Don't Judge A Vampire By Its Fangs Part 3


Neith shouts obscenities as he pummels my back with his fists but he's wasting his time; it's not about to stop me. If anything, his pathetic attempts excite me as much as Arian's struggles and it's easy to tune Neith out as my teeth sink in deeper and I savor his brother.

By keying Arian's pleasure up to orgiastic nirvana, then boosting his fear and pain just as high, Angelo has created a sugar-spice cocktail that goes down smooth as silk and sings in my veins; the pure concentrated emotions get me buzzed almost instantly. To ensure he stays that way, Angelo and I work in tandem, firing him up and cooling him down as we drink it all in.

Only to have Angelo's hands rest on my shoulders as he whispers in my ear, "Leave him for now, lover." He gently but firmly pulls me off Arian's body. "We'll finish him off later, nai?" he promises as takes me into his arms and kisses me hungrily.

As good as his kisses feel, my eyes fall on the one I really want to kill. (Neith,) I murmur as Angelo lowers me on to my back on the carpet.

(Do you want just a kill, my sweet?) Angelo asks me, his lips making a trail from my mouth to my collarbone and moving lower, (or do you want a feast?)

In other words, do I just want to kill Neith or do I want something much more satisfying. (You know the answer to that,) I growl before pulling Angelo on top of me.

Angelo grins ferally. (Yeah, I do. And I promise, you shall have it.) Then his mouth devours mine and all I think about is his rock hard cock, sliding against mine as he grinds against me.

In my lust haze I realize that Neith is watching us. We're putting on the show for him this time but Angelo is making me feel so good I don't care. And apparently, the show is making Neith hot enough that he doesn't care that his brother is lying unconscious on the carpet. I can actually hear Neith's breathing quicken and his heartbeat race.

Oh my fucking gods. Watching us take his brother had gotten Neith off as much as when he was fucking his brother.

It's not long before Angelo has me writhing beneath him while he ravishes my body, his teeth and nails are driving me so crazy, making me tingle from head to toe, until I can't take it anymore. "You gonna fuck me, Angel Boy or are you gonna just tease me for the rest of the night?" I hiss through completely unsheathed fangs, breathing so heavily I feel like my lungs are gonna burst.

As an answer Angelo rolls over, flipping me so now I'm on top of him. His own fangs are down, so he's not far behind me. "You know better," he whispers before he pulls my hips down and slams into me, practically swallowing my mouth as he fucks me hard and fast.

Angelo's tongue is practically fucking my mouth and I suck it as I ride his cock; his body arching up to mine thrusting and humping me, faster and faster, the friction setting me on fire. I bite his lips and suck at them, making Angelo moan as his speed increases.

Neither of us are gonna last much longer and our teeth sink into each other's throats as we violently climax within moments of the other. Then we kiss passionately for a while before Angelo breaks the kiss. (You still hungry?)

I raise an eyebrow. (I take it you are?)

Angelo doesn't answer me; instead he flashes an evil grin at Neith and wiggles his finger. "It's your turn, my dear boy."

Neith approaches us; radiating a mixture of exhilaration and agitation at Angelo's words, but it's to me he asks the question. "You're finally going to do it to me?"

Angelo blinks in confusion. Angelo loathes being confused. "You want to die that badly?"

Neith laughs. "That's funny." He turns to me. "You have a funny boyfriend."

"I'm glad it amuses you," Angelo replies pleasantly.

"You amuse me, Angelo," Neith smirks.

Angelo gives him that sweet smile of his, only I can see the red coals smoldering in those black eyes. He's about to blow his cool. "Do I?"

Neith is either too stupid or to too arrogant to recognize the danger he's in. "Always."

Angelo draws closer to Arian and nuzzles his chest. "See if you find this amusing, sweetling."

I'm thinking that this was what Angelo meant when he asked me if I was still hungry and since I'm not quite satisfied yet, I move towards Angelo so I can join him. Only Angelo has something different in mind because he lifts his head and swoops it downwards; tearing out a chunk of Arian's belly, chewing and then swallowing the flesh.

Neith does NOT find that amusing at all. "You fucking idiot!" he screams at Angelo. "Now Arian can't -"

"Can't what?" I ask innocently, cutting Neith off even though I've already figured out the answer. Spookykid has heard one too many old wife's tales. It disappoints me. I thought he had more brains than that.

"Isn't it how it works?" Neith demands. "Arian dies then he becomes a vampire like you both?" He glares at Angelo. "Or he would have if you didn't…. didn't…."

