Black Widower 1.3


Now his whole body was warm, his cheeks flushed from the heat. Although his icy hands and mouth offered delights of their own, I preferred this warm, wet mouth, and his teeth which were not-so-gently nibbling my bottom lip, his tongue running along the roof of my mouth, then exploring the sides, his teeth just scraping against them.

Then he sucked my tongue, his own tongue swirling around it, brushing against the top and moving slowly to the tip, then sucking my whole tongue again, as if it were a miniature penis, making love to all of my mouth, all of my nerve endings inflamed as they were kindled, one by one, excruciating sensation reaching a boiling point. Just when I was about to explode, Angelo kissed my mouth hard, then withdrew, leaving me breathless and desperate for release.

If this is what he could do to my mouth, shit!

As if he read my thoughts, Angelo said, (The mouth is exquisitely sensitive for our kind. That's why our lovemaking is so oral.) He gave me a lustful look. (Not to ignore other delicious parts...)

His hand found my crotch, my swollen cock dripping with pre-cum soaking through since I wore no underwear, and kneaded it before sinking to his knees and taking my jeaned crotch into his mouth, blowing warm air onto it as he sucked me, then unzipping my fly, but before my monster could spring out he nibbled the shaft and gave the tip a teasing lick before tucking it back into my jeans, zipping them and chuckling as he stood back up.

I pulled him to me, frustrated, and rubbed against him, letting him know he wasn't done.

Oh but he was. (You should save that for the Nocturne, love.)

Yes, he did this just to prove that he could play me like a guitar or even a violin. But if he could make me feel that good, he could play me whenever he liked.

(Come on. The Playground awaits.) Angelo slung an arm around my shoulders, his hand firmly planted on the top on my right.


We walked, or rather he walked, I was still staggering a bit in a daze, until we reached the stairs of the Nocturne. This time Peter gave us no trouble, just glaring at the both of us as we made our way down the steps, and went inside the entrance.

I looked around and it basically looked like any other club, not real impressive. It had a dance floor, complete with cages for the dancing girls and boys, a bar, and a set of bistro tables and chairs for hanging out and talking. The floor was polished wood. Like I said, nothing to write home about, in fact it was kind of spare. But it was packed. I wondered why.

Angelo saw the underwhelmed expression on my face and laughed. (This is for the Norms. Downstairs is the Playground and that's where we're headed. Follow me, there's a secret entrance, and you're going to need my help unless you've suddenly developed the ability to fly.)


We headed straight to the back, past the dancefloor and tables, to the bar, where a slightly older kid was tending bar. Very nice looking with his blond hair and icy blue eyes, only there was something in them that made me uneasy and it wasn't the fact that I could feel he was a juicer. No, it was more of the malice shining in his eyes. All aimed towards me.

Natch, Angelo knew him. I was getting the feeling that Angelo knew every pretty face here. (Playground, Dimitri.)

Dimitri. His cousin. His real cousin, no doubt about it, they had the same nose, the same honeyed complexion, but his lips were thinner than Angelo's. And he was about 4 inches taller. He cocked a head towards me. (You're taking that with you?)

(I've already cleared him and he's coming as my guest.) Angelo smiled sweetly. (Do you have a problem with that, cousin?)

(I have a problem with any fling.) Dimitri answered.

(That's your problem.) Angelo's smile vanished. (Now, just let us in, alright?) He pinched Dimitri's cheek affectionately.

I remembered the crack Peter had made about them sleeping together. No wonder he hated me. If I ever became Angelo's pidgeon, I'd have to keep an eye on him and watch my back.

Words were exchanged between them, some angry, and some emphasized with suggestive gestures that needed no translation.

Dimitri appraised me for a moment, then nodded approvingly to Angelo. (I get to try him. Don't forget that.)

What? He gets to try me like some toy?

Angelo grimaced. (Yes, I know, any new brother or sister brought into the fold can be shared by any Child at his or her request.) His eyes narrowed. (Don't request so fast.)

