Don't Judge A Vampire By Its Fangs Part 2


All of the sudden, Angelo stops his caressing and disengages from Neith. A moment later, I hear and smell what Angelo already sensed a moment before me.

We're about to have company.

Neith blinks, tucking himself back inside his briefs and pulling his jeans back up. "What the fuck?"

"I don't do audiences," is all Angelo says, then grins. "Present company excepted, of course."

"But there's no one else here," Arian protests, not happy that I'm not kissing and licking his chest anymore.

Angelo has no patience. "Have it your own way. You want to fuck around in here by yourselves, that's your choice. You want to bed me? We do it somewhere private. Your place, my place, I don't give a fuck."

"Is he always such a primadonna?" Neith asks me, as if I'm letting him in on a secret.

I laugh. "Always."

Arian looks to Angelo, then to me. Then back and forth between us. "You two know each other?" he asks in surprise.

"Mmm-hmmm," Angelo replies. "Quite well."

Just then a boy comes barreling through the door and even though Neith's clothes are back in place and Arian has pulled his shirts down, it's pretty damned obvious that the four of us were messing around not too long ago and he gives us a look of contempt before bustling over to one of the urinals.

A look that I know will set Angelo off and I'm not at all disappointed. "Upset you're not getting any, honeychild?" Angelo singsongs to the boy as he shakes his cock dry.

The boy puts his dick away and whirls around to face Angelo. "Shut the fuck up!"

Angelo advances upon him. "Make me, babycakes." Then he smirks. "Or maybe that's what you want to do, sweet thing."

His taunting pushes just the right buttons, yeah, Angelo has a gift for that. "Oh I'll make you, you little dickwad!" the boy snarls before swinging at Angelo.

Only for Angelo to seize the boy's wrist before the first punch lands. "You're lucky that I'm in a generous mood tonight, dim-dim," Angelo says cheerfully. "I could rip your arm off your body but instead I'll just do this." He squeezes, then violently wrenches the boy's arm downwards; snapping his arm so it dangles uselessly from his shoulder before releasing him.

The tang of the boy's fear mixed with the sexual excitement radiating from the twins at Angelo's little show of force hits me like a tidalwave and it reminds me that I haven't really eaten yet. I'm gonna have to fix that real soon. But not here. Not yet.

The boy runs out of the men's room in complete terror and Arian grins at Angelo. "Nice," is all he says but the emotion behind it is obvious.

"You get off on violence," Angelo observes aloud.

Both twins do. Neith is flaring with just as much arousal and knows that Angelo isn't about to do anything about it as long as we stay here. "Our car is parked in the back. Let's go back to our place."

Car? "I thought your place was only a few blocks away," I protest.

Neith grins wickedly. "We like the scenic route."

We leave the club and get into their car, Neith and Arian in the front, Angelo and me in the back and as Neith drives, Angelo whispers in my ear, "They're perfect, aren't they?" before biting my earlobe.

I'm still pissed off at Angelo for pushing MY buttons before so I ignore his attempt to sweeten me.

(Don't be that way,) Angelo murmurs, nuzzling my hair.

It's hard to stay mad at Angelo, especially when his lips are trailing down to my neck. But I'm not gonna let him get off easy. (Are you gonna stop your bitchy hissy fit?)

Angelo does not like to be told off so I figure he's gonna get irritated but to my surprise, he turns my head to the side. (Yes,) he says before his lips seize mine and before long I'm melting with his kiss.

Moments later, Angelo straddles my lap and his quick fingers have unbuttoned my shirt; his lips working their magic. So much so, that it takes me a little while to realize that the soft sucking noises I'm hearing are not only from Angelo's mouth on my throat. They're coming from the front of the car.

I wonder….

The back seat, along with Angelo's head, is blocking my view but I cock my head a bit so I can see the front a little better. What I see makes me gasp even before Angelo's teeth sink into my neck. And if I had any doubts about the twins' idea of "brotherly love," they've just been completely quelled.

Arian is driving but I don't know how he can concentrate on the road with Neith crouched down between his legs, obviously sucking him off. And no doubt, they probably hear Angelo and think he's doing the same thing; instead of sucking and lapping at my blood. Between that and his frenetic grinding, I'm gone; my fangs are completely unsheathed and my bloodlust is rapidly rising.

