Blood Games 3


So ya,thought ya
Might like to go to the show
To feel the warm thrill of confusion,that space cadet glow?
Tell me is something eluding you, sunshine?
Is this not what you expected to see?
If you wanna find out what's behind these cold eyes
you'll just have to claw your way through this disguise.
In The Flesh, Pink Floyd


Oh goody, I always wondered what it'd be like to kill the psychic version of me. So there *was* more to her then the frigid bitch exterior. The game was already forming in my brain.

But not just yet. When I threw a wrench into everything and cut off her source of ecstacy, I fucked her up pretty bad. Psi vamps feed on emotions and psychic energy. By knocking out her victim, I forced her to pull out midkill. Served the wench right!

I knew how sick I made her from my own experience. Forced withdrawal wasn't fun, I hated crashing. You go from flying higher than the clouds to plummeting head first into the cold hard ground. Pisses me off. If I bother, I can control myself. Swallow my rage. Most of the time I don't bother, it's much more satisfying to turn on whoever is handy. One of the few times I break my own rule of not taking innocents. At that point I don't give a shit, I just want to stop the queasy sense of vertigo and make my pounding headache go the fuck away.

I figured it worked the same for her which was why, a few moments later, her attack was no surprise.

Because I'd been anticipating it, I'd already thrown up a shield. Good thing too, since her strike at my mind was cobra-swift. At first she didn't use much effort, just gave a little shove. When that didn't work, she tried the battering ram approach, gathering her strength, then bashed, hammered at it, anything to knock it down but babycakes wouldn't get past my front door. I wished she'd stop though because it felt like I was being hit upside the head with a two by four.

Poor babycakes. I hear you knocking, but you can't come in...

I could've just ended things then and there by doing what I always did. Let her into my head, snag her will with mine and allow the vachette to hand herself to me. But if I showed too much, I'd have to kill her now. Couldn't play with her later. No, her frustration was amusing enough. Made up for my aching skull.

Just as quick as it came, she suddenly broke contact and withdrew with a smile. She must have been thinking along the same lines as I was. Wasn't sure if I liked the idea of that or not but I was definitely becoming intrigued.

Our eyes met and for a few moments we just stared at each other. Two wolves waiting for the other to make the first move.

Finally, she did. "I have a proposition for you," she whispered in my ear.

"Mmmm-hmmm," I murmured, unable to talk more than that unless I felt like lisping since my teeth were fully extended. Unless I was having sex and I was about to come and sink my teeth into something soft and juicy, I hated to lisp.

"I want to talk to you in private," she told me, still whispering. "Are you for up for that? My car is out back."

I nodded and we walked out the back exit, into the parking lot. Shit, I was getting hungry. The first thing I planned to do when we reached her car was to grab a taste of her. I wondered what type of "proposition" she had in mind. I highly doubted that she was offering her body. No big thing. If I didn't get sex, I'd get something else from her. That was how it was. I always got something. If not sex, then blood. If not blood, then sex. If neither, then I'd have the game. No fucking way I was gonna end up with nothing.

She oozed class, so I expected the car to be one of those crème de la crème types. A Porsche. A BMW. A Rolls. Even a bloody Jaguar. In a million years, I would not have dreamed of what I saw parked way in the back. A black, customized, kind of blocky humvee with dark tinted windows. Not only did she have connections, she had beaucoup bucks. Humvees were military issue. They did not come cheap. Especially customized. Perhaps I'd read her wrong earlier, this was definitely a girl who had a sense of adventure and the extraordinary.

She took a keychain from out of her purse and pressed a button. A squeaking yelp and *pop* went the doors. Instantly unlocked. Neat little gadget. I'd have to "borrow" this car later. Especially since there was no way the sun would reach inside those dark tinted windows.

I opened the door and slid in the passenger's side. When she got in, she pushed another button on her side and voila, the doors locked again. She turned and gave me a smile that gave me the feeling that she meant to keep me in, not to keep others out.