(Why, so he can get stronger? You above all people should know better.)

(Is it my fault that you have such bad taste I don't want to play with any of yours, sweet Dimitri?) Angelo said mockingly.

Oh. So Angelo didn't sleep with every pretty thing that walked on two legs. Could've fooled me.

As if he was reading my thoughts, Dimitri said to me, in Normspeak so I heard every word, "You're not the first. You won't be the last."

Angelo frowned, switching to Normspeak himself. "That was a nasty thing to say, cousin."

Dimitri smirked. "Deny it. Or tell him why?"

Because he was a sex addict? I figured that out a while ago.

Angelo didn't deny it, or tell me why. He didn't say a word.

Uh-oh, another thing I wasn't going to like. Did I really want to deal with all this?

Then Angelo flashed me his crazy, sexy smile, his eyes flashing promise and all doubt evaporated.

Dimitri leaned forward, kissing Angelo on one cheek, then the other. (Just tell me when you're ready.) Back to that soft speech. How could they switch so easily? (By the way,) he snickered, (I hope your bride to be moves fast. We wouldn't want him to get crushed.)

Angelo cupped Dimitri's face in his hands. (No, you wouldn't. Not if you ever want me in your bed again.) His voice was pure honey.

He gave Dimitri a quick, peck on the lips and let his face go. (Watch us. As soon as we reach the entrance flick the switch.)

Dimitri reached under the bar. (Ready whenever you are cousin.)

Angelo took my hand and we walked towards the back wall directly behind the bar. (How fast can you move?) he asked me.

"Pretty fast, I guess."

(You'll need to.)

We reached the backwall, I heard a clicking noise, and the wall suddenly pivoted to the left. (Now!) Angelo ordered.

I dove through, missing the wall pivoting back by seconds.

Of course, Angelo was already in front of me. (Not bad for a breather. You'll make a good Child.) He stroked my face, lovingly. (The worst of it is over. I'll help you with the rest.)

A light dawned. "You were just testing me, weren't you?"

(It's a deterrant, meant to keep univited Norms out. But tonight, you're right, it was a test.)

"What, to see if I was good enough for you?" I spat, pulling away from Angelo. "What if I couldn't do it, Angel Boy, would you have let me get crushed?)

(I knew you could do it.)

Oh. Glad to think somebody did.

I looked around and surveyed my surroundings. A room with grey cements walls and a row of vaults against its back wall. It looked like it had been part of a bank at one time. Something that was not allowed for Non-Persons since they weren't supposed to own property or have money.

Angelo pointed to the vault just right of the middle one. (In here.)

He opened the door and motioned for me to enter. Then with preternatural speed, he abruptly grabbed me with one arm, and shut the door with the other hand.

At first, I didn't know why he did it. Then I looked down. And saw nothing but a black hole where the floor had been.

Then I looked up and saw that we were floating in mid-air and I freaked out, holding on to him for dear life. He held me tighter. (Stop panicking, I've got you.) he soothed.

"W-where did the floor go?" I stammered.

(Another deterrant. The floor falls though as soon as the door to the vault shuts.)

Wow. I wondered why they were so taking so many precautions.

We floated a few inches to the left and I saw a switch on the wall that hadn't been there the first time but I wasn't going to question. Angelo flicked the switch and instantly, stairs appeared where the black hole had been.

"So, what happens," I cracked, "Do the stairs disappear too?"

Angelo smiled evily. (Why don't you try it and see?) He not so gently put me on the top step and my heart lept into my mouth.

I ran like hell down those red carpeted stairs, hearing Angelo laugh hysterically behind me.

When I reached the bottom step, Angelo was standing beside me. (Weasel love,) he crooned, (You don't always have to be so bloody paranoid.)

It was easy for him to say. He could fly.

I walked one step down to the carpeted floor and the stairs folded back into the floor. It figured.

