Black Widower 2


I woke up to the sound of the key turning in the lock. I must've passed out.

Angelo and his "company" walked in and the first thing I noticed was that he'd done someone already. He had that glow I'd come to recognize, only with my new vision it was neon bright, a red heat halo shining through the blue. Enough to make it almost purple. And his eyes had that crazy glitter and slight glassiness instantly giving away that he was high on juice. I could smell it on him, he smelled like his kill, that scent permeated his own spicy, honeyed scent to the point where they were mixed. It was everywhere, on his lips, in his hair, clinging to his skin like shrinkwrap. By scent alone, I could tell it had been a male. Lots of testosterone.

It was almost enough to distract me from the girl staring at me. A present Angelo wouldn't even let me open myself.

Lilica was her name, at least that was what Angelo had called her when he introduced us.

Curly dark brown hair framed her heartshaped face, with eyes just as dark and brown, a button nose, and her mouth was a cupid's bow.

Her style was baby prostitute, complete with the pseudoleather skirt that barely covered her butt, the black go-go boots emphasizing her long legs, and the white halter, lying in contrast to her caramel flesh.

I knew better, knew what she was here for, could smell what she was here for, but I also smelled her on Angelo, and between her and the nameless boy, I could feel myself bristle with jealousy.

Lilica didn't react much better to me either, her eyes narrowed with hatred as I got up from the bed to face her. "So this is the reason you didn't want to take me to your room!"

Angelo shrugged. "I didn't feel like fucking you, honeychild. That's the only reason I'd ever take you to my room." he replied in Normspeech. Strange. Their speech sounded louder than before, loud enough to thunder in my eardrums. No wonder Angelo only used it when he had to.

Lilica pouted, wrinkling her nose. "Probably because you've been screwing Tomas. His cologne is all over your shirt."

Angelo grinned wickedly and pulled his shirt over his head, swinging it around before throwing it across the room, exposing his luscious chest and edible dusky nipples. "Is this better?" he purred, suddenly standing almost, but not quite on top of her. "Is this pleasing?" His lips brushed her forehead, her cheeks and just grazed her lips, as his body was all but rubbing against hers, an invisible force field of about a hair's length was all that separated them.

Angelo rubbed his face into her haltered chest, taking her clothed breast into his mouth, sucking and biting the nipple before letting it go, his rigid cock just barely touching her cunt as he ground against her.

He untied the halter and it fell to the floor. "Sweet Lilli love." Angelo's mouth was on her breasts, licking to her belly button, running along the waist line of her skirt. At the same time, his attention was on me, noticing my own hardening cock, seeing me bite my lips in sexual frustration. (What's stopping you lover?) he Nightspoke to me.

(Aren't you a little busy?) The words came out in Nightspeech without me doing a thing.

(Not anymore.) Angelo Shadowdanced, moving faster than Lilica could see, and was instantly at my side, licking off the red welling on my lips. Apparently he didn't care about having an audience and as his sweet hot tongue snaked into my mouth, I didn't either. Angelo felt so hot, almost feverish, his mouth pure nectar, burning against my cooling tongue. I'd become colder, really colder, ice was now running through my veins.

Which seemed to excite Angelo, his kiss grew deeper, more urgent as he scooped me into his arms, still kissing me until he lay on the bed, pulling me on top of him, his firey hands slipping under my shirt, caressing my frozen chest.

My mouth wrapped around one nipple, and I sucked feverently, sucking, biting too hard with my new teeth as Angelo's blood began to flow into my mouth. I lifted my head up, seeing that I'd torn the nipple, it was hanging by a piece of skin and I jumped in horror, but Angelo just whispered, "It'll heal. Don't stop," pushing my head back down and I had no choice but to suckle more, nursing as his sweet scalding blood fed me, biting deeper when the original flow stopped.

Angelo took my head in his hands and pulled my head up, placing it on the other nipple. "More," he moaned in pleasure.

This time I bit just below his breast and fed more, teasing the nipple with my tongue every once in a while...

