Black Widower 5.4: The Prodigal Son Returns

I woke up to the odors of rotting food and stale beer and had the disgusting sensation of something skittering up my arm but I was too paralyzed to do anything about it. My eyes could open but I kept them closed for now. Safer that way.

It wasn't like I had to open them anyway; I could easily smell the distinct and familiar aroma of sulfur, hot metal and melting Sugarfrost flakes on that spoon. It would become the base for Frosting as it cooked beneath the flame of a match. Frosting was liquid Sugarfrost that was usually cut with Frenzy, a drug that made you hard as a rock for superlong periods of time. Shooting up with Frosting blew out your veins but it hit your bloodstream instantly. Burned like a bitch searing through your veins but it was so damned worth it. An Frosting orgy could last for hours and the orgasms went on and on. Had to take it sparingly, though, or you got hooked fucking fast.

My body was slowly regaining feeling, starting in my toes and fingers. After hearing the moans and the slapping of flesh on flesh along with the musky smell of sex that meant there was a Frosting orgy going on right now, I quickly decided that as soon as I could move my legs and stand, I was out of there. Frosting can turn anyone into a sex maniac; you get so sex hungry that you bang anything that moves and I was not about to stick around for that.

Someone suddenly planted a hand on my hip and yelled, "Hey, the kid's alive!" A sigh of relief. "We thought you were dead, Candyboy."

I reluctantly opened my eyes and saw a boy with stringy brown hair and flat slate colored eyes grinning at me. "Pretty Candyboy," he murmured, as his hand began to move from my hip to my thigh. Ice cold Frosting hand. Almost as cold as me.

"I was dead," I was able to reply softly, knowing he'd just think I was being facetious. "You can stop now," I told him in a warning tone as that hand starting stroking between my legs.

He retaliated by pinching a nipple. Hard. Then he laughed nastily. "You like Frosting?" The boy took off his belt and tied it tightly around my arm. "I made up a batch, just for you." An empty eyed girl who smelled like a mixture of a come rag and Frosting-sweat handed the boy a syringe filled with the Frosting I smelled cooking. Then she smiled at me, a terrible smile filled with anticipation. "Soon, Candyboy," she said eagerly before stumbling away.

The boy's fingers started poking around my arm; pressing and I realized that he was probing for a good vein to use. How fucking ironic. "See Candyboy?" he says as he probed, "Rinne is all excited 'cause you're new meat. You see them?" He points towards the tangle of bodies in the corner. "They used to look like you do now. Pretty as fuck. But give it a few weeks. Your cheeks will sink in, your hair will get dull and matted and you won't be so pretty. You'll look just like us."

"Fuck I hope not, Calister," a male voice from the fuckfest shouted out in a cross between sarcasm and a whine. "The last thing we need is another burned out, skanky Frosthead."

Calister snickered. "Only a burned out, skanky Frosthead would want you to fuck them, Jank." Then he glared at me. "What the fuck is wrong with your veins, I can't find one good one on this arm." He untied the belt angrily. "I'm just gonna have to check out your other arm, Candyboy. And if that don't work, there's always between your toes. "Calister reached for me but my paralysis must have been gone without me being aware of it because the second he grabbed my arm, I sprang and kicked his legs from under him, tripping him.

"Nice try asshole," I snarled, before rising to my feet.

"Don't let him get away!" Jank yelled as the jumble of bodies disengaged from one another and became a mob headed right for me.

Fucking crazy Frostheads! They were fucked up and high but they outnumbered me so I wasn't gonna screw around with crawling through that space again. I Shadowdanced, my will already focusing to lose enough substance to pass through the wall to the outside, where I let myself regain substance.

I looked at my blood spattered chest and belly. Cripe, I really needed a shower. I was planning on going to the Nocturne later anyway; I might as well go now and get cleaned up before I did anything else.

It wasn't until I was almost at the Nocturne that I remembered that Angelo had never told me where my own room was. No, I corrected myself; I'd never given Angelo the chance to tell me where my room was. I'd bitten his head off as soon as he brought up the subject. Which meant that the only place I'd be able to get access to a shower would be Angelo's room. If he let me.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Well even if I was gonna go to Angelo's room, there was no way in hell I'd wait in line to get inside. Especially looking like this. I'd have to cheat. Instead of going through the front, I snuck around back. Then I phased out, flew straight up to Angelo's window, then passed through it, rematerializing in his bedroom. His empty bedroom.

