Through the Eyes of the Tiger
Barbara Sheridan & Anne Cain

Chapter 3

Shu took great pride in the uneasy look that appeared in Ume Itou Yang's eyes when he entered the house before her son. Oh she concealed it quickly but the tension in her slim neck and bare shoulders, so pristinely pale above the low neckline of her French gown, could not be hidden so easily. She welcomed her son with and quick kiss on the cheek.

"No kiss for me?" Shu teased leaning in, obscenely flicking his tongue at her.

Her dark eyes flashing with pent up fury she snapped open the silk and iron fan she always carried before spinning on her dainty heel to go and rejoin her invited guests in the parlor.

"Ume, dear," Shu called softly. She turned and glared. He grinned at her and reached down to rub her beloved son's cock. Through the front of his trousers. "I fuck him every night," he whispered.

"Dammit, Dao," Toshiro, said pulling away with an exasperated sigh.

Shu grabbed his arm, jerked Toshiro back to his side. "Don't even think to be so dismissive to me again."

Ren Yang's appearance at the top of the stairs to their right cut off any comment Toshiro might have made. "Shu. You and I have business. Come to my study."

Shu pushed Toshiro away. "My pleasure, Ren I do hope you have the good liquor out as well."

The minute Shu went up Ume approached her son.. "Toshiro, please come live here. If not here then let me find you a suitable flat. You have to get away form that lunatic."

Toshiro glowered at her and snatched a glass of wine from the tray the cute passing maid held before him. He downed it in a single gulp then took another. "You neglected me for most of my life don't try to be a mother now. I'm happy where I am."

Before Ume could try to argue another guest arrived-Master Cho and his bodyguards. Toshiro watched in disgust as his mother fawned over the old man before he and his men went upstairs as well and she returned to her guests in the parlor.

He heard the rumors only too often and didn't doubt them for a moment. Cho favored his mother and called her to his office at the togn headquarters and often to his home to 'serve him tea' and no doubt fuck his brains out. Dao was right, she was no better than a whore and he was foolish to want to see her even for a moment.

Toshiro finished his drink then called the girl over for another an instant before a loud thud echoed from overhead. The crystal chandelier tinkled from the vibration. Muffled Cantonese shouting soon followed and Toshiro's mother clapped her hands and called for everyone's attention. She had an American guest in attendance as well, apparently some celebrated composer she'd met after a recent performance and she encouraged him to play them a song on the piano while everyone pretended not hear more thumps from above.

Shit. What was Yang doing to Dao Kan?

* * *

"That's enough," Cho waved his hand through the air. The two bodyguards at Shu's sides pulled back and released him. The man behind Shu stepped away, slipping the short whip of hemp he'd used to strike Shu across the back into his pocket.

Beside Cho, Yang snarled. "That's hardly enough, Master Cho. What he's done today is another example of his growing disrespect for you."

"Silence," the tong Elder hissed. He pointed to the crumpled body on the floor, that belonging to Cho's fourth bodyguard. The man tried to get a little too rough with Shu, most likely on a prior order from Yang. The bodyguard paid for it with his life, blood still trickling from the gash at his torn throat.

"Take that fool away," Master Cho said in his quiet , raspy voice that nonetheless commanded ultimate respect from those around him. The two bodyguards who'd restrained Shu moved to drag the corpse out of the room.

"Now, tell me why you disgraced Yat-sen Soong today," the old man ask Shu.

Yang interrupted. "Because he's an infuriatingly reckless fool."

Cho silenced him with a cold look just as effective as a slap across the face would have been. The Elder turned back to Shu. "Answer my question, Dao Kan."

"The Soongs' collective existence is an affront to our organization," Shu replied, calmly wiping a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth. "More so when certain members of their family..." he paused and eyed Cho directly, "...amuse themselves in ways all of us within the tong should take personally."

Cho hissed through his teeth. "This I understand."

Shu restrained any emotion from showing on his face, while Yang's expression soured into one of frustration and anger. The Elders would always be bound by traditions set in an archaic code of honor and filial piety. Dao Kan could play their power games well enough; Yang wasn't the only one with a sharp tongue.

