Black Widower 1.2


The next night I was in my own bed, Flin shaking me awake.

My eyes felt like they were about a kilogram each, but I managed to force them open. The first thing I saw was Flin's face, glowering at me. It's usually a good looking face with its full sensual mouth and the black hair with blond on top two-tone, but now those piercing blue eyes were blazing. My head was pounding, and queasiness rose from the pit of my stomach. Shit, I needed a fix.

I glanced at the clock on the nighttable. It flashed, 7:00. Cripe, whatever happened to the rest of the day?

Flin threw me on the floor and the rest of me woke up real quick. I took a quick look around the room, at the cherrywood poster bed with its clean blue cotton sheets, fluffy pillows and fuzzy comforter, felt the lush white carpeting tickle my toes, and wondered how long it was going to last and if this would finally be the night I infuriated him enough to kick me out, leave me to scrounge around for food and drugs, or even sell me to a WorkCamp. I shuddered at the thought.

But what the hell happened last night to get him so angry? It was a complete blank.

"So the princess has finally decided to get his ass out of bed!" Flin bitched.

With your help, I thought to myself, but I knew better than to answer a bait like that.

"Where the hell were you last night?"

Damned if I knew, but I figured there was one sure answer. "Tricking for you."

Flin tossed a wad of credit notes at me. "This was your take?"

I opted for the safe answer. "Yes."

Wham! His fist hit me upside the head and my ears rang. "What did I tell you about working with another Keeper's Pet?"

My head was exploding now, but I bit my lips to stop the tears from coming. I didn't answer him. Didn't have to, it wouldn't have mattered what I said.

Flin yanked me off the floor by my hair. "You lying slut, maybe I should replace you with the gorgeous kid who brought you here last night."

Bingo, my memory suddenly came back and I remembered why I felt so lousy right now. He brought me here?

Flin mistook my look of horror for jealousy and laughed. "Don't worry, he's a bit too free-minded for my taste." The laughter faded. "But you pull one more stunt, you're out of here, Kiddo."

"I won't." I promised, desperate for him to forgive me.

"Damn straight you won't. I won't put up with you fucking around for free with a Pet from a rival Keeper," he said between clenched teeth, "And I won't stand for your boyfriend damaging my property!" Flin grabbed my face and shoved it to the left. "You know how long that will take to heal, boy?"

I know I real quick way, I thought to myself, but Flin wasn't about to start that shit again and the thought of it made the bile rise to my throat. Because I knew that as much as the idea disgusted me, the actual act would give me pleasure.

Humans are flesh and blood.

No! Stop it, I ordered myself.

Flin took a tube of Instaskin from his pocket and handed it to me. "Put this on. It'll have to do."

I squeezed some out of the tube and applied it with my finger, feeling the small holes as I tried to spread the lumpy stuff out evenly. I was going to have to think fast or Flin would use me for target practice.

I decided to sweeten him. "Flin," I gave him my puppy-dog eyes and quivered my lip, "I'm sorry I made you mad. But I got you more money than you'd gotten otherwise."

"You did at that. But apparently your boyfriend stole the money when he killed Galen Thorsen."

Yeah, that would've made the grapevine by now, and the WASP drones were probably sniffing around for Angelo now. However I seriously doubted anyone would be able to catch him or even find him.

Flin seized me by my chin, making me look at him. "Stay away from him. I don't need that kind of rogue influence on you. Is that understood?"

My heart sank at the thought but Flin was the boss. "Understood." I threw my arms around his legs, nuzzling at his crotch, my tongue tracing his growing bulge through his pants, unzipping the fly and gave it a promising kiss, because I was feeling too crappy to blow him just now, though I'd have to later. He was a bit of a stud with a well built body so it wasn't the chore it could've been. In fact, he was good in bed, when he wasn't beating up on me he could be a very tender lover. Only his moods were like the weather and it was a bit unnerving to be fucked one moment and fucked over the next.

Flin gently eased me onto the bed, pinning me there, and kissed me, his tongue slightly invasive. Then he broke the kiss. "I don't want anybody messing with my boy. You're mine, Weasel. Never forget that."

How could I?

He got up, actually giving me a look of concern. Would wonders ever cease? "You don't look so hot. Are you okay?"

"Yeah." I lied.

"You're sure? You slept through the whole day. Did you get some bad drugs or something?"

"No." One word answers were the safest for now.

"I need to make some arrangements but I'll be back here in a little while." He tossed a pair of leggings and a shirt on the bed. "When I do, I want you dressed," he said before leaving the room.

Great. What did he have planned? I looked at the clothes as if they were a foreign object and just lay there.

Then there was a light tapping at the window. My eyes flew there as I pulled on my leggings and there was Angelo, standing in the balcony and waving at me. It was twenty floors up, how the hell did he get up there?