"How far do you intend to go?" Lilica demanded, pushing me off Angelo, and staring at his ruin of a nipple. And at the fresh crimson smeared on my lips.

"Is there a problem?" Angelo asked sweetly.

She moved to slap my face but it was like she was moving in slow motion and I was able to grab her wrist mid-swing. (Don't try that again,) I warned.

(Take a breath when you speak, pidgeon.) Angelo advised, (You're not doing it involuntarily anymore.)

I thought he was crazy, of course I was breathing, but to humor him I took a deep breath. And my words came out in Normspeech. "You try that again, bitch."

Lilica's eyes blazed. "I'm not afraid of you, you blood sucking freak!"

Ah, Angelo must have told her. But wouldn't that make him one too?

"Be very afraid of him, Lili love," Angelo said, "If I hadn't fed him just now, you would be dead now."

Lilica looked puzzled for a second, then realization flared in her eyes. "This isn't a wannabe?" It was a statement, not a question.

"Smile for her, pidgeon."

For the first time I grinned at her, flashing my new fangs and she began to tremble. "He's like you!"

"I should hope so. He's my kid."

"Your kid." The fear turned to jealousy. "You made him like you."

"I would think that was obvious, my dear."

"Why won't you do it to me?" she demanded.

"Why would I want to spend eternity with you, Lilica?"

Her face fell for a moment, then turned nasty. "No, you want to do it with Tomas. You don't really like girls do you Angelo?"

"I like girls, I just don't like you."

Lilica ignored the contempt in his tone. "But you like boys better."

Angelo Shadowdanced and seized her throwing her on the bed violently, just missing my body by inches. "Who I like to sleep with is none of your fucking business. You think because you're a good lay that you own me? Stupid girl, I own you more than you will ever own me."

Something about the way he said that frightened me. Because I knew exactly what he meant. I knew from experience.

But Lilica didn't get it. "You think you own me?" she laughed.

Angelo's eyes unfocused for a second and suddenly Lilica was writhing on the bed, moaning, breathing heavily, her cheeks flushed with her arousal. Then she collapsed, a discarded rag doll.

His eyes glittered. "Once I touch you," his fingers carressed her cheek, "you're my toy if I so desire. I can turn you on and off like a lightswitch. Once I've had you I can play with you from anywhere and you are mine. Forever. And if I jump you," Angelo put his arm around her waist and lifted her off the bed, unzipping her skirt, then holding her higher so the skirt slid down her thighs and fell to the floor. "If I take you here," his fingers slid inside her sex for just a second and withdrew, "Possess your body and drain every shred of sexual energy, you have a little piece of me inside your soul until you die." Angelo smiled evily. "And if you must know, I jumped Tomas every time I made love to him. So I'd say," he dropped her unceremoniusly back on the bed, "I own you."

"So what are you going to do," she spat, "Rape me?"

"Rape is beneath me."

Apparently, humiliation wasn't. I never knew that Angelo could be so cruel, so mean. I wondered if he'd be like that to me when I pissed him off. Because she'd definitely pissed him off. No doubt about it. He wanted to hurt her, and was enjoying every second of her pain.

Only Lilica refused to admit it. She didn't have to. Her red eyes revealed everything.

And so did the cold amusement in Angelo's eyes.

For a few moments, Lilica was silent. But I could tell she was planning something.

Then she finally said, "I've been very patient with you, Angelo."

"Have you?"

"I let you carry on an affair with my boyfriend."

"You didn't let me do anything. Tomas wanted me and I was only too happy to oblige." Angelo smirked. "And you fucked around with me as well. So you cheated on Tomas yourself, hypocrite."

"I met you first. You seduced me into bed, and when Tomas found out, he confronted you."

"Oh yes," Angelo yawned, "You sent your big bad boyfriend after me." Then he snickered, "Your beautiful boyfriend who melted after one kiss." Angelo licked his lips, "And all the others."

"Then we decided on a threesome."

"No. You did because you knew that would be the only way you'd keep me." He gave her his crazy/sexy smile. "It was nice though. The three of us in my bed, in wonderful positions as I Pleasured you both at the same time. Don't tell me you didn't get off on it honey, I can sense that instantly."