Well, fuck me. Of course, it's empty. The sun has been down for a couple of hours and he's either out hunting or fucking, or more than likely, both. And there is always the possibility, no, probability that Angel Boy had Slept somewhere else. What the fuck did I expect?

At least with Angelo not here, I could take the shower without having to deal with him.

I unzipped, unbuttoned and stepped out of my stinking jeans, then walked into Angelo's bathroom. It was at times like this that I was relieved that I didn't show in mirrors, or wouldn't if Angelo had one. Instead of turning the faucet to warm water, I cranked the hot water to scalding and got into the shower.

The first thing I did was rinse my hair, since a lot of it was sticky and a little matted with dried blood. Then I scrubbed every brownish red flake from my body, every bit of dirt, everything. Just like I don't feel the cold, I didn't feel the heat until my skin was practically cooked. When I was finally satisfied that I was clean enough, I turned off the water and grabbed a towel, rubbing myself dry. After that, I wrapped the towel around my waist and went back into Angelo's bedroom.

Unfortunately, I couldn't just walk around with this towel and one look at my disgusting jeans reminded me how much I never wanted to wear them again. Well, I'd just have to take a look in Angel Boy's closet and see what he had in there besides the tank tops and jeans he always wore.

Cripe, Angelo wasn't kidding, he had a nice wardrobe. Shirts and pants that varied from casual to formal. And leather. A lot of leather. Leather vests. Leather shirts. And leather pants that I knew without even seeing him in them, made him look fucking sexy. There was so much to choose from; I had no idea what I wanted to wear.

Until I saw the long-sleeved purple and black netted shirt with matching tight dark purple jeans. They were the most gorgeous clothes I'd ever seen. I eagerly snatched them from Angelo's closet and put them on. Funny though, the pants were a little too long for Angelo but they fit me just fine. In fact, it was like this outfit had been made just for me.

Just for me.

Angelo probably got this outfit sometime during the week and had meant to give it to me last night when he talked about getting me something other than the jeans and t-shirt I usually wore.
And it was perfect. I didn't need a mirror to know I looked damned good in it.

And I didn't need a sledgehammer to know that I'd fucked up big time. Everything Angelo had done last night had been for me, not for whatever ulterior motives I accused him of. No wonder he was so pissed. All I'd done was throw everything back in his face.

Forget about crawling or even swallowing my pride. It was gonna take a whole lot more than that for Angelo to forgive me. I remembered the hatred in his eyes and shivered, hugging myself as if he was comforting me.

But was it worth it? Even though Angelo meant well, as generous and caring as he could be, he was still taking control of me. Angelo still took control but had to constantly prove to me that I was not in control of him.

No, I realized. He wasn't trying to prove it to me. Angelo was trying to prove it to himself and would keep trying to prove it until he either found someone else or he drove me away.

Gods, how could one person be so giving yet so selfish at the same time? And how could one person be so foolish and stubborn enough to want and love him anyway?


I laced up my boots and picked up the bloody jeans, deciding to throw them into the bathtub because it didn't seem right to leave them in the middle of Angelo's bedroom floor. Not that the bathtub was the best place either but at least it wouldn't be the first thing greeting Angel Boy when he walked in the door.

Whenever that was. In the meantime, I took a quick look around the room, checking if I'd forgotten anything. Then I phased out, passing through Angelo's floor straight down to the first floor ceiling. The best place to phase back in again was unfortunately behind the bar and of course, Dimitri, the Greek Ice Queen himself was on duty tonight. Hell, at least that meant, Angelo wasn't with him this time. Like that made a fucking difference.

I quickly rematerialized then stalked away from Angelo's cousin's taunts. Guess good news traveled fast.

"Jamie?" I suddenly heard Angelo's voice ask. "No, can't say there's a Jamie here, dearheart."

A sinking feeling was building in the pit of my stomach and when I heard another, very familiar voice remark, "I could have sworn I saw him duck in here." Ivan. He followed me into the Nocturne?

One thing I'd learned in the past week was how to blend into the night and into crowds, hiding in plain sight from my prey. I leaned against the back wall, standing silent and still, using my better than human hearing to my advantage. I listened, waiting for the right time to make my appearance and finally tell Ivan off once and for all.