"Go away." I whispered.

"Why, you didn't have fun last night?"

I glared at him, still whispering so Flin wouldn't hear me, "If you call getting my blood drained fun, you can have it."

A look of slight annoyance crossed over those perfect features. "I only tasted you." he said. "If I drained you, your body would be in the dumpster instead of this room so spare me the attitude, dearheart, I'm not in the mood for it."

Then he gave me a mocking smile. "You're just pissed because I didn't bed you last night."

If I could've slapped him through the window, I would've. "Fine. Whatever. Just go away, Angelo."

I turned away from the window to put on my shirt. And jumped a foot when Angelo gently tapped me on the shoulder. "Hello, love."

I whirled around to face him. "How'd you-"

He cut off my question with a long kiss and my arms and legs turned to water, my anger melted instantly. I finally pulled away. Reluctantly. "You're not fair, you know that?"

"I don't have to be."

Nope, he didn't. "You gotta go, though. Flin will be back any minute and if he sees you here, I'm dead meat."

"I could just kill him." Angelo said cheerfully, then laughed at the look of mortification on my face. "You're no fun." he pouted. Then he froze. "You're daddy's coming. Meet me outside, I want to take you someplace." And suddenly he was gone. He didn't exactly disappear. One second he was there. Then he wasn't.

Flin came in. "I'm going to need the whole penthouse and I want you ready for me later, so you're on your own tonight. Be back here by two. And don't even think about fucking around with your pretty boyfriend." Then he grinned, like an indulgent papa. "I've got a present for you, my sweet." He was close now and I saw the ampule of Emerald Dust in the palm of his hand. My heart hammered in my chest, my palms sweating, my mouth dry as he handed me the ampule. I hadn't had a fix in two days, and while I was distracted last night, my need for one was suddenly fierce now, my hands shook as I opened the ampule, inhaled the contents, licked away the residue from inside of it and waited for the rush, then the mercifull numbness to overcome me.

It didn't happen. It was like breathing in air, nothing else. But I slumped over, letting my eyes glaze so Flin would think I was wasted. I even let my words slur as I said, "Flinnie, thank you for my prezennt." I giggled. "I'll be reallll gooood."

Flin mussed my hair. "I know you will, dear boy. Now be back here and ready by two."

I staggered out of the bedroom, shuffled to the lobby of the penthouse, and as soon as Flin was out of sight range, I ran to the elevator, reached the lobby and got the hell out of the high rise. Flin, of course, could always track me telepathically. But he thought I was high on E-Dust, why would he think otherwise. And if I expected him, I could just think blank thoughts...

Almost as if on cue, Angelo was waiting. He wrinkled his nose. "You're junked up."

"Not quite." I sighed. "It didn't do shit for me."

He laughed. "What did you expect? Your metabolism breaks it down too quickly."

"But it didn't before."

"Let's just say I Awakened something last night, and you're no longer the Sleeper you were before."

I was getting tired of these words being dropped so casually. "You know something about me? You've been hinting since I met you last night."

Angelo was silent.

"I asked you a question."

"Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to, sweet thing."

"Why do you feel you have to make decisions for me?" I demanded. "I can make them for myself, thank you very much."

Angelo shrugged. "Whatever. You're so hot to know, come with me tonight. But one word of warning."

"Which is?"

"I will only answer what you ask me, and only what you ask me. I will volunteer nothing and if you don't ask the right question, you get no answer to it."

I stared him. "You've got to be kidding!"

"I'm deadly serious. Most people don't even get the courtesy of a warning, consider yourself flattered. The ones who don't know what's going on only go in circles and drive themselves crazy."

And probably give up. I hadn't realized until now how clever Angelo was. But it wouldn't discourage me. "You said you wanted me to go with you somewhere. Where?"

"Sanctuary." Angelo answered.

Sanctuary. Suddenly I knew who he was with and it wasn't no Keeper. "You're with the Underground!" I exclaimed.

Angelo looked pleased. "I take it you've heard of us?"

"Please, every Non-Person, Pet or otherwise, has heard of you. We were all instructed to turn you guys in if we were ever approached by you but we were all dreaming that one day one of you would approach us and we could claim 'Sanctuary' like I heard on your pirate radio station."

He gave me a funny look. "The others may have read our flyers or heard it from word of mouth, but unless they were one of us they couldn't have heard the broadcast you did. It's at a frequency that Norm ears can't hear."

"You mean Non-Mutants."

Angelo shook his head violently. "What is it with you and that word?" Without warning he grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me. "If you ever, ever use that word to describe our kind again, it will be your last!" He let me go, then seemed to calm down. "Norms have human bloodlines. We are descendents of a different race altogether, Norms don't have the bloodline we do."