Now I could hear, music, interesting music with accordians and fiddles, more of a waltz than anything. We must have reached the Playground.

Angelo threw his arm around my shoulder to guide me and after walking a few feet, we walked through the door.

"Ey, Jolie Blon, cher..." were the only words of the song I could pick up, being sung in a mixture of singing, yodeling, and an almost whine. Pretty blonde. I was beginning to realize that all these words were in the same language and I spoke this language fluently at one time. I had to find out what it was sometime.

The lights were low, lit only by candlelight. There were no dance floors or bistro tables here. The red carpeting was plush, soft and deep enough to stretch out on, or even make love on. Large upholstered couches and chairs were arranged in a kind of U-shape around the room, with several large cushione scattered in the center of the carpet. Very cozy.

There was a bar here too, so we ambled over there. It was a female bartender this time, beautiful with long curly black hair pulled back in a barrette, one curl draping over her heart shaped face, with its cafe-au lait complexion, cupid's bow mouth and mint green eyes with sooty eyelashes. She smiled at Angelo. "Who's the cutie?" she asked, in a voice like tabasco over velvet. I liked that. She wanted to include me immediately. What a nice change. So maybe not all juicers are assholes.

"You can tell her your name." Angelo told me.

"I'm the Weasel." I said.

"Call me Amorette." she answered. Amorette. How perfect. She was practically radiating as much sex as Angelo, which intrigued me, and made me slightly uneasy.

"I suppose you want this, cher?" Amorette reached under the bar and handed Angelo a key.

He took it. "We'll have a drink first. Ouzo for me. And a cocktail for him."

She gave him a funny look. "Are you sure, that's mostly juice?"

"Dilute it with more wine, then. But yes, he can handle it. He's Awakened enough."

Amorette shrugged, but walked over to the back of the bar, got a wine bottle, placed it on the counter. Then she opened the fridge to the side of her, pulled out a bottle, reached underneath for a glass, and started mixing the two.

She handed the glass to me, and that familiarly sweet scent hit my nostrils like a battering ram. "I see by how your eyes are lighting up that you already have a taste for it. Just don't get sick in the room, okay, cher?"

Amorette walked to the back again, grabbing another, smaller bottle. Then she reached under again and brought up a shot glass, pouring something that smelled like licorice in it.

Angelo took the glass. "That's it?"

"We don't have much left. You snarfed the rest."

"But nobody drinks this but me and Dimitri." Angelo protested.

"That's all that I can give you until we get a new case." Amorette was kind but firm and Angelo gulped down the shot.

She laughed at me, seeing I hadn't touched my drink yet. "It will help put you in the mood, but drink it slowly, so you don't gag, okay?"

I took a sip, it tasted like blood mixed with wine. No, I realized as I took another sip, it tasted like blood with wine in it. As if it had been drained from someone who had just drunk wine. I drank down the rest, Amorette staring at me.

"Shit," she remarked, "Talk about Awakened."

Angelo took the empty glass from my hand and put both of our glasses on the counter. "We're off, love. Make sure we're not disturbed."

"Bien, compris." she answered. Well understood.

I instantly realized the language that she was speaking, the one I'd been trying to figure out for the past two nights. French. At one time, I spoke French.

Angelo and I got up and he led me towards a room towards the back. As soon as we reached it, he turned the key in the lock, we walked in, and he locked the door, smiling like a kid in a candy store.

(You ready to play now?) he asked me.

I threw my arms around him and pulled him to me. "I've been born ready."

The room had the same plush red carpeting, only it had a mattress with silken sheets in the center of it. To the right of the bed was another fridge, a sink, and a set of dresser drawers. Spare but it did the trick.

