bitch!

Then it hit me that I could see Angelo but he couldn't see me. I had an opportunity to watch him in action without him even knowing. Sure, what I was gonna end up seeing was him and his new friend fucking, but it would still enable me to see what Angelo was like when he was playing for himself, not an audience.

And I realized that he was only taking the stairs because he had a Breather with him. If the Playground's ceiling led to the first floor, then logically, the ceiling of the first floor would lead to the second floor. Only one way to find out.

As soon as they went through the secret entrance, I tested my theory.

Very nice. Not only did I end up where I hoped, I'd beaten them upstairs.

For a second I hesitated. Did I really want to do this? Especially on an empty stomach, when I could lose control and really piss Angelo off?

Then curiosity got the better of me and I passed through Angelo's door and waited for them.

As soon as I heard Angelo turn the key in the lock, I tried to find a place to observe them; okay, spy on them.  I wanted to be close enough to see everything, and have a good view, so I decided that near the closet would be the best place.

Angelo opened the door and locked it as soon as they stepped inside. Oh yeah, he did not want to be disturbed. And something told me that if the door was locked, no juicer was gonna barge in.

No juicer but me, that is.

Angelo had the boy pinned against the door and was now kissing him deeply; grinding against him in a way that left no doubt about what he wanted to do.

Shit, he didn't waste any time, did he?

They broke the kiss just long enough to stumble over to the bed. I took a quick look see at the boy. Kind of nice looking with his brown hair and blue eyes but nothing really special. And not Angelo's taste.


After that, Angelo´s hands and mouth quickly turned the boy into a puddle of goo, but what really caught my attention was the look in those dark eyes.

There was nothing there. They were flat. Dead. Angelo was bedding this boy and felt absolutely nothing.

Well, that wasn't exactly right. It wasn't nothing. But it wasn´t desire. Or even amusement. Angelo was bored. Resentful. There was a familiar reddish light in his eyes that reflected the lust that was amplifying my own but it had nothing to do with sex. And his tongue was already probing just below the other boy´s right tit.

If I´d been substantial, there would have been tears in my eyes.

If this was how he felt with this guy, how did he feel when we were making love? Was he as jaded as he was now? What was I to him? A momentary novelty?

All of the sudden Angelo lifted his head. Then he looked towards the closet and flashed a wicked grin, which I doubt his "date" even saw.

- If you want to Share, then show yourself, lover, - I heard in my head.

How'd he know? Did he know I was there the whole time?

- If I were you, palikari, I'd phase back in before you get stuck that way. - With a laugh, he broke contact.

 Was he just trying to scare me or was he telling the truth? The idea of being in this mist form forever was not my idea of a good thing. And he´d mentioned Sharing….

I rematerialized, but because I'd drifted a little too close to the closet when I was mist, my lower back slammed against it as soon as I was solid. I yelped and slid down to the carpet.

This must have startled the hell out of the Breather because he yelled, "What the hell was that?"
"Don't worry about it," Angelo said, then by the way the bed was creaking and the boy's moans, I figured he was distracting him in the way he knew best.

I took that opportunity to rise to my feet and silently moved closer, hoping that Angelo would have him too occupied for him to notice.

Big mistake. As soon as I reached them, I got immediately blasted with the scents of sex, sweat and of course, sugar, which overpowered the other two. I found myself breathing through my nose, purposely inhaling. Almost instantly, my teeth came down but I didn't even try to push them back because I knew it'd be useless.

The blood rushing through the Breather's veins was so deafening that it nearly drowned out everything else, and the pulsing underneath the skin was like a snake writhing. It hypnotized me, fascinating me, and kept me so enraptured that it was almost as if my attention was completely locked onto him.  My blood was locked onto his blood, and it created a pull that was impossible to resist. A red haze tinged everything I saw, promising relief and salvation.

(You're fixed on him,) Angelo murmured, snapping me out of my trance. (You can have him soon. Just a little longer, little bird.)

Angelo's own hunger raged through his body. I let it wash over me, flow through me and amplify my own, while his need fed on mine until it became an inferno, a wildfire that neither of us could extinguish, or wanted to. Our Tigers were free from their cages and we were going feral.

