Blood Games 5


Is it bright where you are
Have the people changed
Does it make you happy you're so strange
And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flame
You can watch the world devoured in its pain

The End Is The Beginning Is The End ….Smashing Pumpkins

I was in my room waiting when Weasel, Dala and their mark returned for more fun and games. Weasel's emerald eyes hardened, becoming even more jewel-like. Nope, it didn't take him long to figure out I'd just gotten there. Hell, if he knew me so well, he had to have known that I had better ways of killing time than to sit around doing nothing. All by my lonesome? Fuck that.

Besides, I could smell that while they were gone, Dala and Weasel had gotten VERY well acquainted, so he had shit to say to me. As usual, I wasn't telling Dala the whole truth when I said Weasel wasn't into girls. He really wasn't, but that didn't mean that he wouldn't have sex with them. Guess she had to check Weasel's preferences for herself.

Then she gave me this triumphant smirk. Like she's pitting Weasel and me against each other. Please!

But they were exchanging these knowing glances. Not quite like lovers, but they were definitely not the adversaries they were before. They were working together.

Interesting. This was had started out as my game, now I had no place in it. Wasn't that just ducky?

At least I had the mark. I could tell Weasel had chosen him with me in mind. Glossy black hair, tawny eyes and skin like warm cinnamon. He had the hard beauty of a street kid, but his delicate features helped blunt those rough edges. He looked around the room, taking everything in. I could almost see the mental notes he was making. If he wasn't a thief, he was definitely a con artist of sorts.

His slightly bored smile did not match the impatient anticipation that lit his eyes.

Like a dog going through his repertoire, his gaze dutifully lingered on both Dala and Weasel. However, I doubted that sex was the reward he was here for. The lust he radiated was not for either of them. His look was practiced nonchalance, but his body was quivering. It was very slight, but there was definite trembling.

The poor baby had the shakes. And the sweats. He probably hadn't eaten since yesterday but I doubt he cared.

He gave me a cocky smile, his eyes nervously flitting back and forth. "Do you have the stuff?" he finally asked me.

So, Dimitri told Weasel about my stash. I wondered what else he yammered on about. They were enemies, when did they become best buddies? And why hadn't I figured it out until now?

Well, if my pretty blond whore thought I was gonna just hand over the drugs, he had another thing coming. I feigned innocence. "What stuff?"

Dala shot Weasel a look of annoyance, but the mark didn't miss a beat. "What do you have?"

Ah, this kid was a gamer himself. He wanted to play. He had no idea who he was playing with but by the time we were done, he would.

If I let him live that long.

My eyes slowly ate him up, traveling up and down his body. "You have a name, sweetling?"

He preened for me. "I'm Trouble."

"Oh I'm sure you are, dearheart. But are you more Trouble than you're worth?"

"Why don't you see for yourself?" He slipped off his shirt, and while his abs and pecs had nice definition, the damage he'd done to his body over time was beginning to show. He flaunted himself shamelessly, throwing down the gauntlet, not even caring that I could see the marks covering his arms, wrists and belly.

I picked it up, drawing closer and took what he offered. "I wonder," I murmured in his ear, "do you taste as good as you look?" I nibbled the lobe as my hands began to explore.

"Give me what I want, and I"ll give you what you want," he whispered.

"I just might do that," I decided. "But it's not quite what you think." My tongue traced the outline of his jaw, inhaling his scent. He was clean now. Pure. Sweet. Maybe I could get a little before he wasn't.

"It's you," he cried, actually making me jump. "I never thought I'd see you again."

Again? When did I see him the first time? Of course I didn't let him know that I had no idea of what he was talking about. I just lifted my head to face him. "What of it?"

"You don't remember?" He shook his head, answering his own question. "You don't remember."

I coolly met his gaze. "Should I?"

He winced. "It wasn't that long ago, maybe three months at the most." He rubbed the tracks on his arm. "This is the only stuff that even comes close to how you made me feel that night."

Fuck-fuck-fuck, only one thing fit that description and Weasel knew it because he glared at me for a moment before asking the mark, "Yeah? Like what?"

Trouble didn't miss the jealousy in Weasel's tone. "Oh that's right," he laughed. "You'd know wouldn't you. Even if he wasn't with you that night."

"He doesn't do that shit to me," Weasel growled, his eyes glittering dangerously.

"No? What does he do to you, then?"

I ignored this annoying show of bitchiness and furiously flipped through my memory to see if I could place this boy's face, or even his scent, but drew a complete blank. Three months ago? If I jumped him then, I'd have still felt it as soon as he walked into the room. Unless I didn't take anything.

Yeah, that had to be it. I probably did some astral fucking around but wasn't in his body long enough to absorb any of the sex energy I generated. But why? If I made him feel good enough that he needed drugs as a substitute, why did I cheat myself out of something that potent? And why didn't I ever use him again?

Damn it, I couldn't bloody remember!

It would have been so easy to search through his memory, but that would have been beneath me. Besides, going inside the mind of an unstable junkie wasn't the safest thing to do. I'd have to use other methods. I nuzzled his neck, boosting his pleasure just enough to make him gasp. "Tell me, where was it?"

He moaned, "At Destri's. He has a gathering every weekend and on one of those weekends, you were there."

The name didn't sound familiar to me. Not good.

Dala's eyes narrowed. "Destri? You know Nuri Destri?"

Trouble smiled. "He's my best friend." The smile faded. "Was."

"I highly doubt that," Dala laughed, clearly getting off on Trouble's pain. "Someone like you wouldn't be in our circle."

"I was then," Trouble said darkly.

I was beginning to get the picture. If he used to travel in the same snooty-assed clique as Dala, then he had money at one time. Oh how the mighty had fallen, from rich boy to bum in three months. It amused me, but I was no closer to figuring out what happened that night.

"How odd," Dala mused. "I don't remember you."

"But I remember you, Magdalene. I used to watch you all the time and you didn't even know I existed." Trouble laughed mirthlessly. "Why would you? The only reason you'd even go to Nuri Destri's gathering was that his daddy was a CEO of an oil conglomerate, never mind looking at he or me as possible boyfriend material. Our money only meant so much to you. Our race meant much more."

Weasel and I suddenly shielded ourselves from the huge gush of Trouble's agony, but Dala made a move to jump on it. Until Weasel shot her a dirty look. Then she backed the fuck off.

Oh yeah, they'd definitely made some kind of agreement or she'd never obey him. Because that was exactly what she was doing. She was obeying Weasel.

Things were getting more and more interesting. For a moment, I wondered if Weasel had known the history between the two, even if it was one sided. But the only way he'd have known that would have been if he'd gone deep inside Trouble's head; something I knew my beloved would never do because he didn't believe in pulling that kind of shit any more than I did.