Yeah, just like I could sense her embarassment and shame. I almost felt sorry for her.

"It was very good." she admitted. "We were all perfect together. But something weird happened. Tomas didn't want me anymore, just you."

Angelo shrugged. "I jumped him. That's what happens. I didn't mind."

"But I did!" Lilica hissed in fury. "I still do. Stay the hell away from Tomas."

Angelo laughed. "And if I don't?"

"Then you're history."

Angelo stared incredulously. "You know what I am, there is another of my kind in this room, the Playground is surrounded with more of my brothers and sisters. Yet you threaten to kill me?"

"I won't have to." Her smile was pure snake. "The Believers of Truth will do it for me, once I turn you over to them. I hear they're very efficient with a stake."

Angelo's expression darkened for a moment, then became unreadable. "And if I follow your wishes, you won't do this?"

"Angelito!" Angelito? "I want you, why would I risk your life if I can have you?"

He sighed. "You wouldn't have me all to yourself, you realize that."

"Yes." she admitted. "I don't care about the others, just stay away from Tomas."

"I suppose that leaves me with no choice." Angelo lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it. "Anything for you, Lili love." He sat on the bed beside her, leaned over, and kissed her.

And the bile rose to my throat.

Lilica's eyes shone in triumph as Angelo kissed her deeper, moaning as his mouth moved downwards.

Shit, why wasn't he fighting back? He had so many choices. Take away her memory, fry her brain like he did that other guy earlier. Kill her. Hell, even I would kill her. But give in to her blackmail?

Suddenly Angelo shot me a look that removed all doubt from my mind.

All doubt.

Lilica was looking at me now, appraising me in a different way than before, her eyes traveling from my face, to my upper body, traveling down, then back to my face, all traces of hatred replaced by pure lust. She stroked Angelo's curls, which were now between her legs, and said, "Your kid is very pretty. Do you want to?"

Angelo lifted his head, licking his lips that were coated with her juices. "Why not? We're practically screwing in front of him. It's not fair to leave him out." He smiled. "But we'll Share you, Lilica."

"We will?" I asked, not exactly sure I liked the idea.

"Yes." Angelo flashed me a secret smile. "You can handle it now."

Handle what, a threesome? I hadn't done much of them. In fact I could count the number on half my hand. But Angelo was calling the shots as usual and if he wanted both of us to Share her, that was what I was going to do.

(Just follow my lead.) Angelo Nightspoke, (Or do we need to get you in the mood?)

I glanced at Lilica, at her perky breasts, the jutting cinnamon nubs, her sopping wet sex, and moved up to her throat, staring at the pulsating artery. (Oh, I'm in the mood alright. Just not the mood you want.)

Angelo grinned. (Are you so sure of that?)

Lilica couldn't see our lips move, or hear us, of course, but she wasn't stupid. "So, is he interested?"

"Very much so," I said dreamily.

So, my corruption would be complete. Angelo and my eyes met and from then on, there was no need for words, we moved with one mind, one soul. One blood.

Angelo took me into his arms. "He's just a little shy, hasn't had much experience with girls," he stroked my hair, "I think he needs some loving first."

Lilica's smile was real ugly. "Yeah, from you, I'll bet."

Angelo gently released me, then Shadowdanced, picking Lilica's clothes from the floor and throwing them at her. "I don't have the time or patience for this shit, Lilica. One way or the other it's going to happen. With or without you. Deal with it."

"Before or after you fuck him?"

Angelo's voice was deceptively soft. "You're done now. And I'm done with you." He turned his back on Lilica, leaving her to sulk. Alone.

He pulled me close and kissed me tenderly, undoing my shirt buttons.

(What if she leaves?) I Nightspoke, breaking the kiss for a moment.

(Then I'll Pleasure you without an audience.)

(You know what I mean.) I tweaked his earlobe.

Angelo ran his hands down the planes of my back and kneaded my ass. (Yes, I do. Don't worry, she's not going anywhere.)