Angelo gently eased me onto the bed and unbuttoned my shirt, one button at a time, tantalizingly slow, until he reached the bottom button. But he didn't slip it off, he didn't even take off my pants, he just lay beside me and began to kiss me deeply, not letting any other parts of our bodies touch. His hands moved, featherlike, barely touching the down on my body, and they moved languidly, his fingers brushing my nipples, kneading gently at first, then slolwy increased the intensity, pinching and tugging the hairs around one nipple at a time. Then he broke the kiss, lowered his head and suckled my nipples, pressing each against his teeth, nibbling until they were rock hard.

His fingertips trailed over my stomach, again barely touching, sliding inside the waist band of my jeans, then unbuttoned them.

Like reaching inside for a treasure, Angelo pulled out my already hardening cock, his eyes moving up and down the shaft, running his tongue across his lips. (Those have to come off,) he said, pointing to my jeans.

No problem there, I scrambled out of them, then looked at him. "How about you?"

Angelo laughed softly. (Not yet.)

His fingers grazed the head of my cock, sliding one finger over the slit, which was becoming slightly slippery with pre-cum, moving it back and forth, slowly then increasing his speed , making my pelvic muscles tense with anticipation.

Waves of pleasure washed over my body until something occured to me. One of those ideas that come at the most inconvenient times.

Of course he was good. Angelo lived for sex, he could do this with his eyes closed, and once he got me off, I'd be just another notch in his belt.

My penis started to wilt and Angelo took his hand away, those black eyes flashing concern. (What's wrong?)

The words dribbled out of my mouth before I even thought about it. "This means nothing to you, does it."

Angelo stared at me, oh no, I blew it, I blew it! (What are you talking about?)

Well if I was digging this hole, I may as well bury myself. "You're so good at what you do, a sex expert, and a sex addict, you sleep with every pretty face with a good body, do your magic tricks to get them aroused and push those buttons just because you can. But what get's you off is the fact that you can. Then it's on to another conquest. Isn't it. Isn't that what Dimitri meant by 'You're not the first, you won't be the last,' and tell him why?"

Angelo was unreadable for a moment and the tears were welling up in my eyes, as I reached for my pants, but he was so much faster than I was and all of the sudden he was on top of me, pinning my arms and legs down on the bed. "Is that what you really think?" he whispered, looking directly into my eyes. His hands and arms were holding his body up so he was just touching me, and as angry and scared as I was, that barely there contact felt erotic as hell, not to mention how close his face was to mine. (What would you say if I told you you're partly right, though I'm much more than a sex addict.)

"Oh, I forgot, you're a Nightchild or whatever that's called."

(You say that sarcastically but yes, that is what it's called. However, because most of us are halfbloods, half of us has to be something else.)

I wanted to laugh, but something about the way he was saying it made the laughter die in my throat. "Okay. You're more than a sex addict. What are you then?"

(A sex energy addict.) Angelo replied. (A creature who is sustained by sexual energy as well as human blood. An incubus. That's how I got the nickname of The Black Widower.)

I should've run then and there, out of that room and put Angelo out of my life. But, I didn't because for the first time he was being totally honest with me. Even if I didn't like what he had to say.

But that didn't mean I didn't have questions. Like, "When were you planning on telling me?" though I already knew the answer.

(I wasn't.) Angelo admitted, (But you would've found out eventually.)

"You mean after you'd already Changed me and it was too late."

Angelo nodded, his eyes vulnerable and scared at first, then turning hard and closed, okay he was shutting me out again. (You want to leave? Go now. Sto dyavalo! GO TO HELL!)

I lifted my head and mischeviously licked his upper lip, surprising myself as much as Angelo. "I'm not going anywhere. Never again." And as the words left my lips I reaized I'd never been more sure of anything in my life.

Angelo looked at me as if I'd fallen out of a tree. (You know about me. You know that monogamy isn't in my vocabulary, that even when I don't need that energy I prefer variety, and you want to stay? You're either a massochist or an idiot!) He hid it real quick, but for a second I saw a glimmer of hope burning in his eyes.

"First of all I can't exactly go anywhere," I giggled, "You're kind of stronger than I am. And I may be a massochist and an idiot but I also know what I want, and what I want is you."