Did he?

Hell I was getting paranoid. And distracted with bullshit. None of it really mattered, what did matter was that I'd stupidly left someone alive who knew who I was. And I had no fucking idea who he was.

Dala, on the other hand, was clearly enjoying herself. "I still don't remember you," she told him. "What's your name?"

"It won't make a difference, you won't recognize it."

She smiled. "Try me."

"Emre Basir."

And just like that, I remembered everything…..

**Three Months Ago**

There's a problem, Angelo. See to it.

Meaning, I have a job for you to do.

That's what I've been doing since I can't remember when; cleaning up messes, getting rid of irritants, anything that Ardoin needs fixed, Angelo fixes. Never mind the fact that I liked the free reign; that as long as I cleaned up my own messes and was careful not to do anything that would get the WASP drones buzzing down our necks, I could do whatever the fuck I wanted to. It was still serving Ardoin, and if you were in the Underground that's what you did. You served Ardoin.

However he wanted you to.

That was Ardoin's style, to make whatever he wanted you to do as pleasant as possible for you, and rewarding you any way he saw fit. Of course, if he forced you into it, that wouldn't be the only thing forced on you.

Trust me. I know.

Which was why I was at this snooty "gathering," deep in the heart of Thorenton. It's at a good distance away from the Old Quarter, so I flew there. Besides, the loss of energy would make me nice and hungry. Fuck it, I had better ways of spending my night than to sit around with a mansion full of spoiled prince and princesses with noting better to do than to do drugs, have sex, and brag about the things they've bought with their money. The only good thing about it was that the gossip could come in handy, so I'd keep my eyes and ears open and my mouth shut, filing away the choice tidbits away for future reference.

Sometimes I dress for these assignments. Tonight was not one of those nights. I was dressed as simply as possible, a black tank top instead of my usual red, and black jeans. I needed something I could take off quickly -- or something I wouldn't care about getting ruined if I had to Shift unexpectedly.

Hell, the gardener was probably dressed classier than I was, so when I'd showed up at the door a little while earlier, I didn't expect to be well received.

I didn't count on one thing that compensated for my lack of money or caste.


Hey, whatever works. It got me in the fucking door. Now it was a matter of waiting for my prey. As soon as I'd walked inside, my eyes scanned the room, looking for him. A moron who made the mistake of trying to screw the Underground.

Like a lot of Supes who didn't agree with the way the World Association of Supe Persons did things, he claimed Sanctuary and joined the Underground. But when we found the bodies of several of our brothers and sisters -- their staked bodies -- it was pretty easy to figure out who'd tipped off the Believers of Truth. After all, he was one of the few Norms who actually learned the truth about us.

Tor Skagen. And right now he was nowhere to be found.

He would be here eventually. He was a friend of the host, Nuri Destri, and went to these gatherings that were held every weekend. And how did Ardoin find out all of this?

From my beloved. When he and Tor were fucking. Tor invited him in fact, said that he'd have the boys there falling at his feet. Then he started asking all kinds of questions about us: Why were some of us never around in the daytime? Why did he never see us eating anything? All of the questions that were an immediate red flag to Weasel and he told Ardoin the next night.

So when we learned about the staking of several juicers, it wasn't hard to figure out.

I never fucked him, believe it or not. Had no interest in him. He kept trying to proposition me, though. Up until he disappeared a few days ago. Well I had an interest in him now. Only this time, he'll wish I didn't.

And now there was this boy sneaking looks at me, and staring every once in a while. I did a quick look see and I liked what I saw. Very much. Lustrous black hair and gorgeous amber eyes with sooty black lashes resting against his nut brown skin. His delicate features only made him more exquisite. Yet I recognized the way he was looking yet not looking at me.

Not quite a boychik, but definitely someone who'd never approach me because he'd never admit he was interested in me in the first place.

Yet he was. Desire was pouring off him and drenching me like a waterfall. I'd be really stupid if I wasted that. Especially since it'd been a while -- too long a while -- since I'd jumped anyone.

Fuck it. It wasn't as if I had anything better to do. And all that lust was making me hungry….

I Shadowdanced and snuck up behind him, saying in his ear, "Do you stare at everyone or just me?" Then I smirked when he jumped, completely startled.

He turned around and saw me. "I wasn't staring," he declared.

"Sure you weren't. But it's alright. I'm flattered."

He blushed. "For a boy…" he paused, obviously not wanting to say the rest of the sentence." For a boy…you're quite pretty."

I pouted. "For a boy," I repeated, acting slightly insulted.

"I didn't mean it that way," he quickly placated.

"Oh? Which way did you mean it then?"

He abruptly changed the subject. "I've never seen you here before. You a friend of Nuri's?"

"No." I smiled and stroked his cheek. "But I can be yours."

He made a face, saying, "I like girls," like it was a big announcement.

"So do I. What does that have to do with anything?"

He frowned. "I'm trying to be polite but you're not getting it. I only like girls. You're a boy."

I faced him and flashed a wicked grin. "Don't let that stop you." My finger traced his bottom lip. "Besides, you can say all you want, but this doesn't lie." My knee gently brushed against the hardness between his legs. "So why don't you drop the oh-so-straight act and find us a place to go where you can do what you really want to without anyone knowing, alright?"

He stared at me, licking dry lips. "Stop," he gasped.

My hand replaced my knee and I began to knead. "If you really want me to go away," I dropped my hand, "I will. Your loss."

I walked away, knowing I'd piqued his interest enough for him to follow me.

Pathetically easy. I moved slow enough towards a place where he could "surprise" me.

And he did. Beating me to the staircase so I'd have to pass him to go anywhere else.

"Hey," he whispered. "There are bedrooms upstairs. A lot of them."

"I thought you had no interest, honeychild."

"Not in front of everyone. But now we're alone."

I moved closer and cupped his face in my hands. "Have you ever kissed a boy."

He stammered, gods he was ready to pop, "N-no."

I brushed my lips against his, with just a hint of my tongue. "Do you want to?"


I let go of him. Yeah, I know, I'm a fucking tease. "Then show me where we're going."

It wasn't until we were upstairs that I remembered why I'd come to this gathering in the first place. There was no way in hell I'd be able to go after Tor if I had to run down the stairs first and even if I just jumped over the railing, it'd still be a pain in the ass.

No, upstairs just wasn't gonna work. Fuck it. I'd touched him already and one touch was all I needed. I faced him and focused on his crotch; then sent my astral self there to do a little licking and sucking. But just enough to make him breathless.

And quite willing.

He reflexively looked down, his face scrunched with confusion, and the unasked question in his eyes.

I withdrew the astral contact and purred in his ear, "Is there nowhere we can go downstairs?"

My new friend was already all hot and bothered and I hadn't even blown him yet. "Yes," he managed to get out. "We can go in the basement."

