07/20/04: After a long hiatus, I am finally working on Changing Fortunes LAE again. LAE being the "Long Assed Epilogue." It's been posted in the blackwidower LJ and the snippets will be posted there as well. However, once I finish the LAE which will finish Changing Fortunes, I will be yanking it from this website in the hopes of submitting it for publication somewhere.

6/30/04:Blood Games is now complete.

06/22/04: After a long hiatus, I am finally working on Blood Games 5, although since it's already 20 pages I'm wondering if I should break it down into separate parts. I will probably post the snippets I finish up in the blackwidower LJ before they're ready for this site. I will also be "prettying up" the webpages I have up their now so at least they're all the same font and color. *huggles Dreamweaver since Janette is lazy*

6/15/04: BW 5.2 - 5.5 is now up on this site. BW 5.6 is now up at the forum and will be here soon.

5/28/04: Wow, Janette updates for the second time this month! I'm posting the newest chapters of BW here because the way things are going, I don't know when the new site will be up and running and the forum server goes down every once in a while. Snippets and chapters will be posted at the forum (assuning it's up and running) but eventually, I'll post them here. As you can see, I've been busy. ^_^

5/15/04: Yes, I decided to finally just ditch the old updates and just start this one. For those of you that have been keeping track and have been visiting the new Nocturne Dancefloor which is now hosting the newest chapters of Black Widower, you know that I've been posting like a madwoman this year. Chapters 5.2 - 5.5 are now up and the stories have finally been moving along. You have to register at the Nocturne Dancefloor, which is a forum for all stuff Black Widower and will hopefully have private fics you won't find anywhere else. The new site is also located here, but it's taken somewhat longer than we thought it would to get everything up and running. Here are the newest chapters of Black Widower, please note that these are all rough drafts: