All About Janette

Janette has a crazy life and it got crazier in 2013, which is why the website hadn't been worked on. Well that and being html/xhtml/css challenged.

I have written stories that haven't been posted here. I've even written an ebook Danse Macabre. My first published work is all about Janette.

Janette lives in a Maryland suburb outside of Washington, DC USA. She is owned by her cat and you can promise her anything but give her chocolate.

Janette's Favorite things: m/m or f/f smut. Great original yaoi/slash fics. Chances are when she reads great fics, she will become a super fangirl and will be a fic slut who can't wait until the next chapter comes out. If you write original yaoi/slash fics and you'd like to share it, please email it to me!

Right now, Janette's favorite TV shows right now are Doctor Who, Orphan Black and Defiance And of course Vampire Diaries. And cooking shows.

Yes, cooking shows. What can I tell you, most of the shows I'm watching these days are on the Food Network.

She's trying to get new fics up sooner as soon as she can htmtlize them.