Realizing I'd just stepped over a line, I added, "If you want me."

Angelo answered me by immediately relaxing his body, putting his weight directly on top of me, then sliding his arms underneath my body in a sweet embrace.

A warm glow spread cozily throughout my body, to my arms, legs and settled nicely in my stomach, as we just held each other a while, offering a sense of security.

I was home.

And I was also growing aware of other things, like the slight pressure of Angelo's erection resting gently on top of mine.

The awareness turned to arousal, as he began to move his hips, rubbing his cock against mine. Very nice, but I wanted to feel his flesh on my flesh. "Your turn." I told him, "Take your pants off."

Angelo got off of me, and sat beside me on the beside me. (You're willing to take this risk?) He raised an eyebrow.

"I trust you."

(Maybe you shouldn't.) Angelo replied but he unbuttoned, unzipped and slid out of his jeans, throwing them decisively on the floor.

I reached for him, and pulled him back on top of me, where he belonged. "Why don't you let me decide that, okay?"

Now I could feel his warm cock sliding against mine, as his lips met mine, his tongue darting inside, as he ran his tongue over my gums, between my teeth and upper lip. Then he sucked my tongue for a few moments before breaking the kiss, nibbling at my lower lip, licked my nostrils, and smeared a kiss down my neck to the hollow.

Angelo lifted his face from my throat and met my eyes. "I want to touch you," he whispered, his hands caressing my pecs, his fingers featherlight on my nipples, "Physically. Let me Share you. Pleasure you."

Was that his way of asking to make love to me? I had a good idea of what Sharing was, I thought we'd done that earlier tonight. I wasn't so sure about what Pleasuring was, though if it had to do with pleasure, that was fine with me. I pulled him to me and kissed him softly on the mouth. "Show me."

Angelo grinned wickedly, kissed my mouth hard, and crouched over me, his body just barely touching mine, and nibbled my earlobe, blowing softly into my ear and laving with his warm, wet tongue, sending delicious shivers down my spine.

Then he started to nuzzle the side of my neck, but instead of the kiss I expected, he wrapped his legs around mine, and our cocks fenced as he nipped at my right shoulder, lips trailing down the inside of my arm, to the crook of the elbow, his tongue running along the crease, pressing hard against the center, sucking for a bit before lifting his head and muttering something I didn't understand like, (That will work,) but even that little bit of mouth play was making me feel too good to really care.

Just these simple touches with his fingers, mouth and tongue, his nuzzling and licking at my armpit, grazing my wrist with his fingertips and lifting my fingers to his mouth, sucking each finger voraciously sent crackling electricity to each nerve ending. My body had become one huge errogenous zone, hypersensitive to every touch, each touch sending more waves of pleasure throughout my body

I wondered how it would feel when he hit a really sensitive spot, though it seemed like each sensation was building on the next one.

I didn't have to wonder long.

He lifted his head for a moment, releasing my fingers, and wet his own with his tongue. Then his head went back down and his mouth encircled my right nipple, his wet fingers rubbing the left nipple between his fingers as he suckled the right, doubling the stimulation, as he leaned over and switched hands and nipples, now biting and squeezing them hard, causing a jolt to shoot straight down to my turgid cock.

Then he bit me just below my breastbone.

I drew in my breath sharply as a shock of pleasure/pain flowed through me, as he lapped, and sucked. At the same time, he brought his finger to his own neck, his fingernails slicing through the vein. He pressed my face to it and I realized this time we were going to be Sharing at the same time. A true Sharing.

How do I describe it? As I drank from him, that cold honey sliding down my throat, I was similtaneously aware of him doing the same to me, his pleasure became my pleasure which fed on his pleasure until it became a crescendo, drowning me in our arousal, our lust, ever aware that his lust for blood was as strong for his lust for sex. In fact, they were one and the same. Sex and blood, and I was suddenly overcome with his bloodlust.