I wondered how he knew that, but then he lowered his head to my chest and started working magic with his lips and tongue, sweeping me into a current of passion that blotted out everything else.

Except the warm, wet mouth that was now sucking my cock.

Somehow, my jeans had been unbuttoned and unzipped, and now someone was licking and savoring me like an ice cream cone.

Couldn't be Angelo, his mouth was ravishing mine, and it wasn't his trick, it didn't feel like him, wasn't as good.

Which meant it had to be Lilica.

I looked down and sure enough, there was her little curly brown head, bobbing up and down.

On one hand it felt like a violation, yeah it was supposed to be a threesome but this came with no warning, without asking if she could be this intimate with me.

On the other, Angelo was getting me so aroused, by just kissing me, oh yeah, my mouth had become hypersensitive now, every part he touched sent surges of extreme pleasure throughout my horny body, I didn't care who was sucking me off.

Between the two of them, I was well taken care of, but just as I was simmering, she let me slide out of her mouth, leaving me hard and unsatisfied.

"Fuck me, Weasel," she breathed.

No problem there.

Lilica impaled herself upon my rigid cock and began to ride me, the friction of her slick vaginal walls against my cockhead as she bounced up and down, bringing me in and out, faster and faster, bringing me rapidly to the point of no return.

Angelo had been laying beside us, but now he leaned over between her legs and took turns with us, his tongue lapping at her labia and flicking her clit, then running his mouth over my shaft, sucking and nibbling my balls, rubbing his face between my thighs, then nipping at hers...

So much stimulation, all my nerve endings were on overload already. But when Angelo passed me a mouthful of Lilica's ambrosia, enough for me to know he did more than nip her, I came to a rolling boil.

Fruity, tinged with what I'd later learn was were endorphins pumping through her blood with her sexual arousal and pleasure, now I knew why he called it juice.

Shit, I was going to come.


Like a volcano, my lava erupted inside her, spilling over to her belly, and she came seconds later, little tremors in her arms, legs, and ass building rapidly into an earthquake, shaking her entire body, and she let out a moan of pleasure/pain as Angelo bit into her wrist, and I pulled out.

Lilica seemed to like it, eyes rolling back in ecstacy as Angelo drank, and protesting when he withdrew.

He didn't take much, enough to put a little roses in his cheeks and to give him a slight buzz. Enough to make her drowsy, making her eyes glaze over, and her pupils dilate.

"Sweet Lilica," Angelo laughed, "Very sweet, Lilica, like a fine wine."

Lilica smiled weakly, like someone who didn't get the joke but wished they did.

"Lilli love, it will be really easy to stay away from Tomas."

She giggled, a stoned kind of giggle, "Really?"

"Really." Angelo leaned over languidly and sliced his nail across her breastbone, sopping the deep red flow with his thumb and licking it off. "He's gone."

More giggling. "Yeah, you played with him and he went home."

Angelo laughed with her, playing along. "No, I mean he's gone, Lili."

Lilica's eyes narrowed, not understanding. "Okay, then where is he?"

"Rotting in a dumpster." Angelo replied cheerfully.

Lilica thought he was joking at first. Then she saw the amusement glittering in his eyes, and the deathly serious expression and I realized Angelo had been building up to this since he saw her tonight, to the laughter dying from her eyes, her face becoming blank, not getting it, then the terror as she comprehended exactly what he just said.

She jumped off the bed and flew for the door but Angelo was already there. "Going somewhere?" His arms enveloped Lilica, pulling her to his chest. "You should save your energy." His words should've been condenscending, but strangely, they were almost affectionate.

Kind of like talking to your favorite child. Or a pet.

"Y-you killed him!" she sputtered.

"And your point is?"

"You killed Tomas!"

Angelo shook his head. "You're becoming an echo, my dear."

"You deny it?"

He shrugged. "Should I?"

"Admit it!" Lilica demanded.

"Alright," Angelo's voice turned into a sort of sing-song, "I killed him. I summoned him, tore out his throat and feasted on him."

"Shut up!"

"Savored his fear, his pain and sense of betrayal, and relished every second of it."