No good. I had to be within pouncing distance. "No lover," I leaned forward and licked his lips. "You need to do better than that or I'll just have to leave."

The poor baby strained his brain thinking of a place where we could fuck. "There is a place…everyone messes around in the den. But I don't want…"

Ah. Baby didn't want his buddies to see him take it up the ass from a boy. Too fucking bad. He was starting to piss me off. "Look, sunshine." I tilted his face upwards and kissed him. A real kiss, probably the first one he ever got, based on how eager he was. "Either you want to get laid, or you don't." I nibbled his bottom lip, then bit it. Enough to get his attention and to make him bleed. But not a lot. I sucked at his lips; damn he tasted good, if I didn't know better I'd say I tasted raki but not the Greek type I was used to. Hmmm….

I pulled away and took a good hard look at him. "You have a name, sweet thing?"

He shrugged. "Emre Basir. Why?"

Yeah, I thought so. That was Turkish raki. And the name confirmed it. Funny, I had no idea of whether or not Greece still existed, or even if Turkey still existed but yet I still had the reflexive uneasiness towards someone who was Turkish and knew that he'd have that same feeling towards me if I told him I was Greek.

I was gonna have to be real careful about sticking to Anglika the whole time I was with him.

"Don't you want me to know your name?" I murmured as my hands slid underneath his fancy black silk shirt. "I think it's better than calling you, 'hey you.' Now," I let my fingers lightly brush over his hardening nipples. "Do you really care if everyone is seeing you?" I asked as I unbuttoned his shirt. "Or do you care about this?" I leaned over and sucked his right nipple as my fingers played with the left. I suckled until I felt his nipples become hard peaks under my tongue. Then I stepped back and smirked because I knew I had him.

Oh yeah, he was pulsating with sexual energy, like a blazing star. So fucking potent. He wasn't a virgin but he was definitely repressed because he'd been hoarding so much. For a moment I could focus on nothing else and it was all I could do to stop myself from unbuttoning his pants, getting down on my knees and sucking him off so I could jump him.

I steeled myself away from it, promising myself that the second we got hot and heavy in the den, I'd take him.

And from what I remembered, the den was not that far from the front entrance. I'd be able to tap him and then go after my real prey.

I smiled to myself. Perfect.

Emre buttoned up his shirt -- a waste since I'd only be unbuttoning it again -- and we made our way to the den.

And the orgy.

Hell, I'd have thought I was in the Playground, there were all these sweaty bodies, writhing against each other. Twosomes, threesomes, daisy chains, it was bloody wall to wall sex and Mr. Shy Boy was afraid he'd be seen? Shit, everyone was a wee bit too occupied for that.

I wanted to fuck him. My hands caressed his ass -- his firm, voluptuously fuckable ass -- oh I was so tempted; I could jump him that way too.

Then reality set in and I realized that I needed to do it quickly just in case I had to eat and run. Going down on him would be the fastest way. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pushed his hard-on against mine. "You want me to do something about…" I rolled my hips then thrust against him. "…this?"

Emre was no longer resisting and as if his body had a mind of its own, he rubbed against me. This might be promising after all.

I pulled away. "Follow me then."

I slung an arm around his shoulder and led him towards the back of the den; where I actually managed to find a spot on the lush burgundy carpeting.

My nostrils were instantly filled with the scents of musk, sweat, flesh, and of course, sex. Those scents were so strong; it almost overpowered the sweet fragrance of their blood.

But not quite.

And I realized how stupid it was of me to agree to go into this room. Yeah, I liked the show and all the pretty naked bodies, and it'd be great camouflage for what I'd do to him. However, the smell was so intense that I couldn't tell where one scent began and the other ended. Unless I kept an eye out for him the whole time -- which would really kill the mood -- I'd have no way to track down Mr. Skagen. I'd been counting on scent, I rarely forgot one, but now that was completely out of the fucking question. Score another one for vlaka Angelo.

Fuck it. Ardoin could go to hell. There was no way I was gonna pass up this freebie. Especially one this pretty. If by some miracle I happened to find the idiot, then I'd kill him.

Later. Not now.

Emre was getting cold feet and all that nervousness was snuffing out his arousal. And his sex energy levels.

I could easily fix that.

I lowered my little faun to the floor and unzipped his pants without unbuttoning them just yet. Then I ran my tongue along the cotton brief crotch, nibbling and maddening him. He made a move to unbutton his pants and give me better access but I slapped his hands away. "Not yet," I whispered.

Not even close.

Gods he looked so delicious, just lying there, sprawled out on the carpet, just waiting for me to ravish him.

I zipped him up again. Then I began my torture.

I lay beside him and turned his face towards me so I could kiss him. My tongue probed and explored, plundering his mouth like a juicy fruit. At the same time my hands caressed him, and worked to stoke the embers of his desire, kindling it and inflaming him.

Emre rapidly lost his fear, and he returned my kiss hungrily, his passion rising as I unbuttoned his shirt, one button at a time. Only for my mouth to slide away, my tongue trailing along his jaw as my lips moved lower.

His pulse quivered under my tongue, calling to me, tempting me, sugar enticing me…

No. I couldn't have both. But I pressed hard with my tongue, marking him just in case.

I'd only unbuttoned a few buttons, just enough for me to dip my tongue inside and flick his nipples, until he began to breathe so heavily, I rewarded him and unbuttoned the rest of his shirt; kissing and licking my way along his abs and pecs, nibbling at his belly and delving my tongue into the waistband of his pants, just teasing the tip of his rock hard cock.

And at the same time, I amplified every sensation, stirring up his lust until every single nerve ending was screaming for relief.

Emre thrummed with sex energy, his levels escalating, until he was replete with it.

I wasn't seeing Emre anymore, all I was seeing was a inferno of sex energy and my instincts were taking over. My tongue ran hungrily across my lips as I quickly unbuttoned his pants, unzipped him and took his exposed cock eagerly into my mouth. I didn't need to take him completely. Just the head would do. Just enough contact.

I swallowed him, sucking as voraciously as if I was juicing him, reaching out with my mind and stroked his pleasure, sending it sky-high into pure euphoria; until his energy leapt out at my touch, and I jumped his body….

"Oh FUCK!" someone suddenly yelled and startled me enough that I lost concentration and the connection. I slammed back into my own body which left me completely disoriented and instantly gave me a splitting headache.

As soon as the room stopping spinning, I opened my eyes and saw the person I'd come here for. And apparently he saw me because he immediately took off running in a panic.

Such lovely panic. I let him get a head start because there was no way he was gonna outrun me. Especially in the mood I was in now. Being cut off mid-kill was dizzying, and it threw my body into shock. I hurt, I was starving now and I'd just been cheated. Skagen was gonna pay for that. Dearly.