It wasn't very long, just a few seconds, but now I could definitely feel our bond now, what one felt, the other was feeling, so intense, that even when we stopped Sharing, the mutual awareness was still there.

Angelo changed position again, wrapping his arms around my knees. He licked and nibbled at my belly, his tongue just brushing against my swollen penis.

I wanted to make him feel as incredible as he was making me feel. No one had ever made love to me before. I really didn't know how to make love, all I mostly did was have sex, your basic suck and fuck with perfunctary kissing. So I improvised, licking and nipping at the nape of his neck, plunging tongue into his ear and sucking the lobe as my hands carressed his shoulders, my fingers moving down the planes of his back and to his ass. I ran my finger along the crack, wet it with my own saliva, then gently inserted a finger inside, rubbing against the magic spot.

Angelo went rigid, then sat straight up, his hands against the bed, hissing like a cat and sank his teeth into my shoulder. Then, with that inhuman quickness, got off the bed, and moved behind me, pushing my body to the edge of the bed, causing my legs to dangle and where he was now on his knees, lapping and nipping my inner thighs, his tongue running along the crease of leg and thigh, putting his hands on my hips as he spread my legs deeper apart for better access. So much for subtlety, but I didn't mind in the least.

I could see the blood dripping from where he'd bitten me, pleasure/pain stirring every nerve in my body, but when Angelo took my balls into his mouth, that sensation overrode everything else. Until then, it had been as if each nerve cluster in my body was bouncing off the other, building gradually, but now as he sucked my scrotum,and bathed my balls with his tongue, it was all centered in that one place, my pelvis muscles contracting in anticipation, but he was doing just enough make me feel almost painfully aroused, but not doing enough to make me come, just yet.

I tried to push his mouth upwards, but he wouldn't be hurried, his tongue swirled around each ball sac, savoring, brushing against the little hairs, until I gripped the bed with white knuckles, begging "Take it, Angelo, please!"

He smirked and made a tube of his hand, thumb closest to his mouth, tightened his finger around the base of the shaft, but left his thumb and index finger looser. Then his lips engulfed the cockhead, his lips compressed slightly creating friction, as he held the shaft and darted his tongue lightly over the slit, inflicting a sweet torture, before moving his hand up and down, in sync with his mouth which was now doing the same, up and down, for a moment, concentrating on the sensitive underside, before increasing the rhythm with his hand, a hot, tight, tunnel of flesh, faster and faster, my breathing coming faster and sharper until..

"Omigod, I'm gonna come!" My ass tensed and tightened, my body bucking as I came violently, his sucking more intense and faster, as ropes of cum, slid down his throat, dripping from his lips, and for a second this idea popped into my head, this is how he does it, he sucks all the energy out of them, but it went away rapidly as I quickly grew hard again, and I realized that if he'd done that to me, I wouldn't be so stiff again.

Angelo took me deeper into his throat, his cum soaked finger probing my asshole as he sucked, relaxing it, asking a question with his eyes, that I answered by vigorously nodding.

(Lay on your stomach.) he suggested, and I lay, legs spread apart. There had been a pillow on the floor of the other side of the bed, and now he placed it under my pelvis, making my ass more prominent.

Angelo ran his fingers along the muscles of my back, until he reached my ass cheeks, kneading, cupping, and massaging them, giving them a few gentle nips, with the other hand reaching between my legs and playing with my cock as he worked his tongue into the crack of my ass, darting and flickering his tongue in and out, as my ass contracted and relaxed, pushing back towards his exploring tongue and rotating my hips. He plunged his tongue deep inside me, wow, he had a long tongue, it went down to my magic spot and I was going to come again. "Not so much." I gasped, breathing hard.

Angelo withdrew his tongue and replaced it with one finger, then two, gently getting my ass ready for his cock. Then he sat down on the bed, pulling me face-down on top of him, and he entered me, his cock slick with my cum, kissing me deeply as he fucked me slow and sweet.

