Don't Judge A Vampire By Its Fangs Part 4


"There, wasn't that easy?" Angelo says sweetly.

Neith doesn't say anything, just lies down on the floor on his back and waits. Under normal circumstances, Angelo would do him. But something tells me that's not gonna happen tonight.

Angelo grabs him by the hair and yanks him upwards. Yep, I was right. "What the fuck do you think you're doing, asshole?"

"You said -" Neith sputters.

"What did you think, you were gonna just lay back and I do all the work? Nothing doing, darling. Get the fuck up before I pull you up by your shorter hairs!"

Angelo releases him and Neith stands up, shaking.

"I'm glad you're realizing how precarious your position is. But don't stand up for long." Angelo is shorter than Neith is. Shit, he's shorter than most boys. So instead of pushing down on Neith's head, Angelo puts his hands on Neith's shoulders and pushes down with just enough pressure that Neith's knees buckle and he falls on them. Then he pulls Neith's face forward. "You like to give blow jobs? Blow me. Now."

I can tell that Neith is not used to being forced to do anything, let alone forced to suck someone off because he's giving Angelo tentative little licks but Angelo loses his patience and basically crams himself into Neith's mouth. "Do it."

Neith really, really wants to spit Angelo out but Angelo's grip on his head makes it impossible so he begins to suckle at Angelo, who is getting more out of Neith's humiliation than the actual blow job. Between that, the earlier violence and the scent of Arian's pain spiked blood, I can feel Angelo's lust rising and I'm not far behind him. My hand flies to my own rigid cock and I begin to stroke myself when I see Neith's cute little butt sticking out and I get an evil idea.

I scoot behind Neith, kneel down and grab him by the waist with both hands. Then I force my way into his ass and slam home, using my grip on Neith to pull myself forward and thrust. Neith wobbles a little so I tighten my hold, being real careful to not to use my nails and just dig into his sides with my fingers. After all, can't damage him too badly yet, can I? He'd cry out in pain but of course, his mouth is a little full right now so he just lets out a muffled whimper.

I increase my speed, pounding into Neith, thrusting in and out while Angelo fucks his mouth, we're both breathing real heavy now and neither of us will last long. A few moments later, my teeth sink into the back of Neith's neck as I come, with Angelo following right behind. Neith chokes and gags as his mouth is quickly flooded with Angelo's come but Angelo's hand slides down to Neith's jaw and pushes upward, holding his mouth shut. "Swallow," Angelo orders, lisping because his fangs are still unsheathed. "Or you can choke on it."

I pull out of Neith and walk in front of him so I can see how long he'll keep his mouth full before swallowing. Not fucking long. After letting some of it dribble out the front of his mouth, he screws up his face and swallows it down. "Bleh!" he exclaims after Angelo loosens his grip on Neith's mouth, "that tastes disgusting!"

"You don't like the taste of come?" I ask innocently, knowing exactly what he doesn't like about it. The very same thing I like about the taste.

"It's a pity you don't like it," Angelo adds condescendingly, letting Neith go. "And you want to become one of us!" He laughs. "You'd starve pretty fucking quickly." His eyes glow red for a moment. "And talking about starving…."

Angelo abruptly seizes Neith by the hand, pulls him up to his feet, then sinks his teeth into his wrist. He draws only a little, then releases Neith. "There," he says, not lisping anymore because his fangs have retracted, "that's better." He laughs again at Neith's pained expression. "Told you I was gonna get a taste."

Neith angrily wipes off his mouth with his fingers, then runs to the kitchen, where I can hear the water running and I figure he's washing his mouth out. No, I know he is because that's what I used to do when I was tricking and had to swallow.

Angelo takes me into his arms and we lick each other's lips clean of Neith's blood. (He is becoming less amusing, my sweet.)

(Then let's kill him,) I reply.

He kisses me again. (Soon. I'm not quite done with him.)

