Black Widower

Please read!: If you read BW part 1 and part 2,  you probably wondered if I was on crack because the story didn't make sense. Well Janette realized that part 1.2 was missing and had been missing since I put this new site up. there's BW part 1.1 and 1.2 and you'll see it makes more sense.  Thank you for your patience!

Desire. Lust. Seduction. Sex. Blood. The kill.....
Complete with cute boy vamps and hot lemon (sex). If the ideas of pretty boys Sharing Pleasure offends you please go elsewhere. Same thing if you are under age 18. If not, you're in the right place

 This is where it all began. The main fic where all the side fics originated. If you are here, then you know about this yaoi vampire fic. If you don't, let me give you some background.

It takes place in an alternate future, circa 2015 AD, in what used to be the state of Massachusetts.

In this world there are three official classes of people. Homo Superior: people with psionic abilities who are the next step up on the evolutionary ladder. Also known as Supes. Homo Sapiens: people with no psionic abilities. Also known as Saps. Mutants: people with psionic or other preternatural abilities (ie: strength, speed, etc) who do not fall under either category.

In the year 1999, ironically, on Independence Day, a telepath named Thoren Sargot gathered every Supe in what was called the United States and completely conquered the Sap government in a major coup, executing all adult Sap males. All Sap females under the age of 25 became slaves, Pets, or breeding vessels. Anyone who didn't fit into one of those two categories and had either psionic or other abilities was classified as Mutants, and was hunted down every day. To make identification easy, every Supe got a microchip implanted in their forehead as soon as they reached puberty and they either passed the test as Supe, or failed and became a Non-Person. If you didn't have one, you were a ghost. Free Saps or Mutants were hunted down.

Pretty Saps, Mutants and/or Ghosts were unofficially sold to Keepers as Pets, to be used for others sexual pleasure. When the Pets became too old or unattractive, they were sold to Workcamps to be used as Slaves. Because Ghosts were hard to track without the microchip, they were immediately given Emerald Dust, an instantly addictive drug made up of tiny microchips.

Weasel was a typical Pet: a drug addicted hustler, until he met Angelo and became a true child of the night.

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