"Begin to eat him?" Angelo finishes cheerfully.

Neith looks daggers at Angelo. "BEGIN?"

"Oh, you didn't think I was done yet, did you?" Angelo bares his fangs. "Not even fucking close, sunshine," Angelo says before he buries his face back into Arian's belly, chewing and swallowing more of his flesh.

Neith lets out a shriek and grabs Angelo by the hair but Angelo stops only long enough to backhand Neith in the mouth with a snarl before returning back his feast.

All of the sudden it hits me. Neith doesn't give a shit what kind of pain Arian is in. He doesn't care about how Arian feels at all. All that matters to the fucker is that Arian rises again.

Hmmmm… Neith is into how something feels? An evil grin spreads across my face. That can be arranged. I can provide the illusion. I just need it fed to Neith. And I know just how I will do it too. Or rather, who will do it; since I'm not a powerful enough telepath to project straight into Neith's mind.

However, someone else is.

I give the bloodbond a tweak and quickly tell Angelo what I need him to do.

No problem whatsoever. Even if he quickly squelches his irritation that I thought of it first, he's all for it.

I knew he would be.

Once I've separated Arian's pain from Angelo's ecstasy at feeling that pain; it's merely a matter of taking that bloodcurdlingly agonizing torment at being eaten alive and using Angelo's orgasmic pleasure and weaving the two together to create my empathic illusion.

There. I've set it in place. Now it's Angelo's turn.

Angelo's eyes shut as he concentrates; I can feel him focusing hard and tight on my illusion, seizing it with psychic claws. Then he raises his head and glances at Neith with unfocussed eyes. The same way they unfocus whenever he "jumps" someone's body and astrally feels them up.

Since Angel Boy is, basically, jumping Neith's mind, it's only fitting.

Neith suddenly cradles his head, screaming as he radiates the same gut-wrenching pain as Arian had. Agony that triggers me and zhooooooom, I'm instantly at Neith's side as he curls up on the floor in a fetal ball. His torment is so tantalizing it pulls at the hunger already gnawing at me and before I know it; I have Neith in a deathgrip, my hand tangled in his hair, yanking his head back so his throat is exposed. "You wanted to know how it feels to kill someone," I hiss through completely unsheathed fangs, "we've given it to you. Now it's time for you to feel your own death."

I kiss his neck, purposely inhaling his scent, the flavor of his terror and his whimpers making me rock hard. My tongue caresses his throat as it probes….

Lightning fast, Angelo snatches Neith from my grasp. (Not yet, lover.)

An involuntary and threatening growl forms from deep in my belly and escapes from my lips. "Don't fucking cheat me," I snarl through my fangs.

Angelo kisses my cheeks and my lips. (You'll have him, my love. After he entertains us. Then you can devour him if that's what you so desire.)

Instead he shoves his wrist against my mouth. (Take what you need but not from Neith. Not this way.)


I take a quick glance at Arian; cripe, Angel Boy did a number on him. There's a gaping hole where his stomach had been, but Angelo purposely left Arian alive, leaving some for me. My tongue flicks hungrily over my lips; it is tempting but I sink my teeth into Angelo's wrist and take his offering instead.

Angelo fed heavy so his blood is more concentrated and rich, so after the first few swallows, I calm down and the Tiger inside me is satisfied. I withdraw and kiss Angelo's wrist. (That's enough. I can control myself now,) I reassure him.

He leans over and licks my lips. (Good.) Then he repeats in Normspeech, "You'll have him. Just not yet."

It's meant to get Neith's attention and it does; the relief of being spared quickly giving way to suspicion. "What the fuck do you mean?" he demands, his eyes narrowing.

Angelo sits down beside Neith and pulls him into his lap; his fingers idly stroking Neith's neck. "Does it matter?" he murmurs against Neith's throat as his lips caress it. "You can't do anything about it." Like calming an agitated kitten, Angelo's touch soothes Neith whether he wants it to or not. Neith instantly relaxes under Angelo's fingers despite his cruel words. Angelo nibbles Neith's earlobe and whispers, "Tell me, where do you trash the bodies when you're done with the boys, sweetling?" just before sticking his tongue inside Neith's ear and making him gasp.
Gotta admit, watching Angelo toy with the bastard excites the fuck out of me. So does Neith's inner struggles between his fury at what Angelo and I did to Arian and his growing arousal from Angelo's hand that is stroking Neith's cock to unwilling hardness.