"And what do you call this race?"

"Sangsue. How much Sangsue you are depends on the blood percentage rule. Fullbloods are all Sangsue but most of us are halfbloods at best. Right now, you're what is known as a Sleeper. You were probably always aware of being different from the others, but never really thought about why. When you hit puberty your senses grew keener, especially your hearing and your sense of smell and taste. You might have discovered that you had some, shall we say, unusual taste preferences. You probably realized that you were drawn to strong emotions: lust, anger, hate and of course," he licked his lips, "Fear. It radiates from the others, you can't help but sense it."

I didn't like this. So far he was describing me perfectly.

Angelo continued. "The beginning of your Awakening more than likely was triggered by a Norm who beat you up and raped you, causing you pain and humiliation. By the way, Norms tend to react to us that way, they can't help it. You attack instinctively, the first drop of blood hits your taste buds, you lose control and that poor son of a bitch becomes your first victim."

At first I thought he was just fucking with my head, taking the rumors he heard and creating a profile. Then I realized that I was just kidding myself, I knew he was telling the truth. I could feel he was telling the truth. I started to shake.

Angelo took me in his arms, licking away the tears as they slid down my cheeks. "You wanted to know about yourself. I told you. You're actually better off than most Sleepers, the majority snap and end up in the nuthouse. You at least are aware of what you are, even if it's subconsciously for now. I Awakened you a little last night. You can't Mature without my help, you're not enough Sangsue for that."

I buried my head against his shoulder, and he let me cry for awhile. Then he offered me the only comfort he was capable of giving, brushing his lips against mine with only a hint of his tongue, his eyes vulnerable, questioning, pleading.

I nodded and he ran the tip of his tongue along the bottom of my upper lip, and the top of my bottom lip, gently nudging my mouth open, and my tongue wrestled with his hungrily, all thoughts of fear extinguished. Our hands slithered down each others backs, his hand cupped my ass as he rubbed his cock against mine, the friction making me want to strip right then and there.

Angelo's mouth slipped away from mine, grazing my ear, the hollow of my throat and his tongue explored it, tracing every little bone, even my Adam's apple, which was barely noticeable, then trailing to that magic spot, licking the Instaskin and as much as I didn't want him to do it, I craved this kiss.

Gently, the teeth sank in, currents of electricity flooding my bloodstream, and the touch of his mouth and lapping tongue sent shivers down my spine, to my stomach, to my cock, which I was rubbing violently against his.

Then the teeth withdrew and it was over. I was completely aware this time, and knew that kiss was Angelo's way of having sex.

"I taste your passion, kaloz mou," he whispered against my neck, licking it clean, "My beloved." he translated. Then he stopped licking. "There," he said with satisfaction, "Now no juicer will lay their grubby little paws on you."

The afterglow was fading fast. "Wait a second, did you just brand me?"

"I marked you." Angelo withdrew from me in exasperation.

"Sounds like a brand to me."

"You step one foot in the Nocturne without that marking and you've had it, honeychild. And if you want to be with me tonight, we're going to the Nocturne."

Some endearments were dearer than others. I'd been downgraded to honeychild. But he'd called me his beloved. Did that mean he loved me?

That was not a question I was about to ask. Instead, I asked him what the Nocturne was.

"A nightclub of sorts. Also, a place where Sanctuary can be claimed." Angelo gave me his crazy grin. "You'll love the drinks. And the playrooms."

I'll do anything you say, I thought to myself, just call me beloved again.

"How far is it?"

"The Old Quarter."

Uh-oh. "Angelo, you need a ferry to get there, and I don't know any ferryman who'll take a Non-Person, Mutant or otherwise."

Without warning he grabbed me by the hair and yanked my head back, fully exposing my throat. "You use that word to describe our kind ever again in my presence, sweetling and I will tear your throat out!" Angelo released me, dropping me to the ground. He sure got pissed off at the drop of a hat.

"Fine, what did you say we were?"

"You are a Sleeper. I'm a Nightchild, a Sleeper that has been Changed. We are half-blood Sangsue. Remember it Sunshine because I'm not about to repeat it again."

Sangsue, huh. Blood sucker. Somehow I knew the translation but had no idea why or even what the language is.

He sighed and threw his arm around my shoulder, forgiving me already. Good. "I like you intensely, my love, but you drive me crazy! Just stop playing twenty questions and trust that I will tell you what you need to know."

"Like how we're going to get there?"

"You'll have to follow me for that. I will warn you though, you're not going to like it."

Hmmm. The last time he said I wouldn't like something I loved it. Something told me this time was going to be different.