I know I'm breathing real heavy and I'm so tempted to literally tear Angel Boy's catsuit off his body but I know he wouldn't appreciate it just yet. So instead I do the next best thing, letting my teeth sink into his throat and arch my hips up to match his grinding.

Now we're both breathing heavy as we Share blood while we Share pleasure and since Angelo has reopened the bloodbond, the ecstasy we'll experience when we Share kills later will be multiplied tenfold. We grind in rhythm to our sucking, going faster and faster until we growl deep in our throats as we climax together.

Arian isn't far behind us, coming with a loud cry, with Neith following moments later.

Angelo and I kiss passionately, tasting each other and licking each other's mouth clean of any blood that remains. The car stops abruptly with a jolt. "We're here," Neith announces, nonchalantly moving from between his brother's legs.

The four of us get out of the car and make our way through the turnstile doors of their apartment building. I don't have to know this area to recognize that the twins have beaucoup bucks. The doorman is the first clue. So is the leather furniture in the lobby, hell it's more like a hotel than an apartment building.

Of course, the twins have a penthouse apartment. One glass elevator ride and we're there.

I figure that as soon as we're all nice and comfy in their living room, we'll all have hot and steamy sex but apparently Angelo has other ideas. "You like the undead?" he asks Arian out of the blue the moment the door is shut and we've already had the invite inside.

Arian grins. "Why do you say that?"

"You and your brother pretend to be undead."

"The look is wicked sexy," Neith replies, "beautiful. Like Weasel," he adds, stroking my cheek.

Angelo's dark eyes gleam with cold amusement. "Do you know what it's like to be unliving? Not alive. Not dead."

Neith is the smarter of the two twins and his eyes narrow. "I'm getting the feeling you think you do," he says.

Angelo is playing a very dangerous game but danger and risk turn him on as much as it apparently turns on the twins. "Perhaps. And perhaps you should just stick to your gothy fashions. It's safer."

"If you know so much, show us," Arian demands.

Angelo grins at them, letting his eyes glow red and exposing his fangs just long enough for them to wonder if their eyes are playing tricks on them. "If you insist. But you see," his grin becomes more evil than playful, "I need to get Weasel and myself something to eat first."

(You need to what?!) I Nightspeak in shock.

(Don't worry about it,) is all Angelo will say.

Arian is more than a bit nonplussed as well. "Can't that wait?"

"Not if I'm gonna show you what you want so badly to see." He gives a little wave, then makes his dramatic exit, phasing out slowly so the twins can see him turn to mist before he passes through the front door.

Arian turns to me and asks with just a tad of petulance, "What did your boyfriend just have to show us?"

"Never mind him," Neith soothes, kissing his hair. "It's his loss. Besides," he smiles at me, "we have Weasel."

Arian smiles back. "That we do."

Why do I suddenly feel like a hen surrounded by foxes?

Neith comes up behind me and removes my cape. Arian slips my still-unbuttoned shirt off my shoulders. Between the two of them, they manage to get me undressed and on their plush burgundy carpeting without me having to do a thing. After that they undress each other and the three of us go at it.

Or should I say, Neith and I go at it while Arian watches.


On the one hand, since Neith was the twin I had the hots for from the very beginning; it feels so good to finally let my mouth and hands get acquainted with his sculpted abs and pecs; to taste his slightly musky skin and to finally feel his warm naked flesh writhing against my own. Neith's mouth is practically attacking me from chest to belly and downwards and that wicked tongue of his is fast, furious licking between my thighs, then up and down my shaft, until he engulfs my rigid cock in one swallow.

I'd be swept under the ecstasy Neith's sucking is creating but it's more than a bit creepy to be watched by Arian. Only it's not me he's watching so hungrily. Not me who is glazing his eyes over with lust. But it is me who Arian glares at with jealousy because it's my cock in Neith's mouth and not his own.

Until Arian can no longer take it and he grabs his darling brother; pulling Neith off of me and into his own arms. "Mine," he growls before his mouth takes Neith's and the two boys make out furiously.