"I told you to shut up!"

"When all the time," the sing-song turned into a snarl, "it was supposed to be you!" He grabbed her by the throat. "He was there. You were not. You're here now."

Lilica was trembling now. I guess the words sank in. "Y-you're going to kill," she paused, "me?"

"You threatened me. Blackmailed me. Bad Lilica." He let go of her throat, but the other arm still held her in a vice-like grip. "Stupid Lilica. I'm not Tomas, I have no fear of you. You were too arrogant to be afraid of me." Angelo's smile was pure piranha. "Now you are. I can almost taste your fear as your heart hammers in your chest. I will taste that fear."

It poured off of her like fragrant steam, tartly sweet juice bubbling underneath her skin.

I couldn't resist. I didn't want to. I wanted it now.

And suddenly I was next to the both of them. How I got there, I had no idea, I wasn't even aware of moving. One second I'm on the bed. The next, I'm close enough to touch her.

I was highly disoriented. (What did I just do?) I asked Angelo, not wanting Lilica to know I couldn't control my own body.

(You just Shadowdanced.) he answered. (You must really like fear.)

(I don't know.)

(You do. You just don't realize it yet.)

Then he switched back to Normspeak. "I'd keep that fear in check if I were you, sweetling, unless you want him to attack you, and he won't be half as kind as I will."

But that only got her more scared, the fear now ripening into terror that burned in me like a crazy fire. I actually craved that fear and wanted her more scared, to the point where her blood would boil over, instinctively knowing it would make her taste even more delicious, from juice to a fine wine, and she suddenly started to convulse, becoming incoherent, hyperventilating to the point of choking...

Then it stopped. Cold. As if someone had thrown cold water on that fire. I knew just who did it, and a growl rose from deep in my throat.

(Calm down.) I felt the equivalent of a psychic slap. (Don't boost her to the point of insanity, it's cheating, unfair and very unsatisfying.)

(I didn't do anything.)

(You boosted her fear. Instinctively, turning it up. I turned it down, so she's back to normal.) Angelo bared his teeth. (Don't fuck with my kill.)

(But I didn't-)

He didn't care, suddenly his main concern was Lilica, who was now sobbing uncontrollably in his arms. "It's alright," he soothed, "I won't let him do that to you again."

I should've felt at least pity, but I didn't. Good, I thought, now you know how a Sap feels.

He ran his fingers through her hair, "Ignore him, he's not in control right now, and I won't let him hurt you."

"No." Lilica was fully coherent now. "You're going to hurt me instead."

"Now, you know better, it won't hurt, I'll make it very nice. Don't I always?"

"But you stop. You're not going to now." She was trying to hide it but there was a little spark of panic, and I suddenly understood just how easy it would be to boost her.

But I wouldn't.

"You'll feel so good, you won't even care, darling." That was his thing, I realized. He liked pleasure and when we were making love earlier he was boosting both of ours.

So what was the difference? We were both doing it for the same reason.

Don't fuck with my kill.

Oh, that was the difference. He wasn't in much more control than I was.

Lilica sighed wearily. "How come you can be so nice and so mean at the same time, Angelito?"

Angelo flashed his crazy/sexy smile. "Because I feel like it."

"That's not a rea-" His lips covered hers and smothered the rest of the sentence.

This time her sigh was a happy one. At first. Then suddenly her eyes widened in shock, and she yelped, trying to pull away, but Angelo just increased the pressure of his mouth and kissed her deeper and more intensely, until she wasn't resisting, wasn't moving at all.

He finally let her go and I saw why she'd been fighting him; her bottom lip was nothing but a gaping hole now, no wonder he stayed so long.

"That's one way to shut that mouth of yours," Angelo laughed.

He'd done a number on it too, sucking so hard that he shredded the bottom lip, and completely bleached the rest of her mouth.

So much for being nice.

His eyes met mine and I knew the game was over, and there were no more words, everything becoming surreal, as he changed his grip, so Lilica's head was leaning against his left shoulder, wiping his juice slick mouth with his fingers, and sliding them into my mouth, and as I sucked on them, his teeth sank into her throat and he sucked on her.