"Perhaps he left," Angelo suggested helpfully.

"He hasn't," Ivan replied. "I've been here for the past hour and he never walked out that door."

"Hmmmm," Angelo mused. "Maybe if you described him?"

"You can't miss him. Blond. Green eyed. Very pretty features."

Angelo laughed. "That could be at least half a dozen people in this club tonight, my friend."

"You know what I think?" Ivan asked Angelo, his tone accusatory, "I think you know exactly who I'm talking about and you're jerking me around."

I could hear Angelo's smile in his answer. That sweet smile of his that meant his patience was reaching its end. "I think you're right," he whispered.

That was my cue. I walked up to the two of them as if I'd just gotten there and smiled at Angelo. "You shouldn't lie to the man," I purred. "Even if you are my lover."

And for a change, Angelo was completely speechless.

I knew Ivan was not gonna react well to the news that I actually dared to have a lover other than him and I wasn't disappointed. His brown eyes hardened and for a moment his eyes flared with rage. Then he seemed to remember I was there and he squelched it. Instead, his eyes appraised me and he smiled shyly. "You look exquisite, Jamie," he exclaimed breathlessly. "Those clothes suit you."

I smiled at him. "Thanks but he chose them," I gestured towards Angelo, "so he's the one with good taste."

"He chose you," Ivan murmured. Then his eyes narrowed with suspicion. "Or did he?"

What the fuck now?! This was getting beyond annoying.

"Isn't he kind of old for you?" Angelo suddenly asked Ivan, his tone, complete innocence.

Ivan's stare could have cracked a mirror. "Excuse me?"

Angelo must have sensed he hit a nerve because he went on with it. "You usually like them younger, don't you?"

Ivan didn't like that at all. "Just what is it that you're accusing me of when you don't even know me?" he quietly demanded.

"You tell me, honeychild," Angelo replied. "I'm sure it's not the first time you've heard that accusation. Or the last."

To my surprise and irritation, Ivan's lips curled into the self-righteous smirk that made me want to punch him. "Ah, so that's why."

"What are you talking about?" Angelo asked, not bothering to hide the menace behind his soft voice.

Menace that Ivan was either too arrogant or too oblivious to heed. Or probably even notice. "No wonder you lied to me about Jamie being here. You're the one who hooked him on Sugar!"

Angelo's eyes gleamed with cold amusement. "Jamie just looooooooves sugar." His tongue ran over his lips provocatively. "So do I, sweet thing."

Ivan cast Angelo a glare of pure contempt, then ignored him completely, slinging a comradely arm around my shoulder. "Jamie," he whispered in my ear, "let's take a little walk." He led me away walking me outside and up the stairs. Of course, I let him; the sooner he got away from Angelo the better.

For me. "Ivan, what's so important that you had to drag me out here?"

"I had to get you away from that snake," Ivan explained. "I can see how he got you hooked. A beautiful boy like that could entice you to do anything. He probably gave you the first hit of Sugar right after fucking you. He didn't make love to you, Jamie. He doesn't love you. He's not even your friend. He's your pimp. Isn't he?"

I seized his arm and forced it from my shoulders. "And you're a crazy fucker who thinks he owns me. Hell, Ivan, you can't even admit that the only reason you're acting like you give a fuck about me is so you can jump my bones. Well you can't so fuck off," I hissed. "Don't ever step into the Nocturne again or I won't stop you from getting what's coming to you."

Ivan's eyes narrowed. "Are you threatening me, Jamie?"

I smirked. "Call it a warning."

He shrugged. "I give up on you. Go get high, sleep with that piece of street trash, you obviously don't want my help and I'm not wasting any more time on you."

"Do what you want," I replied and he took off in a huff.


The bouncer at the door knew who I was so he let me just walk in with no trouble. I looked around for Angelo but he was already gone. I guess he had nothing to say to me. That was fine because I really wasn't sure of what to say to him right now.

I was on my own. It was just as well, though. As much as I wanted to make things right with Angelo, I only wanted Ivan to get a slight head start before I went after him.

Fifteen minutes later, I was back out on the streets, hunting Ivan. I had no idea of where he was by now but I could tell by scent how he got there. Ivan's scent lingered in the air, leaving a fragrance trail for me to follow. All I had to do was focus on that scent, lock all my senses on to it and let it guide me right to him.