In and out, increasing his speed, as I tightened my ass muscles around him and milked him, but I knew I was not going to last long.

He increased his thrusts, going deeper and with his other hand, moved his hand up and down my dripping cock, faster and faster, kissing me harder.

I felt him tremble, I could feel he was over the edge, which put me even more over the edge and we both came together, his seed spilling into me, mine covering both of our stomachs and he pulled out from inside me, his eyes glowing fluorescent red.

The coals in his eyes burning feverishly. Crazily.

With a snarl, he suddenly flipped me over so he was on top of me, pinning me in a deathgrip, his lips touching my throat...

"Not this time." Angelo hissed, lisping against fully extended fangs and violently pulled his lips away, sinking his teeth into his own wrist instead.

(Shit, that hurt like a bitch.) He remarked, his voice back to normal. (At least I've shown the tiger who's boss. For now.)

"What tiger?" I managed to ask, still shaking from almost being killed.

Angelo got off and lay beside me. (Remember I talked about the monkey on your back?)

"Yes." I answered, not sure where this was going.

(I have a tiger. A very, very hungry tiger.)

I stared at him. "But you just had some!"

(That doesn't matter when it comes to sex, love.) He sighed, seeing the mixture of utter confusion and frustration on my face. (You've already figured out that blood gets me hot and bothered, yes?)

And me. But I didn't say that, I just nodded silently.

(Well, it's also the other way around, when I, when any juicer gets hot and bothered we intensely crave blood. Blood is sex. Sex is blood. Both are incomplete without the other. When making love to another juicer, this is taken care of by Sharing over and over, and usually we Share ourselves after sharing a kill. Because of this, I don't go this far with breather lovers I care about until they become my brides. Until now.)

Lucky me. "Why, if you knew you'd want to kill me afterwords?" I demanded.

(I got lost in the sensations, you made me feel as good as another juicer would and I made love to you as another of my kind, not a breather. I didn't do it on purpose, kaloz mou, it just happened. But don't be so mad, I stopped myself, didn't I? I usually don't.)

"You mean you just kill breather lovers?" One of those questions I didn't want to know the answer to.

And he didn't answer.

Even though I didn't want to hear it, I had to know. Something masochistic in me had to know. "Answer me!"

Angelo shrugged. (Fine. All breather lovers I go all the way with become my victims. And I have no problem with it. I enjoy it. Sex and blood gives me great pleasure and those kills are better than any other.) He frowned at the look of revulsion on my face. (Weasel, you're going to have to face some facts. I don't kill all the time, but I like it when I do. I have to eat anyway so why not have fun?)

"I thought you only killed those who had it coming to them."

(Purposely. But if I'm riding the tiger, I'm no longer in control, it's controlling me. I try not to let it happen very often, it can get much too messy, but if it does, I might as well enjoy it.)

"And you feel no remorse?"

Angelo met my gaze. (Should I?)

He was a fucking monster. How could he be so evil one second and be so sweet the next?

Not to you, the voice inside my head said, he loves you, protects you and would never hurt you. Why should you care what he does to others? What did those others ever do for you but make you miserable?

I wanted to argue with that voice, tell it I did care. But I wanted Angelo, despite all that, and that feeling blotted out everything else. Maybe I could get rid of some of that evil if I got the chance. It would have to be for longer than tonight. It would have to be a real, real long time.

"Do it to me, Angelo." I finally said.

He gave me a funny look. (Do what?)

"You know damned well what. I made my decision."

(Oh, that.) Angelo smirked. (I already knew that.)


(I knew that as soon as you said you were never going anywhere ever again. I wouldn't have taken that kind of a risk with you otherwise.)

"You bastard!" I threw myself on top of him, pummeling him with punches, but he laughed at my useless attempts at fighting.

My right arm flew towards him but he grabbed it midswing. (If you want me to do it, you're going to have to be still,) he said, still laughing.