Emre was in his own daze, crashing violently from ecstasy to agony. I knew. I felt it. And my mind was a bit too fucked up to shield myself from it.

"What happened?" he asked in a tone that bordered on demanding and my patience level was non-existent.

I gingerly stood up. "What happened is… you're shit out of luck, my friend." And so the fuck was I.

"What'd you do to me?"

Now he was being demanding and it took all of the remaining willpower I had to stop myself from strangling him. "You wanna get off?" I pointed in the direction of the closest group of hot, sweaty bodies. "Knock yourself out."

There was enough sex energy in this den to choke an elephant and I couldn't even tap into it! Damn it to fucking hell! Tomorrow I'd have to jump someone. No fucking choice about it, and it didn't matter how, or even if they were willing.

Tonight however, I didn't want sex energy anymore. I wanted something physical. I wanted to sink my teeth into Tor Skagen's flesh, feast on his blood and tear his throat out. I wanted spice tonight. Sugar-spice. And I wouldn't just hunt the fucker down and kill him in hot blood. First, I was gonna fuck with his head a little.

Or a lot.

I inhaled deeply, letting the delicious scents and tantalizing mixture of emotions wash over me; carrying me away on a wave of near feralness. Then I 'danced the hell out of there, letting my senses guides me to my prey.

He'd left the mansion and was now on the grounds in the back. Excellent.

I silently followed him, moving much faster than he could see. Then I approached him from behind, kicked his legs from under him and pinned him on his back.

Tor Skagen knew enough about me and mine to try to quash his fear and cover it up with bravado. The operative word was "try," however. "What're you doing here, Angelo?"

"You told my Weasel about this place and it sounded so fascinating that I had to check it out for myself." I grinned, brushing my lips against his throat just to see him squirm. "What's wrong, Tor, I thought you wanted me."

"Not here. And he was the one who was invited. Not you."

"And why was that? Because he'd bed you and I wouldn't?" I taunted. "You know how easy it would be to kill you now? Do you know how much I want to?"

"I can guess," Tor muttered.

I leaned forward and licked his lips. "Actually, you can't even imagine, my friend."

Tor shivered, partly in fear and partly with desire. "You wouldn't dare try anything in a place like this. Your master would have your head."

I gave him an evil smile with a momentary flash of teeth. "Who do you think sent me, dear boy?"

"So he sicced you on me, is that it?"

I had to give Tor Skagen this: he knew the exact words to bait me with. It was one thing to know I was Master Ardoin's attack dog. It was a whole other thing to hear it come out of his nasty mouth. "Why don't you shut your fucking mouth before I shut it for you," I snarled.

Tor smelled blood -- so to speak. "You're Ardoin's pet. Everyone knows it. Even your lover. What does Ardoin do to you when you don't behave, Angelo? Hit your nose with a rolled up newspaper? Kick your ass?" His lips curled into a sneer. "Or maybe he does something else to your ass."

I began to seethe with rage, my fury bubbling over like a boiling cauldron, before I caught myself. I couldn't afford to lose control just yet. And I couldn't let the vache push my buttons so easily. It was time to push some of his. "You're just bitter because Weasel turned you down."

Skagen laughed. "I got him into bed, didn't I?"

"Oh you did at that. But that's as far as it went." I smirked. "He wouldn't make you one of us. Is that why you sold us out, sweetling?"

He instantly blanched. "He told you about that?"

Actually he hadn't, it was just a wild stab that apparently hit home. "Is that why you tried to get into my bed? Did you really think that just because I would have fucked you, I'd Sire you?"

Tor regained his balls. "Wasn't that why you Sired Weasel?"

"You have it backwards, sunshine." I sat up on my heels and made a swiping motion downwards, ripping the front of his nice bomber jacket to shreds. "I Sire them so they don't die when I fuck them."

Tears of anger glittered in his eyes. "That was a four hundred credit jacket!"

"I'd say that's the least of your problems," I replied, laying down so I was completely on top of him; pinning him by his arms and legs. "What's the good of having a beautiful jacket if you're not alive to wear it?" I let my tongue caress his neck; feeling some satisfaction at the sudden thread of fear running through him.

Tor attempted to swallow it by asking me something completely out of blue. "Why'd you turn me down, Angelo?"

No. That couldn't have been the reason he became a traitor. "What does that have to do with anything?" I snapped, unable to ignore the bulge I felt pressing beneath me, but not showing I could feel it. Or sense his perversely growing desire.

"You sleep with everyone. But you wouldn't with me. Why?"

He was irritating me beyond words. But he was also handing me an opportunity I'd be an idiot not to jump at. I shifted a little so he could feel me press into him. I was only half-hard but that was a problem that was easy to solve. "What if I would now?" I whispered, grinding suggestively.

Tor's cheeks grew flushed. "Now?" he asked huskily.

I moved faster. "Do you want it?"

His breathing grew heavier. "Yes," he gasped.

I moved lower, running my tongue down his jawline. "Are you sure? It could kill you."

To my surprise, he turned his head, baring his throat. "Yes!"

That threw me off for a moment. Was Tor saying he wanted to die?

Then I realized he didn't want to die, he wanted the bite; he wanted the pleasure that was often a side-effect of the bite, the same pleasure that Weasel probably gave him when he bit him during sex. He probably wanted the bite even more than he wanted the sex.

Well I'd gladly bite him. But not the way he wanted me to.

I slowly slid down Tor's body, til my chest was resting on his thighs. "You're so hard you've probably got blue balls," I murmured as I unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks. "I can fix that." I pulled his cock out through the flap of his briefs and briefly sucked on the head, teasing him with my tongue.

Lust swept through Tor as he breathlessly arched towards my lips, ready for me to take him.

That was when I let his cockhead drop from my lips and swooped my head down; my teeth sinking deep into his crotch and tearing the fabric and his balls apart. Blood seeped through the fine material; the smell too tempting for me to resist. And his scream made it even more delicious.

Sugar-spice had the ecstasy of extreme sexual pleasure and the adrenaline laced high of pain and fear. One by itself was delightful enough. Mix the two together and you had a potation that was so powerful and intoxicating that it was making me almost delirious. I let the Tiger out of its cage; losing what little was left of my control and went completely feral. I buried my face between his legs and feasted; the sugar-spice making me rock hard and sending me into pure rapture. Of course, I couldn't get enough that way, so when I sucked that area dry; I bit into his thigh and drank as much as I could get there.

After that, I just went to town with him. I didn't tear his throat out because I wanted him to be alive and suffering and I kept him conscious the whole time. My nails ripped at the rest of his clothing and I bathed in his agony and doused myself in his terror as my nails and teeth tore him apart.