Angelo scooped me into his arms. "We need to make time. I can get us there much faster this way. Just hold on tight and close your eyes 'til we're there because it will only disorrient you and I'm not about to have you puke all over me."

I threw my arms around his neck, keeping my eyes closed. And suddenly felt the ground shift away from me. One minute we were in front of Flin's highrise. The next, we're at a rod-iron fence with a gate. The gate had curlicues on the ends, and an iron sign spelling out the words, "Golden Slumbers."

I didn't have to have heard of the place to know what it was. I could tell by looking at the row of headstones.

I knew I shouldn't have, but I shivered, "Angelo, this is a-"

"I know what it is. Don't worry. They rest, never awaken. They won't hurt you, and I won't let anything hurt you."

I wasn't afraid of that. I think it was the fog hovering over the graveyards, the mist that seemed to envelop each headstone, the stillness, the deathly quiet.

Angelo stroked my hair then jumped straight up, landing on the top of the gate. Shit, that had to be at least ten feet, but it looked like he hardly used any effort. Then he jumped down, easily landing on his feet. "Come on." He gently lowered me to the ground.

We walked past more headstones, no crosses because this was a Memorial Park for atheists, holes yet to be filled, the stench of the soil burning my nostrils. Then, towards the end of the Park, there was a big crypt, with the name "Baptiste" engraved on it.

"That's our point of entry, kaloz mou." Angelo knocked rhythmically on the door, three times, then one separate knock. At first I was terrified that someone was actually inside there, waiting to let us in. It wasn't any less frightening when the door swung open and there was no one there.

I was dying to ask how he did that, but I remembered, no more questions.

We walked inside and he did the same trick on the smooth stone wall. Knock-knock-knock, knock. The door slammed shut. "Neat trick." I commented.

He shook his head. "Not mine. I only activated what had been put in place there. Now turn around."

I did and saw three tombs. Angelique Baptiste Beauduget. Ardoin Baptiste Beauduget. And Josephine Baptiste Drollet.

I was trembling not because of fear but because somehow Josephine's name sounded very familiar to me and I didn't know why.

"Never forget Jacques, don't ever reveal to them just how strong and fast you truly are. Even if it is a game to you."

"Mama. Mama! I'll pass their test, don't leave me!"

"I won't leave you, ma cher, they'll kill me as soon as you fail this test."

"But I won't."

"You're incapable of passing. And they know it."

The memory faded, but was it my memory? For a fleeting moment I saw a beautiful woman with long black hair and clear grey eyes. Josie, she was known as.

Then just as quickly, the memory faded.

The whole thing couldn't have taken very long but Angelo was staring at me, concern in his eyes. "You've been staring into space for the last five minutes." His eyes met mine, "Share with me."

And suddenly he was in my head, looking though everything I'd just experienced. It was compassionate but I still felt violated. "Please," I begged, "Get out of my head."

Angelo withdrew, shaking his head. "Sharing isn't mind-rape, Weasel. Or is it Jacques? There is a big gap in your memory."

"Like I don't know that?" I glared at him. "Don't call me Jacques, I have no idea on God's green earth who the hell that is. And if Sharing is so good, why don't you let me Share, hmmm?"

Instead of him being pissed off at me, he smiled. "You look cute when you're mad, lover."

"Answer my question."

"We Share bodies as well as souls. We haven't reached that point yet, but I will Share something with you." And out of nowhere, he kisses me. And I can taste the pool he's created by biting his lips. "I Share my pain and my lust for you."

For the first time I tasted his blood, and it was rich, heady, with a slight tang, and a sweetness to it. Instinctively, I began to suck and chew at his mouth.

"No, it's too long that way. If you want more, I'll give you more." He pushed my head down to where he'd already unbuttoned his shirt, and sliced open his breastbone, but my mouth already working at it, barely aware of his words, "Now we are bonded."

I was about to ask him what he meant, then I realized I didn't have to because I could feel Angelo. I was full of Angelo, his impatience, his fear that I was getting hit with too much too fast and that he'd end up losing me, lust, extreme pleasure, and arousal at my sucking and lapping at him, the arousal hit me like a tidalwave, letting me swim in it, feel it as if it were my own, amplifying my own ecstacy

Then suddenly he shut it off like a cold shower and the bloodflow stopped dead.

"No more, palikari." Angelo not-so gently pushed my head away, bent over, then licked my lips clean, even though it felt erotic, there was nothing sexual about it, more maternal than anything.

Like a mother cat grooming her baby kitten.

I couldn't feel Angelo anymore, he'd cut me off, all I could feel was his presence, a shell of his existence. I wanted to die, and this was a perfect place to do just that. "What did I do wrong?" I stammered, determined not to cry again.

(Talk softer, pidgeon. As soft as you can, as if you're barely speaking.)