Angelo and I were in synch now, moving as one, seizing the Breather. Of course this scared the shit out of him, which only made it better; his fear blossoming into full blown terror. For some reason, that aroused the hell out of me; his screams making my cock harden to the point of giving me the almost overwhelming urge to throw him on his stomach and fuck him senseless.

Of course Angelo sensed it, and he stroked me, crooning, (Save it for me, matya mou.) His tongue ran across his lips. (I want all of it.)

Then there were no words.

My tongue probed just long enough to find the magic spot but instead of puncturing the skin like Angelo taught me, my teeth tore into the Breather's flesh. The juice spurted into my mouth, flowing like a river and I ravenously gulped down every drop he had to give me; sucking so hard that the flesh shredded against my teeth.

I was vaguely aware that Angelo was juicing as well, tapping the place he'd marked. I realized that in a fucked up way, we were raping the Breather, the vache, one of the cattle. Instead of our cocks, we'd penetrated him with our teeth and instead of filling him, we were taking from him. We were in ecstasy, our mutual desire rapidly building upon the other's, sweeping us into pure rapture.

I heard Angelo say in my mind, - You have the rest, sweet one, you need it more. -

And I did. I was so hungry that I bit into him again and again, until I nearly sucked him dry, and it still wasn't enough….

I felt suddenly Angelo's hand on my shoulder. (You can't do it that way, Weasel-mou. Not in this form.)

I had no idea of what he was talking about until I realized my mouth was full of something that wasn't juice because there was no juice left in his body. Without even thinking about it, I chewed and swallowed. It helped a little, but I needed more.

(I know you were starving, transmogriphication takes energy and you were hungry to begin with. But if you eat anymore, you will end up Shifting to finish the rest.) Angelo gently pulled me off the Breather's body, his arms enveloping me from behind. (You have no idea how tempted I am to let instinct take over and join you, but time is short and I'd rather spend it with you in this form.)

His hard-on caressed my ass, and all of the sudden my clothes were an annoyance I wanted to remove immediately.

And so were his. "Your clothes," I growled. (Take 'em off.)

Angelo kissed the back of my neck. (Anything for you.)

The corpse of the Breather lay in a heap forgotten, along with our clothes as we sank to the floor.

All of the doubts I had were quickly swept away by Angelo's touch; his mouth was hungry and demanding, each stroke, kiss and bite making my passion rise. He was making me feel so good that I wanted to do the same for him. I reached down, for the hardness that was grinding so insistently against my leg.

And he pushed my hand away.

What the fuck?

I felt as if Angelo had slapped me, rejection burned like acid in my stomach. (What's this, we're just friends or something?)

Irritation flashed across his pretty face. (Did I ever imply that?)

(You didn't have to,) I muttered, (You just showed me. What am I to you, some toy you can just fuck and forget, just like all your others?)

Angelo sighed. (You don't understand, little bird. You're not ready.)

(For what, sex? What the fuck have we been doing for the past two nights? I don't get it, Angelo!)

His face hardened, and those black eyes turned into stone. (You don't now, but you will.)

Oh fuck, now I did it, he was gonna shut down on me again! But why? What did I do?

Then I realized that in all the time we'd been doing it he'd always done me. Every time I'd try to reciprocate in some way, Angelo would work his magic and I'd be distracted. For some reason, he didn't bother with the smoke and mirrors tonight and just directly stopped me from touching him.

But he wanted me. I could feel his lust feeding back on mine.

Angelo was watching me. Waiting for what I was gonna do.

Cripe, he was testing me, telling me no with his words, but his body and blood were calling to me.

I had the sinking feeling that if I failed this test I'd lose him. I knew it deep in my gut.

Hell, it'd probably piss Angelo off enough that he'd tell me to fuck off but I knew I had to do this.

I had to do this.

Gathering my courage, I slipped my hand to the back of his neck and captured his mouth with mine, pouring all the desire, all the wanting, all the NEED into that kiss. I ran my tongue along the top of his bottom lip, and not-very-gently bit and sucked at his lips and when his mouth opened, my tongue snaked inside.

