Name: Angelo Lambrakis

Age: He was Changed at almost 16.

Sire: Sylvie.

Clan: Argyra

Blood: Sangsue & Witch

Abilities: Telepath, Empath, Astral Projection.

Signature Ability: Angelo can astrally project himself on to any body as long as he touches them first. Drains sexual energy by momentarily "jumping" or possessing a body when he has sexual contact, can possess a body for a short amount of time if his body is safe.

Signature Place To Tap: Underneath the right breastbone and the thigh.

Addiction: Sugar since his first kill was during sex.

Most distinguishing personality trait: Angelo uses nicknames and endearments to show his liking, loving and irritation with someone.






 S Whatever they may be.  Volatile, passionate and feral, Angelo is a self-admitted slut who will have sex with any pretty  boy or girl he fancies, but will never give his heart. At least, until Weasel came along. Unrepentantly predatory, Angelo gets as much out of his game of seduce, bed, kill as he does from the kill itself and respects other "gamers." As long as Angelo is entertained, he's happy. When he gets bored, Angelo finds his own fun and that tends to be dark, nasty fun.  Hard on the outside with a core of fragile glass, Angelo can be malicious and cruel, but is only evil to those he feels have it coming to them.

Cousin of Dimitri, Angelo is Weasel's Sire and amant. He is also the Broodmaster Ardoin's right hand boy and handles the "business" side of things.