If it came to that, then so be it. I had no doubt that she could easily take me on and give me a good fight. She might even destroy me. After all I was immortal, but not invincible. But in the end, it would be her mistake because I would NOT go down alone. I'd drag her right down with me.

In the meantime, it was time to make my move. Slowly, I leaned over...

"You know," she suddenly blurted, "If you didn't like the show, you could've left." She smirked. "You didn't have to stop it."

I forgot I hated to lisp. "I don't know *what* you're talking about," I coolly denied, but inside I was panicking: _*Skata!* How the fuck did she know? Was she reading me when I didn't know it or even feel it?_

Damn it to fucking hell, I would have to kill her now, no two bit vache slut was going to read ME!

My inner hissy fit quickly subsided when I realized that it was stupid of me not to recognize that I was not the only one who could suss things out by following the flow of psychic energy. Of course she'd trace it to me. But she'd only seen a small sample of what I could do. She had no idea of what I really was.

On the other hand, I knew exactly what she was, and had already gotten a taste of what she was capable of doing. That gave me a huge advantage over her.

Unless there were cards she wasn't showing. Then I'd really be fucked.

Screw it, I couldn't think clearly on an empty stomach. And I was done with subtlety, it had gotten me nowhere. So I lay my hand on her forehead and gently tilted her head back, showering her throat with butterfly kisses as I worked my way downwards. . .

"You're an aggressive thing, aren't you? What's your name, anyway?"

"Angelo." I cut her off, more than slightly annoyed by her chatter. Well I knew just how to shut her up. I slid the top of her dress down, and dipped my tongue into the valley between her tits. Unbound from their prison, they sprung free and I began to play. That was one thing I really liked about girls, especially ones with big boobs. So much to suckle. And bite.

Hmmm, maybe she would give me her body. Worked for me. Only the front seat was not gonna work. I was already getting jabbed by the emergency brake and I could see that the back seat folded out flat, like a bed. Our eyes met and we climbed into the backseat.  Ignoring the interruption, I buried my face back into her chest.

"Ooh yess," she sighed, her nipples hardening under my tongue, "You know exactly what you're doing."

Damned straight. Getting people off was a skill I'd developed very early in life, way before I Changed. It was the one way I could make people want me and gain power over them at the same time.  If only I wanted a tenth of the people I seduced. And if only they could get ME off by what they did instead of my reaction to their pleasure.

Weasel was one of the very few who could. In no time flat. Dimitri came close, but not close enough. So why did I sleep with him? As with everything, I had my reasons. The biggest one being that I felt like a bitch in heat every time I was around my beloved Weasel, and that was not good. It felt wonderful, but it was too dangerous. I could not afford to feel that way about anyone.

This girl sure wasn't gonna do it, though I was having fun playing her like a banjo. Panties never kept me away from where I wanted to go and they weren't about to now. My fingers deftly slipped under the cotton crotch and were now inside her, growing slick with her juices as they strummed her clit. Mmm-hmmm, Miss-Hard-To-Get was now writhing against my mouth as I changed position and let my tongue do the work, lapping at her until she grew breathless. So much for being presumptuous.

Shit, I wanted to fuck her. She was sopping wet and my cock was straining against my jeans. Apparently must have reached under me because now she was stroking me and...unzipping my pants?

That snapped me out of my lust-haze. No one touched me unless I wanted them to. And they had to earn it. Weasel did a long time ago. Dimitri, well, it was more like he gave himself permission and I never took it back. But he was the last one to fuck with me like that. The last one to do that and live, though technically, Dimitri didn't fall into the "living" category. I pushed her overzealous hand away.

She pouted. "What's wrong?"

Instead of answering her, I plunged my tongue deep inside her and amplified the sensation so she felt it in every nerve in her body. Yes, I have a long tongue, but only when I want to or need to. And when it's longer, it's raspy, like a cat's. Perfect for extreme stimulation. And other things.