For the first time since Angelo made me this way, I was thinking like a predator. Not prey.

I Shadowdanced through streets and clubs, barely aware of where I was going, working on pure instinct until I found myself in front of Ivan's place, realizing he must have gone back home. Or brought someone home. And based on the familiar mixture of guilt and lust pouring from the apartment, he was either doing or was about to do that someone. A someone I'd have to get out of the way so me and Ivan would be nice and alone.

I'd been hungry since I'd woken up in the squat, using the energy to phase in and out had only made me more so. Now I allowed the combination of tantalizing emotions wash over me and sweep me under its current, knowing full well the affect it would have on me. Triggering myself on purpose, until almost overwhelming hunger vibrated in my bones and the agony resonated through every nerve in my body. I wanted to stay in control so I kept the Tiger caged, for the time being. I'd let it out soon enough.

Since I wasn't about to knock on the door or make any other noise that'd give me away, I lost just enough substance to be able to walk through his door, then regained it inside the apartment, taking a quick look around. Sure enough, laying there naked on the bed with his legs spread open was Ivan, with a shirtless boy laying between them, his dark blond head buried in Ivan's crotch.

In that position, I couldn't tell how old the boy was. But something told me he wasn't any older than I was. If that.

Ivan's eyes were closed in the throes of passion; the boy's head bobbing up and down with slurping, sucking sounds passing through his lips. Guess Ivan was getting the blow job he was so pissed I never gave him.

Because it'd benefit me even more than Ivan, I let it go on for a while, watching the show as Ivan writhed under his new fucktoy's lips and tongue. Very skilled lips and tongue, based on how hard and shallow Ivan was panting and how violently his hips were thrusting. I decided I'd let Ivan come before I made my presence known.

Ivan let out a moan as the boy leaned forward more, obviously taking him deeper into his throat and I could see his hand massaging Ivan's balls. It wouldn't be long, now.

"Ahhh!" Ivan cried out, his body shaking violently as he came.

I waited until he was done. Then I called out, "Didn't take you long to find someone else, huh, Ivan."

Ivan's eyes snapped open and shock spread across his face. "Jamie?" he gasped. "What're you doing here?"

I pouted. "Don't you want me, Ivan? All those sweet things you said were lies? Or maybe you said them to this new plaything of yours."

Said plaything lifted his head and turned to face me. "What're you, his ex or something?"

I grinned at him. Carefully. "You're done now." I picked his shirt off the floor and threw it in his face. "And you're leaving."

Ivan gave me a deathglare. "The one who's leaving is you, Jamie. You had your chance and you blew it."

I drew close to the boy and grabbed his hand. "Speaking of chances, this is yours," I told him. "You can leave here in one piece or stay," I squeezed his hand hard enough to nearly break it, "and I will leave no bone in your body unbroken."

"Let go," the boy begged with a whimper. "Please?"

"Not til I walk you to the door," I replied and led him there before releasing him and shutting the door behind him. Poor kid forgot his shirt. Oh well, at least he'd be spared worse things.

Too bad Ivan wouldn't. I moved towards Ivan slow and deliberately. "It's just you and me, now." I let my eyes flit over his body. "And you don't even have to take your clothes off. But do you want me to?"

Ivan scooted closer to the wall, backing away from me. "I want you to get out!"

"You do, yeah?" I abruptly Shadowdanced so I was suddenly sitting right next to
him. "Well guess what? I want you. So bad I can taste it, Ivan, baby." I leaned
over and my tongue caressed his throat.

Ivan eyes searched me up and down, looking desperately for something. As soon as he realized he couldn't find it - whatever it was - his fear instantly vanished and he attempted to regain the voice of authority he had with me earlier tonight. "You're so high, you're insane," he sneered.

"Not insane," I murmured against his neck, my hand reaching down and grasping his soft cock. "Just hungry. Starving for you."

"So you can jump me like the trick you killed last ni- ahh, Jamie!" Ivan's breath caught as I began to stroke him up and down.

"You didn't let that stop you from following me to the Nocturne," I pointed out, quickening the pace of my strokes. "If I'd left with you then, instead of telling you to fuck off, you'd have gladly taken me to your bed so what's different now?"