"Okay." I stopped swinging and collapsed on top of him. "What do you have to do?"

(I juice you almost to death. You get it back mixed with mine. The procedure is real simple, the risk is in whether or not it takes and if you can handle the drastic loss of blood.)

This didn't sound fun anymore. "Is it going to hurt?"

(It won't be torture, but it won't be a picnic. Pain isn't the hard part. The hard part is staying conscious until I'm done juicing you. If you lose consciousness, you can turn into a revenant, a soulless corpse. I'd rather snap your neck than let that happen to you.)

"Stay awake. That sounds simple enough."

(You say that now. Wait until it happens.) Angelo was now running his finger up and down my arm, like he had done before, and just like before it felt incredible.

Almost incredible enough for me not to notice that his tongue had replaced his finger, stopping at the crook. Then his teeth penetrated me, and my body went rigid, went into shock.

He was right. It was very simple, it only took about a minute or so, but it felt like an eternity. And saying that it wouldn't be a picnic was an understatement.

At first it felt very nice. Like the other times, I only felt a pinch, then the pressure of his lips and tongue as he sucked and lapped. Very erotic, enough to make me hard again.

Then the teeth went deeper and he started drawing much harder, and I had the sensation of my mind floating away as my body felt the pain of the blood being ripped from my veins.

Heaviness spread through my limbs, and I could feel myself being swept into this vortex of unconciousness...

Give in, it said. It will be easier if you give in.

So seductive.

Through the bond we still shared, I could feel my life energy, my emotions, everything that made me, me, leaving my body and becoming part of Angelo's essence. I grew weaker as he grew stronger, and the pleasure and ecstacy that swept though him was intoxicating.

I was losing myself. I couldn't let that happen.

I tried to fight his consumption of my life, my soul, trying to pull my mind away, but it was no use, I could feel the tiger now, greedy, never satisfied, about to finish me off.

No! I mentally screamed and gathered what was left of my strength and instinctively without even thinking about it, latched on to it instead, and suddenly strength was flowing in me, rapidly, pulsating through me.

I opened my eyes, not even aware I'd closed them and I saw that Angelo had already withdrawn from me and had now pressed his wrist to my mouth and I was actually drinking his blood now, tasting the cold ambrosia of his mingled with the warm confection of the guy he'd juiced earlier, and mine, a melange of flavors.

It had stopped flowing and as if it had a mind of its own, my mouth started to suck harder, drawing now, aware of the pleasure sweeping throughout my body as it sluiced down my dry throat, drawing faster, hungrily, as I juiced for the first time.

I became conscious of voices from the next room, could hear them even through the door, could smell something delicious and sweet upstairs, and could smell Prettyboy's scent all over Angelo. My vision was changing too, now everything seemed to have a blue aura, the bed, the dresser drawers, even the carpet. Angelo had a blue aura as well, with streaks of red running through it and I realized that the red was the heat that filled him, and the blue had no heat, no animation.

I'd never felt so hungry, experienced so much rapture as I satisfied that hunger that when he turned off the flow I growled and increased my suction.

Then he growled himself, saying that if I didn't stop he'd kill me and that was enough to snap me out of it. I let him go, and threw my arms around him, both of us licking each other's mouth clean.

For a few seconds I felt really, really good. Then all of the sudden it was replaced by intense pain as my body tried to get used to this foreign substance. My veins itched, burned, ached, it was as if I was been eaten from the inside, which, I'd find out later, was exactly what was going on. His blood cells were consuming mine, making them something else completely.

Something that couldn't sustain me. Something that desperately needed sustanance itself.

For the first time I felt my tiger, twisting my guts as everything quickly got used up, staring at frustration at Angelo because he had nothing left for me. And I saw the tight, strained face of Angelo, his eyes burning with starvation. It had taken a lot out of him.

(I know.) He embraced me tightly. (Welcome to the family, pidgeon.)

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