At first I thought the words were in my head. Then I understood that he was actually speaking, barely moving his lips, his voice almost too low to hear.

Angelo nodded with approval, seeing the compehension in his face. (Good, little bird, you can hear me. It takes too much effort to use Normspeak all the time, and I prefer not using it if I don't have to.)

Low, but without the breathiness of a whisper. No breathiness at all.

(And you've done nothing wrong. You're doing everything right. You're tempting me,) the black eyes smoldered. (That's not a good thing.)

I knew I couldn't talk like him but I tried to talk as softly as I could. "It's not?"

(No. Not for you.) Angelo helped me to get up, (You've forced me into something I was hoping could wait. But now, I don't want it to wait,) and put his hands on my shoulders, looking directly at me. (Listen very carefully. This bond is only temporary, it only lasts for one sunrise. I have an automatic bond each time I taste you, but this mutual tasting and Sharing has strengthened it. It will enable me to find you just by thinking about you, and you can summon me the same way. But as I said, it's only temporary.) He took a deep breath he didn't need. (Between this sunrise and the next you will need to make a decision if you ever want to see me again after tonight. Do you understand so far?)

I solemnly nodded.

(This is good, you realize this is not a game. Between now and the second sunrise, you will have to think long and hard about whether you want to leave this life behind and become my pidgeon, which in a nutshell is, I finish the process and make you as I am. Or, you can decide, no, and in that case, if you ever see me again, it will be the last thing you ever see. You'll have blown the offer.)

I gaped at him. "Are you crazy, of course I want to be with you."

(Stupid idiot, you don't get it, otherwise you wouldn't be answering so clearly.) Angelo smiled thinly. (Let me make this clearer, I thought you were smarter than that. Being with me means being with me, forever. You say, bye-bye to the sun, you gain a new monkey on your back which is a hell of a lot worse than the one you have now, though a lot more pleasurable. There are good things too, of course, but it's a tradeoff. The only guarantee you will have is that you will never age, so you'll be a teenager forever like me, and you will never get sick. Do we get the picture now, sport?)

I got it. I got it big. I had to become like him, or I'd lose him. "But what if I don't want to do that, but still want you?"

(That's not an option. You have until the bond wears off. After then, I'll let you keep your memory, I don't want anyone who can't hack it as a Nightchild. But if I see you again, I won't ignore you, dearheart. I'll seduce you, bed you, then kill you like I do to all of my breather lovers. Then it's permanent, you won't be offered anything because there won't be any juice left in you to Change you, even if I wanted to. If you don't snap first.)

He saw my despair and smiled mockingly. (I'm actually being kind. I could have just left you as you are now, in limbo and out of control.)

Thanks a lot, I wanted to scream, but I knew better. I did not want to make him mad again.

But he wasn't mad now. No, the bastard was amused at my reaction. At least that's what I thought I saw in those glittering black eyes. Then, just for a moment, a milisecond, concern and sadness flashed in his eyes. Why the hell should he feel sad, he held all the fucking cards.

And always would.

Just as quickly, the sadness and concern vanished, and that made my heart sink. But I wasn't about to give him that satisfaction.

Instead, I let my face go blank and said woodenly, "If that's what you want."

(It's not what I want, them's the rules.)

"Whose rules?"

(Mine.) Angelo's face hardened. (Unlike most of my ilk, I don't breed willy-nilly, my pidgeons have to be willing. And they get much less time to make this decision then you have, my firend. Those flavors of the month have to decide on the spot. And if they refuse me, and happen to find me the next day, they have no idea in hell that I've laid a trap. No, I only get rejected once.)

"So what do you do, fuck them and kill them?"

(You mean the four 'fs?' Find them, fuck them, feed on them, and forget them? Why not?)

"You're a vindictive son of a bitch, you know that?" I remarked.

He shrugged. (If they're stupid enough to fall for it, their problem, not mine. Besides, those kills happen to be very satifying. Decadently sweet. If someone is going to hand themselves to me, why should I turn it down?)

"Because that's not the right way to do things."

Angelo laughed. (It's my way. And not that it's any of your business, but I don't fuck with their heads, they have their own free will, if they don't want to go to bed with me, it's their choice.)

"Yeah." I snickered. "Like you'd really let them say no to you."

Angelo cut his eyes at me. (I have enough willing lovers than to Persuade someone like that,) he sniffed. (It's beneath me, honeychild.)

Uh-oh, I was going where I shouldn't. He was right, it was none of my business.

(I just take away all memory of me and mine. I don't need to have one of them get any sudden bright ideas about coming after me or one of my brothers or sisters.)

I knew I shouldn't push, but I knew I'd have no peace with myself if I didn't. I asked timidly, "So why is it different for me?"

