This was originally just one story, but I've decided to make Odogi the title of a storyarc, featuring Radu. Who is Radu, you ask? Let's just say that he can give Angelo a definite run for his money, and then some.

"Radu" takes place in the present, about eleven months after Weasel is changed into a Nightchild. "Submission" takes place about twenty years before Angelo met Weasel. The third story is Angelo and Radu's first meeting, and it's finished.

EditThe fourth and hopefully last story is called "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and it's with Radu and Weasel finally finishing what they were about to start before Angelo butted in (Radu).

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What does "odogi" mean? If I told you that, it would spoil the story.

Radu: The first story that introduces Radu.

Submission: What really happened during Angelo and Radu's first encounter. Is it any wonder he didn't reveal most of it to Weasel? Warning: Contains graphic lemon and cannibalism. Broken down into two parts because it's 15 pages long.

Part 1

Part 2

New! Stalemate:The first meeting between Radu and Angelo. The clash of the titans! Warning: Contains a near rape scene, but if you read Radu, you already knew it'd be there, right?


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