"Bodies?" Neith manages to ask breathlessly. "What bodies?"

I'd thought Neith would be complete putty in Angelo's skilled hands by now but apparently, his will is still his own. Come to think of it, Angelo wouldn't put Neith under unless he had no choice in the matter. No challenge or sport otherwise and Angelo was too much of a gamer for that.

Angelo's other hand begins to play with Neith's nipples as he purrs, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way, dearheart. If we do it the easy way," Angelo strokes faster and Neith's breath quickens, "you'll be senseless with pleasure by the time Weasel and I are done with you. But if we do it the hard way and I have to resort to actually reading you," Angelo's grip tightens and Neith cries out in pain, "death will seem like a blessing. Now I will ask you again," Angelo releases Neith's cock, "where would be the best place to bury your dear, sweet brother?"

"Nowhere, because he's not going to die!" Neith yells as he wrenches himself from Angelo's lap and runs to his brother.

I can't help but smirk at his pathetic refusal to face reality. "No? Are you gonna save him?" I ask in a mocking voice.

Neith throws me a deathglare. "No, you're going to."

"Am I?"

"YES! You did this to him, you fix it!"

Only the promise of something better stops me from snapping Neith's fucking twin's neck. "I'm not your fucking errand boy," I say in a dangerously soft voice, "and I'm not one of those stupid boys you and your loverboy brother managed to lure back here just so you could kill them when one of you got jealous. In fact," I give him a venomous smile, "you're just one of those boys Angelo and I entertain ourselves with every night. Before we eat them. So don't try to out predator me. You're out of your league."

Angelo takes me into his arms. (Easy,) he soothes, (your anger is wasted on the vache. There are better ways.) He grins ferally. (Nastier ways.)

For a change, instead of dreading Angelo's idea of "fun," I'm eagerly anticipating it. But why? Is it because of their own game? The fact that their victims were set up from the get go and were killed for nothing but their own titillation? Or is it the truth I don't want to face?

I'm no better. The only difference between us is that I don't waste kills. Self-loathing immediately overwhelms me. Fuck, I'm worse, if only because I know it's wrong, know it's immoral and evil, yet I do it anyway.

For pleasure. Not for survival. I could easily sustain myself with Rotgut but I won't. I love the kill too much and that's what makes me worse than the two bastards who are so warped they don't know right from wrong.

Ever sensitive, Angelo frowns. (Don't tell me you're suddenly having an attack of self-righteous saintliness, dearheart.)

(I may be a killer Angelo but I don't have to get down to their level,) I growl.

Angelo rolls his eyes. (You're above their level, Weasel. You're at the top of the food chain and they're on the bottom. I thought you'd finally realized that.) He releases me in disgust. (Tell me right now if you're gonna Share this kill or turn tail.)

And if you do turn tail, don't expect to be in my bed later, are the unspoken words of his warning. Because not Sharing and bailing on him would be a betrayal in Angelo's eyes.

Fuck-fuck-fuck. I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. And if anyone deserves to die, these two bastards do.

Who the hell am I fooling? Not myself, that's for fucking sure. I already made my choice.

If I'm gonna be damned regardless, I'd rather be damned with Angelo than without him. Besides, it's not like cheating myself will save the twins. The only reason Arian is still alive is because Angelo purposely fed from an area that would cause extreme pain without instantly killing him. But there is no way the Breather will survive the damage Angelo and I did. Maybe he'll live out the night, but that's about it.

Neith, however, is living on borrowed time. As long as he amuses Angelo, he'll stay alive. Once that ends, so does his life. Since Neith has been pissing me the fuck off, having Angelo kill him more than works for me. At least I won't be the one killing Neith.

I won't be the one losing control.

I realize that it's not my conscience that's eating at me. It's not even my guilt. It's knowing that if Angelo hadn't stopped me, not only would I have given into my instincts and gone feral, I'd have gleefully and savagely torn into Neith's flesh with my teeth and nails like a wild animal. Just the thought of it makes my cock hard and that, above anything else, is what scares the fuck out of me.

Gods, I want the kill too much. Almost as much as I want Angelo. I can't either one up. I won't give either one up.

I don't know which is more self-serving: knowing that pleasing Angelo means more to me than either twin's life or using that excuse to do what will please me. What I want to do so badly I can taste it.

No more lying to myself. No more comforting myself with a rational reason why Neith deserves this. My reason is emotional. Personal.