Speak of the devil, here comes Neith. Seems like his rage has overridden his fear. "It's not going to work, you sick puppies."

Angelo quirks an eyebrow in surprise. "What are you talking about?"

"You're trying to scare me into changing my mind. I won't let you. After what you did to Arian, you owe me this!"

"I suppose I should give you what's coming to you," Angelo decides. Then he throws Neith's clothes at him. "Get dressed. We're gonna take you somewhere special." He grins evilly. "Somewhere befitting for someone who is so in love with death."

I grin myself because I know where Angelo is talking about.

Neith is curious, despite his distrust. "Where?" he asks as he gets dressed.

"It's a surprise."

Neith's eyes narrow. "What about Arian?"

"You can always come back for him later," Angelo suggests, neglecting to mention the fact that if Neith did come back later, it'd be to bury Arian's corpse.

We get dressed, leave the penthouse and go out to Neith and Arian's car. "Exactly where are we going?" Neith asks again as he opens the back car door.

"I told you, sweet thing, it's a surprise," Angelo says cheerfully, sliding into the back seat after me.

Neith surprises me himself by opening the other back door. "You," he points to me, "get out and sit up front with me. I'm not about to play chauffeur while you and the Count play kissyface in the backseat!"

Angelo's eyes spark red, I can feel how hard he's trying to keep control of his temper. "'Count D,' mmmm? Like Count Dracula? Witty, very witty, sweet Neith," he says brightly, even though he's just been insulted, big time. "But I'll sit up front with you. After all," he climbs from the back seat to the front, "I know how to get there."

Poor Neith. Even when he thinks he's trumped us, Angelo pulls out his ace. Neith is furious but his curiosity is stronger. "How are we going to get there when I have no idea where 'there' is?" he asks with annoyance.

"Are you stupid or can you follow directions?" is Angelo's impatient answer.

Neith doesn't even dignify that with a response. He just shuts my back door and slides into the driver's side. "You better not get us lost," he growls at Angelo before starting up the car and pulling away from the curb.

"Take a left," Angelo sings out.

"A left," Neith mutters and turns at the light.

"Then a right."

"A right," Neith repeats and follows suit.

"You're going to pass the parking lot of Club Noir," Angelo continues, "then you're going to drive straight for five miles."

"Five miles straight?" Neith asked in disbelief.

"It's a long stretch of road."

And it was. We not only passed Club Noir's parking lot, we passed the back of the Nocturne and the parking garage for the fancy La Maison hotel.

"After that, two rights, a left, then another right."

(You sure you know where you're going?) I ask Angelo doubtfully.

(Of course,) he reassures me. (We're almost there.) Then he Normspeaks to Neith. "Park here."

Neith slams on the breaks and stares at Angelo. "Where the fuck are we?"

"In the woods," I reply nonchalantly.

If looks could kill me, Neith's laser eyes would turn me to ashes. "I can SEE that," he retorts. "Why are we here?"

"No place to park there," Angelo answers, the picture of innocence.

Neith actually smacks his forehead in disgust. "For the last time, where the fuck are we going?"

"Park and you'll see, honeychild," Angelo says calmly.

We're in the middle of nowhere and since he's already gone this far, Neith really has no choice but to park. "Now what?" Neith demands.

"Tsk, tsk," Angelo mocks him, "so impatient. If you stop your bitching and get out of the car, you'll find out."

I can tell that Neith really wants to punch Angelo's lights out but instead, he opens the car door and steps outside. "This had fucking better be worth it," he grumbles as Angelo and I follow Neith outside.

Angelo points to a steep dirt hill leading deeper into the woods. "See that?"

Neith nods with annoyance.

"That's the way to our destination," Angelo explains.

Neith walks over there, looks closer and sees that there's barely any moonlight streaming in between the trees; it's pure darkness. "It's pitch black," he yells, " how can we find our way to anywhere?"

I laugh. Angelo and I will have no problem whatsoever. Neith on the other hand…..