"But next time wait for us to decide when a show of force is needed," Cho said.

Dao Kan remained silent. It was obvious Cho had no intention of reprimanding him further. The old man turned to leave, and that was all so far as punishment for Shu's transgression. A mere slap on the wrist. Beside Cho, Yang quivered with fury.

Cho paused at the door and gave Shu a sidelong glance. "But there is a situation that does warrant your unique touch, Dao Kan," he said.

Shu arched an eyebrow. "Is that so, Elder?"

"Tomorrow night, you'll find a man named Shih-hsun Wu in our Dupon Gai gambling parlor," Cho turned away. "Show him the same attention you would've given that little fuck Yat-sen."

"With pleasure," Shu narrowed his eyes, his lips curling into a smile.

* * *

Toshiro was standing near the parlor door looking up the stairs when old man Cho came down. Of course Ume went to his side immediately. Cho's guards soon came into the hall from back near the kitchens as if they'd just hauled out the trash. Yang came down the stairs next wiping his hands upon a crisp linen handkerchief.

He started following his wife and Cho into the parlor but paused. "Toshiro, go up and get that piece of filth out of my house this instant. And if you have any sense you'll dump him in the gutter where he belongs and come back here."

Shit. Toshiro bounded up the stairs and ran to Yang's study. Dao Kan was buttoning his bloodstained shirt. A large stain-also blood-on the flowered rug caught Toshiro's eye and elicited a laugh from Shu. "Don't worry that's not mine. By the way, Cho is short one bodyguard, why don't you apply for the job?"

Toshiro sneered. "So I can guard his bedroom and listen to him fuck my mother for Yang's benefit?"

Shu laughed then wiped away the blood from his swollen lower lip. He licked the blood from the back of his hand then crossed the room. Toshiro followed him out into the hall, gasping when Shu grabbed his arm. "Which bedroom is Yang's, the one on the left?

"I think so."

Shu smirked then pulled Toshiro into the room.

The drapes were pulled across the French doors leading out to a small balcony, however the doors themselves were open. A breeze rustled the light chiffon material, allowing slivers of moonlight to flutter across the carpet every few moments. Candles on the nightstand had been left lit by the housekeeper, the comforter and sheets already turned down for the man and lady of the house to just slip into bed once their guests had left for the night.

Toshiro picked up on the scent of his mother's perfume in the air, his eyes quickly glancing over all the little baubles of glass and gold decorating the vanity positioned across from the bed. It reminded him too much of their old home back in Tokyo, when Ume's concerns focused more on impressing her then-husband's wealthy associates and Toshiro was always an afterthought.

"Let's just go," he sighed and tried to pull away from Dao.

"The evening is only starting, Toshiro," Shu dropped his hand from Toshiro's elbow to slide over his protégé's backside. "And your mother expects you to stay for a while. Why disappoint her?" He drew back, slipping around Toshiro to trace his hand over the embroidered material of the bed's comforter.

Toshiro softly clicked the door shut behind him. He walked up to Dao Kan, taking in the bruises and the cut on his mentor's lip.

"Bastards," he muttered under his breath. He grazed the wounds with his fingertips. "Let me take care of these for you."

Shu reached up and held Toshiro's wrist. "How would you ease them for me?" he whispered, his breath skimming along Toshiro's bloodied fingertips.

Leaning in close, Toshiro hovered his mouth just over Shu's. In lieu of a kiss, he slid his tongue over the cut splitting Dao Kan's lip just below the cupids bow. He lapped up the coppery taste of the blood, shivering at the heat he felt radiating from the small wound.

Dao Kan released his wrist, both hands moving down along the sides of Toshiro's body and gliding over the younger man's hips. He pulled Toshiro down on to the bed as he took Toshiro's mouth in his own. Their kiss deepened, and Toshiro tasted more blood directly on Shu's tongue.

He cradled the back of Shu's head, his breath stolen away by the heat of their kiss. Their mouths moved together, sucking and tugging on each other's lips. Toshiro's gasp was lost inside of Shu when he felt the front latches on his trousers ripped open.