I want to kill Neith because I know I'll enjoy it. And I wish this decision wasn't as easy and remorseless for me to make as it is.

"Do what you want to him," I whisper in Angelo's ear as my arms slip around his waist, "as long as I get Neith when you're done with him."

A moan escapes my lover's lips as I press against him and he barely manages to breathe, "Anything," against my lips before I kiss him violently and swallow the rest of his words.

I know Angelo is both irritated and amused that I'm using his own methods against him, but one thing about that boy, he takes what he can get, no matter how he gets it. And not only is Angelo getting his way, he gets to Share everything with me, including the pleasure we're Sharing now.

I can hear Neith whining, "Arian! Baby! Wake up."

I lift my head from between Angelo's thighs and briefly glance in Neith's direction.

Angel Boy does NOT care for that. (Feels good,) Angelo murmurs, pushing my head back down. (Don't stop.)

(Well… since you're being so insistent….) I laugh softly before my mouth and tongue are used for something more important than talking.

"Oh no you don't!" Neith kicks me so hard in the head that I involuntarily gag on Angelo's cock and spit him out. "Not until you fix Arian up."

This is getting really old.

Angelo kisses me full on the mouth. (We'll finish this later,) he promises. Then he gives Neith a sweet smile. "I can fix Arian up by sucking him dry. Can't rise again if I kill him that way," he singsongs.

Neith's eyes narrow with suspicion. He doesn't trust Angelo, of course, but his hunger for his twin's immortality -- that will in turn lead to his own -- makes the idiot fall for Angelo's bait anyway. "That way?" he asks Angelo in a quiet voice. "If you kill him another way, he'll become like you?"

Angelo runs his tongue across his lips. "You think I'm gonna tell you for free, darling boy? How bad do you want it, sweetling?" he whispers. "What will you give me?"

Neith is flaring with excitement at the thought that Angelo can do what I won't. "You know what to do? You can do it?" Then he frowns. "You better not be fucking with my head, Angelo."

Hmmm… maybe Bright Boy isn't quite as moronic as I thought he was.

"Of course I can do it," Angelo assures him and smirks. "After all, I did make Weasel."

Neith stares at Angelo, then looks at me, then back to him again. "You're lying."

Angelo shrugs. "Believe what you want, honeychild." He turns to me. "You haven't had enough have you?"

I follow Angelo's lead and stand up. "No, but that's an easy problem to fix."

I slowly move towards Arian until Neith yells, "No, don't!"

"Why not?" I mock. "If Angelo can't do it and I won't do it, then why waste your big bro?"

"Waste not, want not," Angelo chimes in.

Neith seizes me like a boy insane. Stupidly insane. "Tell me the truth," he demands, shaking me, "Did Angelo make you what you are?"

"Yeah," I mutter, bored with the drama. "Angelo almost drained me to death, then fed me back the blood mixed with his own." I easily pry his fingers off my shoulders.

"Which leads me to my first questions," Angelo purrs. "How bad do you want it and what will you give me, sweet thing?" Angelo's black eyes gleam. "I'd make my offer soon if I was you, sweet Neith. Your brother doesn't have much time left."

"Offer?" Neith asks. "What kind of offer?"

Angelo smiles. "You have only two things I want, lover. One of which, of course, is your blood. But I'll get that whether you offer or not, sport. Don't kid yourself, I'm gonna get a taste. The other is your flesh. But not to eat." Angelo's smile becomes sharp and nasty. "That is, unless that's all I can get from you."

Neith gets all indignant. "Are you threatening to rape me, you perv?"

Angelo snorts. "Shit, if that's not calling the kettle black, sunshine, I don't know what is. But I don't rape. Perhaps you need me to put it more simply, genius." Angelo's hand rests on the nape of Neith's neck. "Put out or get eaten a whole other way." Angelo squeezes Neith's throat hard enough to make him choke before he releases him with an evil laugh.

I wonder if it's sunk into Neith's pretty and vapid little head that Angelo has just changed the terms of his offer. It's no longer, Neith's body for Arian's Change. It's Neith's body or Neith's life.

Nasty, twisted and completely Angelo. Wickedly delicious.

I definitely like Angelo's idea of fun.

Neith doesn't like Angelo's terms and for a moment, he radiates anger and a thread of the fear I've been craving. But he's too arrogant to be scared for long. Pity. He gives Angelo this look of disdain. "You want my body that bad?"

"Why?" Angelo envelops Neith from behind, his lips trailing down his cheek and jaw, "Are you offering it?"