To my shock, Angelo flashed me his crazy-sexy smile. (Because you're special.

No way. Nobody ever thought I was worth anything but a good lay, forget about being special. But he wasn't mocking or being sarcastic. He seemed to mean it. He wanted me.

It felt good. It gave me a sense of power.

But it faded when I realized that he only wanted me on his terms and even if I did become his pidgeon, I didn't know if I could deal with that.

Angelo's hands had never left my shoulders and know they were kneading, massaging, his lips brushing my ear as he whispered inside it, "Don't be so sad, we have tonight. Let's enjoy it." He blew soft air into my ear his tongue suddenly plunging inside and an electric surged zapped me from my spine down to me toes and my knees buckled, all rational thoughts flying out the window.

Damn him!

Then he lifted his head away from me, and released my shoulders, smirking.

"Angelo, do you think you can just play me like a guitar?"

Triumph shone in his eyes. (Mmm-hmm. Do you want me to stop?)

"No. Yes. I don't know." I sighed, unable to win. "Why are you playing this head game with me?"

Angelo gave me a wicked grin. (Because I can. And because it's fun.)

Then the grin faded, and the serious look was on his face again. I couldn't keep up with his moods, it drove me crazy!

(Pidgeon, we have to go. I wish I could just put you to sleep but I need you conscious enough to hold your breath.)

Huh? "Why?"

(Because the way to get to the Nocturne, and Underground HQ is through this underground tunnel, cutting throught the graveyard, under the water, and to the waterfront of the Old Quarter. It was easier to get you here, I won't have the freedom to move as much in this tunnel and you will need to hold your breath because it's pure soil. No oxygen. No problem for me, but if you die, I can't bring you into the fold.)

He scooped me into his arms again. (Hold on, close your eyes, and hold your breath, even if you are in dire pain. I'll move as fast as I can through that soil but you will have to be aware of your need for oxygen.) Angelo smiled gently. (This is the medicine. You get your sugar later.)

I shut my eyes and held my breath, the sensation of floating throughout my body, smelling cement...

(I've already contacted someone to come back here and shut up the place. Let's go.)

We must have been inside one of the tombs, I tried to detach myself away from this so I wouldn't panic. Then suddenly the stench of rancid earth hit my nostrils and it was really easy not to inhale.

I don't know how long it took, Angelo moved at an unfathomable speed, but just as I was about to automatically gasp for breath, the light of the moon shone against my eyelids and I realized we were there.

Again the sensation of floating. Then Angelo lowered me to the ground, and I smelled sand, and saltwater. I opened my eyes and saw we were next to a pier.

(The Nocturne is only a few feet away.) He took my hand like he did earlier, and we walked past the pier, and many nightclubs that I really didn't pay attention to. Then we hit a place that looked like it had been an old bank long ago, and we walked down the stairs, leading to the entrance.

(Wait here,) he said, (I have to clear you with Amorette.)

And before I could ask what he meant he was gone.

There was a bouncer at the door, not big and beefy like I'd expect but medium height, slender, and mean looking. He had brown eyes, brown hair, and a full mouth which was grinning at me, revealing a sharp set of fangs.

"Who said you could be here?" he demanded.

Those eyes were traveling all over my body, burning a hole through my neck, but I wasn't about to let that creature intimidate me. "Angelo did."

He laughed nastily, an icy finger with a bluish black fingernail sliding down my cheek. "You think that's gonna guarantee you entry? The only reason why Angelo is even bothering with something like you is your pretty face." This time his whole hand carressed my face, and moved downwards inside my t-shirt. Okay I could ignore that. But then the hand slipped over my nipple and started tweaking..

No fucking way. I jerked away from him screaming, "Get your fucking paws off of me!"

Again, Fang-Face laughed. "You don't know how to play, do you?" He abruptly seizes me by the shoulders, "Well, if you don't pay one way, you're gonna pay the other."

Frigid saliva dripped onto my shirt, and the bile rose in my throat, waves of nausea so strong that it overpowered my fear.

"So, I disgust you?" he spat, "I wanted your fear but I'll take that instead, vache."

Again, the translation popped instantly into my head.

Cow. He was calling me a cow.

I was insulted and he must have liked that because he bent closer, his lips touching my throat.

Now, I was terrified. I was about to be dinner for a pig. A disgusting pig. "Please don't." I begged, aware it would only turn him on more but I was desperate and needed to stall.

Then he suddenly stopped. Not because of compassion or even pity. No, he took one look at my neck and yelled, "Shit!" dropping me as if I was contaminated. "Why the hell didn't you say you were marked?"

(Because you should've been able to tell for yourself, idiot!)

