Language of Black Widower

Black Widower contains many languages, some real, some slang, some just made up. This is a thesaurus.

By the way, these are NOT in alphabetical order, but in most frequently used order.

Nightchild argot

Supe: Short for Homo Superior, the psionic race in power.

Sap: Short for Homo Sapien, the non psionic race not in power.

Mutant: Person who doesn't fall under either category.

Juicer: A blood drinker. Another word for vampire, which by the way is not used.

Sangsue:An ancient race of blood drinkers, who were mistaken for vampires. The original race is living, but the bloodline has been diluted a lot and not many Sangsue are left.

Odogi: An ancient race of Shifters who have never bred with anyone else. As a result, their bloodline is pure.

Sleeper: A Sangsue who is a part, half or pure blood who has not Matured yet.

Nightchild: A Sangsue who has been changed. They are more powerful than those who were human in life.

Stalker: A human who was changed. They don't have the same abilities and are quite weaker than Nightchildren. They are considered lower class.

Walker: A revenant. A walking corpse, usually caused by a Change that didn't take or by a Sleeper being drained to death without being infused.

Maturing: Sangsue who are not fullbloods cannot Mature completely unless they were fed blood along with mother's milk. If they don't Mature, some are stuck in limbo: they have an appetite for blood and flesh but not the enzymes in their own blood to digest it. They usually go insane with hunger. If a Sleeper doesn't have enough Sangsue blood to begin the Maturity process, then they become like Normal adults.

Norms: Normal humans who don't have Sangsue blood.

Breathers: Juicer slang for the living. It's a slur.

Fling: Juicer slang for a new juicer, a mixture of the words "fledgling" and "flavor of the month."

Pigeon: Juicer slang for a potential juicer to be. Angelo is the only one who uses that word though.

Juice: As a noun, human blood. As a verb, drinking, draining, or taking blood.

Tap: Taking the blood.

Vrik: Slang from the Greek vrakalakos (vampire). A big insult.

Juiced:Fed. Or as an adjective, drunk on juice.

BoostMost Nightchildren are empaths, some stronger than others. They have the ability to build up the intensity of emotions. The reason they do this is because emotions flavor the juice.

Spice: Fear or adrenaline laced blood. Extreme rage is also known as spice.

Sugar: Pleasure or endorphin laced blood, usually caused by sex. Angelo is addicted to sugar because that was the first type of kill he experienced, although he likes spice quite a lot.

Sugar-spice: Exactly as it sounds, a mixture of fear and sexual arousal. Weasel is addicted to sugar-spice, because that was the first type of kill he experienced.

Sharing: There are three different kinds. Sharing of a kill, is as it sounds, it's quite pleasurable, especially if the two juicers are bonded together so everything experienced is doubled. Sharing Pleasure, which is juicer lovemaking, different than breather lovemaking, with lots of biting, sharing of blood, and tends to be more violent,more animal. They often Share themselves after sharing a kill. The third kind of Sharing is Sharing of souls, or mind sharing, when one juicer shares information with another one.

Signature: 1. Every juicer has his favorite place to tap. The signature is the mark they leave behind. 2. It's also a Nightchild's talent, their specialty. The rule of thumb is usually if the Nightchild is physically strong, they will be psychically weaker, and vice versa. Because he is Baptiste, those rules may not apply to Weasel.

Jump: 1. When an Incubus or Succubus possesses a body for the purpose of draining it during sex. 2. When an Incubus or Succubus astrally projects themselves onto a body, their astral selves are touching the body, the same way as if they were phyically touching it.

Rotgut: A drink made from a mixture of either human or animal blood, various herbs and wine. It's used to put off the thirst. It's only temporary though, and when it comes back it comes back with a vengeance, the juicer goes feral and loses all control. It only works as a substitute if when it wears off, you drink more. You also need to be clean for one sunset (basically, no human blood in your system). Angelo uses it purposely to lose control and because he likes the taste, but only if it's made with human blood.

Grass-Eater: A juicer who only feeds on animals (ie: not humans). A slur.

Milk: Slang for animal blood.

Boychik: Slang for a boy who is a homophobe.

Belle: Slang for girl who is a homophobe.

Lucky: Slang for bisexual. And for those who really want to know:Weasel will have sex with girls but they really don't do anything for him. Angelo, of course, prefers boys but likes sex with girls. Dimitri won't even have sex with girls. But you knew all that already, right?

strigoi, moroi: At the time I wrote the one story, I thought those words were Romanian for vampire but now I know it's not the case. They're supernatural creatures. Won't tell you the fic these words are in because that will spoil things, and I am too much of a TEASE for that.

As I think of other words, I'll add them.

Greek Phrases

I'd like to give the credit to Desdemona. Efcharisto! You gave me the good ones. Also even though the webmaster will never read this site, credit also goes to the Alterative Greek Slang website. Thanks also to GioGio, who helped me with the proper grammar!

Glike mou: sweetie.

Agapi mou: my sweet. Yes I spelled it wrong when I used it and will have to fix it.

Mou: Mine. So if Angelo says Weasel-mou, it's affectionate.

Vlaka: idiot. Ilithios is another word. So is Ilithie.

skila: bitch

O mi yenito: God Forbid.

Theé mou: My God.

Kaloz mou: Beloved, from the phrase kaloz mou, oh my beloved.

Palikari: Angelo uses it affectionately but I believe it means something like young man, strong man, etc.

Hyesse: bullshit.

Skase: shut up, or shut your mouth.

Voulose to: Stuff it

Salta gamisou:Go fuck yourself!

vromokoladirty ass


Ya sou: goodbye

Ya chara: goodbye, but when Angelo uses it, it's his way of saying fuck you.

Thelo na se gambiso: I want to fuck you (with connotations with anal sex).

mouni: cunt (or the impolite way of putting vagina.)

malaka or malaka: an insult, technically means: wanker, someone who masturbates frequently. An idiot.

poesti (actually spelled pousths):1. Son of a bitch. 2. Faggot.

S'agapo: I love you

gamo: to fuck or screw

ta gamisa: I fucked up

gamiseme: fuck me (gamiseme tora - fuck me now)

gamiso malaka: fucking jerk

munga: dude or someone with an attitude problem

mungaki: a more affectionate way of saying munga

skata: shit

As I think of other words, I will add them. 

Old Tongue

Old Tongue is the original language of the Efjeli, the race where the subraces of Efjeli and Odogi evolved from. A lot of the words here are French, Greek, Hungarian and Romanian because those languages are spoken in the Old Country.

szereto: from the Hungarian for lover

amant: from the Romanian for lover. Efjeli don't marry, they have mates and amant is a mate for life.

segfey:from the Hungarian word "segfegg" which means asshole

a fene egye meg: Hungarian for "damn it"

Vache: Juicer slang and Odogi slang for humans. It comes from the French for "cattle." Another slur.

taknyos: from the Hungarian for "little child" particularly a snotty one.

du-te dracului: Romanian for "go to hell"

kuss: pronounced "koosh": Hungarian for shut up

More to come as I think of it.

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