Angelo shrugs. "You don't like it? Drive back."

"I will," Neith snaps and walks back to his car.

"Oh Neith?" Angelo calls out sweetly. "Forgot to tell you. I took you on a one way road to get here. You can't go back that way."

Neith freezes dead in his tracks. "How were you planning to go back, then?"

"You can't." Angelo replies in this dramatic voice, then laughs at Neith's panicked expression. "You should see the look on your face! Of course you can go back. You just take the detour."

"Which is?"

"You want to know? Follow me!" Angelo runs straight for the hill and I take off after him.

Only for Angelo to wait, crouched in the tree at the bottom of the hill.

I go to the hill's edge and jump straight down to the ground. Then I look upwards in Angelo's direction. (What if he doesn't take you up on it?)

Angelo lets out that husky chuckle of his that makes me weak in the knees. (Don't worry, lover. He will. In fact, I can hear him walking right on over.)

Angelo's hearing is keener than mine but now I can hear the grass and leaves crunching under Neith's heel as he approaches the hill. Then the thud of his Doc Martens skidding to stop himself from falling from the edge to the ground below. "FUCK! It's a cliff!"

"No need to be such a drama queen," Angelo says cheerfully, "it's just a measly little hill."

A measly little hill with a ten foot drop if he fell from the edge.

Angelo grasps the thickest tree limb and hangs from it by his hands. Then he lets go, landing catlike and silent on his feet beside me. "Down here," he calls out to Neith.

"Easy for you," I hear Neith grumble under his breath but he's probably noticing that there is more purchase a little more to the right, where he can climb down the hill instead of jump. Of course, the real way he'll get down is when he slips and falls since there isn't a really good foothold, just a lot of dirt and rocks but at least it's better than falling straight down.

It doesn't take long, either. A few steps and "Whoooooooooooooooa!"

Neith loses balance, skids, then falls on his ass and slides down the hill before sliding off it and landing hard on his butt. "Ow!" he complains. "How much farther?" he whines.

"We have a ways to go," Angelo answers gleefully.

"Fucking wonderful," Neith mutters.

After that, we take Neith through a lovely game of Blind Man's Bluff, leading him into a creek, through hairpin twists and turns, watching him get lost before finally coming back for him, until we reach the end of our journey.

"It's a cemetery," Neith remarks as he looks through a clearing at the end of the woods.

"Naturally," Angelo answers with just a hint of impatience. "Where did you think we were gonna bring a deathlover like you, the beach?"

Neith snorts. "If all you wanted was a cemetery, we could have gone to one that had a parking lot."

"I didn't want just any cemetery, dim dim. I wanted this one," Angelo insists.

"It's special," I add.

"And what's so special about it?" Neith asks with a sneer. "It looks just like any other graveyard and besides, the entrance gate is locked."

"We can get over it," Angelo explains as if Neith didn't have a brain in his head.

Neith looks at the rod-iron fence and the curlicues on the top of the gate. "How?"

Angelo just grins. "Show him, Weasel."

My eyes fly to the top of the gate, then I Shadowdance and jump straight up, land at the top, then jump down over the gate.

Neith stares, wide-eyed. "You've got to be kidding."

"Oh my fucking gods!" Angelo says with a roll of his eyes. Then he scoops Neith into his arms but instead of jumping like I did, he rises into the air and hovers over the gate. "Maybe I should just drop you," he muses.

Understandably, Neith completely freaks out, clinging to Angelo for dear life, babbling, "Don't! Don't drop me!"

"Fine," Angelo growls. "But stop holding on so tightly before you make us both crash to the ground!" He floats down and lands smoothly on the grass. Then he opens his hands and Neith falls in a heap beside him. "Now, follow us or do you want me to carry you there, too?"

It won't be long. Angelo's patience is just about gone.