Angelo was suddenly in back of Fang-Face, his arms ensnaring him from behind. (Now, why were you about to try something so assinine?)

Fang-Face dropped into the same speech Angelo was using. (He smelled funny.)

(That's because he smells like me!) Angelo tightened his embrace, crushing him. (Or did that cousin of mine never teach you about scent-marking? Dimitri sure enough taught you about spotting a mark, or you would have gone ahead and snacked on him, and I would have had to destroy you, my cousin's get or not.) He moved his hands under Fang Face's armpits and hoisted straight up.

Now Fang-Face was shaking in his boots. (I was only going to sample a little.)

(Sample my pidgeon? Surely, when he mentioned my name, that should have tipped you off, dim-dim.) Angelo threw him face down on the pavement, and put his foot to his larynx. (Apologize to my guest.) He applied more pressure. (Now!)

He turned to me, eyes glowing with hate. "I'm sorry." He was apparently unaware that I could follow this conversation.

(Now, give him your truename.)

He looked at Angelo, pleading, (Don't make me do that. He has no right to know.)

-A truename is power.- I heard Angelo's voice say in my head. In my head? -Don't give him yours, and you're wise not to let him know you can hear us.-

So all of the sudden he's a telepath? Then I thought of all the tricks I saw and realized, he always was. I began to wonder if I was too?

-Uncontrolled but you will learn.- he answered. Then he spoke aloud. (Not that it's any of your business but he has the potential of outranking you in a few days. I don't blame you for not spotting it though, Stalkers aren't very sensitive to anything but their stomachs.)

Now the look of hate was aimed at Angelo, but I knew he was scared shitless of him. (My truename is Peter.)

Now I had power? Big deal, so his name is Peter.

(Peter,) Angelo growled, (Just because Dimitri has kicked you out of his bed, don't take it out on the trade that comes here. Or I may just have a little talk with Ardoin and see if he likes your way of doing things.)

(But you're still in it.) Peter snorted, (Sleeping with your cousin, you whore.)

(That's the difference between Stalkers and Children. Children tend to like to sleep with our relatives.) Angelo's voice was deceptively cheerful. (But don't give me that oh-so-moral attitude, honeychild, you would give your tiny little cock to be one of us. And you never will be.) He pressed down hard, then released him.

(Come on, my love.) Angelo took my hand, but instead of going into the door, we went up the stairs. (I sense something coming and I've only had a little tonight.)

We walked to the top of the stairs then headed right, where I could swear we were following Angelo's nose.

(He's approaching us.) Angelo said, (Actually two of them, both male, and both of them are actually clean and healthy.)

"That's a big thing?" I asked naively.

(Damn right it's a big thing. Clean and disease free juice is about as rare as clean water. But much better tasting.) Angelo licked his lips hungrily. Then he smiled. (And there they are. Two against two.)

I looked ahead of us and I saw two guys sauntering towards us. One was big, with stringy blond hair and a pockmarked face. The other was much better looking, and by the way Angelo's eyes were already moving over him in a way there was no mistake in recognizing, I knew that was going to be Angelo's choice. I also saw the auburn haired, hazel eyed guy was staring at Angelo, then hastily turning away.

Angelo must have noticed this too because he said to me, (Oh goody, a boychik. They're fun to play with.)

"He don't like boys?" I said as softly as I could.

(He doesn't just not like boys, pidgeon, he hates the idea of anyone liking boys as a bed partner, and I make him very uneasy, so he's going to act up very soon.)

He didn't look very worried about it. No, those black eyes were smoldering now with amusement, a bit of lust, and another kind of lust that had nothing to do with sex.

The guys approached us and I saw Angelo disrobe him with his eyes, licking his lips in a very vulgar and lascivious way.

"Get your fancy boy's eyes off of me, you pervert!"

Angelo just smiled and I realized he knew exactly what he was doing. "Make me." he chalenged in Normspeak.

No, the pretty one didn't like Angelo at all, so he turned to me, probably sensing an easy victim. He was looking at my forehead, then at Angelo's, oh shit! "I see you Muties got no chips. No way to trace you if you were to suddenly disappear."

The ugly one snickered, a one man peanut gallery. "There's one way to check, Erik." A nasty grin spread all over his face and he faced Angelo, his eyes unfocusing and I realized he must have been in Angelo's head.

No, I knew it. I could feel it.
Angelo's eyes narrowed, and he muttered, "You want to see. I'll show you."

The probe was thrown back at him, a burst of emotions and thoughts hit him all at once, as if it were being crammed down his throat, and he screamed, holding his head and then he wasn't seeing anything anymore. He wasn't dead. Angelo had just overloaded his brain circuits and fried his neurons, and now the eyes were staring straight ahead, seeing nothing.