She began to vibrate furiously against my tongue and she was singing with sexual energy. I could easily tap it just before she came. Jump her body, drain that sexual energy and get really high. I could do it to any boy or girl, and the method was basically the same. Go down on them, fuck them or get fucked and that gave me the connection necessary to possess their bodies just long enough to take what I wanted.

But as tempting as that was, it wasn't what I really wanted at the moment. Actually, I really did want it, but I knew I needed something to tide me over more. My tongue retracted, and I licked and nibbled at her thighs a little, just before probing for a good spot...

"Omigod, that feels sooo good, no, don't leave me a hickey." Her voice grew shrill as she realized I was ignoring her. "I said, no hickey. Stop. I said STOP!"

A succulent grape, she burst in my mouth. *Thee mou,* she was potent. Pure liquid fire that seared my throat. Sweet and rich, I let it drizzle my tongue, taking only enough to stir the embers of my thirst and tantalize the Tiger. It would mean I'd lose control and go feral by the end of the night, but the thought of tearing into her got me so excited! It was hard not to sink in my teeth, instead of gently puncturing the skin. Maybe it was because it was laced with spice stolen from the girl on the rack but it packed a wallop!

Didn't take much. Well, more than I planned on because I'd waited a little too long. About half a glassful. Enough to make her a little woozy and to ease my hunger a little. It would've been easy to be greedy, but I didn't want her weakened. I knew we'd battle again later, and I wanted her strong enough for it to be a real challenge. With more than a little regret, I withdrew and my teeth sheathed again, sliding back into their sockets.

Then I took a quick look at my handiwork. A small delicate bruise on her left inner thigh. A useless marking because no other juicer would see it. Oh well. At least I would be able to talk again. I wiped off my mouth with the back of my hand and licked both clean. Then I began the game.

I raised my head and looked sheepish. "I'm sorry, you just got me so hot and bothered..." I paused for a moment when I realized I didn't have a name for this girl. "You know my name. I don't know yours. Why is that?"

She straightened out her dress and pulled her the top of her dress back up. Covering my toys. Oh well, I'd play with them later. She gave me a Mona Lisa smile. "Before I tell you my name, let me ask you another question, Angelo."

"And that is?"

"Can you do that to anybody?"

"Do what?"

She gave me a who-are-you-bullshitting look. "You know damned well, what. Inflame emotion as easily as you doused it tonight."

So she figured that out too? "Yes," I admitted. "And it concerns you, how?"

She flashed me a Cheshire Cat grin. "We're going to be rich, Angelo. With your talent we can make a fortune."

Hold on, what was with this 'we' shit?" And wasn't she already rich? This toy she was driving wasn't a cut-rate vehicle. Besides, she didn't need me to do fuck around with people's emotions, she could do that herself.

Couldn't she?

No, I realized, she couldn't. That was why she had to go to these shows in the first place, and that was the real reason she wanted my "talent." So I could do
the work for her.  Interesting. I knew most empaths were only receptive, ipso facto, they could only receive, not project. And I didn't know of very many that could manipulate emotion the way that a lot of Nightchildren could. Still, to be a psi vamp and to not be able to do her own seasoning, that sucked.

I found the situation quite hilarious.

Of course she wasn't about to tell me this, and I wasn't about to tell her I knew. I'd just play dumb. "I don't get it. How can what I do make us money? And why do you need it anyway? You look like you've got plenty."

She glowered. "Not me. My father."

Ah, a Daddy's girl. Even better. "So, you want to get out from underneath Daddy's thumb, is that it, sweet thing?"

"Perhaps," she said coyly.

Perhaps, my ass. "You still didn't give me your name," I reminded her.

"Do we have a deal?" Completely ignoring my hint. Something I would do. Thrilling but maddening.

And it wouldn't work on me. "Look, sunshine, there is no deal. I don't make deals with strangers."

"But you have sex with them."


I grinned wickedly. "I heard no complaints, honey."