Neith furiously pushes Angelo's face away. "No!"

Angelo shrugs. "Too bad." He begins to walk towards the unconscious Arian. "I'll just have to play with your brother instead, sunshine."

To say Neith likes that even less is an understatement. "Don't you lay a fucking hand on him!"

"Actually," Angelo whispers confidentially, "I was planning to lay two 'fucking hands' on him but who's counting?"

Without even thinking about it, Neith's hand swings out and slaps Angelo's face.

"Losing control are we, Neith?" Angelo taunts.

Neith is past caring that his reaction is only feeding Angelo's efforts to fuck with his head and falls right into Angelo's nasty mouth. "I'll kill you the second you try anything with him," he threatens.

Either common sense has fled Neith as well or he doesn't realize that even if he does have some kind of weapon that could damage us, we can move faster than Neith and would attempt to kill him before he could even attempt it.

Not that Angelo will enlighten Neith, he's having too much fun toying with the Breather and this mindfuck is almost getting me off as much I know it's getting off Angelo. "Now why would you want to do a thing like that, lover?" he drawls.

"I'm NOT your lover!" Neith roars.

"Not yet."

"Not ever!"

Angelo gives Neith the look of someone who is humoring him. "Believe what you like," he says pleasantly, dismissing him.

(Weasel, you'll get Neith eventually, but will you settle for Arian for the time being?)

I stare at him. (What're you planning?)

Angelo gives me that sexy-crazy smile. (You'll see.) Then he goes over to Arian. "Rise and shine, moron." Angelo wills him awake, kicking his body hard so the pain is the first thing Arian feels.

Arian's eyes struggle to open, fluttering like moths wings before managing to open and blankly stare. "Hurts," he croaks, half coherently.

"Good," Angelo replies maliciously. Then he flashes Neith an evil smile. "We're gonna kill your loverbrother a little at a time. A few swallows of his blood. Some bites of his flesh. And we'll break every bone in his pretty body since you won't give me yours." To make his point, Angelo squeezes Arian's fingers, instantly breaking them.

Neith winces at Arian's scream. "Stop it," he orders Angelo.

I almost feel sorry for Arian but not enough that I won't follow Angelo's lead and nuzzle at Arian's throat before biting down and drinking several mouthfuls of pure spice before releasing him.

"Fuck Weasel," Neith exclaims, "do you have to do everything Angelo tells you to do?"

Big mistake. Neith is pushing MY buttons and that's not happening. "You make it seem like he's making me kill Arian. Oh no, baby, I want to kill him. Just to drive you insane."

My words are goads to Neith and he comes rushing at me… only for me to easily step out of his way and have him punch at air. I could grab him but this is more fun.

"I guess Arian is just your fucktoy, darling Neith," Angelo singsongs, "or you'd spare him the slow painful death and give in."

Neith glares at Angelo. "You want me that badly, just take me," he snarls.

"Oh but Neith, it's not as amusing that way," Angelo replies with a smirk.

"You had no problem giving me your body," I add. "What's the problem with giving it to Angelo?"

"That's different!"

"Really?" I mock. "Just because your Arian is in no condition to enjoy your performance? Or is it because he can't play the part of the big bad jealous lover and kill us? That's what really gets you off, isn't it? Both of you. That you'll kill for each other, to get you hot and bothered until you jump each other's bones." The ghost of a smile plays on my lips. "Was it an accident the first time?"

And talking about getting hot and bothered, Angelo is definitely enjoying me gaming Neith, playing his game that I've made mine. His dark eyes burn with excitement as he watches, hot with an animal's arousal. Nothing human at all in his expression and that fills me with desire.

"You don't know what the fuck you're talking about," Neith sneers, desperately trying to regain his composure.

Angelo's mouth curls with derision. "You can't even get it up if your brother isn't watching. Can you."

Neith gives Angelo a deathglare. "Shut the fuck up!"

"Hitting a little close to home am I?" Angelo jeers.

"I said shut up!"

"You're getting just a wee bit ornery, sweet Neith. I think I need to show you what happens if you don't behave." Angelo calmly takes Arian's arm and rips it from his body.

Arian is too weak to scream anymore, it's more of a strangled moan and Neith can't take it anymore, maybe he does love his brother. "Stop! I'll do it!"

Rip goes the other arm.

"No more! I'll do what you want."

Angelo's smile is a baring of fangs. "And what is that, sweetling?"

"I'll give you my body."

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