"J-Jamie," Ivan managed to stammer between pants, "Not this way," he finally said.

His cock was rock hard in my hand now and his lust was radiating in waves so I had a pretty idea of what he meant. "You sure you want a sugar junkie like me blowing you?" I moved backwards on the bed and gave his hard on a teasing lick. "Like this?" I took the head into my mouth and sucked just a little before letting him go, feeling a definite satisfaction at his gasps.

Fuck, now I knew why Angelo played with his prey before he killed them. I controlled Ivan's reactions, terrifying him at the same time I was arousing him. Confusing him to the point where he didn't know how he felt anymore. I had complete power over him if I wanted it and that simple fact got me off.

"You made this big deal about the fact that I wasn't older," I whispered. "You even mentioned it twice, then asked how old I was. But that was why you went after me in the first place, isn't it, Ivan. And that's why you went after that other boy."

"NO!" Ivan declared.

"Then why, Ivan? Why me? Why not any other boy? Hell, when you saw I wasn't around, why didn't you try your pick up lines on my lover?"

"You don't understand," Ivan said weakly.

"No? Enlighten me," I challenged, then took him into my mouth before he could feed me any other lies.

"You looked like," he gasped as I sucked harder, "you needed a friend," he finally finished before completely giving himself over to me.

No, I recognized, I looked needy. Like I was starving for affection. That was why he liked his boys young. Young and desperate. And the reason he hadn't even considered Angelo was that there was nothing needy or desperate about him. Nothing innocent. Nothing weak.

And that was what was scaring the fuck out of Ivan at this moment. I was no longer a victim he could save. Now, Ivan was my victim and he knew it.

Ivan was quickly turning to jelly under my lips and tongue and his desire was building to a fever pitch. When started to fuck my mouth, it was time for me to stop. I let his throbbing cock fall from my lips, smirking at his grunt of frustration at me leaving him unfinished.

Frustration that was rapidly turning into the rage that always simmered under the surface but had remained there until now. Rage that clashed with the guilt and arousal he also felt. Which would win, I wondered with amused detachment.

A moment later I found out when Ivan attacked me, grabbing my shoulders to pull me up. "You fucking cocktease," he snarled, but I easily broke free of his grasp.

I laughed, which only infuriated him more. "I thought you wanted to be my friend," I taunted, "and here you are, about to rape me? You must have a death wish, considering what I did the last time someone else forced themselves on me."

Ivan surprised me with his reply. "You have no knife on you. I checked."

So that'd been what he'd been checking me out about. I kissed his groin. "Guess what, Ivan," I murmured against his thigh as my tongue began to probe. Seeking, then finding. "I had no knife yesterday, either."

"Then how did you -" Ivan blurted before my tongue pulled his skin against my teeth and I punctured the vein in his groin.

This time I patiently took my first draught with the initial blood flow then drawing when it stopped; sinking my teeth in just a little deeper. Adrenaline had been pumping through Ivan's blood and now that adrenaline sang in my veins. As I drank, I boosted the pleasure he'd already
been feeling so the ecstasy was as strong as his agony and that sugar-spice flooded my senses, sending me into rapture.

All too soon, his heartbeat slowed down, so I withdrew, leaving him unconscious. Then I pulled back the blankets and slid his half-dead body underneath them. He'd probably die in his sleep Unlike my last kill, this one was much neater and since I was able to take my time, I got much more out of it. And the best thing was the only mark I left on him was a small bruise.

I did a quick look around the apartment and made sure I left nothing behind that could tie me to Ivan's death if it was ever investigated. Then just as I thought I was in the clear, I saw Ivan's boytoy's shirt and realized that not only had I fucked up after all, I fucked up BAD. By sparing the kid, I'd created a witness who could identify me and connect me with this kill. A witness who already had a mad on for me.

Fucking wonderful.

I was gonna have to fix this somehow and hunt him down. I only hoped I wouldn't have to kill him once I found him. Two deaths on my hands was not something I wanted. I was gonna leave the shirt on the bed but I took it with me, thinking that I could use giving him his shirt back as an excuse to see him. Then I thought again, found Ivan's discarded pants on the other side of the room and rifled through his pockets til I saw his wallet.

When in doubt, bribe.

I shoved the wallet in my own pocket, then left the apartment in search of the boy.