That threw her off. What did she expect, that her catty words would hurt me? Please!

"Dala," she suddenly said.


"You wanted my name. That's it. Dala."

Game one, Angelo. Now to keep the ball in my court. "I'm flattered Dala, but I couldn't *possibly* enter a business arrangement with you without consulting with my partner first."

"Partner?"  Violet eyes burned with betrayal. "WHAT KIND OF PARTNER?"

"Does it matter?" I asked innocently, enjoying her annoyance.

She wanted to say yes, but she wasn't about to do that. Instead she went in a completely different direction. "I didn't think you were the type to take orders from anybody, Angelo."

Didn't expect that. Didn't like it. Not one fucking bit. "Just *what* are you insinuating?" I snarled. Fuck, she'd found a button I didn't know I had up until now. Dammit to fucking hell!

The claws were no longer hidden. "Oh nothing," she purred, "I'm just disappointed that you need to run to your girlfriend for permission."

I met her eyes. "Get this straight. I answer to no one. Especially not you."

"Of course you don't."

"Don't fucking patronize me!"  Shit, she was really getting to me. I had to regain control here. If she wanted to play, I'd play. "What really disappoints you is that I have someone else. You thought differently. All because I felt you up a little and made you come."

Dala glared at me, her eyes shimmering, beginning to tear. I'd opened a wound but it wasn't enough just to make her bleed a little.

I wanted her to hemorrhage.

"It doesn't take much, does it dearheart? One kiss and you spread your legs. Talk about being desperate!"

She backhanded me and my cheek almost felt warm. Of course I deserved it, that's why I let her bitchslap me. Besides, she'd just lost her cool. I was back in control. That was worth the sting.

At least I thought I was in control. Those eyes that had been swimming with tears a moment ago were now glittering with excitement. "Yes," she breathed, "The darkness! Let me see the darkness inside you!"

Darkness? What did she see when she was in my head? Since I didn't want to risk that kind of contact again, I'd just have to draw it out of her. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

Dala grinned. "You know or you wouldn't be here."

Answering yet not answering my question. Having my own tactics used on me had ceased to amaze me. It only pissed me off. "Whatever." I rolled my eyes.

She didn't care for my dismissal. "No. Don't you dare throw up that mask again. Show me the real you, Angelo, not the guise you use for the general public."

"And that is?"

Dala laughed, a deep throaty laugh. "How many Angelos are there? You've put on so many masks that you don't even know who or what you are. But I know."

"Do you," I sneered as if I couldn't care less.

"Oh yes. I can always sense another shark. I don't bother with minnows. I eat them. And so do you."

Fine, I was tired of playing mouse anyway. "You're wrong about that, sweetling." I flashed an evil grin. "I eat other sharks."

Then I waited.

Her eyes widened in shock, then flared with a hint of fear, until, finally, the familiar look of reassuring herself that her eyes were playing tricks on her. I never grew tired of that look, no matter how many times I saw it. Such arrogance. All because I revealed myself just long enough for her eyes and brain to register what she thought she saw, before shaking the thought from her head.

It was fun to fuck with her mind like that.

Dala stared at me, as if she was trying to see through me. Then she abruptly changed the subject. "Let's go to your place, we can discuss things there."

"All right, but we won't be alone."

"Let me guess," Dala had more than a little edge in her tone. "Your girlfriend lives with you."

I nodded, not bothering to mention that it wasn't a girlfriend. She'd find that out soon enough. "Do you still want to go there?"

"Of course." I had to admire that about her. She wouldn't let any roadblock get in her way.

I gave her a smile meant to terrify yet entice. "You realize, I won't even consider it unless I get to sleep with you, honey."

"Is that all you think about, Angelo?"

I lowered my head and sucked a nipple through the dress until she gasped. Then I brushed my lips against hers. "Do you mind terribly?"

She sighed. "Where is your place?"

"The Nocturne. It's not far, we could walk there."

