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Dreamweaver Installation Instructions

These are the instructions for adding a Site Meter web counter and tracker to your site using Dreamweaver.
  1. Get the JavaScript HTML Code for your site and copy it to your computer's clipboard. Make sure you get the JavaScript Site Meter and not the regular version of Site Meter.

  2. Start up Dreamweaver and open the page where you are going to add the counter.

  3. On the Dreamweaver menu, select Window, Html or press the F10 key. A window should be displayed that contains the HTML of your page.

  4. Paste the Site Meter HTML code from the clipboard into this dialog box. Make sure you are pasting into this window and not the main Dreamweaver page. You can do that by:
    a.) Clicking the mouse in the window where you want the counter to go and pressing CTRL+V or
    b.) RIGHT-clicking the mouse in the text area of the window. A little popup menu should be displayed. Select Paste from that menu.

  5. Close the HTML window and save your web page. You will now see several script icons on your page. Be careful to not disturb or remove any of them.

  6. If you are currently on the Internet, you can see how the Site Meter counter will look on your page. From the Dreamweaver menu, select File, Preview In Browser, and then pick your browser from the menu.You should now see the Site Meter counter on your page.

  7. If necessary, make any final positioning modifications. You can now publish your page to your web server.


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