I savored each finger, licking them clean, and running my tongue along each crease, making Angelo moan with delight, sliding his fingers from out of my mouth and replacing them with her wrist. I bit down and she burst into my mouth like a ripe peach, juicy and sugary, drenching my throat, and for the first time I juiced someone other than Angelo.

With him though, it was an offering, giving freely. Lilica was completely unwilling, but she couldn't stop me, it felt so good just to take, to relish each struggle, and all of the sudden, it was amplified, bouncing from me to Angelo, back to me, linked through Sharing her, his lust becoming mine, my pleasure becoming his, and as one place became hard to draw from, we tapped other places, her ankle, her breast, her thigh, until I heard a dry rattling sound and felt Angelo pull me off her.

(No more, she's about dead, and has almost nothing left inside her, you're sucking air.) He let her slide onto the floor, and seized me, his kiss bruising, his mouth swallowing mine, and we sank to the floor, my fingers ripping the buttons off his jeans, his nails scratching my back.

I broke the kiss just long enough to pull his jeans off, then crushed my mouth back against his, as his cock furiously ground into mine, his finger entered my anus, going deeper, deeper, but not deep enough.

Sensing my frustration, he threw me onto my stomach and slammed his cock into me, fucking me savagely, and just as I was about to come, he slithered out of me, this time tossing me onto my back, and taking me into his mouth, my seed spilling down his throat, my cock growing hard again as he sucked ferociously, my teeth sinking into his shoulder, tasting him, Angelo lifting his mouth off my cock, his teeth sinking into my thigh, tasting me, until we were nothing but a jumble of mouths and teeth, bruises and punctures appearing all over our sweaty writhing bodies,

I'd never made love so violent, but it really wasn't making love, it was pure animal sex, two animals in heat, until I got so hard I couldn't stand it anymore and I pulled Angelo onto my lap and entered him.

He was tight, deliciously tight, and I thrust deeply into him, wondering if he'd let anyone fuck him before.

I wondered if he was going to let me fuck him.

Then he grabbed my arms and pulled me on top of him, his legs thrown over my shoulders so I wouldn't slip out. (If you're going to do it,) Angelo's voice was husky, (then drive me crazy, or don't even bother, lover.)

I didn't need to be told twice.

It was better this way anyway, it was much easier to fuck him fast and furious, sliding in and out, faster and faster, thrusting deeper and deeper, pounding him with my rigid cock, Angelo's nails slicing through my chest, as growls and cries in his own language escaped his lips, his body trembling, ass contracting, until he gave that hiss of his, and with a shudder, exploded against my belly, which was enough to make me come right afterwards, his ass muscles swallowing my cock as I sputtered into him, until we collapsed in each others arms, just kissing gently, languidly, the frenzy replaced with simple desire to Pleasure the other.

I pulled my mouth away from his for a moment. (Is it always like this?)

His fingers caressed my chest. (Like what?)

(You know, this intense, this violent.)

(But you liked it.) he murmured against my neck, (You loved every second as much as I did.)

(Yeah,) I admitted, (But it was warped. You raped me, I raped you, there was no love in there whatsoever.)

(I trusted you enough to let you do something I rarely let anyone do. If that's not love, kaloz mou, tell me what is.)

(But there was no tenderness in it.)

(Nightchild lovemaking is mostly sucking, biting, much more violent than the Norm way, the tenderness comes afterwards and, if you noticed,) he nibbled my ear, (we have endless orgasms.)

I guess there was some good things about being a Nightchild.

Angelo sighed. (There are some things you are going to have to deal with, and I can tell right now that it's going to be a problem. I wish it wasn't, it would make things easier and much more fun, but that's not how it is.

