The Art of Seduction

Not at all easy. Either Angelo freaks because he realizes he's not the one in control, or he seizes control himself.

Not tonight. There is a fine line to be walked and if that odogi skunk can pull it off, shit, so can I.

Well here is my chance. I had to get down here the hard way, I'd already juiced up so I had too much substance to phase out and do it the easy way.

The good thing is, so did Angelo so he can't make a quick escape either.

Now I can see him as I peek out from the front of the Playground. He's sitting at the bar, tossing back shots of ouzo, his mood is not the greatest.

I asked him once, why he bothers when it won't do anything to him. If getting drunk is what he wants to do, why not just spike a pickup and get it that way. He answered that as much as he missed being able to get blitzed just from drinking the booze itself, that wasn't why he drank ouzo. He liked the taste, he explained, and it was sort of a comfort drink. Drinking ouzo spiked blood was delicious but it wasn't the same. So if he was drinking it now, he wanted symbolic comfort. opening....

I walk over and sit next to him at the bar. Then I make my move. (You planning to avoid me all night?) I Nightspeak.

He turns to face me, his lips swollen from Radu's bites and kisses. (Not all night.)

Angelo is surprisingly receptive. Promising.

(How about now?) I ask.

He flashes the smile that makes my knees buckle. That crazy lover-killer grin. (You see me going anywhere?)

(You wanna go somewhere?)

(With you?)

Shit, two can play this game of nonchalance. (If you like.)

(That works.)

We get up and leave the Playground, and now I've gotta think of where to go. All I know is that I want to leave the Nocturne. I better think fast though because even though Angelo is playing along for a change, I don't know how long he'll be so willing.

Where to go, where to go....

Then I get an idea. Something he'll never expect. (Let's go to the park.)

Only one park. And that park is the perfect place for Sharing pleasure because so many people do it there, no one will be looking at us.

Angelo's response is silence, but for him, that's as close to acquiescence as it gets.

We go up the stairs, walk through the first floor of the Nocturne, then go to the park.

Dirty Trick Park.

Hell, with all the sex everywhere, and the drug dealing, and the other crap, no one is gonna notice us. And that's what I want. No distractions. And I will have to work quickly if I don't want his attention to wander.

Now that we're here, he gives me a familiar look of, "Okay you have me, now what?"

I wanted to talk to him a little first, but the look in his eyes tells me there is only one thing he'll respond to.

Those hot black eyes are hungry. I only hope I can satisfy that need. We can talk after.

I let my eyes travel up and down his body and I notice the mark that Radu left on Angelo's throat. Makes me jealous. Makes me all the more determined to reclaim him.

I move closer to him, seize his jaw with my hand and roughly press my lips against his, biting his lips until he opens them to let my tongue inside.

Not only do I taste his spicy blood, but I taste Radu's as well and I suck at his mouth, the combination of the two tastes, exciting the fuck out of me. I pull him down to the ground and he lays there. Waiting.

Angelo is holding back, I notice. It's not that he's not getting hot and bothered, oh I can feel his increasing lust feeding my own and as my lips slide from his and move down, he's actually baring his throat to me, moaning softly when my teeth sink in.

It's that he's letting me drive. I'm running the show tonight and he's quite...well happy isn't the word and content isn't the word. Willing. That's the word. Angelo is willing to let me Pleasure him tonight, I work at his jeans and he doesn't stop me. In fact, he arches his back so I can get at him easier.

In-teresting. If I didn't know better, I'd say Angelo was gonna let me dom him tonight.

I'm not the...showman Angelo is. Seduction really isn't my forte, so when I'm taking the rest of his clothes off, I don't do it with the flourish or sexiness Angelo would. He doesn't seem to care though and wriggles just enough to slip out of his jeans.

Angelo usually keeps his clothes on and takes mine off until he's ready to either fuck me or be fucked. It's his control of the whole thing. Not tonight, he hasn't made a move towards my clothes.

He hasn't made a move at all really, except if it's to help me. But he's not doing me. He's not doing anything to me.

The weird thing is as much as it's getting me hot, the idea that Angelo is mine to do whatever I want to with, is freaking me out a bit because I'm not used to this. I don't know if I want this. Angelo's being completely submissive.

And I don't know why.

But I have his deliciously naked body spread eagled on the ground all ready for me to play with. So I do.

I know what he likes, lots of licking, biting and sucking, sex that's violent and savage, yes that's what gets him off and I admit, that's what does it for me as well. My mouth and teeth ravish his chest, sucking and nipping his nipples as my hand finds the heat throbbing between his legs and begins to stroke as I suckle him.

He arches into my touch, his moans becoming more demanding, he doesn't want my hand anymore, eh?

Not a problem.

My lips travel down past his belly and my tongue caresses the head of his cock that is hard as a rock. I tease him for a while, assaulting his thighs with bites that gradually get harder until I take him into my mouth.

I suck voraciously, hard enough to almost bite, and feel a sense of triumph as Angelo cries out words in Greek he never bothered to translate for me. Then again, he doesn't have to. By the tone and his timing, I know they're probably vulgar and dirty as hell. They mean he's feeling very good.

And that he's about to come. Which I can already feel.

Angelo growls deep in his throat and comes violently and I suck at him til he's still.

I am so aroused, both sexually and in the same way I am right before I kill. It's brutal. I know when I take Angelo it won't be gentle.

But he yields when I pull him on top of me and when I practically ram myself into him, he gives that hiss of his and lets me fuck him fast and furious.

Angelo's desire washes over me like a rainstorm, soaking me and it amplifies my own, our passion sweeping through my body like a wildfire and my teeth sink into his neck as I come, with him following me moments later.

We lay each other's arms and I ask the question I've been dying to ask all night. (Why?)

For once Angelo doesn't pretend that he doesn't know what I'm talking about. (Because,) is all he says.


Then I see his eyes, see the relief shining in them and I understand. This is Angelo's way of showing me how he feels about me. To show me, not tell me, that he loves me enough to give the one thing he gives no one else.

Himself. Utterly and completely.

I know better than to say that, though. Instead I stroke his curls and say nothing. And the way he snuggles into my embrace tells me two things. He will disappear tomorrow because he was way too vulnerable for his liking tonight. But he will be back because he needs me. Someday he won't hate himself or me for that.

And he won't seek elsewhere what he found out he can get from me.

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