For a moment, the two of us wrestled for control; our tongues tangling.  

Then I sprang, seizing Angelo and pinning him to the floor, kissing and biting his lips savagely before my tongue plundered his mouth as I rubbed my cock rhythmically against his.

Only for him to break the kiss and flip me over so he was on top of me.

Angelo wasn't gonna make this easy.

Those hot black eyes were wary, excited and aroused - but not only sexually. It was an animal's arousal. Anticipating my next move.

That made two of us.

Then I realized that even though Angelo was on top of me, he really wasn't pinning me down. Not my arms and legs anyway. He just smirked at me because I really couldn't do much from this position but kiss him. Not that I minded that. But kissing him wasn't gonna prove a thing to Angelo.

Damn him! There had to be a way. I just had to think of it.

All of the sudden I got a crazy idea. Angelo's full weight wasn't bearing down on me. That left me just enough wiggle room to move my legs. Gathering my strength, I lifted my legs and pushed, throwing him off of me.

Angelo landed on his back and glowered at me. (What the fuck is your problem, Weasel?)

I was not about to let Angelo intimidate me with that glare of death but I knew I had to move fast before he threw my clothes at me and kicked me the fuck out.

Let's try this again….

Before Angelo had the chance to get up again, I slid down beside him, my hand holding him there temporarily. (Don't get sulky,) I told him, planting kisses on his neck.

(Too late for that,) he growled but instead of shaking me off, Angelo turned his head to the side so I could nibble at his throat so he couldn't have been too annoyed.

That was promising but there was the familiar look of impatience that told me I was about to lose Angelo's attention. And willingness. I was gonna have to take this and run with it.

I remembered what he'd said about humans being so weak, he never felt anything they did. And about riding the wave of feralness with another Nightchild.

The thought made my blood race.

 Now I understood what Angelo meant. I realized I always had from the first time we Shared pleasure. The only difference was that instinct wasn't driving me this time.

Desire was. Both his and mine.

My mouth worked its way down to his chest, my tongue caressing his nipples before I sucked them so hard, drops of his blood fell upon my tongue. Its spicy-sweetness excited the fuck out of me and brought shivers of delight down my spine.

I wanted more.

My lips moved just below his right breastbone and a moan escaped Angelo's lips as my teeth sank in, my mouth sucking and my tongue lapping at his blood.

I sucked harder and Angelo was …breathing? Breathing hard. And those black eyes were growing even darker with lust.

I'd find out later that when we got really aroused, we breathed heavily, probably out of habit or a reflex from when we were alive. But I didn't need to know that at the time. It was obvious. I'd hit paydirt. I'd just found Angelo's magic spot and he wasn't pushing me away. He was letting me pleasure him.

Oh yeah. Angelo was undulating and writhing under me, purring as my mouth moved lower and my bites grew harder until I was feasting on his belly, feeling the head of his cock against my lips.

Then I played with him, flicking my tongue against the underside, licking up and down the shaft and nibbling the cockhead, enjoying the fact that his moans had become demanding growls from deep in his throat.

"Are you going to tease me or blow me?" Angelo finally asked, lisping the whole time which means I really had him because his fangs were out, now.

(That depends,) I demurred, (Are we gonna make love or are you just gonna have sex with me?)

Angelo grinned wickedly. "What do you think?"
As my answer, I took him into my mouth, a little at a time, 'til he arched his body so I ended up deep throating him. My own fangs were out by now so as I sucked him, my teeth raked across his shaft which got him off so fast that he came with a shudder, flooding my mouth with salt and honey.

Then Angelo took me into his arms.(You're a little sexpot, aren't you?) he murmured, nuzzling my hair.

I laughed. (You have any complaints?)

"None, whatsoever," he whispered before kissing me with so much passion, I thought my heart would burst.

For the rest of the night, we Shared each other, our desire amplifying one another's until it spiraled into pure ecstasy.

I knew he'd never push me away again.

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