(Weasel love, you're not human anymore, and there's a good possibility you never were. The rules for humans are irrelevant for you. You're a killer now, and tomorrow you will make your own kill and no longer depend on me, though I'll gladly Share with you. Your body is stronger than a human's, needing much greater stimulation, including pain, and different things will do it for you than before. Gentleness won't do it for you at all.) He rolled his eyes. (Humans are so weak, I barely feel anything they do, and the only lovemaking they know is the basic suck and fuck. And I always have to keep control of myself if I don't want to kill them. But with one another, you can give in, lose that control and ride that wave of feralness. I like it the Norm way, but not as much as our way, and tonight proves that you won't either.)

Again, telling me things I didn't want to admit were true. But one thing caught my attention. (Tomorrow, I'm on my own?) The thought filled me with uneasiness.

Angelo held me tightly. (You don't know what to do yet, there's a lot I need to teach you so stop panicking, I'm not abandoning you. But from now on, you make your own kills, and like I said, I'll Share, and Share mine with you, but you can't hide behind me anymore...)

Something was happening. I was hearing his words, but they were fading, dreamlike. My arms and legs had suddenly become like cement, I couldn't move either, and could barely keep my eyes open.

(Whuz happen-) I couldn't even speak anymore.

Angelo scooped me into his arms and carried me to the bed, (The last part of your Change.) He slid the covers down and gently placed my body on the bed, then pulled the covers over me. (You can't feel your body because it's dying. When you wake up tomorrow night, you'll be unalive. Not alive, not dead. Like me.)

Don't go! I wanted to scream, but my lips wouldn't move.

(It's nearly dawn. If I don't go upstairs now, I'll be in the same state that you are.) He kissed my forehead. (You'll be alright here, every juicer will be Sleeping so no one will bother you.) Angelo kissed my mouth. (I'll be back tomorrow, my sweet one.)

Then everything went black.

When I opened my eyes again, instead of Angelo, there was a young man and woman standing at the foot of the bed. The man looked slightly familiar, I wasn't sure why. Then suddenly I remembered...

One night a young man with short black hair and icy grey eyes, about twenty or so, came to Flin's stable to look at what he had. I figured he wanted what most of them wanted: a pretty Pet to fuck, not suicide.

When he set his eyes on me, I figured he'd chosen me. He was staring at me, at my eyes, but instead of making dumb comments or looking away in fear or disgust, he smiled. An almost triumphant smile.

And I noticed something about his eyes I hadn't before. They were clear like mine, only his pupils were larger and were like bottomless pools that you could drown in if you stared too long.

He said I was very beautiful and stroked my face. His fingers were kind of lukewarm, ice warmed up by heat but not real warmth.

He carressed my cheeks, my hair, his fingers falling to my neck and lingering there for a minute, not going below. At the same time, he fixed his eyes on mine and for a second I was trapped. Then I pulled away, aware that he let me and if he wanted to, he could have kept me there forever.

Or until he killed me.

Flin, of course, had no idea of this. He sussed that the man wanted me and quoted my new high price.

The man laughed at him, but he was looking at me. "It's good that you keep him doped up. The tiger must be contained."

Flin smiled. "My Pets always are. He will cause you no trouble."

"I'll wager he's very good." He grinned at me wickedly. "You know what they want already, you can't help but know Child."

Flin stared at him. "What did you say?"

The man ignored him. "You understand me, and you know better than to tell your Keeper." The words were for me, but even though I did understand him, to Flin, he might as well have been speaking jibberish. I realized the man wasn't speaking in English, but even though I didn't know what language it was, I somehow knew the language.

I knew he made me real uncomfortable. And now I knew he was the same man.

I'd never seen the woman next to him, again around twenty or so, but I somehow knew her as well. Long black hair, with the same clear green eyes as mine, and both of them shared my features. Shivers traveled to my spine because even though I didn't know her, I knew who she looked like.

Except for the eyes, she looked just like Josephine.

My mother.

The man smiled. (I see, your memory is starting to come back. Angelique has been working on it since you've been Asleep, but it will take a long time to break an enchantment that elaborate and old.)

I stared at him, not knowing what the hell he was talking about.

(Be careful Ardoin.) Her voice was musical. (He's still disoriented.)

He bent towards me, kissing my cheek. (But Jacques knows his family. Don't you, nephew.)

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