For someone who has such a fascination with death, Neith is not at all comfortable in this necropolis. He's trying to play it cool and collected as he follows Angelo and me to the crypt at the rear of the cemetery, but as we pass a freshly dug grave; his heart is pounding hard in his chest. Guess the concept of death is much more attractive to him than the reality and killing someone is prettier than a rotting corpse.

The fact that the only thing that separates that decaying body from mine is the blood that I drink is a thought I immediately shove away from my head.

We reach the crypt and Angelo smiles at me. "Will you do the honors? It is your family after all."

Neith stares at me. "It's your family? Is that why it's so special?"

I grin. "You can say that," I drawl, then rap the tattoo on the door of the crypt that will activate the spell my aunt put in place nearly a half century ago. Knock-knock-knock. Knock.

The door swings open and Neith just gives me this look. "What's with the tacky special effects?" His eyes narrow but the relief radiating from him is amusing, to say the least. "No wonder you brought me here, this 'crypt' is nothing but some cheesy haunted house. A fucking fake."

"Ela, Weasel," Angelo says, "we've obviously been wasting our time on a poseur who would rather console himself with safe lies than the cold hard truth." Angelo gives Neith a look of contempt. "You'd rather play undead than become it, you pathetic creature."

We turn to go but Neith cries out, "Wait," just like we knew he would. "You're going to Change me after all?"

Angelo is right, Neith IS pathetic. Pathetically easy to game. "Not now," Angelo singsongs.

"I get it now," Neith suddenly says, laughing.

This makes the second time tonight that Angelo is confused and he's not the only one this time. "What are you talking about?" Angelo asks with annoyance.

Neith grins from ear to ear. "Cute joke."

"You think this is a joke, do you?" Angelo asks in a dangerously soft voice.

Neith laughs again. "Come on! You mean to tell me that you and Weasel don't have this whole hazing ritual for every dumb fuck who wants to join your elite club. I may be slow tonight but I'm not that slow."

Neith's self-delusion is entertaining but not very satisfying. It's time for me to fix that problem.

The first thing I need to do is to get the door closed. Four knocks on the stone wall of the crypt and the door swings shut. Now to end this game. "You're right," I purr, sliding up to Neith, "you've busted us. But it'll take more than that to prove you're good enough." I seize him and shove him against wall. "A lot more."

He can't help but respond to the way I'm pressing against him. Neith was always hot for me anyway, so when my lips capture his, his mouth opens immediately to accept my tongue. Our kiss is almost as violent as if I was kissing one of my own, our tongues wrestling as we slide to the floor.

My nails make short work of his two shirts and my lips assault his chest before he can bitch about the ruin I've made of his shirts. Not that he cares about anything but my mouth sucking his nipples and slipping down past his belly. My tongue dips into the waistband of his jeans before my teeth rip off the button and unzip. Within moments I've yanked off his jeans and briefs and my mouth attacks his cock, my hand stroking in rhythm to my sucking.

Angelo enjoys the effect my mouth has on Neith, but although it amuses and even titillates him, it will take more than sex to get Angel Boy off. For now, Angelo just watches me work Neith over; his dark eyes alight with anticipation. Waiting to see my next move.

My lips and tongue are making Neith melt into a puddle of goo and his passion washes over me, he's just about ready. Now it's payback time.

I suck harder, bringing him right to the edge. Then my tongue presses the head of his cock against the edge of a fang and he shrieks in agony, the jolt of extreme pain breaking my hold over him. Neith abruptly pulls out of my mouth and glares at me. "What the fuck are you doing?" he demands. Guess he forgot when he bit me out of a blow job. Or more likely, he doesn't care about anything but the fact that cockhead is trickling blood.

Angelo flashes me a wicked grin of approval, the tang of Neith's pain laced blood making his tongue hungrily run across his pouty lips and his muscles tense for the kill. He's barely in control and I'm not far behind him. My Tiger is rattling its cage, demanding to be fed.

Soon, I promise it, very soon.


Part 5, Coming Soon.....

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