His blood spurted like a fountain and it drenched my throat as I gorged myself on whatever blood and flesh I could consume without puking my guts out afterwards. By the time I was done with him, Tor Skagen was nothing but a pulpy mess of meat and bones. And I was higher than a kite, wired on adrenaline and sex.

I was feeling so good; I didn't care that I'd have to find somewhere to sleep off this meal. I didn't care that I'd leave this stupid "gathering" without getting laid tonight. I didn't even care that Ardoin would show my ass how much he didn't appreciate me making such a messy kill. I was flying and didn't really care about anything at this point.

Usually I'd get rid of my empty but there was no real need to do that since I'd already gotten rid of a lot of it already, and it wasn't exactly recognizable. It looked like a wild animal had devoured it… which was not that far from the truth. Besides, the only person I was worried about identifying me was Emre, and he was way too concerned with maintaining his façade of heterosexuality to even think about doing that.

It was getting late, which meant it would soon be the early morning and feeding this heavy meant that I couldn't fly anywhere, or move as fast. I was gonna have to start looking for a place to crash for the day.

But where? From what I could see, the property went on for acres but it looked like open acreage. Sleeping out in the open, vulnerable to everything was NOT my idea of a good time. There was no way around it; I had no choice but to start walking. It was good that I had a few hours, I'd need every minute.

That was enough to kill my good mood cold.

I didn't feel like walking that far, there had to be something better. Maybe I could find something in a different direction that was closer. I'd been looking straight back, perhaps if I looked to my left I'd have better luck.

When I did, I saw a tarp that had to be covering a pool. I could untie it, go inside, then tie it back from the inside. The sun wouldn't penetrate through the tarp and I wouldn't have to be worried about being disturbed because it was obviously not being used. Hmmm….

I walked over to it and immediately gagged from the combination of chlorine, mold and other chemicals hitting my nose full force. I only needed it for one day, and once I fell asleep, I wouldn't be aware of this smell. It was perfect. Disgusting? Yes. But still perfect.

It was a good thing too because I could feel that it was less than an hour till the sunrise.

I untied the tarp, crawled under it, and tied it back down from the inside. Then I tried to get comfortable. This was nothing, compared to some of the places I've been forced to crash in. Hell, I've Slept in satin boxes with corpses. I've Slept in bathtubs. I've even slept under floorboards. I liked comfort as much as the next boy, but as much as I preferred it, comfort wasn't necessary. All that was necessary was safety and the lack of accessibility by any potential enemies.

My last conscious thought before slipping into the black hole of oblivion that would last until I awakened tomorrow night was that I was relieved I'd decided to wear throwaway clothes because getting the smell out of them would be a bitch.

**The Present**

Leave it to Weasel to choose a boy for his mark who was my mark first. Then I thought about that. Emre was mine first. I got cheated then, but I could have him now.

I stroked Emre's cheek. "What's your drug of choice, sweet thing?"

He turned his head so my fingers were now touching his lips. "Rapture," he murmured.

I should have known. I grinned to myself. "Rapture" was its most recent incarnation. It was more concentrated and potent, but the drug was still the same.

Heroin. And I had the liquid tar and the syringes. I even had a lighter, a spoon and a belt. I hadn't had that cocktail in a while and I was finding myself in the mood for it.

I tilted his face upwards and kissed him on the lips. "I'll give it to you. And what do I get in return?"

Emre's amber eyes lit up like molten gold and he kissed me back. "I think this answers your question."

I smiled sweetly at him. "Oh yes it does, lover." Sex, blood and drugs. Three of my favorite things. There was no way I'd turn that down. Weasel and Dala could go fuck themselves. I walked over to my closet, which was where I kept my stash. "You can get rid of the rest of your clothes, Emre. You won't need them."

Weasel suddenly yanked hard on the bond. - What the fuck do you think you're doing, Angel Boy? -

- Exactly what you think I'm doing, - I answered cheerfully.

- I purposely chose him because he was toxic! -

- I laughed. - If my darling cousin told you everything, then SURELY you know that wouldn't stop me, sweet Weasel. -

- Angelo, please. Don't touch him. Let him go. -

- You've got to be fucking kidding. You bring me this bon bon; then you want me to let him go? -

Green eyes pleaded. - Trust me. I don't give a fuck if you shoot him up 'til his veins explode. Just don't touch any of it. Let him go. -

There was something in his voice that brought shivers down my spine. Something familiar. Something much too familiar. Something that left no room for argument. I squelched the uneasiness I suddenly felt because he wouldn't understand. I didn't want him to understand. Instead I just said, - Do whatever the fuck you want. I don't give a shit, alright? -

- Angelo. - Weasel's voice was like a caress, soft and silky. - Don't be that way. You'll like it. I promise. -

The words were different but yet it was the same. Play along and you'll get your reward. Play along or suffer the consequences. I wondered if Weasel even realized what he was doing.

- It doesn't matter whether I do or not, - I muttered, if one could mutter telepathically. -

- It matters to me. -

Now that was a Weasel tone. Insistent, but still wanting my approval. Needing me to approve of what he was doing and to impress me. Needing me to reassure him that I still wanted him even though he knew he was annoying the fuck out of me. And as usual, it softened my anger. Manipulative little bastard. But I knew where he'd learned that from. The same person he learned the game from.

Me. And he learned it soooooooo well. How could I stay angry at him? I flashed him a wicked grin. - I better get you after the blood game, kaloz mou. -

Relief quickly flickered in and out of his eyes, his soft laughter warming my frozen heart. Damn him. - Any way you want me, - he promised before breaking contact.

Well fuck. If I wasn't gonna get to taste any of it, I wasn't gonna waste a good two hundred credits worth of Rapture on Emre. I'd just have to make him feel good my way. I moved towards him and his face fell because he saw my empty hands. "What gives?" he demanded. "You promised!"

"I promised that I'd give you what you want, dearheart. And what you want is to feel good. Better than good. Like I did that night, right?" I laced his fingers through mine. "But not here. Not in front of them. Get dressed and I'll show you."

Dala glared at Weasel, apparently she'd dismissed me completely as unimportant. "He can't just take our mark," she whispered in his ear.

"We don't need him," Weasel whispered back. "We can still do it."

"But you said,"

"Don't worry about it." Again, that tone that shut down all dissent.

Now I was really getting paranoid. What the fuck were they gonna do? Death and killing meant nothing to a psi vamp unless they were the ones doing it. Unless she was planning on getting fucked by the mark like I knew she got fucked by Weasel, there really was nothing for her since my beloved had already stopped her from taking what she'd get out of the blood game.

I had no fucking idea of what this game was and I HATED it. The temptation to just take Emre somewhere and fuck his brains out while his blood carmelized was getting real strong.