Pretty boy grabbed Angelo in a rage, "What the hell did you just do to Karl?" he demanded.

"Maybe this will stop him from peeking where he doesn't belong." Angelo replied cheerfully. "By the way, I'd get him to a Healer before he becomes a vegetable."

He punched Angelo in the face, or rather, Angelo let him, unconciously licking his upper lip were the blood from his nose was dripping. Then he turned his attention to his fallen comrade and must have made a telepathic suggestion because Ugly boy just turned and ran away.

The flow was stopping already, but the bruises on his face weren't healing yet. Angelo bared his teeth without revealing everything. "I let you do that once. You try that again, and you'll regret your decision."

Pretty boy laughed. "Oh, I'm shaking." He dropped Angelo to the ground. "Forget telepathy fancy boy Mutie, I'm going to kill you with my barehands."

Big mistake. Angelo lept off the ground, then before I could see, landed behind Pretty boy, seizing him from behind. "You know," Angelo stroked his face, "It doesn't have to be like this, sweetling."

Pretty boy tried to struggle but Angelo had him in a death grip, so instead he yelled, "Don't call me that!"

"This frightens you?" Angelo brushed his lips against Pretty boy's ear, "You fear me because I can make you feel so good." He changed his grip, one arm around his waist, the other unzipping his jacket, then unbuttoning his shirt. "Just like this." He let his lips just graze the hollow of his throat, then licking at the base of his neck, and despite himself, Pretty boy began to moan in amixture of pleasure and pain.

"I can make it very nice." His hand brushed lightly against Pretty boy's growing bulge, then Angelo turned him around to face him. "You're afraid that you have the hots for me, but my friend," he grinned at Pretty boy. Fully. "I'd think you should fear this more."

Pretty boy was quaking at the sight, "Those are just implants." Trying to believe the lie.

"Perhaps. But then again, why would I implant them if I wasn't going to use them, my dear." Angelo grinned evily. "But, I'm always up for a fight. I'll make you a deal, I'm in a generous mood. We'll fight. If you beat me, I'll let you go, but take away your memory of me. If I win, I get to do whatever I want with you."

"Forget it!" Pretty boy was struggling again, trying to pull away but having no luck.

Angelo ignored his outburst. "If you run away, that'll make your death more painful. Do we have a deal or do I just kill you now?"

I could see the gears turn in Pretty boy's head. "Okay, buddy, you got a deal."

"I knew you'd see it my way." Angelo let go of him and the two faced each other for battle. Pretty boy started off dirty and kneed him in the groin, forcing Angelo to his knees. As he sank, Pretty boy leg shot out and kicked Angelo in the stomach, his shins, his face and too many other places to mention.

By the time he was done, Angelo's face was swollen, blue and purple, and I suddenly got a blast of Angelo's pain. Angelo smiled diabolically. "Now, my turn."

With deathly speed, Angelo unexpectedly grabbed Pretty boy by the arms and yanked him to the ground, squeezing, the crackling of bones, and the snapping of tendons filling my ears. Pretty boy's face smacking the ground, in a mess of bones, flesh and blood. Angelo grabbed a handful of hair and yanked his head back, exposing his throat. "I think I won."

Pretty boy's pain and humiliation radiated from him like a furnace. But not enough to stop him from saying something stupid. "So, now you get to do whatever you want with me, hmmm?"

Angelo laughed mockingly. "Oh, you'd like that wouldn't you, boychik. The fancy boy wins but gives you pleasure? Please, you had your chance. I'd have liked your pleasure, I prefer that, but your fear and shame will be just as delicious." His lips curled up, and his fangs sank right into his throat.

This time, I could feel Angelo's pleasure as he feasted, could sense his arousal as the sweet hot liquid sluiced down his throat, Pretty boy's emotions flooding his senses, making him even more hot and bothered. Then just as fast, Angelo dropped his drained body to the floor like a piece of garbage.

He kicked it with his foot, and I noticed that Pretty boy's chest was rising. "He's not dead!"

Angelo's eyes were glassy now, like he was high and I realized, he was. (Of course not, dead bodies have to be disposed of and I'd rather spend it doing other things.) He tipped my chin upwards and brushed my lips with his, slightly smearing my mouth with blood. (It's not always like that, beloved. Only when they have it coming to them.) He looked slightly hesitant, like he was afraid that now that I'd seen the monster, I'd reject him. Part of me wanted to.

The stronger part of me felt Angelo's rock hard cock grinding into my own hard-on, was excited by the bloodscent, and by Angelo's passion, and as I hungrily opened my mouth to his probing tongue, I tried to tell myself that I excited him, it wasn't just the kill.

But as much as that was probably true, I was dead sure that hot honeyed blood got him more hot than I ever could.

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