Fuckin' A! Not only do I get cheated out of a blow job -- and a great one at that, Neith was just using me to make his brother jealous and hot and bothered.

The twins are now all over each other, a tangle of arms and legs, fingers and lips and I'm the just the voyeur to their frenzied lovemaking. Lovemaking that makes me wish Angel Boy was right here, right now, instead of getting the main ingredient for this fucked up game he's playing with them. Only… well … they are really beginning to piss me off. I have suddenly realized that they are putting on this little show of incestuous sexy goodness to shock me as well as satisfy each other. Even the ghoulish affectation is meant to shock.

Fucking pathetic. If Angelo is getting what I think he is, then the poseurs are getting what's coming to them.

Sour grapes? Hell yeah! I don't like being second choice and I definitely don't appreciate being ignored. Fuck, if they wanted a three way, we could have done that easily. Hell, if Angelo was here, we could have done a four way. I've done that a lot, especially if I'm Sharing a kill with more than one boy. But it's obvious that all Neith and Arian wanted was a pet they could use however they wanted to, whenever they felt like it.

And they haven't even paid me. Oh but they will. Both of them. I lick my lips in anticipation.

Angel Boy better hurry back or I may just give into the overwhelming temptation to take my payment now.

As if on cue the front door suddenly creaks open, a door that Angelo could have opened silently but he wants the twins to hear him. "Looks like I've missed the fun," Angelo drawls. He kicks the door closed and now that he's inside I can see he's not alone. Cradled in his arms is the picture of beauty, brunette, feline and unconscious. His long eyelashes lay against pale skin. About a shade paler than he'd normally be.

Looks like Angelo already had his crack at him.

Arian manages to tear his mouth away from his brother's. "Not yet," he says in a seductive voice, giving Angelo a half-lidded, come-hither look. Guess it's Angelo's turn to be the entertainment.

Neith stretches like a lazy cat. "I thought you were getting a bite for you and your boyfriend to eat," he murmurs.

Angelo smirks at me and I can't help being amused at the choice of words Neith used. How fucking ironic. "But I did," Angelo says, placing the bundle of boy on the floor, beside me. "Isn't he simply exquisite?"

"Definitely!" Arian answers, staring at Angelo who, of course, looks even more delicious now that his cheeks are slightly flushed and his mouth looks even poutier, stained red with his pickup's blood that he hasn't even bothered to wipe away.

Neith is not as impressed. "Surely you didn't have to go out of your way just to get laid," he reproaches Angelo. Nope, Neith is not at all happy that Angelo has managed to capture his precious brother's attention.

And naturally, Neith's thinly veiled resentment towards Angelo has made him Angelo's new head to fuck with. "You mean when I could have just stayed here and fucked you?" is Angelo's cheerfully nasty answer.

Which makes Neith even angrier but he's not gonna give Angelo the satisfaction of showing it. As if it wasn't so obvious that it didn't take empaths like Angelo and me to notice it. "I guess you prefer your sex as cheap and easy as you are."

Angelo doesn't dignify Neith's bitchiness with an answer. Instead, he slides down to the carpet next to his pickup. "I think it's time to wake the little morsel up, wouldn't you say, Arian?" he purrs.

"Yes please!" Arian simpers.

"Should spice things up a bit," Angelo remarks, his finger brushing lightly against the boy's cheek. "Wake up, Sleeping Beauty," he singsongs, but it's purely for effect, one flick of Angelo's will does it, with or without the words.

Sleeping Beauty's eyelids flutter open, his eyes glazed with confusion. "'m awake," he mumbles. Then he seems to realize that he's on the floor of an apartment he's probably never been in before. "Damn, Angelo," he says, "I must've drunk too many hurricanes."

Neith blinks, yeah that's right, Angelo never gave Neith his name and I get the feeling that Angel Boy never told Arian either. Angelo gives the boy a sympathetic smile. "Do you always get drunk before doing a scene?"

Ah, a boytoy. Probably not a Pet, Pets don't get the choice about doing tricks, this is an independent. "Usually not," the boytoy replies. Then he looks around and sees the fancy digs and sees that he's not alone. "Um, Angelo," he whispers so the twins don't hear him but of course I do, "who am I doing this scene with besides you?" His hand flies up to his throat and he rubs at it, as if it's sore.