Weasel knew me so well. (Not tonight, Angel Boy. Take him another time. But get him out of here.)

I pouted at him. (You're no fun.) But I walked Emre outside my room while Dala stared daggers at me.

I leaned over and ran my tongue along Emre's dry, chapped lips while I caressed him. "Was this what you wanted?" I let him feel my tongue all over his body, then boosted the pleasure my hands were giving him until he was nearly overloaded. "Yes," he moaned ecstatically, "More!"

Any more and his body would spasm. "Next time," I promised. And next time I wouldn't cheat myself. "This should last you a while. Longer than Rapture."

Emre's beautiful eyes glazed over. "Better than Rapture."

"But you've got to leave now, or you'll never see me again."

That was all the motivation he needed -- although it probably would have been better for him if he never did see me again -- and he made his way down the hall.

"You're not going to do it, are you," I heard Dala angrily whisper to Weasel.

"I promised you didn't I?" Weasel replied calmly. "But you need to come here."

That was enough to make me peak inside the room. I felt like I was eavesdropping on two lovers, instead of two enemies.

Dala drew closer and the two embraced. "Now you have to relax," Weasel murmured as he nuzzled her throat. "And you need to stay awake or it won't work."

"I will," she promised with a terrible eagerness.

But it was not as terrible as the look in Weasel's eyes. That cold, hungry anticipation.

"Come on in, Angelo," he beckoned. "You've been watching us, you might as well join us."

And that was when I realized what his game would be. It was beautiful and made me love him even more. It was evil and chilled me.

"Why him," Dala asked. "You can't do it by yourself?"

"We Share everything," Weasel explained. "Including this."

She didn't care for that. "We made a deal, Weasel. He wasn't in on it. If I wanted that then I would have asked him for it instead."

"The only reason you didn't was that you knew he'd laugh in your face, just before he'd kill you." Weasel replied.

"But you didn't." Dala smiled. A viper's smile. "You said yes, immediately. All we had to do was bring back a mark to use. Now you say we don't need one, so do it, Weasel. Prove you don't need him."

The fucking bitch. Weasel had damned well better do it soon before I did kill her.

"I've never done it before," Weasel said softly. "He's done it so many times he could do it in his sleep. You want it done right, don't you?"

Now Dala was glaring at me because Weasel had just outfoxed her. "Do what you need to," she snapped.

"Go to the bed then," he told her. "It's more comfortable that way."

Dala gave him a cold smile. "You mean it'll be easier for you and Angelo to mess around."

Weasel turned to me. "I don't think she wants it bad enough. Do you?"

I shook my head. "She's bitching way too much. If she really wanted it, she'd be willing to do anything." I leered at her.

"I hate you both," Dala spat before taking off her dress. Almost reflexively, my eyes traveled down up and down her body. And saw the bruise just underneath her left breast. My signature, yet I didn't leave it.

"We're running out of time. Let's go." He led her to my bed and I followed.

The three of us lay on the bed, Dala in the middle of with Weasel on one side, and me on the other. And Dala wasn't happy. "You told me how it's done, Weasel. This isn't necessary."

"Why do you mind it?" Weasel asked her mildly, with just a hint of mocking. "It's not like you haven't had sex with either of us."

"I'm not a bone for the two of you to share," she retorted. "And I don't know why you want to anyway, Weasel. I don't know why you made that your price for this gift. You got nothing out of it at all."

"Oh, you're wrong about that, honey." Weasel's eyes gleamed with cold amusement.

He was right, I realized, only it wasn't the sex itself that got him off. It was her humiliation at understanding that he fucked her just to do it. And now he was continuing that humiliation by forcing her into something that would only make her feel degraded. Because she did want this so badly. And I could see that she was telling herself that this indignity she'd have to suffer would only last a little while, and it was a small price for a gift as special as this.

"Don't worry," Weasel soothed, stroking her hair, "Just relax and we'll take care of you."

"Oh I'll just bet," she snarled.

His finger covered her lip. "Shhh. We will because we always do. We like it better that way. And Angelo will take care of both of us. But if you don't want that, we can always do it the other way. We like fear as much as you do." Comforting and threatening her at the same time. But both had the underlying message of "you don't have a choice." Which was probably what frightened Dala the most. Because, even though she was trying as hard as she could to hide it, she was scared.

Dala had gone from believing that I was a wolf, to thinking I was just a bitch in heat. Because I was sure she could sense that even though I felt nothing but contempt and hatred for her, I still wanted to fuck her. One had nothing to do with the other, it never has with me. But she was terrified of Weasel. Of how she knew she'd do anything he wanted her to because there was a possibility that he'd renege on his agreement if she didn't.

But there was one question that had been eating at me since Emre left. "How did you know?" I asked Dala. "It couldn't have been when you walked in on the two of us, or you wouldn't have struck at Weasel, unless you're even more of a moron than I thought you were."

She ignored my attempt to bait her and her lips curled into the ghost of a smile. "I suspected what you were when we were fooling around in my car, Angelo. Before then, I thought you were the same as I was. Especially when we were at Freakers, and I could feel you shuddering with delight at the pain of that pathetic creature onstage."

Weasel shot me a questioning look, but I just said, "Don't ask, love." Then I turned back to Dala. "Everyone was getting off on that, dearheart."

"Not like you. Your mouth was practically watering. The one thing I couldn't figure out was why I was the only one drawing on her torment; and why you just extinguished it. It couldn't have been mercy. I didn't think so then, and I definitely don't think so now. Whatever else you are, you're not maudlin enough for that. You don't really care about your prey, you enjoy their suffering."

True enough. "But she wasn't prey, Dala. She was an innocent whose only crime was that she was a beautiful Sap who wouldn't debase herself."

"That was enough for the owners of Freakers and it was enough for me," Dala replied. "Don't even try to moralize, Angelo, you have the morals of an alley cat. You had your own reasons, and it intrigued me. So did the ease in which you held off my attack. You weren't like me, but you were clearly not human and a predator as well. I became curious about what you were. I wanted to find out more about you, and I remembered from our encounter in the lobby, that you were only interested in one thing, and if that was what it took to glean more information, I was willing to do it.

"And yes, I'll admit, you're very good at what you do, Angelo. But I felt your bite. And I felt what you did."

I shrugged. "Barely did. I tasted you."

"Whatever you call it, I felt it. And I began to wonder about you. When I caught the two of you together and saw the blood, that confirmed my suspicions. But I knew that you'd never give me what I wanted, something tells me you don't make that offer to girls at all, even though you're willing to sleep with them."

I smiled. "You're right."

"But when I confronted Weasel with what I knew, he made me the offer instead."

I stared at my beloved. (You what?)