Moaning against Dao's lips, he writhed on the bed until the clothing around his hips slipped down towards his ankles. Shu pulled away to push apart Toshiro's knees and expose the tight, pulsing opening between the curves of Toshiro's ass.

Shu pressed forward, one hand working at the front of his own pants as he cupped Toshiro's chin with the other. "Ask for it."

"Not here," Toshiro protested weakly.

"Yes. Here."

Toshiro moaned when Shu shoved a finger inside him. "Do it."

"Do what Toshiro?"

"Fuck me, Dao."



"Is there an other way?" Shu chuckled and the wickedness of the sound slid along Toshiro's spine like a deliciously icy finger.

Something on the nightstand caught Shu's attention. Reaching over to pick it up he chuckled. "Now I wonder what Yang uses this camellia oil for? To slick back his hair? I think not." He popped off the glass stopper with his thumb and tilted the little bottle so the oil could drip on Toshiro's lower belly. He leaned in, grinned and nipped at Toshiro's lower lip. "Personally I think he uses to fuck your mother up the ass. I suppose the apple-or is that the plum, doesn't fall so far from the tree."

"Fuck you," Toshio muttered.

Shu grabbed Toshiro's cock, yanking it until the younger man grimaced. "I think not. However, I'm willing to take it easy on you---this time. Watch closely now…"

Toshiro raised himself on one elbow and watched as Shu dripped most of the oil into his cut palm then rubbed it on his own already hard cock. He dropped the bottle to the foot of the bed not caring that it was leaving an oily stain on the fine fabric of the coverlet.

Without another word, Shu knelt between Toshiro's bent knees, parted them further then drove his cock to the hilt into Toshiro's tight hole with one hard thrust.

Toshiro cried out, his back arching with pleasure at the sudden rush of being filled so completely. He spasmed around the thick, swollen shaft driving into his ass. His fingers clawed at the sheets, Shu's back--anything at all to help him get more traction against the pounding thrusts.

Shu grunted, his hands snaking underneath Toshiro so they wrapped around his waist. Still buried in his entirety within Toshiro's passage, he twisted to the side and flipped them both around.

Another garbled moan burst out of Toshiro as he found himself stradling Dao Kan's waist. He threw his head back, his hands knotting in the front of Shu's damp shirt, as he rocked against the rigid cock stabbing up inside of him. To be penetrated so deeply--possessed so utterly and completely--the sensation sent jolts of ecstasy throughout his entire body and especially within his own throbbing, fully erect cock.

Shu pressed down on Toshiro's hips. "Harder," he panted. A groan burst out of them both as Toshiro pushed down, matching Shu's feverish thrusts.

A hot gush of come burst out inside of Toshiro and he gave another cry. Shu climaxed in a series of violent spurts, the fluid spreading out and filling Toshiro more than he imagined he could ever take. Shu kept ramming into him, and he kept riding the rigid shaft, sliding up and down Shu's erection as the creamy fluid eased the movement.

Moaning, Toshiro reached for his own cock and started to jerk the aching organ. Shu's hand closed over his, encouraging the strokes to speed up and become more forceful.

"Oh Gods!" Toshiro gasped. He erupted into both their hands, moaning again as the jet of come splattered through their fingers, on the front of Shu's shirt and even onto the sheets.

But Shu didn't stop pumping until Toshiro emptied completely. When nothing more trickled out of the slit on the head of Toshiro's flushed cock, he finally let go of the organ and Toshiro pitched forward.

As soon as Dao slipped out of his passage, the wetness oozed out of Toshiro through the well-stretched opening. He shivered and eased off Shu, still breathing heavy and looking for anything to wipe himself clean.

Dao Kan sat up, gathering the bed sheet and pressing it up against Toshiro's ass. He stroked the material between the two curves, cleaning away the come. Toshiro shivered, loving the touch so deliciously gentle after the strong thrusts that had slammed into him a few moments ago.

When Toshiro was clean, Shu tossed the used sheet aside and leaned back. Half-erect and slick with his own come, his cock glistened at the open front of his pants. He gave Toshiro an even harsher look, commanding his protégé without ever saying a word.

Obediently, Toshiro bent over and started to lick his sensei clean.

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