Angelo flashes that sexy and murderous grin that tantalizes and terrorizes. "Why, my beloved, naturally," he tells the boy, who is now scratching at his neck. He abruptly pushes the boytoy's hand away from his own throat. "Let me," he says and the boy suddenly yelps at the clawed fingernail that has just sliced into the same area where he'd already bitten him.

The boy whimpers and apparently his memory has come back with a vengeance because he begins to tremble. "Y-you're….you're a vampire!"

A word Angelo detests. Angelo slaps the boy upside the head and his hand covers his mouth. "Shut your fucking mouth before I tear your throat out," he hisses, dipping his finger into the pool of blood dripping from the boytoy's neck and sliding it into my mouth. "Sweet, isn't he?"

I suck Angelo's blood coated finger, running my tongue along each crease, offering promises of what I'll be doing to him later before I pull it from my mouth. "I want more," I say, kissing Angelo and licking his mouth clean before I finally lay on top of the boy. "I can make it feel good," I reassure him. "Very good." I lower my head to his neck and lap at the blood before fastening my mouth to the worried wound, my teeth sinking in so he bleeds more and I'm finally juicing, gods I'm starving.

As I drink I begin to roll my hips so my naked cock is rubbing against the boy's clothed hard-on so I get the pleasure as well as the fear. Sugar-spice.

His growing terror and mounting lust floods my senses so much that I almost don't hear Angelo talking to the twins. "Doesn't Weasel look like pure sex right now?"

Now Neith is excited. "Mmmm yes. He not only looks the part but Weasel acts the part as well!"

I can't believe this! I yank Angelo and my blood bond. Hard. - What the fuck do you think you're doing, Angel Boy?! - I demand telepathically.

- You'll see. -

- I'm not gonna put on another show for them, Angelo! -

- So don't. Just entice them, love. Entice them, sweeten them and seduce them. Then we'll Share them. - Then Angelo cuts off contact before I can argue.

It's just as well because the boytoy's heartbeat is beginning to slow down and if I don't want a body to dispose of, I need to stop now, so he has enough strength to walk out the door. Besides, I want to save my appetite for the twins.

As Angelo would say, the "entrée."

I've taken the edge off, at least for the moment, so I take one last swallow and withdraw; releasing him from my thrall and getting off of him. Then I bring him back to consciousness with an easy flick of my will. "They loved you," I tell him, "but you don't look so good. Maybe you should go."

He nods weakly. "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it. And maybe the next time it won't have to be a scene," I say suggestively, grinning provocatively.

His memory is fuzzy but because he remembers the dry humping we did, it's enough to reinforce the false one I'm creating. "Maybe," he decides, his eyes moving over my naked body, "when the room isn't spinning."

I grab his hand and help him stand up. "You got it."

He's walking with great difficulty; his movements are so shaky that I have to help him to the door. "Take care," I say as I nudge him out the door. Chances are that he'll probably be dead by morning. But at least I didn't kill him now.

A fact that disappoints Neith, big surprise. "You left him alive."

I shrug. "You want to get rid of the body, you kill him."

Neith's response is to suddenly kiss me, which, since juicing up has gotten me quite hot and bothered, I'm completely open to. Especially since I know what will happen when I get really aroused. When I feel Neith licking the blood from my mouth, for a moment I wonder if he has a taste for it; if he's one of us. Then I realize it isn't the blood he has the taste for. It's death. I've just given him a wet dream by acting out his greatest fantasy and that is what is makes his cock so hard. The blood is just part of the trappings.

"You're warm," he remarks with a hint of regret.

I laugh. "For now."

"The blood warms you up, doesn't it," Neith says as if he's just discovered a huge secret. "That's why you were cold before. You hadn't fed yet."

Apparently, Neith has figured out part of what it means to be undead. "Yep," is all I say.

"Tell me how it felt," he says huskily.

I stare at him. "Huh?"

"Killing that boy. How did it feel to feed on that life instead of just strangling him or stabbing him?"