(It's my game. Let me play it my way,) he warned. Then Weasel softened. (I know you're not used to this and the fact that you have to mostly sit back and let me lead this is driving you crazy. But just wait, okay? Sit back and enjoy it for a change.)

Easier said than done.

"Well after everything I've put up with tonight, I'm through with stalling. You're going to give it to me, Weasel. I don't care how you do it but you are going to do it. And after you're finished, you both can go to hell for all I care. I'm finished with you boys."
Weasel smiled. "But we're not finished with you."

"What do you want from me?" she demanded.

"Everything," Weasel growled.

"You can't have it!"

"Be quiet, Dala," Weasel suddenly said. "Be quiet and lay still. Listen to what I say to you if you want to stay alive when we take you. You're gonna feel the overwhelming urge to fight us. Don't. Just give in. Give in to how good we make you feel. Above all," His finger stroked the bruise he'd left her earlier, "Don't panic. It'll only make us want to kill you more." His words were gentle but his expression was cruel.

Weasel's words seemed to sink in. "Both of you are going to do this?"

He nodded. "Or it won't happen and we'll kill you."

A voice like a whip. To whip Dala into submission. To keep her off guard. It unnerved me how good Weasel was at this. Almost as good as….

No. I wasn't gonna even entertain that thought.

Then Weasel's eyes met mine and I was able to distract myself by concentrating on Dala. We worked in tandem, as we always did; the only difference being that instead of the usual boy, our toy for the night happened to be a girl and although Weasel really had no interest in this kind of sex, he was willing to pleasure Dala for the promise of greater pleasures later on.

Apparently Dala remembered what happened when we were in her car because she didn't attempt to even touch me and Weasel was the last one she wanted to touch. But despite herself, her breath quickened as our hands and mouths swiftly took possession of her body.

Weasel's willingness only went so far, so he focused above her waist. I moved down on the bed, lay on my side and lazily licked between her thighs, letting my tongue tease her mouni every once in a while, as the anger she'd been feeling was gradually being replaced with desire. The fact that she hated herself for feeling it made it all the more satisfying to me.

My beloved must've been getting bored playing with Dala because I suddenly felt him pressing against me from behind, nuzzling my neck and nibbling my ear as his hand stroked my hardening cock through my jeans.

As good as it felt, it pissed me off. First he sets this little ménage up with Dala and now he decides he's done with her? Weasel was just gonna have to learn the hard way that when it came to gaming, he couldn't have it both ways. Even though my body was responding to his skilled fingers, I pulled away from him and smiled invitingly at Dala. "If you want to feel even better," I purred, moving back on the bed so I was right next to her, "I can definitely arrange that."

I couldn't help but smirk as I heard the snarl that Weasel barely choked back.

Dala eyes narrowed with suspicion. "Before or after you fuck Weasel?"

"It has nothing to do with him, sweetling," I replied in a tone as smooth as honey.

"Fuckin' A!" Weasel hissed in fury, through fangs I knew had to be out by now.

"Nothing?" Dala asked warily.

I leaned over and kissed her mouth softly. "Absolutely nothing," I reassured her. "This is purely between you and me."

Dala knew an opportunity when she saw one. "Then you'll do it?" she asked eagerly, seizing upon it.

Just like I knew she would. In fact, I'd been counting on it. "Do it?" I repeated, playing dumb. "Don't know what you're talking about, dearheart."

But Weasel did and he was growing even more enraged. "I'm warning you," he threatened, not even bothering to retract those fangs.

And he wasn't the only one who was pissed off at me. "You know damned well what I'm talking about you bastard!"

"Flattery will get you everywhere, honeychild," I said sweetly. "So will begging."

"I will not beg!" Dala declared.

"Sure you will," I murmured, my lips brushing against her throat. "Or I won't do it."

"I mean it Angelo!" Weasel growled. I was sure he did. I just didn't give a fuck.

Dala seemed to suddenly realize that Weasel was getting the short end of this stick. "Do whatever you want to, Weasel," she taunted, her eyes shining with triumph. "I don't need you anymore." Then she turned to me. "Alright you win, Angelo. Please, Change me into one of you."

"That does it!" Weasel roared, seizing Dala with a snarl before dipping his head down and tearing her throat out.

The scent of Dala's hot, fear spiked blood made me moan out loud and without thinking I went straight for her. When Weasel wouldn't stop juicing, that was enough to drive me over the edge of rational thought. Instinct completely took over and I attacked him, the same as I'd attack any other juicer who cheated me. Dala dropped from his hands as Weasel struck back, coming at me with nails and teeth, intending to rip me to shreds.

Weasel was equal to me in physical strength -- even though he didn't realize it yet and I wasn't about to tell him. I was a stronger telepath but his will outpowered mine and since this was a psychic fight as well as a physical one, the two of us were evenly matched. It was a good thing that I had decades of experience and could move faster than he could or I'd really be up the fucking creek.

He pounced and pinned me down on the bed as his nails dug deep into my neck. I could feel that he was about to rip my throat out so I grabbed him by the hair and pulled just hard enough to loosen his grip on me. Then I drove my knee viciously into his gut and he instantly doubled over, his sharp and deadly nails sliding out of my neck.

Psychically, Weasel's mental claws slashed at my shielding as easily as he'd slashed at my throat. The only thing saving me was the fact that I was able to read his intentions before each strike without him being aware of it. I was fucked. I was really fucked and although it was something I'd always knew, I hadn't been faced with it until now.

If Weasel wanted to he could kick my ass almost as easily as Ardoin.

Fuck that! He might be able to but not without me dragging him right down with me!

From that point on, I wasn't dealing with Weasel. I wasn't dealing with a lover or even a friend. I was eradicating a threat. If he wanted in, he'd get in.

I took down my shielding, then seized him the moment he tried to get inside. It became a blur after that, my thoughts primitive and incoherent until I felt pure sex energy flowing into my body as I greedily consumed it. Where it came from didn't matter to me, I'd been so weakened and I needed this jump so badly. But how was I jumping anyone unless I….


My eyes snapped open and I saw Weasel's clothes had been ripped from his body and somehow I'd gotten my own clothes off. Then the slow realization that I was inside of Weasel.

I'd raped him and now was fucking his brains out.

But Weasel wasn't fighting me anymore. He was letting me jump him. All the fight had gone out of him.

Shaking, I forced myself back into my own body, then pulled myself out of Weasel, my head splitting and the room spinning from cheating myself midkill.

It seems like we lay like that for what seemed like hours before I finally was grounded enough to roll off of Weasel's back and land on the bed next to him, flipped onto my own back. Weasel groaned and managed to weakly sit up. (So that's how you do it,) he croaked.

So that's how you do it. Six words that made me tense. Four decades ago, in a run down motel in my town, he'd said those same six words to me. Right after I hastily returned to my body after jumping him. The first and last time but I suddenly realized if Weasel was Baptiste and I could jump him, perhaps I could do the same to the man who Weasel had reminded me of all night.