"Isn't that run by the Underground." Her eyes narrowed. "Either you've got Underground connections or you're knee deep in it yourself."

I shrugged, bored with this conversation.

"I've heard rumors like some people enter The Nocturne but don't leave there alive."

"You heard right." It was a warning but I knew she'd take it as a challenge.

"How about me, Angelo. Will I leave there alive?"

"If you're so worried about it, Dala love, don't go."

"Oh, I'm not worried." No surprise there. The idea of possible death and beating it made her giddy. The bigger the risk, the more satisfying it would be when she triumphed.

We drove over there and she parked right outside. "I won't get towed, will I?"

"Can't guarantee you won't. Or that your car won't get trashed or stolen. That was why I suggested that we walk here."

"It isn't any safer in Freakers' parking lot," she muttered.

That surprised me, I thought that fancy toy would have some nifty anti-theft device. *Ti krima.*

As we walked in and got past the bouncer, I used the bond to reach out for Weasel. - Meet me in my room, - I sent.

A pause before answering. - Uh, sure. Give me a sec. - He cut off contact before I could say another word. Or determine exactly where he was.

Mercy, he was in a hurry.

We reached my room and I unlocked the door. Weasel stood in the doorway, hopping with nervous energy.

Mmm-hmmm. I quickly took in the mussed hair, the barely tucked in shirt, the swollen lips, and his eyes. Glassy and sated. And now those eyes were defiant, daring me to do something about what he wasn't even bothering to hide. Son of a bitch!

Dala was speechless for a few moments as she took a gander at my slutty Weasel. Then she sputtered, "You. You're his partner?"

Weasel stared her down. "Yeah. You have a problem with that?"

She looked at me, then at Weasel, then back to me again, nodding. "I should have known. You will sleep with anyone, Angelo. But I understand why in this case. He's pure eye candy."

Oh yes he was. His ethereal beauty was what drew me to him in the first place. Hair the color of moonlight constrasted with olive skin. Beestung lips, hollow cheekbones and those slightly sharp features that gave him his nickname.
And his eyes. Green emeralds that were clear as glass.

I felt my anger quickly turn into something else. That same wantonness, made me want him even more. Nothing like jealousy to make my cock grow harder.

I gave Weasel a lusty smile. (Your room. Now.)

Weasel raised an eyebrow. (How about your company?)

(She can wait. Or is there a reason you don't want to go to your room?)
Weasel grinned. (None whatsoever.)

Dala wasn't gonna like it. Too bad, she already got hers.

"What? You want me to wait here?" she asked in disbelief.

"Yes. He and I have to discuss something."

"Maybe I won't be here when you get back."

I shrugged. "Then you won't be."

She fumed as Weasel and I walked out the door, shutting it behind us.

We barely made it to his room, sharing hungry kisses before he licked my lips and pushed me away.(You taste good, but if you want me to open my door, you gotta move.)

No argument from me there.

As soon as he got the door open and shut, I fell on him, my lips moving to his ear. "Leave him," I whispered.

(Make me, Angel Boy,) he challenged. (Give me a reason to.)

I plunged my tongue inside his ear, and grinded against him before we folded to the floor.

We practically tore each other's clothes off.

Seeing the fresh bruises and bites on his body made me more determined to reclaim him. I licked and nibbled my way from neck to belly, always moving back to his lips for more kisses. However, even though I had him moaning in ecstasy, I realized that this wasn't what he meant. He'd always take sex, but he could get that from anybody. I didn't know if I was capable of giving him what he really wanted.

Which meant he'd be going to Dimitri whenever I wasn't around. There was an easy solution. (If I were to promise that you'd be my one and only, would you stop seeing Dimitri?)

Weasel kissed me long and hard, making my burn with desire before giving me a sad smile. (If I thought you could, I'd do that in a minute.)

(But I can.)

He shook his head. (You'd only resent me. Which really sucks because I'm not enough for you.)

Oh no, he was more than enough. And that was the entire problem.