In-teresting. Something tells me he's frustrated that he's had to resort to strangling or stabbing. Because there is no doubt in my mind that he and his dear brother have killed other boys. Many other boys. Just to see how it would feel.

I didn't think it was possible but my contempt for the twins has just risen by several notches.

But I'll feed his curiosity and answer his question. "It feels," I rub my hard-on against his leg, "like one," my lips brush his ear and I whisper, "big orgasm."

Neith moans and grinds into me. "You did it to him, didn't you?"

More riddles? "Did what to who?" I ask, getting annoyed.

"The catboy," Neith says as if it should be perfectly obvious. And it probably should have been. "Angelo."

And all of the sudden, I realize where this is heading. "I do lots of things to Angelo," I demur, dancing around the subject.

"He said he went to get you both 'something' to eat but Angelo really meant 'someone.' You made him into what you are."

And he wants me to do the same thing to him. Like that's ever going to happen! "It doesn't matter."

"Why him?" Neith demands.

"Why not him?" I retort, not bothering to tell him that it was actually Angelo who Sired me.

Neith just smiles. "You never got your rocks off, did you."

Cripes, he's even more vulgar than Angelo. And that's saying a lot. "Why do you care?"

Is it because Angelo has been working Arian into a lather the entire time we've been talking? Oh, perish the thought.

"Are you saying you don't want me to finish what I started?" Neith drawls, bending slowly as he kisses and licks down my body.

"I'm saying I'm not your fucking consolation prize!"

And I'm not gonna Sire him. Not in his wildest dreams.

Neith is on his knees and I gotta admit, seeing him so submissive is making me even more hot and bothered than I already am. "Never said you were," he murmurs against my belly. "But I'm not yours either," he says before taking me in his mouth before I can say another word.

Gotta admit, it feels good, Neith is definitely skilled in that department but knowing that this is another display for Arian is enough to almost kill it for me completely. I'm less than the consolation prize to Neith. I'm the catalyst. Nothing more.

"Aren't you going to take that catsuit off?" I hear Arian playfully ask Angelo.

"Eventually," Angelo replies with cool amusement.


"Bored," Angelo answers softly. A dangerously soft voice that flares with menace.

Arian laughs. "I'm sure I could cure that boredom, if you let me."

"Oh you can," Angelo says sweetly. "In fact, both of you can."

More laughter from Arian. "He's a bit too busy for that right now."

"Don't worry. He won't be."

Arian doesn't like that. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You'll see."

And a few moments later he does. "Oh my fucking God! How are you…. what are you…?" he trails off, losing coherency.

I peer over and see Angelo Pleasuring Arian, using his lips, tongue and hands to caress Arian, then amplifying the sensation of each caress so each sensation builds upon another. "You don't like it?"

To say that Arian loves it is a bloody understatement. Hyperintense pleasure sweeps through every nerve like a wildfire, plunging him into pure ecstasy and turning his body to jelly.

And his blood to syrup.

Sudden pain knifes through me as Neith's teeth abruptly close on my cock. Guess he's less than thrilled about how good Angelo is making Arian feel. Poor baby. I'm not sympathetic in the least. "What're you planning to do? Bite it off?"

If Neith had manners, he'd apologize. But since he has none, he confronts Angelo instead. "Let go of him!"

"Not yet," Angelo says quietly.

The bliss radiating from Arian turns quickly to screeching agony as Angelo's nails slash Arian's belly, leaving thin runnels of blood dripping past his navel. "Can't have you feeling too good or your brother won't like it, sunshine," Angelo purrs, lapping the blood from Arian's belly. That's when I understand what Angelo is really doing. This isn't to torture Arian or even please him.

It's to provoke Neith. And it works. In a sudden burst of motion, Neith grabs Angelo and pulls him off but Angelo only laughs. "I thought this was what you wanted, you vamp tramp. Doesn't watching me taste your brother make you hot?" Angelo hissed, his eyes glowing red.

It's making me more than hot. I move closer to Arian and nuzzle his throat while Angelo suckles Arian's nipples. "Fear not, Neith. I'll make sure to tell you how it feels to kill your brother," I taunt before my tongue probes and my fangs sink into Arian's neck, with Angelo biting just below Arian's breastbone.

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