The thought made me smile to myself, the first real smile I'd had all night. (Yeah, that's how I do it.)

Weasel's eyes narrowed. (I thought you couldn't jump juicers, Angel Boy.)

Uh-oh. I knew that was coming. (I said that I didn't jump juicers.)

(Never?) Weasel pressed. (Never any?)

Nice try, lover, but it's not gonna work. (You're putting words in my mouth, Weasel-mou,) I warned but didn't go any farther.

My lover had a bone in his teeth that he wasn't gonna let go of so fast. Especially when he knew the answer. So when he blurted, (You jump Dimitri, don't you?) I was far from surprised.

I smirked but it was a warning. (Every single fucking time.)

(I know,) Weasel replied. (Dimitri told me.)

Dimitri. Told. Weasel. I was suddenly overcome with the urge to hunt Dimitri down and kill him. I wanted to seize Weasel and slam him hard against the wall, over and over til his bones broke. I wanted to take him in every way possible. Then I remembered I'd just finished doing that and my rage turned to self-disgust because that thought didn't make me feel the guilt it probably should have. (Dimitri told you about the drugs I have stashed for when we feel like spiking our kills. He told you I jump him. What else did my darling cousin tell you?) I asked in a dangerously soft voice.

(Was there anything else for him to tell me?) Son of a fucking bitch. He was gaming me.
Weasel was baiting me to see if I'd back down. Nice try but I'd been playing this game much longer than he had. Instead, I changed the subject. Sort of. (Why did you ever take up with Dimitri?)

He shrugged. (He was there. You weren't.)

Score one for Weasel. Low blow but a definite score. (But you both hate each other.)

(Not in bed.)

Score two. (And what have you told HIM?) I demanded.

Weasel frowned. (Give me more credit than that, Angelo. Just because I fuck him doesn't mean I trust him.)

I laughed. (That's good.) And it was. Dimitri had… shall we say… selective honor? He was loyal, but only until it suited him not to be. He had honor but only if he felt you were worthy of it. Depending on his mood he could stab you in the back or cover your ass. No, Dimitri was not a boy to trust in any sense of the word.

Weasel rolled his eyes. (Come on, the only thing you care about is that the two of us actually dared to have a party without you.)

(Gamisou,) was my intelligent retort. I realized he didn't know me as well as I thought he did and felt an instant sense of relief. Yeah, I cared a fucking lot that my lover was bonking my cousin, who was mainly bonking Weasel to wound me. And while I'm sure he also did it because he had the hots for Weasel from the first time he saw him, it was part of a game of one-upmanship that Dimitri and I have been playing ever since I could remember.

No, what I cared about much more was Dimitri opening his yap about something I wasn't sure if he knew or not. Gods knew I never told him but I knew that Dimitri was far from stupid and very observant. It was the kind of thing that Dimitri would keep to himself. Until an opportunity presented itself. Weasel would definitely be that opportunity and my beloved would NOT take things well at all.

For Dimitri's own good, it was better not to know how far my serving Ardoin really went. Especially since I'd be the one who Ardoin would send after Dimitri to ensure his silence forever.

Sorry but if I ever killed Dimitri, it would not be because Ardoin ordered me to. It would be because he finally pissed me off enough for me to want to.

(You do care!) Weasel suddenly said.

I stared at him. (Was that ever in question, malaka?)

To my annoyance, he laughed. (No, Angel Boy, I knew you'd be jealous because you don't like the idea of anyone messing with what's "yours." But you care that I sleep around almost as much as you do now.)

Enough that recently I've been keeping company with someone I hadn't bedded in a long time. Someone who would be coldly amused if he knew that Angelo had succumbed to a vache weakness like love. Someone who would not know anything about Weasel's existence if I had anything to say about it and who Weasel would not know existed.

(Again, dunderhead, whatever gave you that idea?) I said sarcastically.

Weasel laughed again and touched my face with his fingers. Warm fingers that reminded me that he'd juiced already and I hadn't. (You've been speaking in half-English and half-Greek and the only reason I understand what you're saying is I've been around you long enough. You only do that when you're too upset to think in English.) He smirked, as if he was proving a point.

And I suppose he was. Especially since I wasn't even aware I was doing it. Was I off my guard that much? And did I mind that? Honestly, I wasn't sure anymore. I'd broken so many of my rules for Weasel, let myself FEEL, something I never did. Yet, as uneasy as it made me, I couldn't say I was sorry about it. Tonight showed me once and for all that Weasel did not need me as a teacher anymore. As long as he still wanted me, I could accept that. In so many ways, Weasel was ever the Baptiste, complete with the sense of power and control. But although he might've tried to control me, he was not Ardoin. Just as ruthless but with a kindness Ardoin never had. However, I pitied anyone Weasel ever considered as a threat. Dimitri alone was proof of that.

I knew Weasel was top. There was no way in hell he'd ever bottom for Dimitri.

Weasel changed position, so he was lying on his back next to me. "I can't say what Dimitri's motives are, you know him better than I do. But my only motive is to get off. It just happens to be Dimitri. It doesn't mean anything," he whispered in my ear, reassuring me.

I leaned over and licked Dala's blood from Weasel's mouth. Pity, a taste would be all I'd get. (As do none of the others I bed, lover,) I pointed out, neglecting to add the words, "in any significant way." I fully admit, I was shading the truth a bit. Alright, I was shading the truth a lot, but it was easier than explaining the difference between the great affection I had for the one boy and the love I couldn't help feeling for Weasel no matter how many times I tried to kill it.

And I was not even about to explain my little "arrangement" with Ardoin.

But as I said, even if it wasn't the whole truth, for my purposes, it was enough of the truth.

Apparently, not enough for my beloved. He raised his head and cocked it to the side. (What do I mean to you, then?)

He would have to ask me that, wouldn't he! (You're talking to me now, aren't you?)

(What the hell is that supposed to mean?) Weasel demanded, pissed off because he probably thought I'd just ducked the question.

But I didn't. I just didn't answer it the way he'd hoped. (Listen carefully, Weasel because I'm not gonna explain it again. You stole my kill twice. Yet, here you are. That should tell you everything you need to know.)

I was worried he'd call for a more romantic explanation, but to my relief, that familiar half not-quite smile that meant he was amused, played upon Weasel's lips. (Knowing you, it says more than you think.) He pushed me back down on my back and lay on top of me. Then Weasel gave a kiss filled with passion and I recognized that I'd been given a reprieve. At least for now.

There was still a lot that needed to be settled and discussed. Later. But as his tongue and teeth swept me under waves of desire, I decided, fuck later, now was all that mattered.



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